Where to view supermoon around LA?

What will come of this supermoon?

This is another one of those media stories which tries to make a big deal out of nothing in particular. The Moon is close to the Earth once a month. There is also a full moon once a month. Once a year, these dates roughly coincide. The minimum distance is not quite the same each year. It varies by a small amount. This year it's all of 15 km less than last year on January 30th. Do you remember all the disasters on that date? Well, there was a magnitude 5.6 earthquake, but there are 4 of those a day on average. Oh, and there was snow in Germany. This tends to happen every January. This is a non-story and the Moon isn't going to trigger anything.

What usually happens on a supermoon?

Its kinda like the best period you ever experienced and with no bloating.

A question for all Wiccans/Pagans or anyone who knows about magick. This is about the Supermoon on March 19th?

I have no idea what effect a "supermoon" will have. I have no idea what a supermoon is... is it just that it looks bigger? If so, then it will just be a prettier full moon then normal. The only thing I can think is that it might add a slightly more powerful "oomph" to full-moon spells and rituals. The moon works on the tides the way that it works on magick, so to speak. Waxing moons are said to help with drawing magick while waning moons are said to help with banishing magick. Dark moon magick isn't bad or evil. It's just magick that takes place on a dark moon (which is what some people call the "new moon" because technically, if there is no moon, how can it be "new"? And some people prefer to wait until the waxing cresent appears before calling it a "new moon")... usually banishing magick. Drawing magick and banishing magick just have to do with the direction of the energy, not whether it's "good" or "bad"... basically, it just means "coming" or "going" energy. Waxing and full moon energy is "coming" while waning and dark-moon energy is "going." Three days before the point where a waxing cresecent becomes visible? That would be the dark moon (when no moon is visible). It's the final step in the waning process and it is thought to be a powerful time to work banishing (or "going") magick. One might use such a moon phase to get rid of something you don't want, such as an illness, addiction or abusive relationship. -Scarlet

How big is the werewolf/vampire threat due to Supermoon and how will you deal with it?

The same threat as that posed by the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, and any other imaginary beings-NONE.

What do you think of the band Supermoon?

That is an awesome group!

Where is the best place to see the "supermoon" in cleveland ohio?

Is the ''supermoon'' were supposed to see dangerous?

Full Moon at Perigree in an Excess of 4, 066 miles than the Normal Extreme of 225, 622 miles The distance of the earth to the moon in miles varies in distance from 225, 622 miles to 252,088 miles in distance from one another. The extreme in proximity or "close-ness" to earth is the 225, 622 miles. The full moon on March 19, 2011 will be 4, 066 miles closer, being at a distance of 221,556 miles from the earth on that date. The Spring Equinox is the next day. (Daylight Savings time begins Sunday March 13, 2011. - 1st Sunday in Lent, Daylight Savings Begins Tuesday March 16, 2011 - The Ides of March "Beware the Ides of March!" (The ides are the 'middle') Friday March 18, 2011 - The moon is on the celestial equator Saturday March 19, 2011 - Full Worm Moon (moon at perigree in excess of extreme 4,066 miles On Friday March 11, 2011 We have seen an 8.9 (or 8.8) earth quake hit Japan On January 12, 2010 there was the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Haiti Page 108 of 2010 Old Farmer's Almanac says that when the moon "rides high" or "runs low" (The Moon is highest above or farthest below the celestial equator) that this begins a most likely five day period when earthquakes are most likely ("rides high" for Northern Hemisphere and "runs low" for the Southern Hemisphere. Also there are two days in the month when the moon is on the celestial equator indicating the most likely time for an earthquake in either hemisphere). These days are marked in the Old Farmer's Almanac on the 'right hand pages for the calendar year. When the Haitian quake hit Jan. 12, 2010 the moon "ran low" The Japan quake on March 10, 2011. The moon "rides high" on the next day March 11, 2011 (which is still very close). Next Saturday March 19, 2011 the full moon will be in excess of it's usual perigree by 4, 066 miles and the moon will be on the celestial equator (two days of the month when earthquakes are most likely to happen in either the Northern or Southern Hemispheres). It is a full Worm Moon (http://www.farmersalmanac.com/full-moon-names/) and most usually a full moon is bad enough, but this one is closer than it's usual perigree distance and it is right at the time when the moon is on the celestial equator. The news reports about a connection between the Japan quake and the unusually large full moon next week say that there is no connection. They are probably answering that question in respect to the Japan quake being caused by moon riding high as opposed to the quake being caused by an unusually close perigree. You may be able to see the deception in that answer given to there being no connection. There may be nothing to be concerned about, but I thought I'd pass it along as a "be-advised" or FYI. Take care.

