Best albums of 2011 thusfar?

Really cool list. I would add Bon Iver- Bon Iver and Submotion Orchestra- Finest Hour

R&P: What's your favorite release from this week's "New Release Tuesday?

Good Afternoon and Happy Tuesday Punch! Well, as you might have possibly guessed out of the albums you listed, I would have to say "Surtur Rising" by Amon Amarth is the tops for me. Nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary, just solid, riff laden, neck snappingly heavy Melodeath about one of the cooler things to write songs about.... VIKINGS! Who needs to talk about emotions, parental rejection, governmental corruption and the like when one can focus on raping, pillaging and the like? =P Amon Amarth is very akin to another band I love, Bolt Thrower, in that they don't put on a pretense of Prog, or musical acrobatics... it's all about the riffs, and you know each and every album, you will get a new set to headbang too. Death, Taxes and Amon Amarth, the 3 constants in life. BUUUUUUTTTTT.... For Metal lovers, you missed to big catch that came out this week. BQ- OMNIVIUM by Obscura. Intense, insane progressive Death Metal of the likes not see in a decade. It has the overall diversity of an Opeth album, with none fo the bore factor. The music shifts between moments of Necrophagist to 90s Atheist and Cynic to hints of David Gilmour, and does so effortlessly. Christian's guitar work, instead of detracting from the bass lines, or having to fight for prominence really works well in unison with, and both get equal time to shine, yet Thesseling NEVER gets lost in the mix. And Hannes Grossmann is a supremely underrated drummer. Steffen Kummerer does his usual great job, and I dunno if he is the one contributing clean vox or not, since I don't have a liner to read yet, but whomever and however, it certainly does not detract. In fact, all the clean vocals, acoustic interludes, and melodic bits do is truly punctuate the intensity of the album when they let it rip. Finally, the heir to 1990s Atheist has arrived, and it is named OBSCURA. *mind you, I had an evaluation copy, so I have been listening to it for a little more than a week.... and wow!!!!! BQ2: Bring it on, Big Man! BQ3: This question, or is there anything interesting going on in our respective lives? If you mean this Q, new music is always interesting. =) As for your other posted tracks, I am working my way through them now. I do so love how I can leave a simple thing like "*edit*" and one of my large army of secret admirers already left me a TD. It's touching , but I would prefer chocolates. and on THAT note, I will edit in a little more on the other tracks after I have finished listening. -Radiohead a rather straightforward and somber track from them. While not my cup of tea, I do prefer this side of their stuff than when they try for progressive and experimental. That said, with it's rather dirge like air, if the rest of the album is similar, it would be a mood "listen" at best. (but coming from me, for this band, that is high praise, so take it as one will) -Peter, Bjorn, and John something mildly disturbing about that album cover.. maybe the whole "nuclear mutation looking hand thing" seems a little to current what with the Japan scenario. Well, this is an uptempo switch after the funeral procession of the Radiohead track. Light, fun ditty with the ghost of John Lennon singing? I don't know if I would run out to buy it, but I certainly can't knock it. The interlude at 245 is pretty neat, and overall this is kinda like the new Dodge Challenger.. a pretty well done modern take on the feel of the lighter side of mid 60s music to me. -Amon Amarth *** See primary answer *** -The Mountain Goats is this some of that "wry and ironic" hipster indie stuff? =P Lyrics are mildly amusing, the music is Ben Folds goes even MORE acoustic, lol. Coffee House music at it's finest? I could link a rant from another Q, but it was meant to incite, so I wont. Not bad, but I tend to find this stuff kind of "disposable" in that most arthouse, and indie stuff I come back a year later and it seems to have less flavor than bubblegum pop. -The Sounds (Sorry, I dislike streaming for some reason, so for other dinosaurs like me Well, a little less ironic, and a little higher energy than the other Indie offering, probably would call it a little more Pop (those sneaky swedes always channeling their inner ABBA's), well.. not my style, but hey, it's danceable, so it serves a purpose, right? -The Swan well, that intro was totally stolen from something else.. darn it.. can't place it, but it's oh so familiar.... not bad, but I hope they give the owners of that riff credit (it's not in Bloom by Nirvana, but something similar.. just faster.. grrrrrr) U2.. SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY!!!!! darn it. Anyhow, decent post punk, but the fact the entire riff is stolen irks me. and no more *EDIT*

METAL MADNESS TUESDAY? (aka new releases)?

MQ: Obscura. I have only listened to it one time , from when you posted it. I wanted to wait till I got a copy. I know this is said a lot but I love this album even more with the seconds listen. Little stuff I didn't notice with the first listen , and to be honest ... the youtubes does not give it justice. 'Prismal Dawn' is one my favorites and fallowed closely by 'Ocean Gates' absolutely loved the outro great vocal work and effects used. Although , I was really excited for "Firefight". They were touring a lot ... and I mean alot. I wasn't expecting much , so I'll give some slack. It is still a good album don't get me wrong it just that with time the could have put out something REALLLY AWESOME. Still a fan though. They didn't have no Havok , was quite disapointed so I ordered it.I also heard about 'Becoming the archetype' ... its meh. MQ2: Obscura. BQ:Bloodiest "Descent" - From what I hear , its not bad. * the only upload I can find on youtube * Benighted "Asylum Cave" - Just started listening to these guys about a couple weeks ago , pretty good stuff.

Amon Amarth's Guitars?

Johan and Olavi both use Gibson explorers most of the time. If not an explorer, it's a Les Paul. How can you NOT recognize a Gibson Explorer?

Is Anyone Else Having Problems With Amon Amarth's New CD?

Mine ripped fine. Did the file names came with the same three titles when you loaded the disc? What mp3 software are you using to rip? I used CDex and, again, it came out fine. Possible it could be the disc but maybe try playing it on your CD player first.

Metalheads: What are your top 3 Metal albums of 2011?

only based on albums I've heard the full length of. Serenity - Death And Legacy Blackguard - Firefight Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising though that list is likely to change once Versailles and Chthonic release their upcoming albums. BQ: either Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath

How many songs do you have on your Ipod?

823, because I have the rubbish iPod Touch 1st Generation 8GB. Time to upgrade to 64GB iPod Touch 4th Generation!