How would today's world react to a real life "super hero"?

i kinda think everyone will freak out? after recovering from shock, everyone wil then fight for this superhero or sth it's horrid. :( then there'll be 2 grps, one that is pro-hero and another anti-hero. oh dear. another reason for wars t start :'(

What Super-Hero movie are u most looking forward to this summer?

I must disagree on Thor. What was so blasphemous and crappy? The movie was good at the beginning but just "meh" at the end. A bit light on action, but so are most origin movies. Chris Hemsworth was good- did you really want Triple H with the hammer? We knew going in that Marvel was taking the "powerful extradimensional beings who were worshipped by the early Vikings as gods" approach to the Asgardians, so right there they had all the wiggle room they needed for this version. The final battle(s) sucked but at least they lasted longer than Daredevil's dud and Iron Man 2's disappointment of an anticlimax. The storyline on earth was done about was well as anyone could hope. Gotta love Darcy, the political science lab assistant. Heimdall's casting was a twist, but it works. He's never left his post on the rainbow bridge, so he's the one Asgardian the early vikings would NEVER have seen on earth... they'd only have heard stories and assumed he resembled Thor/Fandral/Balder etc. We're dealing with a movie interpretation of a comic book, not mythological canon. I would have preferred a big redheaded dude, but Idris Elba wasn't a problem. My only real complaints were: 1) The spinning Bifrost contraption - Oy, that sucked. 2) The actor playing Hogun was too short for the role, they needed someone who resembled the comic-book Hogun, more of a Ghengis Khan look and physically taller than most Asgardians. 3) There's no way Loki should last 15 seconds with Thor in hand-to-hand combat. 4) A spinning Bifrost machine- really? Did gnomes build it?? All in all, it was fun. Of the upcoming superhero movies I'm going with Captain America. Aside from Batman, DC can't seem to get their movies quite right. From the previews, Green Lantern looks a little too accidentally goofy/unrealistic. I hope I'm wrong about that. If GL turns out to be a superhero version of Raiders of the Lost Ark- great. If it's a superhero version of The Mummy- ugh.

what super hero violates the law of impulse-momentum and conservation of momentum?

Not a super hero per se, but the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote are the best examples. Every time Wile E. tries something, it backfires on him, violating conservation of momentum, energy, gravity, etc, etc.

What is a cheap and easy idea for a children's "Super Hero" costume?

Bit of cloth around her neck for a cape? You could make a mask out of cardboard and some string. Then she could just wear her normal clothes, but put some underwear on over the top. :D

What are some ideas for a super hero party?

When the kids come in, you should give them each a cape and mask and let them decorate them. For the invites, maybe have a picture of your son in costume and something like "Calling all Super Heroes! Meet us at the _______________'s Headquarters on (date) (time) for a Super birthday celebration!" Might be able to find some other cool ideas in the source I linked below

Where can i get some super hero capes?

Easiest and cheapest thing to do is to go to a fabric store and just pick out your fabric and have them cut it to the right size. Then you can just make it yourself. The fabric shouldn't cost too much. It's much cheaper than buying a cape that's already made.

What are some unique celebrity/super hero costumes?

You should be the fantastic four.How many friends are gonna have similiar looking costumes?Maybe for Celebs you guys could be jabawockeez.Or a cast of people from one of your favorite movies.

what are the odds of a comic about a Weed-Head super hero getting published?

The odds would be very low. A lot of the hippie liberals would like the idea but I'm pretty sure most people would reject it, especially parents. Weed's illegal, and people don't want superheroes to become a bad influence.

What is the most powerful superpower not used for a super hero before?

The ability to change minds. EDIT: Heck, the ability to temporarily induce a state of sanity.

What's the name of that Chipmunk super hero cartoon in Korea?

Dramatic Chipmunk. lol

Does anyone know of a new comic book super hero?

John McCausland and the Quest for The Holy Grail!

What do you think of a gay super hero?

Pfft, what a load of crap. Northstar has been openly gay since 1992.

what should my costume be for an original super hero party?

I'm not sure if this is kind of what you are looking for but here goes . . . Dress as a maid (add a cape) and go as a great crumb blaster. Hide a can of air in your cape and whenever there's crumbs laying around (after people start snacking) blow them away with your air. If you can be a loud person and like to scream. Go as super ice cream. Dress in ice blue or somehow like ice and scream a lot. IBS woman; dress up in a beautiful gown or something and take along a fart machine or whoppie cushion. (to chase away the "bad" guys.) Super Geek. dress geeky and go around spouting off physics or math problems and solutions. try to solve world problems. Wrap in aluminum foil and go as the crime foiler. Or leftover foiler (that would be kind of funny. When ever you see food being left over run over quick, rip off a peice of your foil then wrap it up and hand it back to the person who left it.) Dress in a rubber suit or raincoat and hand out condoms . . . to save the world from STDs. if there is going to be alcohol put keys all over your body and go as the great key keeper, keeping the world safe from drunk drivers. Add other people's keys then try to figure out who's are who's at the end of the night. If they can't find their own keys they can't drive. Super static cling, keeper of socks that have been lost in the dryer, just put single socks all over maybe a few dryer sheets too.

