10 Worst Passenger Ferry Disasters in the World?

check this out--- http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/storypage.aspx?StoryId=122748 www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/L22714887.htm www.dailymail.co.uk/.../33-survivors-discovered-Philippines-ferry-disaster-feared-claimed-800-lives.html -

where can i download the soundtrack of survivor philippines?


Where are the historical sites in Mindoro?

The Battle of Mindoro fought between U.S. and Japanese forces at MINDORO island in the northern Philippines from December 13 to 16, 1944, to establish a strong base of operations for the main invasion of Luzon island, was part of the penultimate campaign for the liberation of the archipelago. On 15 December ,the invasion of Mindoro began. The clear weather allowed the full use of American air and naval power, including six escort carriers, three battleships, six cruisers and many other support warships against light Japanese resistance. The paratroopers of the 503rd Parachute Regimental Combat Team came ashore in Mangarin Bay with the landing forces, being unable to make the jump due to inadequate airstrip facilities at Leyte. Destroyers provided fire support for the troop landings and anti-aircraft protection for the ships in the transport area. Two LSTs (Landing Ship-Tank) were struck by kamikazes, abandoned and sunk. In one heroic action, U.S.S. MOALE (DD-693) under the command of Commander Walter M. Foster went alongside the burning LST-738 (which was loaded with aviation fuel and ordnance) to rescue crewmembers. Several explosions aboard the LST-738 caused damage to the MOALE as she pulled away. Some pieces of shrapnel were two feet square and they put four holes in MOALE's hull. Gunner's Mate Ed Marsh reported that a one-gallon jar of Vaseline from the LST's cargo splattered on one barrel of his twin 40mm Bofors AA gun, providing unwelcome lubrication. The MOALE suffered one casualty and thirteen wounded. In addition, the MOALE also rescued 88 survivors (and a black puppy with white paws and enormous ears).The 1,000 defending Japanese, along with some 200 survivors from ships sunk off Mindoro en route to Leyte were outnumbered and outgunned. Some 300 enemy troops manning an air raid warning station at the island's northern end managed to put up a stiff fight against a company of the 503rd but except for mopping up, the island was secure within 48 hours.

what are some important characteristics of ferdinand magellan?

Sounds like you should be doing home work. Ferdinand Magellan was born circa 1480 at Sabrosa, near Chaves, in the province of Tras-os-Montes, one of the wildest districts of Portugal. However, he subsequently obtained Spanish nationality in order to serve the Spanish Crown, so that he could try to find a westward route to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. He thereby became the first person to lead an expedition across the Pacific Ocean. This was also the first successful attempt to circumnavigate the Earth. Although he did not complete the entire voyage (he was killed during the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines), Magellan had earlier traveled eastward to the Spice Islands, so he became one of the first individuals to cross all of the meridians of the Globe. Magellan and his crew were the first Europeans to enter the Pacific from the eponymous Strait of Magellan, which he discovered. However it is clear they were not the first Europeans in the Philippines, parts of which were known to the Portuguese before their landing. Arab traders had established commerce within the archipelago centuries earlier. A number of geographic features and biological species have been named for Magellan, including the eponymous Magellanic Penguin, which Magellan was the first European to note.[1] Of the 237 men who set out on five ships to circumnavigate the earth in 1519, only 18 completed the circumnavigation of the globe and managed to return to Spain in 1522.[2][3] They were led by the Basque navigator Juan Sebastián Elcano, who took over command of the expedition after Magellan's death. Seventeen other men arrived later in Spain: twelve men captured by the Portuguese in Cape Verde some weeks earlier, and between 1525 and 1527 five survivors of the Trinidad.

In the Philippines, NBC News portrays poor people. Why is Survivor: Philippines going into its second season?

it should be stop blaming the government even though philippines is so corrupt people still managed to survive. people who are lazy and irresponsible ends up at the dump. what is gma7?

In the Philippines, NBC News portrays poor people. Why is Survivor: Philippines going into its second season?

Capitalism is class warfare. The super-rich support other members of their class as long as they are allowed to share in the siphoning off of a nation's wealth. The U.S. is allowed to loot the Philippines -- that's why the American ruling class loves the Philippine ruling class. That is the way imperialism works. The imperialist beast props up a compradore ruler who agrees to hand over all of his nation's wealth in exchange for riches for himself. Obama is no different than Bush. It is the wealthy, ruling class that sets all political policy from behind the scenes. That is why the Obama administration looks exactly like the Bush administration -- from expanding the Middle East war to telecom immunity to hand over trillions of dollars from the public till to the criminal banking elites. Lessons of the 1965 Indonesian Coup http://www.wsws.org/exhibits/1965coup/coup-1.htm

Who is most likely to come back for Survivor: Philippines?

Ok, obviously it's gonna be Michael skupin because he was the first one to be REMOVED from the game and people still haven't gotten over his exit. Jonathan Penner might come back because he was REMOVED from micronisa with an infection and because he was an awesome player and very entertaining. Now the last one is hard, because everyone thinks it will be Colton but if you watched last nights reunion, he seemed kinda heavy. And seeing as shooting for this season just ended I doubt he was one of the returnees. James clement couldn't be one seeing as he already got his redemption in heroes vs villains. And yes he did get injured in that one too, but ultimately he was voted out for being injured. My guess is russell s from Samoa because we all know if he had stayed he wouldn't have let Russell hantz get by and decimate his tribe. Another possibility could be Bruce from exile island who was removed with a stomach problem. Also, if you check survivor boards there are spoilers that have this info. But if you don't want to know till CBS announces it, then just go on what I've told you.

Why do so few americans know about the Bataan Death March?