Why do religious people say the Supermoon phenomenal this Saturday, is the work of the Devil?

Can anyone else besides me feel the tidal force of the Supermoon pulling on their brain?

the moon isn't that much closer to the earth. though i'd hate to be in emergency services tonight. being a former emergency dispatcher, i know that more things happen on the three nights of the full moon than any other time of the month.

What do you think about March 19th "extreme supermoon"? I keep feeling very urged about this.?

You tend to be rude to others, so here's my opinion: Its not your psychic views, its science. Geologists, etc., have been saying stuff like that for a week now. Its been on alot of news reports.

when will or at what time will the supermoon be visible in the UK?

The answer is .. We in Asia Looking at super moon just now [+5 hr GMT] , so will see it , just after 5 hours from our time. But you will not find any change in the shape and size , "It is same just as it was yesterday" , if you could remember it. It is your psychological perception of making the suggested news by media TV and internet.

What did your kids think about the Supermoon tonight?

Unimpressed. Steven's remark "That's bigger than normal? I've seen it bigger." We weren't able to see it right at sunset we saw it at about 8:30 or 9. I agree, we have seen it bigger before without knowing it was supposed to happen.

Will the supermoon be visible in Florida?

The Moon will not look (or be, in any meaningful way) different from any other Full Moon. You can see it any time tonight, tomorrow noght, or the next night. Like all Full Moons, it is visible all night, rising at sunset and setting at sunrise. You won't actually be able to SEE the Moon at the exact time of perigee, since it will be below your horizon at that time.

What time is the supermoon going to happen?

I'd love to know that too, because I live in Wy, and I looked at the moon tonight (with and without my telescope) and it looks totally normal. :(

Where is the supermoon suppose to occur?

You will need clear skies. The full moon rises in the east when the sun sets and sets in the west when the sun rises.So you have all night.

When is the best time to see the supermoon?

I was trying to find the same answer. And for you other people.... its the night the moon is supposed to be the largest it has been since 20 years ago.. hence why it is called a Supermoon.. So be kind when someone asks such a question. You obviously had no idea that it was supposed to be a 'special night

Will there be a great threat to the earth during the supermoon?

No. There was no problem with the previous "supermoon" event 18 years ago (and all the times before that) and it will be the same this time. .

Can a supermoon cause a mega quake?

