Are you sad that this generation will never be able to experience a super size meal?

Just eat it and then if want more you can order more later haha. I LOVE McDonalds (i've eaten it more then 3-4 times a week at one point fcuk), but the supersize option is not needed to enjoy miccy D's :D

who is the first boy singer in S.E.O.U.L video clip by super junior & girls generation?

Kyuhyun! (the first one who sings) He's really cute and has an AWESOME voice!!! ^___^

Is Messi the first of a generation of super-footballers?


Which member of Super Junior is Yoona (Girl's generation) closest to?

Heechul because of Family Outing or Siwon because they are pairs in photoshoots and stuff... Prettiest is Tiffany or Seohyun or yoona.... Least prettiest is Hyoyeon... ugh i hate that girl.... no offense....... and idk...........

super junior or girls generation was more popular?

I agree I think they are both equally popular. ( they are the most popular bands) But I Love Love Love Super Junior!

Can I Be Like Super Junior or Girls' Generation?

You can, but being a trainee is hard work~ They will teach you Korean if they accept you, and they prefer trainees that are between 12 to 18 years old~ It's great that you can dance, but work on your singing too; That's the core of SM~

How do you get Super Sonic in Generations?

nah.. you get the chaos emeralds to complete the game and its pretty easy to do so. you beat shadow and silver for each chaos emerald and u get the rest during the game itself. however, once you beat it, you get it. just go to the very end next to green hill zone to upgrade and change ur skillz and super sonic will be there.

Anybody selling Super Junior 3rd generation light stick?

you can go to Berjaya Times Square coz there is a shop that gives everything u need about k-pop...I'm sure that they would sell the light stick... I also cant wait to watch the concert...SUJU <3<3

what is so good about the ipod touch 2nd generation?

the back scratche really easily so u should get a case i will also recommend jaileaking it because u dont want to waist your money on apps,u can get them for free if u jailbreake.Umm it has speakers wish is something really good but it does not have a microphone dat sucks,the internet is faster than the 1st generation,im telling u the ipod touch is awesome u should so get it.Oh yea and it's also thinner than the other generation it feels really good on your hands because it's light weight and it has a curve it's just aweosme,its really entertaining theres always something new to do on it.

whre can i get the generation key of super miners?thats a game in mobile?

Try to download at this site. there are some this game,but I don't know what your mobile is.

Favorite songs Super Junior and Girl Generation?

i love all of the songs by them, but here are some of my favorites Super Junior 1.Its you 2. Sorry Sorry 3.Reset 4.U 5.Marry U 6.Don't Don 7.Happiness 8.Wonder Boy and many others Girls Generation 1.Gee 2.Tell Me your Wish 3.Kissing You 4. Into the new world 5.Etude 6. SNSD

Girls' Generation and Super Junior song purchasing help please!?

Maybe you should try to look with SNSD and Super Junior instead of Girls Generation on google/iTunes. Happy searching! :)

Super Robot Wars Original Generation PS2 help?

Nope. The mech featured in the SRT OG games are original creations.

Super Junior or Girls Generation?!?

super junior

are there any other korean bands except for super junior, shinee, big bang, 2am, 2pm, and girls generation?

Girls: 4minute After School - Orange Caramel Wonder Girls Baby V.O.X Fin.k.l The Grace f(x) KARA Secret Rainbow Sistar T-ARA Davichi Son Dam Bi Jewelery Lee Hyori Chae yeon miss A BoA 2NE1 Brown Eyed Girls SeeYa Gavy NJ Girl's Day IU Boys: B2ST Super Junior-Happy Super Junior-K.R.Y Super Junior-T DBSK Infinite MBLAQ San E Lee Seung Ki Se7en SS501 CN Blue FT Island MC Mong TRAX D-NA F.Cuz Dalmation U-Kiss Shinhwa H.O.T Sechskies Outsider SG Wannabe V.O.S Supreme Team T-Max Psy DJ DOC Boys and Girls: Co-Ed School Clazziquai Project Koyote 8eight

Is generation outsource really going to cut military pensions if the super congress can`t agree on anything?

obama better do somethin quick, he only has 1 year left to finish his plans to destroy america. im betting he can do it.

Today's generation is fast like a super rocket know how many of you can't stay without a GF or a BF?

