What happens after you get all stars in super mario 64?

A cannon opens up that shoots you to the roof of the castle, finding yoshi there.

Is it weird to think some of the super mario music is catchy?

It's fine to think the Super Mario music is catchy! I listen to it nearly all the time - the retro music from the early 8-bit and 16-bit games is really simple but memorable (and INSANELY catchy), while the current feats of orchestral majesty in the more recent Galaxy games are works of musical art.

How do you save in super mario bros 2?

you cant save it thats the way it was when it came out on the nes.. there were no memory cards back then and they didnt add any save feature for the wii

What are those cloud guys in the new super mario bros ds game called?

Lakitus they are basically younger koopas.

Was there ever a level in Super Mario World in the water below the yellow switch place?

There never was a level there. I'm pretty positive of that, there was a different water level in the first world though. Maybe, since there aren't any beta water levels, there might have been a level there, but they moved it to later in the game. Then again, the puddle might have been there just to add to the scenery.

Who else agrees that Super Mario 2 was the best Mario game ever?

Actually, I believe the original Super Mario Bros was and still is the best game ever to this day!!!

How would I be able to get the soundtracks for Super Mario Galaxy 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 in stores?

You could try looking for the soundtracks on YouTube then downloading them through www.zamzar.com - it might take a while though! The best ones are: Galaxy 1 - TRMario Galaxy 2 - TimmyTurnersDad There's links to both these channels in my Subscriptions at www.youtube.com/user/SuperLuigiYoshi Hope this helps!

How do you beat Super Mario Brothers world 2 with mini power?

To beat him while Mini? Not an easy task. You must ground pound on his head whenever you have a chance, one ground pound while mini eis the same as one stomp when you are regular Mario. Just keep ground pounding on his head and you shall have victory. BTW, The caterpillars real name is Mummipokey, which sounds quite funny. Good luck.

If i sold my super mario bros on the ds to gamestop, how much money could i get?

not very much i brought in a game the other day and they told me they will give me like 5 for it and it was a ps3 game a ds game might be around 2

What does Mario and Luigi say when entering a level in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game?

they say "let's a' go!" yes, it's kinda annoying, but you get used to it ;)

Super mario?

ofcourse! i wont 4get that game! i also remember that mario is jumping on turtles. also the princess who became a bee! haha. luv that game so much. its just so unforgettable even if i played that game more than 5 yrs ago...

How do i unlock the doors in Super Mario 64 ds?

you need 8 stars to get to the first bowser.(up the stairs in the lobby and to the right) After beating him you get a key to unlock the basement door. Then you need 30 stars then go beat the second bowser behind the star door but before you can get to him you have to jump into the blue painting in get the first star in dire dire docks.

Is it possible to play Super Mario Brothers on my laptop? If so what are the shortcuts?

download vba, but make sure to download it from a safe website, then go to this website: http://www.coolrom.com/ then click Rom files, GBC, and look for super mario

How to get Super mario bros in the first animal crossin?

Do you mean the hats and furniture and stuff? They pop up in the shops every so often, you just have to keep looking

How do I play mario bros classic multiplayer on super mario bros 3 that i bought on wiiware?

Make sure you and your friend land on the same space and you each have at least 1 card, then the game will start. Try it out! :)

What movie had Super Mario Brothers 3 as the last game to beat?

It was 'The Wizard', Fred Savage was in it.

How to play super mario 64 on Pc and how to download emulator?

for the emulator go to the link below. http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/n64/ and for the ROMs go here http://romhustler.net/rom/n64/330/super-mario-64 http://www.coolrom.com/roms/n64/7581/Super_Mario_64.php http://3roms.com/index.php?page=rom_dl&rid=20597 and if it doesn't let you download it its because you have enable firewall. disable it and download it then enable it again. control panel>security center>firewall, and there you disable it. Have fun!

What is a game to play at a Super Mario Bros party that involves stars?

