Wait a second here,,,what about the Clarence Campbell bowland Prince of Wales trophy?

I don't necessarily think they need to replace the trophies. Maybe just rename how you get them. Same idea, of course. Though I still want the Stanley Cup renamed to the Super Cup, with a Ke$ha halftime show in the middle of the second and some clever commercials.

Next Year's Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Eminem. F*ck Katy Perry!

Who do you think should perform at the super bowl XLVII (2013) halftime show?

I would love to see a heavy metal band, and if they cant get a heavy metal band at least the foo fighters or linkin park or maroon 5 or STP . I don't want them to put a new pop singer or alternative soft rock band on there but pepsis sponsorin it so well problably get one. And they wont put rap on there its suppose to be family friendly, but they wont allow nobody on there if they do stuff like K.I.A. or M.I.A. or whatever her name is. I'm a metal fan so id love to see heavy metal.

Beyonce halftime show-name of song?

Which AFC team(s) do you think will go onto the AFC Championship and Super Bowl?

Anyone can go. The best news in regards to this whole endeavor, too, is that just like in 2012, it will be free to watch online in 2013. All you’ve got to do is get to the site and stream the game live as you enjoy the plays or cheer for your team to score another touchdown. And just like television, you will have all the best camera angles as you enjoy commentary and analysis from the NBC Sports team and the play by play commentators covering the game live on international television, too. http://gamestatics.com/news/watch-super-bowl-xlvii-games-online-free/ While we may not be holding our breath on that one, you can rest assured knowing that if you’re online this February with no access to a television set, NFL.com and NBCSports.com have you covered with the live Super Bowl, shown streaming in its entirety, so you don’t miss a play, a cheerleader dance, or a wild halftime show here in 2013. Enjoy the Super Bowl, whether you’re online, on TV, or even in person, and we truly hope your team wins, and that you have a great experience with this big, massive one-of-a-kind sporting event that is so distinctly American and fun! Bookmark this post and get ready for Super Bowl 2013 live stream!

Who was the guitarist in the 2013 Halftime Super Bowl XLVII?

Would you watch the 2013 Superbowl if they decided to have a mock gay wedding during the halftime show?

Sure right after the ceremony, they can have sex on the field and show the world how sick it really is.