I can't live without my girlfriend ^^ <3

do you now some japanese pop group with music that i can dance like super juniors or girl generation?

Try Perfume's Computer City and Perfume's other songs. Also try Cap.

How is Ted Debiase Jr 3rd generation Superstar ?

"Iron Man" Michael DiBiase adopted the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase Sr. when he married Ted's mother. So technically, Ted is just a 2nd generation star. But for arguments sake, he is considered 3rd.

What is gameshark code for Super Robot Taisen Original Generation, for PS2 platform...?

There isn't one those are only for GBA,SP

What is the title of the Seoul Tourism Commercial with Super Junior and Girls' Generation in it as Cameos?

It's called "Infinitely Yours, Seoul". It was a program made to try to increase tourism in Seoul, Korea, using famous celebrities. Sure enough it increased by quite a bit, especially because they focused on America, China, and Japan using SNSD, Super Junior, and Tohoshinki (DBSK).

Can i make friends with Koreans Girls' Generation and Super Junior?

Despite your profession and ambition, You're not likely to be their friend. just a fan.

ipod nano 4th generation? (super easy 10 pts!)?

it would take four weeks. definately save up for an ipod touch, because i got an ipod nano 4g at christmas and it works fine plays good music and videos, but it doesn't do much else. the ipod touch has thousands of apps, wifi, touchscreen, and you can jailbreak it. I am getting one in a few days. I can't wait. If you do get an ipod nano 4g you probably don't need more than 8GB worth of space. which is $145 at

Is the Obama regime and the democrat super-majority of congress the unprecedented crisis of a generation?

Yes - but this will all end in 2010

will my generation live a life where america is the super power?

The only way is to lead the world. We cannot do that with a gun or violence. We need to show the world that we actually care about the world. We talk about greenhouse reduction and sign little pieces of paper stating so yet we still do the same thing. We talk about other countries and what they do and yet so do we. In other words we speak with forked tongue as usual. So in other words we need to take back what was once ours. Our government. We need to put people that have decency and honor in there. People that can really speak for us and not stab us in the back for the almighty dollar or campain contribution. The people that are running today are all filthy rich and a lot of them got that way by stepping on the people. None can really be trusted. So we need to find a honest person that is not filthy rich that truely cares for us and those abroad. Someone who will lead and not worry about about general motors, exxon, etc. This person needs to worry about Texas, Indiana,Alabama, etc, etc,etc. But who can you trust. Anyone can say I AM THE PERSON. How will you know. Maybe we should ask that on yahoo answers.

for super generation only ok?

What Was the Greatest Generation of Console Gaming?

Of course newest is going to be better.

Seniors, since our generation didn't have Super-soakers, how did Seniors cool off in the summer?

Fire hydrants. Water hoses and sprinklers--we'd go get soaked in the sprinklers of whoever was watering their lawn (we didn't care who it was either, or that we were running around on their precious grass). Mostly, we just kept to the shade. There was this one sort of short tunnel thing between buildings (leading from the front of the bldg to the backyard) and we'd go stand in there because it was made of brick and always stayed very cool (and had that damp smell to it). We drank a lot of water straight out of the outside water taps. If we got hot, we'd sit somewhere shady until we cooled off. Popsicles.

Will our next generation be generation of super humans?

No. There's too much politics and clashes of beliefs for genetically engineered humans to become the norm for quite a few generations. Especially with the economic and environmental problems we are currently facing. Anyone who admitted to being genetically engineered would probably be ostracized and perhaps targeted as this would be seen as wasteful. As for bionic humans, any unnecessary mechanical additions to the body would be more of a problem than an aid since we still have problems accepting foreign items as part of the body. Perhaps when we can effectively deal with common ailments that plague most of the human population, then we'd have the room to alter or work with the constraints of human DNA. Yes DNA is the future of medicine, but we have a long way to go.

Is it true that Donghae from super junior is dating jessica from girls generation?

It was rumored quite awhile ago that they were dating, but I believe it has been denied by both. The rumors appeared when pictures of them kissing were linked to the media. However, it turned out that it wasn't them in the pictures, but lookalikes. I think that is what happened. I do not remember completely. At this time, I think it's been pretty clear that they aren't together. Donghae seems too busy to be dating. He has Super Junior M right now and the 3rd album of Super Junior to prepare for. Jessica has also been rumored to have been with other guys since then.