Becuase it's a birthday party I suggest getting a mulitplayer Mario game for the kids to play together. Some MULTI-PLAYER games include: Mario Party, Mario Kart, New Super Mario Brothers Wii, Doctor Mario, Mario Golf/Tennis/Soccer/Baseball/, Super Smash Brothers, Mario Super Sluggers, and Mario/Sonic at the Olympic games. Mario Party 1-3 = n64 consoles, 4-7 is on the gamecube, and 8 is for the wii. These games involve 4 players on a game board trying to collect stars in an alotted amount of turns. Whoever has the most wins, and after all 4 players take a turn a mini-game ensues to make the game exciting and fun. The game focuses on getting stars Note: In Mario party 8, the minigame doesn't start unless you land on a minigame game spot, but the method to achieve stars changes with each game board theme. Mario Kart = N64, "Double Dash" = gamecube, "Mario Kart Wii' = Wii (odviously) It's another 4-player game. The stars aren't that important in this game. It's a race to the finish line odviously. The game mechanics are almost identical per controller- even if you use a gamecube controller on the wii game. The only difference is when you use the wiimote, you turn your remote instead of making a direction with the d-pad. Stars in this game are primerally the coveted racing item because you're invincible for some time, but oyu only really get them if you're in 6th to 12th place. New Super Mario Brothers Wii is a co-op 4 player game. All 4 players need to work together to get to the end of the level. It's a side-scroller game like the old mario games (you go from left to right, no depth perception stuff). Stars appear sometimes, making you invincible too. Doctor Mario 2 players at a time, maybe 4 (but I really think its 2). The game works like tetris. Line up the colors of the falling medicine pills to make the virus's with the corresponding colors dissappear. No stars, but it's a simple and easy game. you can change the difficulty if someone is better than another player Mario Golf 4 players. It's a game of golf. There are no stars in this game Super Mario Strikers (Soccer) I haven't really played this game, but it's 4-player. Strikers Charged is for the Wii Mario Baseball (Gamecube) It's a game of baseball. Use the characters and make a team to win! It's like baseball and self explanitory. Use the Wii verseion, Super Mario Sluggers, to utilize the wii-mote 4-player game Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (basketball) Not so sure about this one, but wikipedia or mario-pedia should have something I think it's 2 player Super Smash (Theres one out for each major tv nintendo console) 4-player game for cartoon violence and combat. The mario characters are playable characters. Stars are the invincibility item Mario/Sonic at the Olympic games = 4 player. Use the mario characters to beat the sega characters at the olympic games- utilizing the wii mote. But if you wanna play a game with the stars, you could do a search-and-find like what someone else said. Maybe each of the stars have a letter on the back and you need to find them and put them in order to spell a characters name? If they're not little kids try making the word a characters name. Try throwing the stars like a frisbee into a bucket. First one to get a star in gets a prize, and so on so forth. :D decorate cupcakes like mushrooms! or make cookie cutouts and decorate them to look like stars too! Play tag, and make the stars a safety zone, but scatter them far apart outside. Capture the flag with stars? Whoever gets the most wins? Hope I helped, and have fun! PS: A good idea for a gift at a mario party are the single-player mario games like Mario Sunshine, Mario64 (if you have an N64), Luigi's Mansion (gamecube), and some DS games.

Is there a super mario bros 3 for playstation 2?

On the PS2? No way. Nintendo makes both software (games) and hardware (consoles)-while the other big console makers (like sony) don't make their own games. As a result, you can only find them on nintendo consoles. It is possible to download Super Mario Bros 3 on the Wii off of the virtual console (it's about 8 dollars), a good deal for a great classic game.

What should I get Super Mario Galaxy or New Super Mario bros?

Get super mario bros 3 its a great game multiplayer or solo. I played this game eight hours straight with some of my family good times but I still play it to remind me of the old games.

What buttons do you press on Super Mario when you have wings to fly?

First you must Perform(DO) a Triple jump with the (B) button and the u can Move around with the Direction Pad OR D-PAD For Short

How do you connect your second wii remote for super mario galxy?

Press the home button and go to the remote menu and go reconnect, then hold down the 1 and 2 buttons

How can you get back SNES super mario world erased game data?

Nope. Sorry. You can't retrieve the save data. You'll just have to get back up by going through all those fun levels! :P

How do I get a free Super Mario 64 DS PDF instruction booklet?

http://www.replacementdocs.com/download.php?view.1765 Hit the blue arrow facing down next to 'Download'. The layout looks like this: Game Title Super Mario 64 DS Document Type Manual Platform Nintendo DS Author ScaNation (stats) Author website [link] Filesize 2.77 MB Date Tuesday 20 September 2005 - 15:24:57 Downloads 6460 Download <<

What is a game similar to Super Mario Brothers?

