Should the Ravens start looking for a new QB to replace Joe Flacco?

yes and no we need to fire Cam first

What will your reaction be when the Panthers win 13 straight games including the superbowl?

If they do that I'll change my avatar to "Auburn Tiger".. Lol....

When do they start selecting superbowl locations?

Dude. . . They've been decided through 2010! Possibly further. They decide them way ahead of time.

when does the superbowl start on sunday?

there's a web site called You couldn't check that?

How long does a typical superbowl last?

first of all their are not innings like baseball. there are 9 innings in baseball and four 15 min. quarters. it will last abot 3 hrs. and 45 min because a usual football game is 3 hours and the halftime show is 35 min. with a bit longer commercial breaks. it should end around 10:00 eastern time (it's starting at 6:20)

How would I start courtship dating with a father of the daughter?

Give him beer and talk about SUPERBOWL.

How do I start watching football?

Right now during play off season is the time to begin. This weekend you have 4 teams playing for a spot to the superbowl. You don't know what team to cheer for. Go with the underdog. Go with the Cardinals. Stay away from the other teams that have not made it. Think of football as a game of strategy. The offense wants to cram the football down the defense as they march down the field to score a touchdown at best (6 points plus 1 point for the point after). Or a field goal (3 points) at the very least.

How should I start my first paragraph about winter?

Start off by saying there are many things/activities in the winter. Then list the things (Superbowl, Christmas, fireplaces and marsh mellows) then conclude by stating your opinion on the best one.;_ylt=AoIplcSlnhCSWVYjLNLKarjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090222155447AAXzgsl

What time does the superbowl start today 10 points to first answer?

3 to 6:30 pacific coast time

How much longer will the Cowboys start Romo?

We'll trade Tebow for a cheerleader or two.

When did the Superbowl start airing commercials?

Super Bowl I, or the AFL-NFL Championship Game as it was called back then, it aired on January 15, 1967. All of them had commercials, it was commercial TV. The game pitted the NFL Champions, the Green Bay Packers, vs The AFL Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, it was played at Los Angeles Memorial Colosseum, and the Packers won 35 - 10.

How does betting on the superbowl work in Las Vegas?

The point difference is what is referred to as a "spread." A spread is created to essentially level the playing field. As you are aware, most of the world considers the Patriots to be a stronger team overall than the Giants. Because of this Vegas oddsmakers want to make it a little harder to bet on them. Therefore, they might make the Patriots (-13). This means that before the game even starts, if you are betting on the Pat's, you are down 13 to 0. So the Pat's must win the game by more than 13 to win your bet. On the other hand, the Giants would be a (+13) so you would be up 13-0 when the game kicks off. The Giants don't have to win the game to win your bet, they just can't lose by more than 13 points. Another popular bet in Vegas is called the "over/under", This is a number that Vegas will come up with, and it refers to the total amount of points scored by both teams during the game. It's your choice to bet whether the total points scored will be higher than that number or lower than that number. In that bet, it doesn't matter who wins the game but rather how many combined points are scored when the final whistle blows.

How old does my German Puppy Have to Be so i can start training it?