Out of all the next generation of QBs who will win the most super bowls?

Ryan or Luck....people say newton but alls he produces is great stats but not many wins

Who thinks Savants are the next generation of super humans?

You need to understand that these "savants" are using a portion of their brain that never gets utilized in our mere life span of approximately 80 years. Since we only use one tenth of one percent of our "grey" matter in about 80 years of life, then it makes sense that if we are destined to live forever, as the Bible says we will soon, then we will use these unused portions of our brain in that life where we will live forever. Sadly, these "savants," are only using the portion that makes them do these extraodinary skills that the rest of us cannot do at this time. But eventually we will all attain to perfection where we will be able to compose or master these musical skills. They cannot use the "normal" portions that the rest of us use with the brain to go about our "ordinary" lives. So, no super humans will exist at some point in the near future. We will all attain to perfection and use all of the "grey" matter that God has given to us.

Where to download or watch Super Robot Wars Original Generation 1-26?

Go to for streaming all anime, super robot taisen is there, but not so good streaming quality, To download use mIRC program and go to baka-anime, or use bittorrent client like bitcomet and go to and find torrent there. Hope this helps.

How does the SH (super handling) system on the newest generation of the Honda Prelude work?

since your car is the SH model it should be equiped with the (ATTS) active torque transfer system, its the big silver box undernieth your oil filter. That box engages when you enter a turn at a certain mph whitch makes the car pull into the turn for better cornuring. A good way to feel this is to take a on ramp or off ramp to the highway or expressway. I like the on ramps myself. When entering the turn floor the gas pedle to the floor and take the turn(its better in 2nd or 3rd gear) you will feel the car pull very hard into the turn and ease off when you come out of it. I own a 99 sh myself and its by far the best car i ever did own. Its also a good idea to read your car manuel it will aslo help a lot.

Where can i find Super Robot Wars Original Generation Model Kits in Toronto,Ontario?

It is impossible to find a Super Robot Wars Original Generation at a low price and if you did that will be a blessing. It has not hit the stores yet but, you can find one for $70.00 at Im sorry if you hate that price. I tried to help. Thank You!

is there a super robot taisen original generation english dub?

if there is, check Animepalm.

Which was better during the 16 bit generation - Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo?

