Many of the Superbowl ads questioned and made fun of manhood?

I wear no pants, I we-ea-ar no pants!

How do I find tv commercials online. What is a good website to go to? for 1980s commercials. tv commercial blog. ads, commercials, etc. television commercial database.

Who is the hot chick in the Fiat commercial?

Well, last fall, it was Jennifer Lopez... but the big Superbowl ad was Catrinel Menghia. Her ad was rated the top at the Superbowl by responses at company web sites (in this case, Fiat).

How much money does Budweiser/ budlight spend on advertising every year?

considering that Anheser-Busch owns Budweiser and Budlight and their annual ad spending is $800,000,000, I would assume most is allocated towards those two brands since bud is the KING of beer. I would guess somewhere around half a billion dollars, true story believe it or not!

How much does a Video Ad Pay?

You pay 2.6 million for a 30 second commercial of your company during the Superbowl. The companies that pay for this are obviously making tonsof $ more to continue this high paying ritual. You need to advertize, word of mouth worked in the horse and wagon days. If you have a good product put some $ into the advertizing of it, and then you'll see the exact figures for yourself.

What will the first commercial be after super bowl kickoff?

A beer ad. Miller Light or Budweiser

How can I watch the superbowl ads after the superbowl is over?

Did the commercial for the Canadian gay dating web site air on the Superbowl?

They wouldn't show it. That was the controversy.

What benefit will there be to the fact the Govt. ran an ad during the SuperBowl?

Not only that, but if you check into your local area Census and see what they are paying today verses 10 years ago, Obama is paying people less money this go around. When you consider that Obama is "suppose" to be doing "so much" for the poor and the homeless to no longer be such, you would think he would pay more. Obama is just being his typical hypocritical self again. In my area of GA, in 1990 they paid $6.25 an hour. In 2000 it went to $9.75 an hour. Today, they are only paying either $9 or $9.25 an hour. I know, I worked for the US Census in 1990 and 1998-2000.

BOOMERS: What was your favorite Superbowl commercial and why?

The car commercial that showcased Detroit. Americans need something to beat them over the head a thousand times to get into their thick skulls that buying foreign made goods means that you lose American jobs.....and ad was a pretty good way to show how all the car jobs in Detroit ...and all the jobs connected to the cars....and the rest of the jobs that had no customers when all their customers' car jobs disappeared....wrecked a city, wrecked a state. Even though Toyota and some of the other manufacturers have plants here....a portion of the money spent on one of those automobiles goes overseas. Americans need all the jobs we can bring back home...and keeping ALL our money here is the only way to get them here.

What was your favorite superbowl commercial?

The one with the doritos and the crystal ball

What do you think of the Superbowl ads this year?

They sucked except for the E-trade ad's with the talking baby. I thought the puke one was the best.

How long are the Super Bowl commercials?

They sell TV ad spots in increments of 15 - 60 seconds.

How do you feel about the Tim Tebow Ad that will air tomorrow during the superbowl?

One liberal after another is added to the supreme court thanks to Obama and Clinton and so it looks like a miracle will be needed to overthrow abortion

What is this advertisement trying to come across?

Cola is a generic term. Diet Pepsi IS diet cola. So, apparently, Diet Pepsi tastes better than other diet colas. Guys don't let themselves be seen to feel pain (like getting hit upside the head with a golf club or have a bowling ball dropped on them). Instead of saying "ouch, that hurts", they suck it up and say "I'm good." SO , I guess being asked to drink a diet cola is even too painful for them to shake off -- unless it's Diet Pepsi (cola) which isn't painful.

What was your favorite superbowl commercial?

eminem's brisk commercial. the date commercial was also lol

What is the music in the Doritos Pug Superbowl ad?

The song is "Dies Irea" from Verdi's Requiem.

What do you think about the antiabortion ad on the Superbowl?

Contact Tim Tebow through the University of Florida's website and let him know that the moment his anti-choice ad appear, you will donate to Planned Parenthood or NARAL. We're giving $200

Why does NBC run in-station commercials during the Superbowl?

