What are your top 5 favorite superhero movies and list all you have seen..?

1.hancock 2.the dark knight 3.iron man 4.hulk(2008) 5.spiderman

Mental problems. Will someone help me?

Have you been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder? Are you angry at someone. I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. You need someone to talk to. Not saying you are crazy but something is going on and maybe you need to talk to a counselor or take out that aggression in sports. I know sometimes when I am upset or angry I say terrible things (similar to what you said). I was diagnosed with manic depression and just was all screwed up. I don't see you as a monster but as a person who is calling out for some help. I bet that nice and caring guy is still in there he's just being hidden by this other person who needs to go away. Therapy did help me and maybe it will help you too. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you will get better and become back to your old self again-I did.

If the God of Abraham and Isaac were real......?

Greetings, The integrity(hopefully you know what that means)of God would prevent that sort of thing from happening.Suppose you cut a pie into three equal pieces which would be bigger. See that is the non-essential type of question you have asked.

Out of all 6 Star Wars films, what was you favorite Lightsaber duel(s)? What is your favorite movie also?

My Fav duel is Qui-Jon & Obi-Won v Darth Maul, the speed and skill is awesome, next in line would be Annakin v Obi Wan.

Actors who play multiple comicbook characters.?

How about Halle Berry....Storm in X-Men 1, 2, & 3 and Catwoman. Arnold Schwarzenegger....Conan the Barbarian and Mr Freeze in Batman & Robin James Marsden...Cyclops in X-men movies and Richard White in Superman Returns. Not both heroes or villians but real comics characters. Jessica Alba...The Invisible Woman(Sue Storm) and Nancy Callahan in Frank Miller's Sin City. Michael Clarke Duncan...Kingpin in The Daredevil and Minute in Sin City I'll keep thinking of em all day, stuck in my head now lol OK Jim Carrey as The Mask, Stanley Ipkiss and The Riddler in Batman Forever Liam Neeson as Darkman and Henri Ducard in Batman Begins It doesn't count yet but........Ken Watanabe was Ra's Al Ghul in Batman Begins and is going to be Silver Samarai in the Wolverine spinoff. Sam Elliot was General Ross in Hulk and is going to be Caretaker in Ghost Rider. Put those in just for chits and grins. Tommy Lee Jones as K in Men in Black and Two Face in Batman Forever. Jaime King was Jade in Bulletproof Monk and played Goldie and her sister Wendy in Sin City. Jennifer Connelly was Betsy Ross in the Hulk and Jenny Blake in The Rocketeer. OWWWW my brain hurts, lol. OK, OK I'm done for a while but Bulletproof Monk, The Rocketeer, Men in Black, Darkman, The Mask were all comics 1st I believe. I DO wanna know who you figured out though and I do agree that Conan came from the pulpies 1st. I thought that Darkman was a comic 1st but maybe was wrong. The others I verified on wikipedia..link is below. Doesn't matter though as I've had fun just thinking about it. THX

Can someone help me with my life crisis right now?

