How much money do organizations like Susan G Komen actually use for research of cancer (or whatever disease)?

Go to the organization's website, that information should be there.

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Team name and slogan ideas.?

Humans for a Solution or the Human Solution Step by Step Until We Find A Cure A Small Step for a Runner, A Giant leap for Research

What are some easy and fun ways to raise money for Susan G. Komen breast cancer fund?

Participate in the events they sponsor ( Make pink ribbon pins with some ribbon and a safety pin, sell them, and donate all the proceeds to Komen. It's so great that you want to help - Komen does amazing work for women with breast cancer!

How can I enter the Susan G Komen for the Cure race? How much money do I need to raise?

I would suggest that what you're doing is wonderful for you and your mom. You have a very understanding mom. You can go on this website and get your questions answered.

Why are liberals attacking the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation because of one of its members?

that's how the left works they go after senators then their wives, they play dirty if you don't agree on this socialist obama care

How old do you have to be to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure?

Try This One for your info for the run:

Is there an age limit to walk in the Susan G. Komen race for the cure?

I don't believe there is an age limit. (Obviously you wouldn't send a young child unaccompaied to a race alone.) I participated this year. It was awesome.

How many years did Susan G. Komen have breast cancer, and what year did she die?

Susan Komen was diagnosed with B/Cancer when she was 33 and died three years later in 1980. Rhianna x

What are some walks like the susan g komen?

Light the Night from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Unlike the Susan walk, you don't need a minimum donation to be able to participate. More than 40% of all childhood cancers are a form of blood cancer, usually Leukemia.

How can a kid start a non-profit fund like the Susan G. Komen Fund?

"Is there such thing as a profitable organization?" Yes if they were keeping any of the money they made. I think a lot goes into actually building a new non profit organization. And in words that she probably won't understand. As an adult, heck I don't understand some of it either. My best suggestion would be for her to think up a *non profit project* of sorts. What can you do that will make money that you will then donate to an existing organization? Can you hold community events? Can you make crafts that you will sell? Can you provide services? I don't really know how to make a non profit organization either, and I think a lot of work probably goes into it. But I have a PROJECT in the works of something I am doing that will hopefully generate money that I will then donate.