Start now, well, Saturday. Obviously, you'll want to start house training immediately. I recommend crate training. (Google it). It's very effective and provides the dog with a safe place to be when you can't watch her. Basically, anytime you can't fully focus on her, you put her in the crate. This means you'll be spending a lot of time watching her. Don't expect to get much else done for a week or two. If you catch her peeing/pooping in the house, distract her with a noise, take her outside and wait. When she goes outside do a dance, sing a happy song, tell her how fantastic and great she is, and if you want, give her a treat. If you find pee/poop inside, it's too late to do anything but clean it up. You'll also want to train her what is and is not acceptable to chew on. Make sure you have lots of chew toys for her. If you catch her chewing on something wrong, distract her with a sharp noise. Not necessarily angry, just surprising. When she looks up, take away what she's chewing on and give her something she can chew on. Then praise her like she won the superbowl. Anytime she does anything that you want her to do, praise her like she won the superbowl. Training is a great bonding experience for the two of you, but if you've never trained a dog before, I strongly recommend signing up for classes. Your vet should be able to give you some options. These classes will not only train your dog, but they will train YOU how to train your dog. Some commands you may want to teach early: sit/down, stay, come. Stay and come could save your dogs life. Sit or down will help with control. Other tips: -Don't allow her to do anything as a puppy she won't be allowed to do when she's fully grown. If she won't be allowed on the couch as an adult, don't let her on the couch as a puppy. (I assume you plan on letting her on the couch, this is just an example.) -Make sure you train her not to jump up on people. GSDs are a larger breed that some people find intimidating. You don't want someone to think she's trying to hurt them. -Keep training sessions short and positive. Make sure you end with praise. If she isn't getting something, do something easy last so you can tell her how amazingly fantastic she is. -Keep walks short for the first several months and keep the running at a minimum. You don't want to stress her growing joints too much. If you run 5 miles a day, she won't be able to keep up right away. You'll have to condition her. Talk to your vet to make sure you don't push her too hard.

Why is the pro bowl starting to be played the week before the super bowl?


What's your favorite football team? And what team should I start watching and supporting?

my fav is the new england patriots... im from boston which is why i root for them... they are a good team to follow since theyve won the superbowl 3 times this decade and their gonna do it again this year... plus ur a lady so u gotta follow the patriots since tom brady is one bangin dude

How is the city determined in which the superbowl is played?

NFL has certain requirements for a city to host a Superbowl. For example one of the first requirements is Weather. Either the site must be in a dome or be in a local that will have a high probablity for moderate weather such as Arizona, Pasadena, Florida. Next there is a minimum seating capacity requirement. Big event and the NFL wants as many people there as possible. After those things you start sort of a bidding process. NFL wants to know that the hosting cities are behind the event and that they have enough hotels and venues to host the events and all the surrouding hoopla that comes with it.

what time does the acual superbowl game start tonight?

6:18 East.Go pats.

When does the superbowl start?

6:25pm eastern time

When does the second part of season two Glee start?

February 6th. That's a Sunday because they're airing it after the superbowl, so i believe there will be another new episode 2 days later on February 8th ;)

Who do you think is the biggest bandwagon team in the NFL?

From 1. Cowboys 8.8% Popuation #9 1.2M State 25.7M 2. Packers 7.2 #260 - 100K 5.7M 3. Giants 7.1 #1 8.2M 19.5M 4 Steelers 7.1 #61 300K 12.7M 5. Pats 6.8 #21 600K 6.6M NE 14M So from this list it would appear to be the Green Bay Packers. Or you could evaluate it as Giants they won the last SB. My opinion is Pittsburg. They have a very boisterous and loud following accross the nation including the media and the NFL.... see the last 2 SB wins. VS Seattle #18 in popularity at 1.8% may have been the worst officiated SB (err fixed?) yet no one cares much about Seattle. And follow that up with another questionable(??) officiated SB against AZ #29 at 0.8% again relatively no one cares. And for correlation one of the biggest uproars with fans and the media was when Pittsburg was "robbed" of a touchdown vs SD in Nov 2008, yet Pittsburg had won.

what time does the superbowl start tonight?

5:30 PM Central 6:30 PM Eastern Yay it is Pitssburg Steelers against Arizona Cardinals

When can you start drafting for the 2012-2013 fantasy football season?

If you're playing in public leagues on the various sites, it's generally around June. However, some leagues draft much earlier. I know of at least one that drafts right after the superbowl. Personally, I can't see much point in that - you won't know what draft picks have been made, what free agents moves are made, how injury recovery is going, or who will make it through the preseason healthy. I prefer to draft as late as possible.

What football team has won the most superbowls?

Dallas Cowboys---5 San francisco 49ers---5 Pittsburgh Steelers----5 Pittsburgh could make it 6 after tonight.

Has anyone else seen mainly local superbowl commercials?

I've seen nothing but national ads on the West Coast.

what time does the superbowl start tomorrow?

New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts Sunday, February 7, 2010 - 6:25pm ET on CBS

what time should my superbowl party start?

if you are a who dat the party started last week and still going on.