Well, let me start off by saying I can relate to a smaller level. I have gone through similar changes, though not quite to that extent. However, lately, I have been able to pull myself above that a bit. The first act that needs to be fixed, and problably the reason your doing this, is habit. Habit is a nasty thing for all of us, some have worse habits than others, in this case, this is truly one of the worst habits we can have. The best thing to do to fix this is that if you feel like you are about to walk into a situation where you may hurt your girlfriend, cheat on her, or cuss at your family- stop, think, and breathe. If you know your walking into something that may explode, just be more careful and instead of blowing up on your family or girlfriend, consider an alternative like a friendly, calm mannered debate. This, if excercised correctly, should fix a good portion of the problem. However, the only person that will know and support you through changing this bad habit is you, and you alone. You have to want, and desire to change, and change, not just talk about it or think it will just come with ease. It is not an easy thing to do, but in the end, it makes your life so much better, and so much more filled with happiness. The second thing you can do is instead of apologizing, and doing it again, instead of apologizing, don't do it at all so you don't have to. This is partially habit, partially will of the good within you. Sometimes we are all misled in life down a rough, destructive path such as this, and it becomes habit, so when we are walking out of the hard times, we still have that hate or anger within us. The best thing to do is acknowledge that what your doing is horrible, and strive to be the good person you once were. I find doing such very difficult, unless you have a belief, or something to support you through your hard work back to being yourself again. Don't rely on a person to help you change, because human flaw is inevitable, and can easily cause more damage than fix without being on purpose. I recommend perhaps religion, or some sort of belief in life is always a good way to find your way back. I personally, switch between atheism and non-fundamentalist (non church going) Christianity very often truth be told. Sometimes my belief in something better than me, or some purpose that I hold in my life is worth fighting for, and worth making a stand to achieve that as the good person I know I could be. If you really dislike religion, have something like love, or dedication, or some moral belief that will help you through the trouble, and struggle against your own hurtful habit you have. So do yourself a favor, and start right now, because if you don't it becomes harder to break that habit everyday. Go shave either tonight or tomorrow, dress well, feel fresh air, and remember to enjoy life. Start every day with positive feelings and habits, and keep persistant at them. It takes a good few weeks, if not a couple months to fix a wrong habit if not more. However, I encourage you to keep to your dream of once again being the kind person you were, because I found that within me again, and it was fantastic. That alone was reward enough. Good luck to you, and I wish you well through this hard time you seem to have encountered. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me anytime and perhaps I may assist.

A poster from which of these movies is seen ?

Alien or Blade runner????

What is the worse Comic Book/superhero movie ever?

Batman & Robin (1997) with Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I say this because of the huge hype and budget that went along with its release ... the biggest disappointment ever in the Comic Super Hero Genre ...

What would you do if Transformers, the up coming movie turned out like this?

If Michael Jackson was in it then I would actually watch it! ♥♥We Love You Michael!!!!♥♥

What did you think of X-men: The Last Stand?

I think what makes "the last stand" the best of the trilogy, is that it focuses on the "essence" of X-Men: that there are no good guys and bad guys. There are different sides and you choose which one to support. The weak boundaries between right and wrong is what makes the plot superior and intellectual. you can understand the motives behind the actions of everybody,and you can see how Magneto, for example, appreciates the spirit and the just cause that Xavier was fighting for, and at the same time, disagrees with his opinion. This immediately conveys strength in how characters believe in their missions and lead their people accordingly. In short, I am one of the people who think it is a great movie and I wish that we can see more of X Men


They are all pretty sick! i would prolly buy one if they were out

What if Uwe Boll directed an X-men movie with this crew?

Like X-Men 3 :D

Is Smallville (CW Series on early Superman character) out of ideas?

I Love Smallville... But yes, I have been driven crazy recently with idea area? How many times Lana make a comeback ... Do something, fall of the fence and get the show going again.... and... yes, When is Clark going to start flying instead of running?

How do I get the music soundtrack from the actual film (i.e. SUPERMAN) onto CD? For ex: Credits from Superman

No offense, but it's too much to write here. BUT luckily, someone has already done it for me ;) http://www.glump.net/content/audio_dvd_rip/guide.htm Good Luck!

What if Uwe Boll and Joel Schumacher directed a Spider-man movie with this crew?

Well, I would use the "too many cooks spoil the soup" cliche....but I doubt that I would call any of those people "cooks", or "people that should be doing movies" McG, Brett Ratner, I don't have much of a problem with them, but the others...ugh

What has happened to the Superman franchise (for Superman fans only) ?

The problem is that the studios look at these franchises as a cash cow and feel that with a built-in audience, they can crank out anything and make a profit, rather than a quality product. As it usually the case, you need to let the franchise cool down a bit, to built anticipation, rather than a film a year, which tires out everyone

What movies did you rent from Netflix lately?

New Year City lights power-out, has it ever happened in real life?

Happens about every 20 years or so. Last time was in 2003, I think, and it effected the entire Northeast, including NYC.

Which version of Superman II should we watch?

Richard Donner's Cut. No doubt.

Do you agree with me that Superman Returns should be a sequel and not a prequel?

I'm more concerned about Superman having a son, ruining the franchise!

Why did Sam Jones III leave Smallvillle?

He left to film Glory Road and after that decided not to return plus there was no real point left for his character to be in Smallville full time again. He did come back in 1 episode of Season 8 but left again as he was starring in ER at the same time. Lisa Michelle x x lol x x

Does Superman need oxygen to live? Can't I just kill him by suffocation?