Alicia, Just like the Earth moves toward and away from the Sun as it progresses through it’s annual orbit, so too does the Moon move toward and away from the Earth. At the moment it’s much closer than normal and at 7.10pm this evening GMT (11.10am PST) it will be at the closest point in it’s cycle. This event is known as a lunar apogee and it occurs once every 29½ days. What makes tonight’s event more unusual is that the Moon will be especially close, the closest it’s been since December 2008. The Moon exerts a gravitational pull on the Earth – just as the Sun does; and in fact, just as everything with mass does. However, even though the Moon will be closer than normal, it’s not really that much closer than it’s average distance away from us. During a typical lunar cycle the Moon gets to within about 360,000km of Earth, currently it’s a bit closer than this and in a few hours time it will be 356,577km from us. As you can see, although it’s closer it’s not that much closer and therefore the influence it has upon us isn’t much different from normal. As to your specific question of whether a supermoon can cause a megaquake – in a word, no. The close proximity of the Moon will lead to slightly larger than normal tidal ranges – low tides will be that bit lower and high tides will be that bit higher. There will be a slight increase in the gravitational force exerted on Earth by the Moon. This however, is very minor compared to the much greater influence that the Sun is having on our tides. During Earth’s orbit around the Sun there are two occasions when we pass close to the Sun and these are known as the vernal and autumnal equinoxes (the first days of spring and autumn). The occasions when we are furthest away from the Sun coincide with the winter and summer solstices (it’s something of an urban myth that summers are hotter because we’re closer to the Sun). We are very close to the vernal equinox and it’s for this reason that tidal ranges at this time of year (and around the start of autumn) are considerably greater than at other times. The effect of the regular full moon enhances the tidal range so that the highest and lowest tides of the year occur just after the full moons closest to the first days of spring and autumn. So what we’re seeing at the moment isn’t that unusual, it’s happened on many occasions in the past and will happen many times more in the future. Further, tonight’s supermoon isn’t particularly exceptional and there have been many occasions when the moon has come closer than it will tonight. When it comes to earthquakes, the really serious ones such as Japan, Chile and the Indian Ocean, are caused when the edges of the plates that make up Earth’s crust are forced into each other. Over time they push against each other and immense pressure builds up, this causes the edge of one of the plates to deform downwards. Eventually this deformation becomes so great that the plate violently springs back up again and the ground / water above it is thrust upwards with incredible force. The bearing that the Sun, Moon and other solar bodies has upon this is minute when compared to the forces that are being exerted by the Earth itself. If it happens that there are natural disasters such as earthquakes, and these are around the time of a supermoon, then it’s nothing more than coincidence. Whilst the supermoon may have had a slight influence such a disaster would have occurred anyway. And finally, as for an earthquake in California, unfortunately this is inevitable given the fact that Cali is in a part of the world that is prone to earthquakes. There have been major earthquakes along the west coast of the US in the past and they will happen in the future. No one can say quite when the next one will be, it could be today or it could be many, many years off.

What time will the March 19 'supermoon' appear closest in coastal North Carolina?

We're not talking about anything special here so this "super moon" is nothing more than hype. You won't even notice the moon look bigger than it does at any other perigee (we get one perigee every month) A perigee is when the moon is at it's closest approach to the earth, since the moon orbits the earth once a month we get a perigee every month. This month's perigee is the closest it has been in something like 20 years (roughly). The moon's distance will be 356,577 km as of Mar 19 19:10 . However, for you the moon will be below the horizon. The earliest you will see the moon after that time is 19:34 when it will begin to rise above the horizon. Now let's put this into context. Last month the moon's perigee was Feb 19 07:28 at 358,246 km You see there is only a slight difference, just 1,669 Kilometres since 1 mile is 1.6km, that's around 1000 miles. That may seem like a lot to people on earth, 1000 miles is 1/3 of the way across the USA but in terms of the distance between the earth to the moon that's just 0.5% closer than it was last month. The difference in this month's perigee and any other perigee is not going to be very impressive unless you are a serious astronomer with a powerful telescope hoping to get a very slightly better look at a specific feature. Normal members of the public looking at the moon with an unaided eye aren't going to see anything impressive. Just so you know that "super moon" isn't really going to be all that super.

POLL: What will you be doing, during the SUPERMOON?

Turning into a werewolf

Will massive earthquakes happen when the Moon goes SUPERMOON ON US?

is it really possible for supermoon to trigger natural disasters?

Not according to the people who have studied them for years. The "super moon" is just a few percent closer than the furthest moon and the effect is supposed to be worse because it is a full moon - which is on far side of earth from sun. This is supposed to trigger faults which are in such delicate balance that the extra tidal action. But the moon gets somewhat closer every month and long term studies show no related effect. And if someone points to the Japan earthquake(s), they were over a week before the super moon and less than a week after the most distant time of the moon

Supermoon in which state, where on what time, the moon can appear her biggest form?

March 19 - 2011. You missed it. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2011/03/110319-supermoon-full-moon-earth-science-space-biggest-closest-brightest/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermoon

Will the supermoon on March 19, 2011 actually do something?

Yes. Just like last time it happened, it will look minimally bigger in the sky, and will add a couple of inches to the high tides.

Will there be another supermoon tonight?

Will the sky be clear tomorrow night to see the Supermoon?

There are many weather listing websites for your location that will have this information readily avaliable. Also, be prepared to be disappointed, unless you look at the Moon when it is near the horizon... it won't actually be larger, but the illusion that it will will be there, just like it always is when it is low in the sky.