It has much less to do with the fact that the victims are aged or dead than their lack of clout relative to other groups such as the jews.* It's an indication of just how powerful and influential jews are in the US that just about everyone knows about the holocaust, but few known about the bataan death march, or say, Andersonville, even though these latter two pertain to AMERICAN i.e. OUR own history. Strangely, the focus is on JEWISH history e.g. there is a holocaust memorial in Washington, but no monument to those who died at Pearl harbor, the philippines, Andersonville etc etc....which speaks volumes about which group currently dominates our society and the magnitude of that dominance.... * Holocaust survivors are no less aged but the media ensures they are FAR from forgotten.

What are the factors that led to the colonization of the philippines by the spaniards?

Two factors took place in the decision to colonize there. The first was the accidental find and death of the politically connected discover-or Magellan, (this led to the politically incorrect saying Magellan circumcised the world), And the abundance of placer (free and easy to pick up from stream beds) gold that was brought back by the survivors.

Who is your bet for Survivor Philippines Finale this night?


What would happen to someone who ate nothing but cool whip for 30 days?

Scurvy, along with every other vitamin deficiency. You don't actually want to know what happens. I read a book from a survivor of POW camps in the Philippines during WWII, where there were graphic descriptions of the effects of vitamin deficiency upon the soldiers. Things swell up, shrink, change color, fall out, fall off, constrict, atrophy, etc. I'm not sure if 30 days would be long enough for severe effects to take place, but it still wouldn't be fun.

Describe world trade around 1450, at the start of the Early Modern period?

Age of Discovery: finding a new route and a New World The Republic of Venice had become a formidable power, and a key player in the Eastern spice trade. Other powers, in an attempt to break the Venetian hold on spice trade, began to build up maritime capability. One of the major consequences of the spice trade was the discovery of the American continent by European explorers. Until the mid 15th century, trade with the east was achieved through the Silk Road, with the Byzantine Empire and the Italian city-states of Venice and Genoa acting as a middle man. In 1453, however, the Ottomans took Constantinople and so the Byzantine Empire was no more. Now in control of the sole spice trade route that existed at the time, the Ottoman Empire was in a favorable position to charge hefty taxes on merchandise bound for the west. The Western Europeans, not wanting to be dependent on an expansionist, non-Christian power for the lucrative commerce with the east, set about to find an alternate sea route around Africa. The first country to attempt to circumnavigate Africa was Portugal, which had, since the early 15th century, begun to explore northern Africa under Henry the Navigator. Emboldened by these early successes and eyeing a lucrative monopoly on a possible sea route to the Indies the Portuguese first crossed the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 on an expedition led by Bartolomeu Dias. Just nine years later in 1497 on the orders of Manuel I of Portugal, four vessels under the command of navigator Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope, continuing to the eastern coast of Africa to Malindi to sail across the Indian Ocean to Calicut in south India -the capital of the local Zamorin rulers .The wealth of the Indies was now open for the Europeans to explore; the Portuguese Empire was the earliest European seaborne empire to grow from the spice trade. It was during this time of discovery that explorers working for the Spanish and Portuguese Crowns first set foot on the New World. Christopher Columbus was the first when, in 1492, in an attempt to reach the Indies by sailing westward, he made landfall on an island in what is now The Bahamas. Believing to have in fact reached India, he named the natives "Indians". Just eight years later in 1500, the Portuguese navigator, Pedro Álvares Cabral while attempting to reproduce Vasco da Gama’s route to India was blown westwards to what is today Brazil. After taking possession of the new land, Cabral resumed his voyage to India, finally arriving there in September 1500 and returning to Portugal by 1501. By now the Portuguese had complete control of the African sea route and as such, the Spanish, if they were to have any hope of competing with Portugal for the lucrative trade, had to find an alternate route. Their first, early, attempt was with Christopher Columbus, but he ended up finding an unknown continent in between Europe and Asia. The Spanish finally succeeded with the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan. On October 21, 1520 his expedition crossed what is now known as the Strait of Magellan, opening the Pacific coast of the Americas for exploration. On March 16, 1521 the ships reached the Philippines and soon after the Spice Islands, effectively establishing the first westward spice trade route to Asia. Upon returning to Spain in 1522 aboard the last remaining ship of the expedition, the starving survivors then became the first humans to circumnavigate the globe.

What was the happening events of 23 June 2008?

Congratulations and good luck with your baby girl! Current events of (Monday) June 23, 2008 Malaysia releases Buhary Syed Abu Tahir, a leading business associate of Pakistani nuclear scientist A. Q. Khan. The 2008 meeting of the International Whaling Commission begins in Santiago, Chile. Nawaz Sharif, former Prime Minister of Pakistan and leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (N), is found ineligible by a court to stand in upcoming by-elections. In Serbia, the Milošević-founded Socialist Party is to join the coalition led by the pro-Western Democratic Party which came to power in 2007 elections. China fires twelve officials for misconduct in the Sichuan earthquake relief effort. The Supreme Court of the United States refuses to hear an appeal of eminent domain eviction notices in connection with the Atlantic Yards development in Brooklyn, New York City. The Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit rules that Hozaifa Parhat, a Chinese Uyghur militant currently detained at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, cannot be ruled an "enemy combatant" because he never took up arms against the United States. The European Union agrees to new sanctions against Iran including a freeze on the assets of Bank Melli, Iran's largest bank, over the refusal to curb its nuclear program. Zimbabwean Electoral Crisis: Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai seeks refuge in Dutch Embassy. The United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice questions the legitimacy of the upcoming presidential election and calls for relevant bodies such as the African Union and the United Nations Security Council to consider the issue. The United Nations Security Council condemns the Government of Zimbabwe for a "campaign of violence". The 2008 Wimbledon Championships begins in London. 2008 Pacific typhoon season: Typhoon Fengshen in the Philippines An additional 28 survivors from the MV Princess of the Stars are found but there are still more than 800 missing from the vessel that sunk during Typhoon Fengshen. An Australian air safety group claims that Yogyakarta International Airport was operating illegally with no valid license at the time Garuda Indonesia Flight 200 crashed, killing 21. They also accuse two other airports of similar violations and three official bodies of keeping it from public knowledge.