Who do you think is the hottest super hero?

Spiderman, NO question!!!

Where to buy super hero squad toys in new york?

in the US pretty much every dept or toy store carries them (walmart,target,kmart,TRU,etc)

what super hero movie are you all most looking forward to?

1)Since they're doing so many Marvel movies these days anyway, they ought to do a Midnight Sons. I LOVE Morbuis the Living Vampire. They've ripped that guy off SO MUCH in movies of the last 20 years, so why not show the original? 2)I heard that Robert Downey Jr is the ONLY one signed on for the Avengers! I hope that since Alexander Skarsgård is playing Thor in the eponymous movie that he'll be back for the Avengers. And will Thomas Haden Church be back as Sandman? And, I'm sorry, but if Norton doesn't sign on as Hulk, well that's 3 Hulk movies and 3 different actors playing him. 3)As for Superman - I'd like to see Darkseid or Bizarro... and I personally have always liked Lobo - though he's more of a general DC villain than a Superman villain. But what I'd REALLY like is Doomsday! I'd love to see the Death of Superman/Funeral for a Friend/Reign of the Super Men/Return of Superman saga committed to film. 4)GREEN LANTERN!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard about an audition for Superhero types for a Real Life Super Hero team and missed info, any one know?

nope sorry

What are some good ideas for a super hero costume?

Which superheroines do you like? It's always easier to make a costume when you're interested in the subject. Catwoman is really simple because all you really need is to wear all black (long sleeved hoodie and tight pants work best) and a cats-eye mask, usually available year-round at most craft stores, or any other eye-mask combined with a kitty-ear headband. It's a good idea with Catwoman to carry something like a black rope or jumprope on your belt/belt-loop that looks like her signature whip. She's the easiest and she's basically the most sensibly dressed (don't want to break any school dress codes), but expect to see a few other girls in the same costume.

What is the name of a sexy female comic book character/super hero/supervillian?

Theresa of the Faint Smile from Claymore. Claymores are half-human, half youma (demon like monsters) warriors whose sole purpose is to kill youmas. Theresa is the strongest and most powerful Claymore from her batch and one of the strongest Claymore ever. She's sexy, she's strong, she's powerful, she's smart and pretty confident. She also has long and wavy hair. She's also from a manga. Claymore Plot: Pic: Claymores come in 47 members per batch, so should you not be satisfied with Theresa, try checking the other Claymores for someone you would like. Just browse through the 'characters and voice actors' section.

Who is the most popular super hero? Who is the most liked super hero?

It has to be either Spiderman or Batman. Superman's fans are old and dying so he's out. My favorite is Elektra because she's greek like me lol.

What's a good name for a girl super hero that can absorb other people's powers?

the sucker

does anyone have any good and easy to make super hero costumes?;_ylt=A0geu99VbqtJHB8BTrZXNyoA?p=homemade+super+hero+costume&y=Search&fr=yfp-t-501

How to dress like a super hero?

Is it self- centered or narcissistic for someone to seriously say they're a super hero and wonder woman?

kind of vain, proud, - humble sweet people appeal more than self self self people stuck on themselves.

What do you think about all these super hero Marvel Comic kind of movies ?

I agree, if they're gonna make these movies they might as well make them accurate. I don't mind them coming out because I never watch them, besides the X-MEN movies. Dark Knight sucked in my opinion, but yeah super hero movies are pretty stupid.

Who is purple guy with h on helmet in marvel super hero squad?


What are the costumes from the Spider-Man movies and Super Hero Movie made out of?

Its bog standard lycra.

Who was the first super hero to wear a cape?


How do you dress like a super hero at school?

it depends on how far you want to go with it. here are some ideas, you can decided on how extreme you want to take it.... superwoman: wear a tight blue top or leotard or full-body swimsuit with red tights and either blue shorts or skirt, or just regular jean shorts or a jean miniskirt. cut out a big S sign like in the picture to put on your chest, and a red cape if you want. for a more casual look, ditch the whole bottom part of the costume and go for some dark-wash skinny jeans. spiderwoman: take the idea of spiderman, but make it cute and quirky, and as a female! you can play up on that whole thing about being a nerd on the inside. wear big nerdy glasses that are taped in the middle, with high sloppy ponytails or messy braids and some drawn on freckles. either get a spiderman shirt or make one by drawing the design onto a blue and red shirt, and then either: rip the front part down the middle and glue it on top of a simple white t-shirt or polo, with a bow tie or a regular tie, or wear it as a regular shirt and then wear a jacket over it that's zipped half up only to reveal some of the spiderman shirt. for bottoms, you can wear red or blue tights, or maybe just some shorts or jeans? idk batwoman: this one's very easy, just wear a fitted black shirt with a black mini skirt, black tights and converse, with a nice cape and maybe a mask if you want (you can draw it on with eyeliner so it doesn't bother your eyes), and attach the yellow/gold batman sign on the shirt, with a gold/yellow belt (also arm warmers would look cool if you have those in black.) umm, some other ideas might be catwoman or one of the powerpuff girls (: hope that helps! have fun!!!