Sonic Colors Prince of Persia the Fallen King and if you're into some little RPG Castlevania Order of Ecclesia

What is the secret world in super mario world and how do you unlock it?

Go to the Donut Plains, which is the second land that you visit in the game (the land you visit immediately after beating the first castle in the game). Find the secret ghost house that is attainable through the second level in Donut Plains. In this level, grab the first P switch that you find, and locate the door that appears to be floating in the air with several yellow boxes right above it. Bring the P switch to this area and jump on it. You will see that boxes will appear under the door that will enable you to go through the door, or so it seems. Do not go through the door when you jump on these boxes. Stand directly in front of the door and jump. A vine will appear. Jump on this vine and climb up. Run to your right when you reach the top of the vine, and enter the door. Defeat the Giant Boo by grabbing the boxes on the floor, and you will find the first entrance to Star Road. Go to Vanilla Dome--the land right after the Donut Plains. Once you find the red switch, return to the first level in this land. Climb up the newly appeared red switch boxes and grab the key. Once you place it in the key hole, you will find a secret level. Go to this level, but make sure you have Yoshi with you. On the left side of the wall in this level you will find a tube that is too high for Mario to reach on his own. Move to your right and create enough space for you to run to your left, toward the tube. Jump and then jump off Yoshi for extra height. If you are able to jump high enough, you can enter the tube and find the second entrance to Star Road. Finish Soda Lake, and you will automatically find the third entrance to Star Road. Go to the Forest of Illusions. Play the fourth level, and enter the blue tube that is near the P switch. If you go down this tube, you will be taken to the end of the level. Finish the level and continue down the secret path that appears in the Forest of Illusions. Continue by beating the levels on this path until you reach the castle at the end of Forest of Illusions. Once you beat the castle, you will be given the fourth entrance to Star Road. Go to the fourth level in the Valley of Bowser with Yoshi. At one point in the game, you will find a key that is surrounded by a stone wall. Use Yoshi to swallow the key and bring it toward the nearby key hole. This will take you to the fifth and last entrance to Star Road.

what are the differences between new super mario bros for the wii and mario galaxy for the wii?

Simple Version: New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a 2D platformer. Super Mario Galaxy is a 3D platformer. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is also fun! Try watching a video to help you decide!

How do I transfer a super Mario galaxy save to a new disc?

on the wii the data isn't saved on the disc its saved on the wii memory any disc will work the same thing happened to my animal crossing game so i got a new disc and it had the same data

How do you play with two people on Super Mario Galaxy?

The 2nd player's task is a bit more pedestrian in the game. While the 1st player gets to control Mario, all the 2nd player gets to do is collect star bits & fire them at stuff (namely, enemies on track to hurt Mario)... that's about it. I know the 2nd player support is extremely weak, but you'll just have to take it or leave it.

Where can I buy a super mario galaxy christmas stocking?

try this link http://bit.ly/n1c2N

How to do a forward flip in New Super Mario Bros Wii?

I think you're describing the triple jump. If you hit the jump button as soon as you land you do a double jump and mario make a different grunting sound, if you hit the jump button as soon as you land again he does the triple jump and goes 'wa-hoo' and jumps higher and does a flip.

How can I make a Super Mario Coin Box and suspend it above my head for a costume?

Get a cheap plastic headband at the dollar store and stick the box to it with glue or tape. If you need the box to be further above your head, glue something small and dark (so it 'disappears' visually) in between the headband and your coin box. Good luck!

How to play new super mario bros wii iso?

That patch only works on PAL iso. You could re-download the PAL iso and patch it hours later, or burn the NTSC iso w/o any patch. Of course, you can buy the original game disc off the shelf. :)

what game should I get new super mario bros wii or super mario galaxy 2?

Super Mario Galaxy 2. IGN, infamous for giving many games bad reviews, gave SMG2 it's first 10/10 since Metal Gear Solid 4 in early 2008. It also recieved perfect scores from Edge, GameSpot, and GamesRadar, along with very good scores from 1up.com, Metacritic, GamePro, and Official Nintendo Magazine (all at least, 4/5 stars, over 95%, etc.).

How do you use the controls on Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii?

Sounds like your controller needs to be re-calibrated. Simply disconnect the nunchuck from the remote and reconnect while making sure not to touch the stick. This has happened because the stick was not in the center position while connecting/loading.