Who are the top 3 contestants in Survivor: Philippines?

You just type that into search should come up.

I need help.! How to get an SS pensi0n to my 2 years old s0n. ?

You don't. Your son has not worked for a minimum of 40 quarters (10 full years) contributing to Social Security and is not at least 62 years of age. Until he accomplishes all that, he has no rights to any sort of "pension." Your husband is collecting what he is entitled to based on his earnings and Social Security contributions. That's all there is. If he were to die before his child reaches the age of 18, there might be a small amount of "survivor's benefits" for the support of the child until his 18th birthday.

need information on the Battan Death March?

THE BATAAN DEATH MARCH by: JESSE KNOWLES "THEY"...a story in verse of the Death March of Bataan during World War II This story was lived by Jesse Knowles and written in April, 1943, while he and several hundred other Americans were Prisoners-of-War of the Japanese in Mukden, Manchuria. During the march from Mariveles, on the southern end of the Bataan Peninsula, to San Fernando, 55 miles away, 76,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war were bound, beaten, or killed by their Japanese captors. Some were bayoneted when they fell from exhaustion. Some were forced to dig their own graves and were buried alive. Only 56,000 prisoners reached camp alive. Thousands of them later died from malnutrition and disease. In August, 1945, the Russian Army liberated the prison camp in Mukden and the first Americans they saw were at the Harbor of Darien, Manchuria, when the U.S. Navy loaded the prisoners aboard a ship for the long-awaited trip home....to the U.S.A. Strange things were done under the tropic sun By the men in Khaki twill Those tropic nights have seen some sights That would make your heart stand still Those mountain trails could spin some tales That no man would ever like But the worst of all was after the fall When we started on that hike T'was the 7th of December in '41 When they hit Hawaii as the day begun T'was a Sunday morning and all was calm When out of nowhere there came the bombs It didn't last long but the damage was done America was at war with the rising sun Now over in the Philippines we heard the news And it shook every man clean down to his shoes It seemed like a dream to begin But soon every soldier was a fighting man Each branch was ready to do its part Artillery, infantry, Nichols and Clark And then they came on that Monday noon They hit Clark field like a typhoon That Monday night the moon was clear They razed Nichols from front to rear As the days went by more bombers came And soon only a few P-40's remained Then the orders came and said retreat That no man would be seen on the city streets So across the bay we moved at night Away from Manila and out of sight Deep into the jungles of Bataan Where 15,000 were to make a stand Here we fought as a soldier should As the days went by we spilled our blood Tho' the rumors came and went by night That convoy never came in sight April 7th was a fatal day When the word went around that we couldn't stay That the front line was due to fall So the troops moved back one and all The very next day the surrender came Then we were men without a name You may think here's Where the story ends But actually here's where it begins Tho' we fought and didn't see victory The story of that march will go down in history We marched along in columns of four Living and seeing the horrors of war And when a man fell along the way A cold bayonet would make him pay For those four months he fought on bataan Then they'd kill him 'cause he couldn't stand The tropic sun would sweat us dry For the pumps were few that we passed by But on we marched to a place unknown A place to rest and a place to call home Home not that you might know But home to man that suffered a blow Then to O'Donnell Camp en masse Some never back thru' those gates to pass In Nipa huts we lived like beast Bad rice and camotes were called a feast Our minds went back to days gone by When our throats were never dry Of our wives, our mothers, and friends Of our by-gone days and our many sins And about four thousand passed away And how many more no man can say For no tomb stone marks the spot Where thirty to fifty were buried in lot Piled together as a rubbish heap The remains of men Who were forced to retreat Now I want to state and my words are straight And I bet you think they're true That if you gotta die it's better to try And take them with you too It's they that took us that fatal day It's they that made us pay and pay It's they that counted us morn and night It's they that again we wanted to fight It's they that made us as we are But it's not they that'll win this war For the men in khaki will come some day And take us back to the U.S.A.

What is this song with the lyrics... chains, ____, eyes... dreams are ablaze...?

Ahron is gay , I saw him at eastwood during afters hours with a guy, What the heck are they doing? Eastwood is a place for hook ups after midnight, I know cause I lived there

what are the disadvantages of letting a guy do you for money?

Well, the biggest two I can think of are loss of self respect and STD's... Since most STD's are not visible or are only visible for a small amount of time. The sad truth is that a large majority of people that get in to the Sex Industry are trauma survivors... Everything from Severe emotional/verbal abuse, to severe physical abuse, to severe sexual abuse, to abandoning/neglecting/absent parents... Healthy, well adjusted people tend to avoid the sex trade unless they have absolutely no other option... Meaning... If you are an American or Canadian or European that has had a decent education and was NOT abused, molested, neglected, or otherwise severely traumatized as a child, you have options OTHER than the sex trade... If you are an American or Canadian or European that has been abused, raised by an addict, raped/molested, beaten, abandoned, or otherwise suffered horrible trauma in childhood, you may still have option, but you are ATTRACTED to the sex industry to recreate the chaos of your early childhood abuse because your brain was hardwired to crave chaos. This is a VERY predictable pathology of the mentally ill, trauma survivors, and addicts. The other side of the coin are people in 2nd and 3rd world countries where they are in poverty and must do ANYTHING to survive... Orphans in the Philippines giving fellatio to foreign business men and "Sex Tourists"... AIDS Orphans in Africa having to prostitute themselves in order to eat. Mexican children pimped out BY THEIR PARENTS to keep a roof over their heads... These are desperation measures that are not a part of the the above mentioned pathology. The sad sad fact is that you can tend to tell if a grown women was severely abused in childhood based on their voice... If, for example, you have a 26 year old, grown woman and she opens her mouth and sounds like she is 6, that was the age that her daddy, grandpa, uncle, or babysitter got to her...