Wiccans, do you have a special Esbat planned for the Supermoon?

I was wondering why it was so big the other night. Although some may have chosen to do one as with a greater edifices, there is not a specific special esbat for the event.

Did the supermoon of 3-19-11 bring reports of menstrual cycles bing disrupted?

The 'supermoon' was only about 3% bigger than other full moons. Menstrual cycles are not caused by or related to the moon in any way.

Is supermoon the one that orbits Krypton?

Your thinking of Superman.

Was the Tsunami in Japan caused by the March 19 Supermoon?

No the tectonic plates.

Have any earthquakes happened yet with the Supermoon being so close to earth?

is it possible that the supermoon tomorrow will cause a major earthquake in california?

No, not possible. The moon is at perigee which happens every month. This particular perigee is closer than it has been and, in fact, happens every 18 years. There is no correlation between supermoons and earthquakes or perigee and earthquakes. The Japan earthquake occurred when the moon was closer to apogee than perigee. The Christchurch earthquake in February was well after perigee. Earthquakes are caused by convection currents in the magma moving the tectonic plates. These movements are far greater than any influence of the moon.

Why is everyone making a big deal about the Supermoon?

The recent close, full moon in itself doesn't mean anything. Yes, Christians do believe that in the end times right before Christ comes back for his church (the rapture) that there will be "signs in the sun, the moon and the stars" as well as "wars and rumors of wars". If you add up all that is going on in the world today - wars, famine, natural disasters, economic colapse, etc. it does point to a nearing of the end of this age. The world will never end though. It will be made new again. Hard to believe? Some say yes. Others like me say no. :)

What do you think about the upcoming "supermoon" on March 19th? What do you think will happen?

Nothing special happened 18 years ago and I think the same thing will happen this time. .

Do you believe the supermoon on Saturday will cause any earthquakes or other disasters?

Actually the moon has been this close before....it is only close than it has been in 18 years. And no I do not believe that anything abnormal will happen on that date. I sincerely WANT it to...you have no idea how much I want it to....but I know that it will not...if for no other reason that I DO want it to happen.

When will the supermoon be biggest over Toronto tonight?

Well, ..., Tonight's Full Moon will rise in the East at about ~7:34PM in your time zone. The Moon will be at Perigee and it's the closest approach that we've seen on 20 years. The problem is that your perception of how big it is ... is an optical illusion. It will appear biggest to you at Moon-rise (~7:34PM) and Moon-set (~6:51AM). Read the article below and here's a short FAQ about tonight's Super Full Moon. Q) Will the entire world be able to see what people are calling "the biggest moon in the last 20 years?" A) Yes, the Full Moon at Perigee (Super Full Moon) should be very visible for the entire world. Moon should rise at 7:34 PM EDT (generally the same time for all time zones) on March 19th and be visible for the entire night. Q) Will the difference be obvious? A) According to NASA calculations, the full Moon should be 14% larger and 30% brighter that average full moons. Whether the average person will perceive it as such will vary from person to person. Q) What times are best for viewing? A) Again, Moon should rise at 7:34 PM EDT on March 19th and be visible for the entire night. If you've got a view directly to the coast, then the full Moon rising form the Ocean should be especially beautiful. Q) Is this something people may want to ready their telescopes for? A) You won't need a telescope for this event. Generally the full Moon is so bright that most of the lunar landscape is wiped out by the glare. Since this moon will be 30% brighter the Lunar landscape will be even more obscured. The best times for viewing the moon are when there is a shadow (terminator) on the moon. The views along the terminator (because of contrast) generally offer the best views. However, if you still want to get your scope out a look at the Moon by all means do so. As always be cautious, if you suffer from an eye impairment then consult your physician before viewing the Moon. I do recommend using a double ringed polarizing lunar filter to limit the amount of light coming from the moon. However, generally speaking, viewing the Moon is not like viewing the Sun. Other than a little temporary night blindness, the Moon's reflected light should not harm your eyes even if you don't have a filter. However, you should never view the Sun without an approved solar filter as irreparable damage will occur. Also do not use an in-line solar filter (solar filters that screw into an eyepiece) for viewing the Sun as they can unexpectedly fail. All things considered, the evening of March 19th, 2011 should be a perfect time to just sit and enjoy the beauty of the largest full Moon in the past 20 years.

what time will the March 19th supermoon be over Afghanistan?