I'm not positive if some spots went unsold but, for the first time ever, they had difficulty selling all of the spots. It has been a month since I read the article, but they still hadn't filled all the spots as of then. They were debating on offering a discount to current customers or lowering the price to gain additional business. Many companies who could afford the advertising decided not to because of the message it would be sending during these hard economic times.

Did any of those Superbowl commercials actually get you to purchase anything?

I finally got car insurance but I was still kicked in the crotch.

Does anyone know exactly what time the superbowl Advertisements will be playing this Sunday?

I would watch at 3:16, 3:47, 4:17, 4:44, 5:18, 5:42, 6:11, 6:48, and 7:15, if I wanted to catch the exact moment of the commercials. Or just watch the halftime show !

Is buying a Superbowl commercial ever a wise investment for any business?

other than using millions of dollars for mere seconds, a majority of people see it.

Has anyone else seen mainly local superbowl commercials?

I've seen nothing but national ads on the West Coast.

What do you belive was the meaning behind the hulu superbowl ad?

that aliens (or our government) are controlling our minds through our electronically devices, because we are weak and cannot survive without them.

How much do local business ads pay to advertise during Superbowl?

The local affiliates always get a few small spots to run promos, or to do the required station identification spot w their call letters given. Any commercial spots for local advertisers is scarce to non existent & is usually reserved for a select advertiser or two who already spend a significant amount of ad dollars w the station.

What jewelry company had a 2011 Superbowl ad for a wedding ring that featured old clips of women slapping men?

I can't be sure but I think this was Jared.

Did anyone else find that Kardashian Superbowl ad too steamy?

I was watching the game with a bunch of guys and they were like, "Why can't the skanky commercials at least have hot girls." And then went on to mention all the girls they thought put Kim to shame and guys that think she's hot have low standards. lol but yes, the commercial did ruin the mood of what this years were trying to go for. That mood being a less sexed up version of the superbowl

What channel should a canadian watch the superbowl on to get the ads?

What was the commercial before the superbowl that had bono with his american flag jacket in it?

I think this is what you are asking about.

Superbowl pepsi ad with Justin Timberlake where he gets hit by nascar?

lol yeah i no the video u r on about, but it gets removerd on youtube :( xx

Do superbowl commericials actually get you to buy the product?

A good SuperBowl commercial will certainly create interesting discussion that has a product name in it. It's about the only time you'll hear people at work saying Budwiser or GoDaddy countless times in a day so it has to do something towards creating favorable opinions on the products, which eventually lead to sales, favorite products, and repeat business on a fairly large scale. Personally, I still don't drink Bud or use GoDaddy for domain regs, but everybody in the country has those names on their lips for a few days.

Does political media speculation hurt America overall?

Sometimes, I think it's especially a problem if people only get their news from one source. When you get your news from various outlets, with varying opinions, you get better news and a better understanding.

What's the genre(s) of that song called "Hey Baby I Want That Car" in the Superbowl Ad?

I would say old school RnB probably. A bit of 70s Motown vibe.

When Did Superbowl Ads Become So Important?

Super Bowl, two words. The game started to take off with Super Bowl III, when the AFL beat the NFL for the first time. After the leagues merged in 1970, the game became huge, and it's been getting bigger ever since.

Why are the Republicans taking on Dirty Harry over the upbeat SuperBowl ad?

Anything pro economy is construed as pro Obama. Just look at the one unifying point of all candidates (and especially in the state of the union rebuttal). That common message is use everything and everything as a bad news scare tactic. Don't acknowledge ANY good economic news for fear that the good news will somehow help Obama. Here's a good idea for republicans. Instead of games and scare tactics, how about using GOOD IDEAS to get re-elected. Perhaps that's just too far fetched.

How come PETA's ads are so sexual?

Sex sells and is useful to persuade people to do illogical things. Such as not eating animals and treating them "ethically."

Hyundai Sonata 2011. Where can I find the commercial for it with the girl who leaves a note with a lipstick ki?

It's not an ad for the Sonata. It's an ad for the current Elantra. It's on Youtube:

Do the superbowl ads air throughout the entire game? Or do they all come during halftime?

Throughout the whole game. I will be posting them on this site as they air

when was the deaf superbowl ad for PepsiCo?