What is the title of the 2 songs in survivor philippines http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxufZf5Z18Q&feature=r?

Hi - We are planning a vacation to Phillipines with the family for the first time - need help in planning?

August is within the rainy season and unless a typhoon comes, the weather should be pleasant. If it is yoiur first time here, I suggest that A. Stay 2 nights in Metro Manila. See the business and culture capital of the Philippines. B. Depending on how long your visit is, you might want to sample the best that the Philippines can offer. Boracay is one of them. It is easily the most popular destination here, and it is more interesting than Phuket or Bali. There are accommodations options from budget to 5-star hotels. C. Must sees are spread all over the archipelago, and it is impossible to see all of these must sees. I suggest you decide for yourself which ones you want to see, and plan your itinerary around it. I travel around the country and blog about these places. I post photos and descriptions of these destinations, including hotels and resorts, with contact details. You may want to read up and decide which ones to prioritize. I suggest you read AT LEAST about the following destinations: 1. Bohol. It is an island province that offers interesting experiences other than the white sand beaches in Panglao. There are interesting sights and experiences like having lunch on a huge raft while traversing a river, seeing the famous Chocolate Hills, and the unique tarsier. Read up on Bohol from my two write ups about this destination: http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/0… http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/0… 2. Siquijor is another island province, and the sand is white all over, even within the fishing villages. There are beautiful resorts that fit backpackers and high-end travelers. There are waterfalls, old churches, etc to make the place more interesting than just lazing on the white sands. Here is what I wrote about Siquijor : http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/0… 3. Another island destination, and therefore a prime beach destination, is Camiguin. It is an eco-tourism destinsation with waterfalls, beaches, hot springs, cold springs, relics, etc. http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/0… 4. Samal Island, off the city of Davao is another. The perimeter of the island is dotted with beach resorts. The center of the island offers a good tour ; a bat cave, an old house that offers a good view of the seas surrounding the island, waterfalls, old churches, etc. http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/0… 5. If you want to stay within the main island of Luzon and drive up to the farthest point of the main island, you will get to Pagudpus, touted as the Boracay of the North. It is a misnomer because it doesn't have the frenzied pace of Boracay's night life. Yet, the place is so beautiful I would rather go there than to Bali. http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2011/0… 6. You can also go to Caramoan Peninsula in Bicol (Camarines Sur). This is probably the last of the unspoilt premier beach destinations. The place is so beautiful (you can hop around island, and even camp in one of them) it has been the filming site of SURVIVOR France for the past two episodes. And not so many know that even Survivor Israel, Survivor Argentina, Survivor Serbia have filmed their episodes there. http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/0… 7.. And finally, if you don't have too much time left to spend, go to Laiya in Batangas, just a little over two hours from Manila. White sand beach resorts, from inexpensive native huts as accommodations to 5-star resorts. My blogs show the places, the accommodations, how to get there, contact details, and even a range of accommodation options. http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/0…

What historical events happened in the province of Cebu?

Before the arrival of the Spaniards, Cebu then known as Zubu (or Sugbo) was a trading post, with trade routes to China, Siam, Arabia as well as the nearby Malay islands. One of Magellan's ships circumnavigated the globe, finishing 16 months after the explorer's death.Losing favor for his plan of reaching the Spice Islands by sailing westward from King Manuel I of Portugal, Portuguese maritime explorer Ferdinand Magellan offered his services to the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V of Spain. On September 20, 1519, Magellan led a flotilla of five ships with a crew of 250 out of the Spanish port of San Lucar de Barrameda enroute to the Spice Islands via the Americas and Pacific Ocean. They reached the Philippine Archipelago on March 17, 1521. Raja Kolambu of Mazzaua in Mindanao told them to head for Cebu, where they could trade and have provisions. Arriving in Cebu City, Magellan, with Enrique of Malacca as translator, befriended Raja Humabon of Cebu and persuaded the Raja of allegiance to Emperor Charles V of Spain. Later Raja Humabon and his wife were baptized as King Carlos and Queen Juana. The Santo Niño was presented to Cebu's Queen as a symbol of peace between the Spaniards and the Cebuanos. On April 14, Magellan erected a large wooden cross on the shores of Cebu. Afterwards, some 800 native Cebuanos were baptized. Hoping to make the new Christian King Carlos (Humabon) supreme in the region, Magellan be-friended Humabon and alliances developed between the two people. Magellan soon heard of a tribal ruler named, Lapu-Lapu, in nearby Mactan Island. It was thought that Raja Humabon and Lapu-Lapu have been fighting for control of the flourishing trade in the area. On April 27, the historic Battle of Mactan occurred where Magellan was killed and his men were driven off the island by the natives of Mactan. According to historian and chronicler, Antonio Pigafetta, Magellan's body was never recovered despite efforts to trade for it with spice and jewels. Magellan's second-in-command, Juan Sebastián Elcano took his place and sailed the remainder of the fleet back to Spain, circumnavigating the world. Survivors of the Magellan Expedition brought tales of a savage island in the Orient with them when they returned to Spain. Consequently, several follow-up expeditions were sent but all ended in failure. Forty-four years after Magellan first set foot in Cebu, in 1565, conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi and his 500 armed soldiers together with several Augustinian and Franciscan friars arrived and declared that the Spanish crown succeeded in colonizing the islands. Legazpi and his men then marched through Zugbo and bombarded the palisades of chieftain Rajah Tupas and destroyed the village. He and his men, later rebuilt it and called it Villa del Santíssimo Nombre de Jesús (Village of the Most Holy Name of Jesus). Thus, in 1569, it became the first Spanish settlement established by the Spanish Cortés in the Philippines. On August 14, 1571, Cebu (Villa del Santíssimo Nombre de Jesús) became a Diocese. Legazpi departed for Manila in 1571, and employed garrisons, a governor and half of his soldiers in Cebu. In 1860, Cebu opened its ports to foreign trade (Mojares xiv). The first printing house ("Imprenta de Escondrillas y Cia") was established in 1873. In 1880, Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion was established. The first periodical ("El Boletin de Cebu") started publishing in 1886. June 12, 1898 marked the end of the Spanish era and the onset of the American regime. In 1901, Cebu became a municipality and on February 24, 1937 became a chartered city. Cebu, being the most densely populated island in the country, served as a vital Japanese base during the Japanese occupation in World War II which began with the landing of the Japanese Imperial Army in April 1942. Almost three years later in March 1945, an American force landed and reoccupied the city.