What is the name of the super hero in the white/silver suit on the fairly odd parents?

crash nebula i love that show

If you were to become a super hero what would be your name?

Storm, or The Uproar

Do you have to have super powers to be considered a super hero? example bat man?

Batman (through his agent and with the support of the Player's Union) has steadfastly refused to submit to an urinalysis. We can't put him in the 'Super Hero' category until he tests clean.

What are some good super hero/super power games for the xbox360?

BIOSHOCK!!!!! or bioshock 2, but not so much number 2

What are some super hero powers my main character could have?

you can give him the power to re-enact social situations (only works when he initiates a conversation with someone) by blinking his left eye three times. comparable to going back in time a min or two.

What are the lyrics to the Super Hero Squad theme song?

Not 100% sure about my lyrics, but I couldn't find better ones anywhere: === That Infinity sword... I will rule the universe! Alright squaddies, time to hero up! When the bad guys are out All you have to do is shout now Who's gonna hero up? Now they may not get along But they're always fight strong now Who's gonna hero up? Who'll save the day The Super Hero Squad They'll hero up again Super Hero Squad (Hero up!) Super Hero Squad (Hero up!) Wolverine is open spears Dr. Doom is up in tears when Ironman joins the fight Falcon darts in from the sky Silver Surfer by his side Thor's Hammer has thundering might Who'll save the day The Super Hero Squad They'll hero up again Super Hero Squad (Hero up!) Super Hero Squad (Hero up!) I hate those squaddies! === Feel free to correct me, especially about the second verse Hope this helps!

What would Batgirl or any other super girl hero buy?

sadly unless its a limit** to use a power(watch law of ueki) most super heroes could be naked or on fire and still be super..thats the point..strong enough(with w/e ability they have) to not need a im afraid youve gotten yourself into a pickle with this suggest making up a power the heroine would need to ...i got this far then it hit me...super girl..she flys...just as fast as superman(speeding bullet pun here) chapstick...bat girl...on roofs or in dark alleys out all night, weather proof make up, or even so mundane as dayquil, i guess anything is possible if its a normal person being heroic...pany hose anything..its all in how you present it, gl and keep up the hard work!

How would you start a 27 page long essay about a super hero?

i was happily minding my own buisness waliking down the hall way when i was suddently stung by a bee and became bee man

Would I get into trouble for my super hero day costume?

LOL! Those are some funny ideas. If you are going to a school then I would say yes. You were wearing this to work then you are at 50%. it will depend on how flexible your coworkers are.

What are the best super powers for a super hero? What makes a super hero so great?

What makes a super hero great is not necessarily their powers, but their willingness to help people with those powers. i mean, superman could go to vegas and make millions of dollars by cheating at the tables, the flash could become the greatest athlete ever (and in his original incarnation, was a halfback in college), Storm could engage in blackmail with her ability to control the weather. But sometimes, the best heroes do not need brawn. What about one who is very smart and outwits or manipulates people into doing the right thing?

How many tons can a super hero who weighs 1500 lbs lift?

How do I get my super hero bought by comic companies?

I'd suggest really fleshing out your story to it's full potential. Make a couple of story boards and rough sketches, as well as in depth character profiles, then make all of this into a portfolio of your work. The only tip I can really give you is to head out to some Comic Conventions if there are any near where you live. Often times there are artists, writers, etc., there that will be willing to look at your portfolio. While some may not be from the Big Boys at Marvel or DC, many people who publish independently or through smaller companies would be able to give you some tips as well. Best of luck!

What super hero movies to watch before seeing Marvel Avengers?

i agree with alyssa dont listen to jersy rebel he has no idea what he is talking about hes got all of the movies mixed up the only thing he got right is there is something at the end credits of all of them but that is just nick fury getting the avengers together

What is the cheapest way to decorate boys room in super hero,s?

what about using sheets.... you can just hang them over the wall.... kids being kids you will have to either stamel them top and bottom or put a strip of wood over the top and bottom... you can also use liquid starch to put them on the wall...

How can i become a super hero by not wearing a shirt with pocket?

i dont think people become super heroes by the clothes they wear,

What do the super hero super friends call their clothes?

I think that's completely up to you. It's fiction after all. Nice threads. Nice outfit. Nice costume. Nice dudes. etc.

What would be a super hero name for the pituitary gland?

Out of the cancer forum, you may find your answer.

What is a unique super hero to dress up as?

Well, I would say Starfire, but that might be inappropriate for school. Here are some other ideas. Rouge from The X-Men Violat from The Incredibles Invisible Woman from The Fantastic Four

What is your favorite kind of super hero movie or episode?

My favorite is Avatar Aang the last airbender its original movie is great & he is sort of a hero because he saves the world from the fire lord & my other favorite superhero is Batman,Spiderman & Iron man.

super hero..?

i would like to be spiderman too!

Super Hero?

I would like to have super mental powers like mind reading and controlling objects with my mind. Then i'd be able to uncover corruption in the world and read my hubby and pet cats' mind. I think i'll be neutral.