What time does the Superbowl start?

Why does the superbowl start at midnight?

What time does the superbowl start?

Kickoff is at 3:17 here in California on Fox.

What time does the superbowl start February 7, 2010?

Kickoff time is 6:25 PM, EST on CBS. Colts vs. Saints in Miami. The better team will be decided by the outcome of this game. Offensively, they're pretty evenly matched. Defensively, the edge goes to the Colts.

Does anyone know any cheats for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? Can you post them as an answer?

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Did last night's superbowl start early and if so, why?

It was scheduled to start at 5:29 pm central time. I believe it started a few minutes late.

What time is the superbowl going to start pacific time?

Game coverage starts at 6:00 PM Eastern (5:00 PM Central, 4:00 PM Mountain, 3:00 PM Pacific) on NBC. The kickoff is scheduled for 6:28 PM Eastern (5:28 PM Central, 4:28 PM Mountain, 3:28 PM Pacific); but, there are usually delays so it will probably be later.

If Tom Brady wins one last ring, will he finally be considered the best QB ever?

Lets see Otto Grahm played 12 years and took his team to the championship game 12 times. Bart Starr won 3 NFL titles before winning the first 2 Super Bowls People forget about the guys and act liked playing in the pre Super Bowl days didn't count.Yet Starr has 5 rings(yes hey gave out rings then as well) Grahms 7 titles likely will never be beat his record with the Browns was 105-17-4.I am not knocking Brady I think he is one of the best to have played.I just want to throw these two guys in there as well.

What time is the actual kickoff for the superbowl?

6.28 pmEST

can you get to the playoffs in the nfl if you start off 0-5 Do the Bills have a chance?

not with an 0-5 start...teams have made the play-offs with a 1-4 start though... the bills dont have nearly the firepower to compete in their division with the pats and jets..for that matter, they cant compete right now with any NFL team actually the Bills started 1-4 in the 2004 season with drew bledsoe as the second half of the season they went on a winning spree and went into week 17 with an 8-7 record..all they had to do was beat the 3rd string steelers (who already had aplayoff spot) and they would've got into the playoffs with a 9-7 record..they lost that game though

What is Vince Mcmahon sends the Shield to interupt the Superbowl for ratings?

And then the 49ers team jumps them so what's ur point

What is the halftime show for the superbowl?

Bruce Springsteen!! Pre-game show at 4 and game at 6 eastern time...

what time does the superbowl start next sunday.?

Site: University of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale, Arizona Date: February 3, 2008 Kick-off: 3 : 18 p.m. PST 4:18 p.m. MST 5:18 p.m. CST 6:18 p.m. EST Television: FOX Radio: Westwood One

when do superbowl commericials officially start?

They start during the pre-game stuff...Around 6:30PM ET

Does anyone know all previous Super Bowl start time?

Wikipedia type superbowl

at what time does the super bowl start in pacific time?


About when will the Superbowl at the end of the second quarter be?

It'll be halftime at about 8:30 Eastern(which means about 5:30 in Cal.)...Kickoff is at about 6:18pm(which means about 3:18pm in Cal.)... They never start EXACTLY on time...Kickoff will be about 6:30pm Eastern, which is 3:30pm in Cal...

When does the actual superbowl start?

it starts on sunday feb. 4th at 6:30.

What time does superbowl start?

The game starts at 6:17 PM Eastern Either CBS ABC or FOX

what time does the superbowl start on sunday?

6:28 pm eastern time on nbc

What time will the superbowl start?

What are you? It's already started.

When does the Superbowl start this year?

February 1, 2009 Steelers vs. Cardinals Tampa Bay, Florida 6:00pm. est

What time does the Superbowl start in LA?

3:00 pm here in LA. CBS is televising the game. That's channel 2 in Los Angeles.

What time does the superbowl start eastern time?

Coverage starts at 6:00 PM eastern. Kick off is scheduled for 6:28 PM Eastern. Barring overtime I expect the game to take about 3 hours 30 minutes. So I think it will be over at about 10:00 PM Eastern.