What music tracks are missing from the Super Mario RPG Soundtrack?

I don't know all 12, but I can possibly point out a few others. Link's cameo song in Rose Town The interior factory music (where you fight the managers) Melody Bay area The Race Training (although it's heard before the "Slope" theme) Grate Guy's Casino (I think it's a variant of "Heart Beating a Little Faster") The Marrymore kissing scene others might be simple sound effects, such as when you jump on the organ in the Marrymore chapel, the Signal Ring/Psychopath noise, the sound made when falling off a ledge in the factory and getting catapulted up by a trampoline, the quizzes against Dr. Topper, and when you lose against the 6 doors in Bowser's Keep. hope this helps!

How do you play super mario brothers on the wii for 2 player?

In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Select 2 players at the start or to add a player during the game you need to be on the world map. Then press the + button and select 'add player'. Press the 2 button on Player 2's remote. Then they will have control of the second character. OR If the Wii remote is not recognised by the Wii at all then you need to Synchronise your remotes to the Wii. 1. Start up the Wii and stay on the main menu screen. 2. On the front of the Wii there is a little flap. Open it up and you will find a red button and a slot for an SD card. Press the Red Button. 3. Now open up the batter case on the Wii remote and you will see a small red button. Now press this button too. 4. The lights on the Wii remote will blink for a while until it is complete and will display a single light, depending on what number remote it is. 5. Do this for all your Wii Remotes, one at a time, and then you should not have any trouble getting the Wii remotes to work properly. To test if it has worked correctly, try using the freshly synchronised remote to turn the Wii off and back on again.

Where can i get classic super mario world 1 and 2 for computer?

Well, obviously you can't do this without breaking some l-a-w-s but I do know that if you have a pc.... 1. Emulator (virtual console) http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/snes/ 2. Game http://www.doperoms.com/roms/super_nintendo_snes/Super+Mario+All-Stars+%28E%29+%5B!%5D.zip.html/41295/Super%20Mario%20All-Stars%20.html 3. As for how to play, there is a "readme" file in the emulator folder

How to get super mario frustration from wii shop channel?

It is most likely a hacked version. It has hacked to make the levels much harder. Thus, it cannot be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel.

Where can i get a clean super mario world?

I downloaded and tryed Super Mario World from this site and it worked. I used the ZSNES emulator to play it. http://www.coolrom.com/roms/snes/7968/Super_Mario_World.php

What is so good about super mario galaxy and no more heros?

No more heroes is just funny...the story is out of control...the game play is kinda boring, but so much random stuff happens...you will essentially play the game to see what random/outta place thing will happen next....and the ending is the most randomest/funniest ending I have seen in a long time

What is the difference between paper mario and super paper mario?

i suggest super mario galaxy, it has so much more depth and is probably the best game released on the wii so far, also there is so much diologue in super paper mario, it gives you a headache

How do i download new super mario wii on my computer?

don't listen to geo he's just a noob download the dolphin emulator and then look for wii roms on youtube i hope it helps

How similar is Super Mario Galaxy to the second version?

Well the first Mario Galaxy was really fun, and I have tried the Mario Galaxy2 demo at the store and so far of what if seen there's more power suits, you get Yoshi, there's co-op story mode where you and a friend can play together, with co-op your friend can help you do things faster and easier and the story continues on from the first game. If your a big time Mario fan I would get both and play through one and continue on through 2 and get the full effect of the story. P.S. if you own Mario Kart for Wii and you play Mario Galaxy 1 it will unlock a special character for you to add to your collection! And there's a hidden Easter Egg in the Name of Super Mario Galaxy look for the letters that have the shine at the bottom of each letter, here's a link http://www.gamesradar.com/wii/super-mario-galaxy/news/super-mario-galaxy-says-u-r-mr-gay/a-20070917151125109055/g-2006050920347184001 Hope this helps, have fun gaming!

How to play original Super Mario Brothers Classic?

Note how when you jump up and hit a platform it goes up where you hit it. Well you are suppose to do that under the turtles and then go to them and "kick them" (although al you do is walk next to them and they go flying.) POW is for emergency situations.

What is the difference between super mario allstars & super mario allstars + super mario world?