He can fly in space, so i dont know how much oxygen he needs. I mean he could hold his breath for a couple of years or something. For one reason or another i dont think it would be possible unless he had kryptonite attached to his body and he was flung in space or bottom on ocean, and again that isn't a for sure thing either

What do you think is your favorite Modern Superman villian? What about Superman's hardest villian to fight?

I couldn't get into the previous installments at all. But Kevin Spacey was creepy as Lex Luthor in Superman Returns. So that gets my vote.

Which of the following actors do you think made the best Superman?

Christopher Reeve, good actor over all. Not just for his Superman parts.

Purchasers of the Superman Ultimate Collection please respond!?

it just means that you can only listen to it in stereo in english instead of surround sound in english... surround sound is only available in french or german...

What is your favorite modern time Superman movie?

I liked the original Superman in '78, but I also liked Superman Returns of '06. They did a great job of matching things up from the older movies.

Of all the SUPERMAN movies, which ones were the best?

The first 2 Chris Reeve supes were the best. Superman Returns had better special effects but fell short also. I would like to see supes fight someone else. i mean, he's prob the most powerful superhero of them all and he keeps fighting lex luther, not even the cool lex from smallville, the old semi comic one. let's see more and newer villians. even brainiac woud be different.

Which movie do you think is better? Superman Returns, or X-men III?

Superman Returns by leaps bounds! X-Men 3 was a phenomenal disappointment. There was no character development. Major character inaccuracies. The SL was so rushed with a runtime of 104 minutes it was ridiculous with an undeveloped plot.

What is your favorite Superman movie?

The first two are in a class of it's own. I don't know why people feel the need to kill a perfectly good franchise of comic heros... Superman is a good example as is the original Batman series, the first two were classics and then came the dumb villians, the butt shots, the cartoon sound effects when someone fell down. I think it's common knowledge the first two were the best, and that's why Superman Returns takes place after the first two films, as a continuation. Atleast the franchise wasn't totally killed due to the bad films such as Batman. Batman started all over with Batman Begins and it was a great film. I only hope Superman Returns can do the same.

What did you think of Superman Returns?

I also thought the movie was great. I would give it a solid B+. The special effects were amazing. The plot was great, new and original. The direction of the film by Bryan Singer was fantastic... my only problem was with some of the acting. It's hard not to think about the original movies starring Christopher Reeves, Gene Hackman, and Margot Kidder. I found that Brandon Routh's Clark Kent was not as funny, clumsy and socially inept as Reeves' Clark Kent. I Thought that Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor, while he was an awesomely evil villain, did not inject as much humor as Hackman's Lex. Finally, Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane was not nearly as spunky, fiesty, confident, and independent as Kidder's Lois. This is no doubt simply due to the writing of the characters, but it shows through greatly. It would be unfair to grade the movie purely on it performance versus the first two movies, I can only say that the first two were just more entertaining. That said, as an updated revival of the series, this film did an amazing job of bringing Superman back to the big screen, in a big way.

Which villains from the modern Superman films listed below would be the hardest for Superman to beat?

The unfortunate thing about Superman in the movies is that the villians never seem to go too far from Lex Luthor. And unless you're talking about the Smallville Lex, he's boring and way past prime. It would be so cool if instead of Lex he fought Darkseid or better yet, Doomsday in the next movie. For your answer tho, I think the super computer would have been the hardest for Supes to defeat.

What do you think of this Superman movie idea?

HAH! Oh well, at least you have an interesting sense of humor.....I mean I hope you're kidding. Pray to god this never happens...but then again there are enough movies out there being made that are equally as dumb as this idea so it wouldn't be that big of a deal, would it?

After Superman and Spiderman III, isn't it time for (another) movie with Underground Comic Characters?

I wouldn't mind seeing a movie about Lady Shiva.

What are the similarities between Christ and Superman?

1) both had Jewish writers originally tell there story. 2) Superman's real name kal- EL is a Jewish reference to God 3) they both work to save the world. 4) in the Superman of the 1990's he actually returned from the dead. Is that enough? Here is another the name Lex Luther is very close in sound to Lucipher. Superman goes off to be by himself often. Many of those times he goes to speak with his father. .