what's the real title of the slow background music of survivor Philippines? and who sang it?

"I Will Be Here" by Gary Valenciano Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUQ0-9ASwP4

How fast did the dinosaurs die out following the asteroid impact?

That asteroid that slammed into the Yucatan left a crater 75 miles in diameter. Anything within several hundreds of miles died almost immediately from the impact, just as they would have from a nuclear bomb that big. So, after the immediate blast damage killed whoever was near enough, the dust in the atmosphere stayed there for a long time. It caused the sky to get dark, and THAT took a toll on plants, from lack of sunlight and the colder temperatures that followed. So, first affected were herbivores, who basically starved. As the herbivore population declined so did the predators who preyed on the herbivores. The larger the size, the larger the appetite, the sooner they died out. The biggest died soonest, leaving the little guys, who did not eat so much. Not all the plants died out, just the bigger plants that served as food for the bigger guys. Little plants, and little animals that fed off those little plants lived as did the little predators who fed off the little herbivores. And it is those little dinosaurs that grew up and into the birds as we know them today... Do you remember the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines a number of years ago? That put enough ash in the air to lower the average temperature of the earth by a couple of degrees for years after. After 9/11 when aircraft were grounded, the contrails left by high flying aircraft disappeared from the upper atmosphere, allowing more light to reach the ground. Not only did the daytime get brighter by a few percent, the average temperature in the USA rose by a degree for the week that followed until airplanes started flying again, and the contrails reappeared, and things went back to what they were before. Pinatubo ash lasted for years, contrails only for days, but the principle of a cooling earth from dust in the air was proven by these events. So, bottom line, the immediate area was wiped out for hundreds of miles, everything, and the rest of the earth was affected over years, maybe decades from the effects of the dust in the air obscuring the sun. They did not die out naturally, they were killed by the environmental changes they could not cope with. The survivors were the ones who COULD cope with the step change in the environment.

what is the sad song in the survivor philippines celebrity showdown?

what can you say about the tourist destination in the philippines?

There are many tourist destinations in the Philippines and it will all depend on your taste. At the moment, 3 Philippine sites are nominated in the search for the 7 Wonders of Nature and I'm actively campaigning for them (www.new7wonders.com); namely Chocolate Hills in Bohol (this province has so much to offer to tourists. This is where you'll only find the "tarsier"), Tubbataha Reef (this is also a UNESCO Heritage Site) and the Underground River Park in Palawan. If you love the beaches, Philippines is full of them. Boracay is the usual choice of tourists. It's an island with long stretch of white sands and clear waters. Cebu, Palawan, Pagudpud Ilocos Sur, Zambales, Pangasinan are the places to be. Then, there's Caramoan Peninsula in Camarines that is actually not yet discovered by tourist flocks. The beaches in that island are comparable to those in Boracay and Palawan. (at the moment, the Survivor French edition TV show is filming there). There are several waterfalls, hot springs and lakes that will surely delight those who love nature. ( the provinces of Laguna, Rizal and Camarines Sur have lots of them.) And if you're into water sports, Bagasbas Beach in Camarines Norte has become an international surfing destination. Great waves there. An hour from that place, you can go wakeboarding at the Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex and have a Consocep Tour on the side (includes hiking to Mt. Isarog and enjoy several waterfalls along the way) and a visit to lake Buhi where you can only find the smallest fish in the world. If you're into history, Manila has Intramuros (walled city where you can find remnants of the country's Spanish past); Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Corregidor, Bataan, Cebu City, etc. Tagaytay; Baguio City; Mayon Volcano in Albay; Donsol, Sorsogon (famous for its "butanding"), Davao, Zamboanga City, .. i can go on and on..the list is endless. you may visit www.wowphilippines.com.ph for more.

What 3ds game(s) to get at around July?

Most 3DS game released date on March. This game release date after March. Tom Clany's Splinter Cell 3D will be released on April 10, 2011. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean will be released on May 10, 2011. Dead or Alive Dimensions will be released on May 31, 2011. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked will be released on June 28, 2011. Resident Evil: Mercenaries will be released on July 5, 2011.

Where is the best Asian place to travel with my husband?