The tale of the Genesis and Super NES battle has a few twists and turns, what with SEGA surging early and Nintendo's then-revolutionary Donkey Kong Country upsetting the apple cart, but it comes down to cold, hard figures. And in the case of the 16-bit battle, the winner is indisputable: Super NES. Nintendo moved 49.1 million Super NES consoles over the course of the generation and beyond, far surpassing the Genesis, which sold a still impressive 29 million units. Why is being 20 million behind Nintendo impressive? Because this was the last generation before videogames went mainstream thanks to the marketing prowess of Sony. It's also impressive because in the previous generation, SEGA was decimated by Nintendo. The Master System sold an anemic 13 million to the NES count of 62 million. We all laugh now, but this game blew minds in 1989. The Genesis made its biggest gains in the Americas, which together represent over half of the Genesis' sales. The Genesis also did well in Europe, where it is known as the Mega Drive, building on the surprise success of the Master System in that territory. However, it failed to gain traction in Japan in spite of SEGA's reputation as an arcade giant. SEGA did well in America on the strength of a number of factors. Timing is everything, and the 1989 launch of the Genesis put it in direct competition with the NES, which still had wonderful games, but was looking creaky. The first wave of Genesis titles soared over the NES offerings (production value-wise) and made the generational gap easy to see. That obvious leap resulted in good early sales. SEGA also rolled out some aggressive marketing, calling out Nintendo by name in the famous "What Nintendon't" campaign. SEGA made the Genesis the "cool" platform, while the NES -- and, to a degree, the Super NES -- were toys. Nintendo did not help that conventional wisdom when it forbade Midway from using red blood in Mortal Kombat while the Genesis version was just soaked in it. But the most obvious factor in the performance of the Genesis is the appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991, which really gave SEGA a much-needed face. The Genesis had a real mascot that was synonymous with the company, just like Mario. The first Sonic game sold over four million units. The 1992 sequel outpaced it with six million units. Donkey Kong CountrySix million cartridges sounds like a huge achievement. Selling six million copies of a game is something most publishers today would give up their firstborn to do. But that is still two million shy of the best-selling non-pack-in game for the Super NES: Donkey Kong Country. Rare's 1994 platformer lapped the original Sonic. Donkey Kong Country sold over six million copies alone within that holiday season. The Super NES featured far more bestsellers than the Genesis. After Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the next top seller was Aladdin, which also moved about four million units. The Super NES featured several games that sold over four million copies, such as Super Mario Kart (8 million), Street Fighter II (6 million), Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (4.7 million), and Star Fox (4 million). And in Japan, Square was selling millions of Final Fantasy games, such as Final Fantasy VI, which moved over 2.5 million cartridges. By 1994, SEGA had lost substantial ground to Nintendo in America. The two had been fairly close going into 1992, with Nintendo making strong gains against SEGA, thanks in no small part to the fact that every Super NES came with a copy of the acclaimed Super Mario World. According to market data, SEGA had a 55-percent share. But when SEGA started fracturing its audience with add-ons like the SEGA CD and 32X and Nintendo kept on producing triple-A games for its loyal fans, the battle was won. Nintendo pushed ahead of SEGA, which spent all of its 16-bit good will on the ill-fated Saturn. Had SEGA not abandoned the contest so eagerly to pursue the Saturn's early release, perhaps the war would have ended on a different note. SEGA definitely had many things going for it in the beginning, like a laser-focused marketing campaign, good price point, and a strong generational difference. But Nintendo pushed ahead with a plan to squeeze as much value out of its single machine for the entirety of the generation, delivering great updates to its franchises and releasing cartridges like Star Fox and Donkey Kong Country that produced games you would not expect on a 16-bit machine without need of any upgrade or add-on. And with its continued success in its home territory of Japan despite the strong performance of the PC Engine, the Super NES claimed its place at the top of the generation.

What are the official Twitters for any of the members of Super Junior, Girls' Generation, etc?

Girls' Generation members don't have a Twitter or Facebook account. But there are fake ones.... Super Junior Twitter: Siwon- siwon407 Heechul- Heedictator Henry- henrylau89 Shindong- ShinsFriends Donghae- donghae861015 Yesung- shfly3424 Sungmin- myblacksmile (But it's deleted now so he doesn't use it...) Kyuhyun- GaemGyu Eunhyuk- AllRiseSilver Leeteuk- special1004 Ryeowook- ryeong9 Super Junior Facebook: Heechul-

Does anyone know the title of the Star Trek:The Next Generation book about a planet of super humans?

42: Infiltrator.

Why was so much of the Super Bowl marketing directed at Pluto in Leo generation?

I think this might be more of a combination of effects, including Pluto in Leo influence entering part of the picture. The use of statistics models for planning marketing and buying gained an all time high in use while Uranus in Pisces was in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius. In other words, this was about using the energy of both, the exchange of ideas, and trying to find perfection in blending what both planets represent. The system builds on previous voting programs according to how it is explained on several websites. The system wants to cover all bases when it comes to generational appeal. So it starts with appealing to the Pluto in Leo generation and building upon that with more recent models, and then making a good assessment of what the final product should have. This sort of explains why many also saw some of the marketing and the entertainment as chaos. The people planning everything took it to the very edge of what would appeal to the anticipated range of audience. Then everyone involved also has to be pleased, and I'm certain that the Pluto in Leo generation was in control of a lot of the money strings.

for super generation fanatics and all sunshiners !!!!!?

Try I really enjoy it. Sunny's pair here is Sungmin (which they call the 'SunSun Couple'). The story (about Sunny and Sungmin).. 10 years ago Sunny has a crush on Sungmin. Since they became friends, Sungmin treated Sunny like a guy (i.e. inviting her to play Starcraft/Tekken with her). And every time Sunny insists that she's cute, Sungmin will always say she's not. And that's the start of the both of them being mortal enemies. (I find it cute. lol) P.S. The story's not just about them. Oh, and you MUST be logged in to read it. Trust me, it's worth it. Trailer (ikr):

Can acai berry be considered as healthy super food for younger generation?