See for yourself.

Why is Mitt Romney losing to Santorum in Michigan?

Mittens is an elites and not connecting with the blue collar voters. Yes. All that. He said to let Detroit go bankrupt and he's attacking the unions. ><

How was the Bud superbowl ad persuasive?

Being cool is important to a beer company.

How does one go about getting in a superbowl ad ?

All the Top Contributors in this section will get a chance to be in one

Why isn't the deaf PEPSICO commercial appearing with the other Superbowl Ads in Yahoo Video>?

Good question.

What does the colors on Apple's Mac logo mean?

Its known as "Rainbow Apple". Further more details you can get from this link its in detail.

How can anyone look at the tax code and say that government is qualified to manage health care, or anything?

Government Solutions Lack Understanding Things seem to be unraveling quickly for the new administration. The latest unemployment numbers are worse than the last reports. For all the billions of dollars spent and committed to fixing our economic problems, the situation is only getting worse. This was to be expected by those who understand the root causes of the problems. Throwing money around and creating more government programs is both simplistic and damaging to the economy. Of course, the administration claims that we would have been much worse off without these efforts. You can’t improve this situation by adding to our mountain of public debt for the benefit of big banks and other special interests. The American people know this. When will Washington learn? In addition, the president’s plans for healthcare reform – or health insurance reform - are becoming more and more unpopular as details are examined. But because of all the alarmist rhetoric, politicians in Washington feel obligated to pass something, even if it doesn’t help. Rarely are liberty and prosperity at greater risk than when politicians feel they must “do something”. It is frightening to watch Washington toy with our healthcare purely for political reasons. However, the saddest shortcoming of this administration is its utter failure to pursue a more peaceful foreign policy. Just last week up to 90 people, apparently mostly civilians, were killed in Afghanistan in an airstrike, and the violence is only getting worse. The administration is mulling over how many more troops they will send as part of their “Afghan Surge” with advisors getting it exactly backwards. They qualify sending fewer troops as “high-risk” and sending more troops as “low-risk”. This is not the perception at all if you were to ask the families of those being sent over. The best answer would be to stop risking any of our troops for the sake of what is, for all intents and purposes, a violent occupation, helping no one. But all of these problems and their wrong-headed solutions come from one greater problem - which is not understanding the reasons that we are here. The economy is in bad shape because of too much government intervention producing a myriad of unintended consequences and perverse incentives. Healthcare is broken because the doctor-patient relationship has been broken down by hyper regulation and too much government interference. Afghanistan is a mess because they ignored the mission approved by Congress - to seek out those who attacked us on 9/11. They have instead gotten sidetracked with nebulous interventionist tasks such as promoting democracy and nation building. Eight years later, there is no real progress. The Soviets bankrupted themselves fighting in the mountains and caves of Afghanistan and we’re about to do the same. If we would just look to history it would be self-evident that there is nothing left to win in Afghanistan, and everything to lose. Most of all, we need to understand that we don’t understand Afghan culture and politics, and for that reason alone, intervening in their affairs is unlikely to produce positive results. The best thing we could possibly do now is to bring our troops home, from Afghanistan, from Iraq, from Japan, from Germany, from all occupied countries, and concentrate on mending badly damaged relationships around the world. Free and honest trade has always been the best way to do that, without fail. Not understanding the benefits of peace, freedom, and nonintervention will always bring about catastrophe.


Yeah I caught it. I don't remember what time in particular it aired, but the guy said "high life" and that's it. They shot a bunch of them though you can see them on youtube.

I just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, how and where should I look for a job?

I have a BA in Graphic arts and I sale cell phones at AT&T. If you don't know some one who can give you a job in that field you might as well just start looking in other fields. I tried for 5 years to get a job and I graduated at the top of my class. Don't settle on one type of field.

How to buy a superbowl ad?

You would most likely contact the network. Major networks have advertise tabs on their web site. I don't know who is airing the superbowl, but this is NBC's advertise section.

How can I download superbowl 2009 commercials?

You can watch them here:

How can I watch the Superbowl commercials in the UK? All the adds are there