PHILIPPINES 1. Boracay Island in the Philippines has been voted as the best beach in the world by Sydney Sun Herald and online polls conducted by Travel+Leisure and many other magazines. 2. Mall of Asia is the largest mall in Southeast Asia - the world's 2nd, 6th, 7th, and 9th largest malls are all in the Philippines. You could even add a few tourist-geared markets which sell clones of designer clothing and pearls at a fraction of the price. If you're a shopping addict, once you've been to the Philippines, you'll never be back at Thailand!!! 3. The Philippines is seen as one of the top three diving destinations in the world, according to National Geographic. It has been the secret location of 5 European Survivor TV series for almost 3 years. 4. The Philippines has Asia's liveliest nightlife. Embassy is Asia's largest bar and nightclub, and it is in Manila; several other bars also cater to individual styles and tastes. Manila has been reputable among Asian circles for being a dining city - all cuisines of the world from American to Zulu are all well-represented in the Philippines. 5. The Philippines has Asia's most unique cultural fusion - a mixture of Latin-Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, and American. The people are very knowledgeable of Western customs and speak fluent English. 6. Philippine Visa requirements are relaxed. Most visitors from Western or Asian countries do not need a Visa. Expenses are down to a minimum - the Philippines is Asia's cheapest country to visit, according to a recently conducted online poll.

where can i meet child abuse survivors?

The easiest way I think is to visit orphanages. I visited this orphanage once with my friends as part of a psychology project and we realized that most were child abuse survivors. The kids were really young. The eldest would probably be 5 but they had already gone through child abuse. The orphanage told us that there were a lot more child abuse survivors in the older kids section of the orphanage. Oh yeah, the orphanage we went to was Virlanie found in Makati.

Survivor Philippines - What's wrong with Lisa being a past TV star?

Social security rule on workers in US territory?

If he did have a US social security number and paid in social security taxes for more than 10 years, he would have been eligible for retirement benefits at age 62-67. His minor children may have been entitled to a survivor benefit up to age 18 or his spouse. There would be no other benefits beyond that.

How many Swiss people staying permanently in the Philippines?

As we speak, there are only five, all members of the traveling circus a.k.a. Swiss family Robinson whose cruise ship "Carcar Princess" was lost in a freak but violent storm on Christmas eve in the Camotes Sea off the coast of Talibon, Bohol. The only survivors of the shipwreck, the headstrong family armed only with Swiss-army knives was able to fend off and evade pirates who were intending to capture them for possible ransom. The Robinsons fled across the island's interior and subsequently settled on the rugged southern hinterlands where they built solid fortifications against an impending attack from the same pirates still chasing them and who were now pissed off as hell. The family was also on constant guard against a tribe of vicious cannibals who pretended to befriend them in an unsuccessful ruse to eventually include them in the local cuisine. According to sketchy reports they presently may be hunkered down in a crystal cave under a tall banyan tree, where an elevated perch serves as a lookout with a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. Fortunately they are now out of harm's way with the aggessors abandoning their wild pursuit. Mother Robinson is sometimes seen in the town market buying stamps, food, ink cartridges and other necessities, with Swiss francs that local merchants accept at 5% commision (strangely enough, vendors wouldn't accept euros preferring instead to barter with Swiss cheese and chocolate bars). Father and sons are building a small hardware store to sell scrap metal and wood salvaged from the ship, and are offering deep discounts (but cash only) at the grand opening next Sunday, with plenty of used Swiss-army knives on sale. Apparently they have requested for extension of visa and might apply for immigrant status later on.

When do you think the next survivor all stars type season will be?

If only Russell "can" influence the jury or someone like Russell but with better social manipulative skills, then that would be interesting to watch.

I have a movie sript that is based on a true story of the Philippines during the Japanese rule. Who wants it?

This movie is perhaps one of the finest war epics I have seen and I must say I have seen many. ... It's based on a true story of a mission to rescue survivors of the Battan ... experience of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. .... The movie illuminates the power of the human spirit during the darkest and

What are the top 10 beaches in the Philippines and why do you like them?

Hi! These are the Philippines' top 10 beaches. Click on the hyperlinks for their pictures. 1. Boracay (Aklan Province): Needless to say, Boracay is considered as the Philippines' premier beach resort island. Dining and nightlife are characterized by unlimited choices 24-hours a day. This is also the place to bump elbows with Manila's elite and well-seasoned travelers from every continent of the world. True to its name, Boracay's beaches are really..white. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Station_2_Boracay_April_2007.jpg 2. El Nido (Palawan Province): This is one beach in the Philippines characterized by white sand beaches flanked by coralline reefs and limestone crags similar to China's Guilin. The beaches are lesser in size than Boracay but what makes it up is the incredible seaside cliffs around it, as well as the laid-back environment. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Poblacion.JPG 3. Bacuit Archipelago (Palawan Province): Just beside El Nido, comprised of numerous limestone islands. Not really a beach per se, but more of a kayaking and a diving spot. The islands here are simply spectacular and a lot breathtaking than that of Thailand. http://www.travelpod.com/travel-photo/mies/world_tour_2007/1229015700/view_of_bacuit_archipelago_2.jpg/tpod.html 4. Caramoan Peninsula (Camarines Sur Province): This is the site for Survivor France. This is touted as the next Boracay with its white beaches, but with significantly less tourists and establishments. The place has a National Park which has caves, limestone formations, white sandy beaches, an islet lake and a subterranean river, make it popular with tourists. http://caramoan-paradise.blogspot.com/ 5. Amanpulo (Palawan Province): This elite enclave is open only for members. A perfect paradise, according to its visitors, including but not limited to Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Michael Jackson. This is said to be Asia's most expensive beach resort. It is actually an exclusive club catering to jet-setters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:PamalicanPool.JPG 6. Malapascua Island (Cebu Province): The island was first known for its wide white sand beach, known as Bounty Beach; it has become known for its beautiful coral gardens and excellent dive spots nearby, including Monad Shoal, an underwater plateau where thresher sharks and manta rays can be sighted on a regular basis. To date, this is the only place in the world where divers can reliably sight thresher sharks. http://www.wowphilippines.or.kr/upload/travel/malapascua.jpg 7. Camiguin (Camiguin Province): Camiguin, known as the Hidden Eden of the Philippines, is an island province known for its huge volcanoes, sunken cemeteries, and waterfalls, in addition to its beaches. Its' most spectacular beach is the White Island, a sandbank which extends from one island to another. Its' beach is as white as Boracay. http://www.waypoints.ph/photo_detail.php?wpt=wicmgn&passfile=wicmgn05.jpg 8. Island Garden City of Samal (Davao del Norte Province): Contains the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, with rooms right on top of the sea. http://onlinedavao.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/samal_beaches.jpg 9. Biri Islands (Western Samar Province): Beaches with weird limestone formations. Very reminiscent of beaches in England, Australia, and northern Europe. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikesnmags/2457974387/ 10. Sicogon (Iloilo Province): Pretty much like Boracay. This is where tourists flock, before the discovery of Boracay on the 1970s. http://www.cbre.com.ph/cbre_philippines/Upload/Property2299/Images/Sicogon.jpg