Where can I find a pair of SUPERMAN LEBRON III's besides eBay?

in any prison

Who played the lead in "Supergirl", made in between "Superman III" & "Superman IV"?

the would be helen slater i believe she also played in the legend of billie jean heres a website for the movie of supergirl

Why wasn't Gene Hackman in Superman III?

They didn't want to pay him the salary he was asking for, and because they pretty much replaced him with a lookalike in superman II.

Superman III movie bad rap!?

The best thing to come out of this movie was Office Space borrowing the scam from it.

In Superman III, when Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor) first arrives in Smallville, is he carrying?

It's possible, but doubtful. Money is usually tight on sets and valuable props are frowned upon due to things "going missing".

How does Superman get a haircut?

i've actually always thought about this one too. in an episode of smallville, cloe tried to cut clark's hair but her scissors broke. i believe it was still cut, though. maybe it is possible or maybe his hair just simply doesn't grow.

What is the meaning of this sentence "Kiss the 85 thou goodbye?" in Superman III (1983). Thank you.?

I dont know... better ask Superman itself.. :P

Who wrote the scores for the movies Terms of Endearment, Superman III, Delilah, Ragtime, Rocky I?

TOD -- Michael Gore Superman III -- Georgio Moroder, Ken Thorne, John Williams Delilah -- Not sure which one you need. Ragtime -- Randy Newman Rocky I -- Bill Conti

Which "Superman" sequel was worse: "Superman III" or "Superman IV: The Quest For Peace"? Why?

I've really only seen Superman III, which was dreadfully bad when you compare it to the first two...Superman Returns was effects superior but the story was terrible, and I don't want to see another Superman movie with Lex Luthor in it. I mean, come on!

Which movie is worse? Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, or Batman & Robin?

Easy! .. Superman 4!. I loved it when that Sun god took the publisher lady in to outerspace with him and she didnt combust after they left the earths atmosphere! CLASSIC! lol Or how supermans hair in the museum can hold 1000 pounds but lex luthor cuts it off with a pair of SCIZZORS! REAL BELIEVABLE! LOL the director must have been on crack when he wrote that script! lawl But Chris Reeve is still the best Superman hands down!

In Superman III, how did the good Superman defeat the evil Superman?

i believed he strangeled him to death

What secret ingredient in the kryptonite in 'Superman III' splits?

Tar. From an ingredient listed on a cigarette.

Why reason Gene Hackman and Margot Kidder disappears, in Superman III?

Savio, Margot Kidder faz uma ponta no início e no fim do filme como Lois, simplesmente porque o foco da trama está no reencontro de Clark (Christopher Reeve) e sua antiga namorada do colégio, Lana (Annette O'toole). Quanto a Gene Hackman, ele não aparece simplesmente porque o vilão deste filme não é Lex Luthor.

What made Superman III (1983) different from the original...?

No Lex Luther. Different love interest.

Why was Superman III so much worse than the first two films?

A. Richard Lester was the only director B. No Lex/Hackman C. Minimal Lois -- she was there for the 'book end story' D. Lame Villain E. Pryor is a comedy GAWD... the very nature of putting him in a film skews it towards comedy F. while 'Drunk Superman' and the battle of his personalities was rather epic in but light of point E it loses effect G. too much 'funny' for the fans' sake.. 'The Big Kumquat' is delivered straight as though it's normal w/in the film but the sole point of the joke is to play off the fans recognizing Metropolis as an ersatz NYC, and NYC being the Big Apple, the straightening/and re leaning of the Tower in Pisa, Italy with the whole joke being in the sculptor's reaction on point A. Lester, picked up part of Superman 2 after the Producers fired Donner and much of teh film was already done -- and what he actually did was minimal as all of Hackman's scenes were shot while Donner was still in charge, when they were filming 1&2 together... so maybe a third to a quarter remained for him to finish after they shifted focus to getting 1 in theaters and he stepped in for the finish -- not to mention that when you look at Lester's Filmography his biggest claims to fame as a director came in the 60's early 70's, by 1983 when S3 came out he was so far behind the times that I doubt he could have directed a successful cereal commercial

Superman III?????????????????????