It's the same. The one with World includes the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Super Mario World game, (one of the best ever). But if you HAVE an SNES there's a high probability you have Super Mario World anyway. It came with the system. And yeah, saving your game doesn't save the Super Mario 3 levels, just what world you're in. It also doesn't save how many lives you've accumulated! I play the game through without saving, easier that way. However, if you have the game on your computer (rom) or on the Nintendo Wii you can save your progress WHEREVER you are in the game.

Super Mario galaxy 2 is a great game but i feel like i should start on hardcore games. I need help deciding?

Just because you get older doesn't mean you have to play "hardcore" games. I'm 19 and me and a few friends in college had a blast play the new super mario bros. and mario kart on the wii (it got very competitive) Although i don't have a wii i also heard super mario galaxy 2 was a great game so i would get it if i owned a wii.

On super mario rpg legend of the seven stars, how do you get passed the six doors on bowsers keep?

Let's head through door number one. The ground will flash giving you an idea where to run.The first chest around the middle contains a 'Fright Bomb' while the second one on the right has a 'Royal Syrup' and the one near the door contains 'Rock Candy.' In the second room note that the moving platforms will stop moving while you're in the air jumping so keep that in mind when you leap. The chest on the lower right contains 'Max Mushroom' and the one on the lower left has 'Red Essence.' In the upper left chest you'll find a 'Flower' and the upper right chest a 'Fire Bomb.' There's nothing to get in the next room, simply jump past all the barrels on your way up this homage to Donkey Kong and jump at him at the top to make him run away. Through this door is your prize, a 'Super Slap.' Next let's do the other similar one to this, door number six. Jump across to the other side and ride the platform up, run back toward the entrance and grab the 'KerokeroCola' from the chest. Jump on the ball in the next room and ride it to the first pillar, the chest on top has a 'Pick Me Up.' You'll find a 'Flower' on the second pillar. There's a 'Max Mushroom' on the third and a 'Rock Candy' on the fourth. In the final chest you will find a 'Flower.' The first chest in the next room has a 'Flower,' up and left from there is another 'Flower.' Move toward the middle from there to get a 'Royal Syrup' and then continue right to find a 'Fire Bomb.' At the upper left you'll find a 'Pick Me Up' and near the exit is a 'KerokeroCola.' Your prize for getting through this is the 'Sonic Cymbal.' Next head through the combat doors, it's just a matter of fighting your way through doors two and three to get the 'Star Gun' and the other a 'Drill Claw.' After going through four of the doors you'll be dropped off at the end. These four have the best rewards (unique weapons) but f for some reason you want to go through the puzzle doors instead, read to the end of this paragraph (otherwise skip it). Start with number three. There are 21 Coins in the chest, you can get up to four and cancel using the A button any time you want. Whoever gets the last coin loses so as long as you're good at counting you'll be fine here. The next room is quite annoying. Follow this exactly and you'll be able to do it. Pretend the buttons are like a grid. 4x4 rows by columns so 1x1 would mean the first button and 1x2 would mean the second button to the right on the top row. Jump on the four buttons at the four corners, no other ones. Now jump on 3x3, then on 2x2, then on 3x2, then on 2x1, then on 1x2, then on 2x3, then on 3x4, lastly on 4x3. You're all done. For the next room to be honest a textual description would be quite difficult, the puzzle isn't too hard as there are almost an infinite number of different correct ways to do it, with a few random tries and basically figuring out how it's working you'll get it. Your prize for this is the 'Rock Candy.' Our next destination is door number five. The questions are asked randomly and you aren't given time to check what the ansers are but luckily they aren't too difficult. Here are the answers to a couple of the more difficult questions: the end of Dodo's beak is red, a Wiggler has six legs, Terrapin does not appear in Booster Tower, Bowser learns Crusher at level 15, Booster is 7th generation, Johnny loves his currant juice. In the next room you're given a certain amount of time to count barrels, assume that it's a full layer below if you can't see it. For me the answers were 14 and 46 respectively but they may not be the same for you. In the final room once again you've got to listen to the story and figure out the paces they came in speak to everyone and put it together. Again, mine was Bones/Boo/Kipp/Goo but if they change it around which they likely do, you'll just have to think. When you're dropped down in front of the save point be sure to save your game. phew goodluck have fun

super mario?

of course he is he is the best

Super Mario.......................?

ebay amazon ... that game is called Super Mario Bros Allstars http://www.amazon.com/Super-Mario-All-Stars-Nintendo/dp/B000050FBJ