Yes acai berry can be considered as a healthy super food.Infact it is a healthy food. It is being by the people in rest of America since the time of their ancestors. One of the major use of acai berry is that it helps in curing ailments upto huge extent. It can be much beneficial for younger generation.Acai berries are helpful in improving the immune and digestive system in the body as it acts like a colon cleanse and removes all the toxins and fecal matter from major body organs.

What Korean groups/artists have a style similar to Super Junior and Girls Generation?

Other groups are-- B2ST Big Bang Block B B1A4 Boyfriend Wonder Girls 2NE1 Girls Day T-ara 4minute A Pink IU G.NA Jay Park miss A Sistar Secret Kara Teen Top Infinite B.A.P MYNAME Ailee Troublemaker SHINee

changing current world educational system will evolve a new generation of super intelligent human race?

I have read most of those books. I have chosen to read those books because I wanted to set up my own business to be as successful as possible. This was my choice based on decisions about what I would like to do with my life. This would not be appropriate for children. What you are trying to impart is a value set. The children wouldn't be mature enough to assess their role in their world and developed enough in their set of values to make those types of decisions.

Are there any Japanese singing/dancing groups like the Korean ones: Girls' Generation and Super Junior?

There are some boy groups in johnny entertainment(Arashi, News, hey say jump, kat-tun), and girl groups like akb48 and morning musume. But korean and japanese music industries are so different...honestly in japan there aren't too many groups that can dance and sing the way koreans do. You can say the quality of performances are very different. Don't get me wrong the japanese have good music but their dance/performances are lackluster. Solo artists in japan are another story though, I recommend koda kumi and nami amarou

Where can i purchase GIRLS GENERATION and SUPER JUNIOR membership card?


Do you approve of the up and coming super-tolerant generation?

How do you pronounce the names of the SNSD/Girls' Generation & Super Junior members?

Yes, korean names are very tricky to pronounce because korean's use their tongue to speak while americans use their throats to speak. (if that kind of makes sense) xD SNSD: Taeyeon-teh-yon(not tai, but teh) Jessica(obvious) Sunny(obvious) Tiffany(obvious) Hyoyeon-it's like "yo" but with an "h" sound in front of it. and yeon like taeYEON Yuri-yoo-ree Sooyoung-su-young Yoona-yu-nah Seohyun-soh-hyun(not so-hyun[as in so what?], but soH-hyun) Super Junior: Leeteuk-ee-tuk Heechul-he-chul(very easy on the "u" sound) Han Geng-(korean name-hahn kyuhng[careful with the "u" sound in kyung, not like the "yU" sound in "Yoona"]) Yesung-yeh-sung(like the past tense of "song", ->sung) Kang-in-kahng-een(not "in" as in "let me in", but "een"; and also "Kang" has an "aunt" "a" sound. Shindong-sheen-dohng("sheen" as in "glee", and dohng as in "DO, rae me, fa, so, la, ti, do") Sungmin-suhng-meen(same as yesung with "SUNGmin", and "meen" as in "you're so MEAN". Eunhyuk-euhn-hyuhk("euhn" as in Donghae-dohng-heh("dohng" as in "shinDONG" and "heh" as in "hello" Siwon-shee-wohn("shee" as in "SHE did it"; and "wohn" as in "we WON!" Ryeowook-ryoh-wook("ryoh like "yoh" but with an "r" sound in front of it. and "wook" as in "spook" with a "w" sound in front of it. Kibum-kee-buhm("kee" as in "key", and "buhm" as in "bum on the street" Kyuhyun-kyoo-yun("kyoo" as in "you" with a "k" sound in front of it and "yun" as in "yum!" with an n instead of the m HOPE THAT HELPED A BIT! Yes, Korean pronounciation can be pretty difficult at times. And I know my "descriptions" are kind of complicated and hard to read, visually. But goodluck!

where can i buy next generation super glow in the dark paint?

Designer paint brands such as Montana, mtn, belong make the best in the market. Other than that and if you don't want to wait for shipping. go to your local autobody supply store. They have extremely high grade paint. You just have to know how to dilute and mix said paint.

In Super Robot Wars: Original Generation English for GBA?

Should be available in 40 languages,