It will probobably be throughout the whole night? Everywhere is seeing it, so with the earth rotating I'd imagine it will be any time. People believe the supermoon is causing these earthquakes happening too, and some others predict it hasnt even happend yet. Everytime we have supermoons huge tragedys happen.

What are your thoughts of supermoon rising this Saturday?

I'm sorry, but no. The moon will be about 16 km closer to Earth than it normally is at perigee. You won't see any difference.

Which direction is the supermoon rising tonight?I live in Pennsylvania?

The moon always rises in the east. The Actual time of the full moon has already passed and nothing happend.

How big will the supermoon on March 19 look?

This is another one of those media stories which tries to make a big deal out of nothing in particular. The Moon isn't going to magically appear much larger in the sky on a particular day. It is close to the Earth once a month. There is also a full moon once a month. Once a year, these dates roughly coincide. The minimum distance is not quite the same each year. It varies by a small amount. This year it's all of 15 km less than last year. I would defy anyone to look at the Moon and tell me whether it's at its nearest or farthest from the Earth - a possible distance variation of 40,000 km. If 40,000 km isn't noticeable, what difference do you think 15 km will make? This is a non-story and the Moon will look no different.

Is this supermoon really going to cause massive earthquakes in California?

Its not about anything. "Supermoon" was a term coined by a journalist with no science education. The moon's orbit is ellliptical, so its closer to the Earth at times than at other times. Every 18 years the moon is at its closest, and that happens to be tonight. Nothing else, nothing profound or significant or worrisome. It would be nice if all the American school kids asking this same question tonight actually did a bit of research first.

Can I see supermoon from where I live?

The answer .. Yes , Every one can see it, at clear sky in night. You can read books in the moon light. It is world wide open to all , without ticket. So get it . The next supoermoon will be after 20 years.

Is the supposed "supermoon thing" on March 19th really going to cause damage and huge natural disasters?

Do you think the supermoon can make you sleep bad?

Probably not, unless you are really bothered by the idea, and knew it beforehand. Most of the time, the interruption of sleep is a psychological problem, or you are moving about and getting uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Check your environment, and then look at your life currently. There's probably something there. If not, go see a doctor. THEN, and only then, consider anything paranormal.

Are the Earthquakes in China and Japan caused by the impending Supermoon?

No! The guy how has the super moon "theory" is an astrologer.

What is the "supermoon" they keep talking about?

The 'supermoon' is when the moon is closest to the earth. Happens about every 20 years or so. Called Perigee. On March 19 the Moon will appear bigger visually because it will come closest to earth. This will affect high and low tide levels of the oceans. What folk are predicting is that as lava is liquid it to may be affected by the pull of the moon's gravity, more so than usual. This pressure may move the tectonic plates or cause unusual volcanic eruptions. The Scientists don't seem to think there is a recognizable problem. All I can say is be alert but not alarmed.

How often does a Supermoon occur?

At least once every saros cycle of 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours on average. There's also a 9 year cycle, and then you should take into account that the moon gets farther away from the Earth by 3.8 centimeters per year, which is somewhat more than 68 centimeters in 18 years. It really depends on what perigee around full moon you consider to be a super moon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saros_cycle

What happened when the last supermoon occured?

Sorry, but a super-moon does not occur every time the moon is at perigee around full moon or every seven months. The last super-moon was on January 19, 1992. No significant earth quakes (6.5 or above on the Richter scale) occurred before February in 1992. A super-moon happens once every saros cycle of 18.3 years. The moon's orbit is elliptical and the distance at perigee with a full moon varies, and the perigee and apogee distances when the moon's orbit, which is tilted 5.21 degrees to the ecliptic plane, intersects the ecliptic plane varies within one saros cycle. http://www.climatepatrol.com/forum/53/4804/pg1/index.php#pid27517 http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqarchives/significant/sig_1992.php


The moon is expected to be at utmost perigee around 3pm ET on Sat.