Who are coming back on survivor south pacific (season 23)?

Who do you think the returning players on Survivor: South Pacific will be?

Rupert for the hero. "Coach" or Parvati for the villian. Why are they going back to Samoa again, they were just there the past 2 years. Can't they find anywhere else besides Samoa and Nicaragua where the past 4 Survivors series have been filmed? This new one will make 5. Edit; James, I'd like to see him return, that was 11 years ago he left! A Winter location would be awesome but I would miss the scantily clad women and the ratings would probably plummet too, lol.

survivor south pacific first elimination?

It came down to either Semhar (the poet girl) or Cochrane being eliminated and ultimately it was Semhar who went to Redemption Island.

SURVIVOR... south pacific again?

Tool-Man had it right. They gotta be able to show boobies and butties on the show, otherwise rating will go down even further. I'm getting sick of the show myself. Maybe they need Simon to select the players. You need an interesting, diverse group of people. Not just one Black Woman, or one Asian Man. Or all skinny woman with their cheeks showing. Come on Survivor the first 4 or 5 were okay, not it's getting boring. I too am tired of the Hot, nice places. It's called Survivor not "Get naked under the Sun". Also the games would be different and interesting.

Where can I find repeat episodes of Survivor South Pacific...?

Possibly download them.

Where can I watch the first episode of Survivor South Pacific online?

Where can I download episodes of Survivor: South Pacific?

if you want reall good quality you can download them from itunes and watch them on your ipod/ipad. but that would cost 1.99 per episode :/ I reccomend going to cbs.com. they have all the episodes from this season so far, and you dont need to download them. However there are 30 second commercials throughout the episodes.

Where can I watch survivor south pacific from australia?

Channel 9 Tuesday nights at 9:30pm

where can i watch SURVIVOR South Pacific online live tonight?

For me it's on cable on channel 15 it's on GLB-M

where can i watch survivor south pacific free online without the hassles of downloading and advertisement?

Not sure, CBS.com might have it