What song yung laging pinapatugtog sa survivor philippines pag sad moment?? :))?

Ahron is gay , I saw him at eastwood during afters hours with a guy, What the heck are they doing? Eastwood is a place for hook ups after midnight, I know cause I lived there

Which countries in South East Asia are the best for a pair of friends(male and female) to see the sites?

Hi! There are new sites recently 'discovered' in the Philippines, such as Batanes, Bacuit Archipelago, Amanpulo, Biri Islands, and Gota Beach (site of French Edition Survivor). You can do both hiking and beachcombing in them. Also, a new ultramodern suburb in the Philippines is the Bonifacio Global City, the site of Asia's largest nightclub - Embassy, and numeerous haut-couture restaurants and shops. In Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Perhentian are fairly English speaking, and are easily accessible by commuting. If you have and adventurist sense, you can get away to Sabah, and enjoy Labuan and Mount Kinabalu - the highest in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, Phuket and Ko Phi Phi have first-world tourist amenities and the establishments there have English speaking staff ready to assist you. Phuket is also ideal for hiking, beachcombing, and nightlife. One drawback is that it is too touristy. Both Hong Kong and Singapore are entry points into Southeast Asia, and you can perhaps spend a few days there from the USA before delving into other Asian nations - to prevent her from Culture Shock.

Where do you think SURVIVOR will be in 2010?

Well, some places that I think should happen in the near future would be maybe - The Philippines The Nile area Argentina Tasmania Sri Lanka India To name a few. If Survivor went to any of these places, I'd be happy :D

Survivor Philippines Background Music?


What are the reasons the U.S became involved with other countries and why did it become an imperialist nation?

Wow! America may be a "bully" to some but a lot of people sure are ignorant. Is that why so many people from other countries are dying to become U.S. citizens? So many immigrants crossing borders on land and high waters? Our technology and medical marvels are desired all over the world? Our wealth of donations solicited by other countries? Or how about vulnerable countries that seek the U.S. for assistance and protection because they are invaded or attacked by vengeful rulers? Are we so bad of a nation for being concerned about other countries and the treatment of their people? If this is just an oil issue, then you shouldn't bash the entire nation for this administration alone. The U.S. is a nation that has a lot of Freedoms. It has its flaws but its citizens are fortunate to live in a democratic land with many rights that have been both, handed to the people as well as fought for by the people. Guam, to address one country (island, now a U.S. territory), was liberated by the U.S. back in 1944. Guam's indigenous people were freed from Japanese rule. My grandparents have shared endless stories about WWII. With Guam being a strategic location in the middle of the Pacific, the Japanese occupied the island, killing and enslaving many Chamorros (Guam's people). The people were abused and lives disrupted and destroyed for years until U.S. troops reached the island and were victorious against the Japanese. The Chamorro people were provided assistance to rebuild the island, and more importantly, their lives. Sure the first governor was a military officer but that was just until the Chamorros were ready to fully undertake the new governmental system. U.S. laws would now apply, but the island was able to create its own doctrine called The Organic Act of Guam. I wouldn't exactly call it a take over by an imperialist nation. I would say that the world police, the most powerful country in the world, is a compassionate one. With the horror stories told by many survivors of the WWII era, I am very thankful to the U.S. for liberating Guam and her people -- MY people. To answer your question, America is a leader of all sorts, To Whom I Am Truly Grateful.

Why did the Japanese treat the American/Filipino soldiers so badly during the Bataan Death March?

the answers mentioned above are true....the japanese thought that soldiers who surrender are cowards..another reason why they treated the americans/filipinos that way is because of their stiff resistance. when the americans and filipinos surrendered the japanese took their revenge on those units who caused them a lot of casualties...the battle for the philippines was the first time the japanese conquest for asia was stalled. they thought the philippines would be taken in 50 days but it took months before the filipinos and americans surrendered. ex. a unit that had stalled the japanese was not given food and water for days. if the japanese had captured soldiers from the 26th cavalry (im pretty sure that was the unit ) composed of american officers and filipino soldiers, were beaten, robbed or executed on the spot. (they fought well, delayed the japanese, and repelled countless attacks)

What is the best beach on Luzon to take a vacation?

