Drum Corps performance at 2012 Super Bowl?

DCI had addressed this years ago. Back when their used to be a DCI all stars (macy parade) the idea was batted around. Lots of logistics involved, including rehearsal time, getting people from all over the country to central places to practice, shows that would involve 360 degree viewing (as opposed to playing to the "home"side") housing, feeding (for 500-800 performers) etc.. If you're going to debut DCI on the world you want to "get it right" and put the activity in the greatest professional light possible. So far that hasn't happened. Same talks about the Olympics (all star groups)

Who do you think should play in next years Super Bowl Halftime Show?

I think they should just have no one..bring back cheerleaders at halftime or something. All the performers from the past few years just get negative attention.

Who is performing for the 2012 super bowl?

has been and aging used up slut Madonna

Lets start the movement now for the super bowl halftime show next year?

Pearl Jam

Janet Jackson for Super Bowl Halftime Show 2012?

What you hope you can see another wardrobe malfunction? She's a has-been. She also wasn't the Queen of Pop.

Who's going to play the Super Bowl 2012 Halftime Show?

I believe it should be Aerosmith. If they are looking at someone that is currently in the the middle of pop culture that would appeal to a wide range of audience, Areosmith is a good option. Steven Tyler being quirky on American Idol sure helps his fan base, both young and old.

What were the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show special effects done with?