are any of these baseball cards worth anything?

A quick scan through that list tells me that your cards are probably from the 1980's or early 1990's. Even without knowing the exact year and brand of the cards, I don't think you'd be able to get much for them at all. Maybe a couple of bucks for the whole lot. - R.

are any of the baseball cards worth anything?

even if non of them are worth a lot ...u can sell that hole pack to a fan for some big bucks

Your thoughts on this call? Brewers vs. Rays?

It was an unfair call he did attempt to move from it, technically. He may have turned in to it but most people do that so it won't hurt as much. It hurts less in the back rather the arm or shoulder.

Brewers fire Yost! (Really!) Is this the right move, and at the right time?

right move? yes right time? not at all Personally i think the only reason for this move is because of the success the mets had with firing Willie Randolph. I originally thought at the beginning of the season that Yost was a bad manager for the team he had (young talent!). But he seemed to have gotten the hang of it, but this change may really get the brewers back on pace. They needed something to shift their momentum, and this could really help. Lets face it, they were on a downward spiral, and they are making desperate moves to get into the playoffs (which they really deserve).

do you think the milwaukee brewers will fire Ken Macha before the season ends?

I've been saying this all year, Macha will not get fired. For one, Doug Melvin will not fire him because he loves him. Every Brewers fan knows the Firing of Macha is going to come from the top and be done by owner Mark Attanasio, and I just don't see it happening. I honestly believe that it's MORE likely that Macha will be back Next season than it is that he will be fired during this season. as far as managers go, LaRussa isn't leaving St. Louis and Tracey isn't leaving Colorado (especially not for Milwaukee lol) And why would you want Lous? He's 67 years old and every Cubs fan knows that he seems to have lost the passion. Maybe he hasn't on the inside, but on the outside he reminds me a bit of Macha. No doubt Piniella is a great baseball mind, but that would be stupid to even try to bring him in. (and I also think there is no way he'd want to go to milwaukee, It's honestly one of the least attractive jobs in baseball) No, the Brewers won't get Lance Berkman. For one, I don't know their use for him would be, and why in the world they want to bring in a washed up first baseman. makes 0 sense.

Is there some possible truth to the rumors about 1987?

1987 was the year of the "Super Ball". Early in the season, it became clear that the baseballs were much much livelier than they had been the previous season. Line drive hitters like Boggs, Jacoby and Joyner all had career years in the power department. MLB claimed that the balls were exactly the same, but no one believed it. The theories suggested that the ball was wound more tightly or that the core of the ball had been replaced with a substance that would give the ball more jump off the bat. As far as the steroid angle goes, I think 1987 was still a bit too early. The steroid era didn't really become rampant until the 90s, in my opinion. Furthermore, if all these players had garned success from taking steroids, wouldn't it make sense at least some of them would have maintained those power numbers for the next few seasons? Why would they stop taking them if they improved their performance so much. MLB didn't institute any more stringent testing policies in 1988. It would only follow that at least some of them would keep hitting HRs at the 1987 pace. But that is not the case. Therefore, you have to assume that it was something specific to the 1987 season, not the players. The statistical anomaly that was the 1987 season was because the league doctored the balls.

Who can take over for Brewers manager Dale Sveum?

Anyone can fill that position, and Sveum may stay with the Brewers because of the playoff birth, but we will see what the Brew Crew does.

What do you think of the Cubs offering the manager job to Dale Sveum?

Like it. I'm glad they didn't go with a big name: Francona; Sandberg. Sveum is a smart baseball guy. Always enjoyed watching in play back in the day. He was damn near great in '87 & '88.

Who thinks Dale Sveum shouldve been made permanent manager of the Brewers?

My guess is that they didn't view Sveum has manager material. I thought Willie Randolph would've been a great fit for them as the manager. He is the bench coach, but I don't believe Macha should've gotten the job. That's definitely a possibility. It all relies on himself and if he feels comfortable where he's at as a coach in this league. Of course teams have to have interest in him, we'll see what happens there.