Luzon is so huge there are a lot of excellent choices, depending on the time you have. And depending on the distance you can travel. The best beach nearest to Manila will be those in Laiya, in the town of San Juan, Batangas. There are 5-star accommodations there, as well as native huts that are inexpensive. There are about 100 resorts in the area, including mom-and-pop style places -- - residents near the shore have built simple accommodation that can be rented. This is ideal if you do not want a fancy place, and would want to interact with the community. On the high-end is Acuatico, 5-star rooms, elegant restaurant, and an infinity pool. There are accommodations in between these extremes. The farthest destination, and is so beautiful it is dubbed the Boracay of the North is Pagudpud. This is the northernmost town in the Philippines, in the province of Ilocos Norte. About 13 hours by car or bus. There are 2 beach destinations in Pagudpud but the most popular is the strip called Ivory Coast. Accommodations range from backpackers quarters and home-stays to luxury rooms costing P6,000 a night. On the east coast is Baler, a town where Francis Ford Coppola shot most of the scenes in his movie Apocalypse Now. It is an interesting place, and is famous for the cheapest surf lessons on the planet. Decent aircon accommodations are only for P2,000 a night. Not a party place, there is no bar strip like Boracay. But it would be nice to have a drink in a bar facing the ocean. Best accommodation is Bahia Inn. On the west coast, the best destination is Bolinao, a town in Pangasinan. It is a peninsula with white sands on the shore. Accommodations range from P1,500 a night to P6,000 a night. You can do Bolinao and take a detour to Hundred Islands in nearby Alaminos, one of the top destinations in the country. Read about accommodations choices (with photos, rates, contact details) in my blogs about Bolinao and Hundred Islands. Subic is nearby, but no way can I classify any of the beach destinations there as "best". You may, however, read up on Subic, get to the beach, and do the safari, zipline, or ride the whale within this famous rest and recreation area. Near Subic is Anawangin. It is so beautiful in the sense that it is raw and pristine. No inns, no restaurants, no cell phone signal. Just camping, going back to basics. Another adventure destination Is Caramoan, a group of small islands in Camarines Sur, Bicol. These are probably the last of the unspoilt beach destinations. Probably because they are not very easy to reach. You will have to take a bus (or your car) to Naga, and then to Pili, and then to Sabang Wharf from where you will take a ferry to this paradise. As proof of its allure, Survivor France has shot two episodes there, 2 years in a row.Three other countries have filmed their Survivor series there. There are cheap accommodations, as well as hotel type resort rooms. If you just want to be on the beach anyway, not one of the best (pebbly, rocky beach), then Matabungkay will do just fine. Just an hour away from Tagaytay. I will post the links to these destinations from my travel blog. I travel for leisure, and spend my own money. My opinions and recommendations are purely from experience, and never influenced by favors from resort or hotel owners. One last note: It is typhoon season so you may not enjoy the beach. Of course you can still cozy up in your resort room and dash to the water when the sun shines even for an hour or two. My blogs also have a "How To Get There" portion: Laiya, Batangas : http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/04/19/laiya-in-color/ Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte: http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/pagudpud-the-boracay-of-the-north/ Baler, Aurora Province: http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/04/19/baler-and-it-is-not-in-quezon/ Bolinao, Pangasinan: http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/bolinao-pangasinan/ Bolinao (second visit, where I explored other accommodations) : http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/bolinao-revisited/ Hundred Islands, Alaminos (quite near Bolinao): http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/hundred-islands/ Subic: http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/04/19/subic-zoobic-safari/ Anawangin Cove, Zambales ( about an hour from Subic): http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/10/12/anawangin-cove-in-zambales/ Caramoan, Camarines Sur (Bicol Region): http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/caramoan-survivor-islands/ Matabungkay, Batangas : http://boyplakwatsa.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/matabungkay-beach/

Who do you think will win in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown?

Im going for Aubrey Ahron is gay , I saw him at eastwood during afters hours with a guy, What the heck are they doing? Eastwood is a place for hook ups after midnight, I know cause I lived there

would it be fun to watch yappers on survivor philippines?

Yes, it will surely be fun to see YAPpers in that reality show. Let us nominate candidates to join like the following: 1. Jongbong 2. Aref 3 . Allan Y 4. Cutie-kel 5. Xeroblast 6. Tinabeer 7. Smile 8. Anne C 9. Angel-ene 10.Rodelette That's 5 men and 5 girls...makes it even. As to tribename...wouldn't just plain YAPpers do? The lone survivor would be..... either Jongbong or Tinabeer Edit: Aref's out, Kamagong replaces him. At least the man is honest enough to admit he cheats. whoa!

Naak VS. Jarakay, Which One Is The Best, And Who among The Castaways Is Your Favorite And Your Most Hated?

I like and most deserving winner: ZITA, she reminds me of the Survivor Pearl Islands winner, Sandra. I hate: MARLON, he's very cunning and I hate those kind of people who think they know it all but in fact they're not. They just want to impress people around them.

Does anybody know what the jurors on the game Survivors Nig. do during the day, know not playing?

there are no such jurors.

Where can watch Survivor Philippines Palau October 9 2009?

I know they put Survivor on demand. I'd also suggest checking the cbs site they often post full episodes. good luck

Where does Survivor: Philippines take place?

Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines

What is the "sexy" background song in survivor philippines palau?

"Sugar" by Flo Rida featuring Wynter Gordon. It's in the link below.

Today, I have six 8-ounce lobster tails and I want to cook something tropical?

Tropical food is also spicy. If your going to broil the lobster tails, add some chipotle chili powder or cayenne pepper to the season and serve with this tropical fruit salsa below. For a side dish serve a confetti style rice. Toss chopped sauteed yellow, red and green bell peppers into cooked rice along with diced pineapple, then gently fold in the avocado. Instead of adding tomatoes to a green salad, add kiwi and strawberries. Tropical Fruit Salsa Yield: 2 Cups 1 cup finely diced peeled firm-ripe papaya (from 1) 1/2 cup finely diced peeled firm-ripe mango (from 1) 1/3 cup finely chopped white onion 3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro 1 tablespoon fresh orange juice 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 1/2 to 1 teaspoon minced fresh jalapeno chile, including seeds 1/2 teaspoon salt Mix all the ingredients together and your done. You can of course switch up the fruits, but I would not add avocado to this salsa.

What is the title of the background music played everytime there's a sad moment?

theme song