I can't be the only one who feels this way...?

Wow, I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I've discussed these notions with a few of my close friends and we always wonder if it's simply a generational thing. As perhaps everyone feels that the television (even down the ads), toys, sports teams, franchises, technology, fashion, cosmetics, etc. was peak during their childhood. I disagree with that however. I truly believe that year after year society is placing a stronger emphasis on style over substance, enhanced beauty over natural, marketing over the actual product, winning championships over raw honest teamwork, etc, etc. It really is all about me, me, me and instant gratification. The thousands of diet pill commercials I see every night are a perfect example. Just get your a$$ moving! Ugh and don't get me started on people who feel the need to post when they are taking a piss on facebook!

I can't be the only one who feels this way...?

I can somewhat agree with those things you've stated. I think that the problem is that mostly everyone growing up in the 2000s (whether it'd be children or teens) have been spoiled in a technology-rich/media obsessed environment. They want to follow the trends so they can be considered "modern" or "cool". Speaking of such, on my cousin's half brother's birthday he went absolutely ballistic just because he got a laptop and didn't get a cell phone...he's NINE years old. That ungrateful little **** should be thankful he got anything at all... I grew up on the retro systems back in the day, and I can agree that games were much more fun, and original than they are now, but there are still some new games that I kind of like playing (Though, aren't as nostalgic.) Reality television is quite awful, too. If you had noticed --Disney is obsessed with romance. Every sitcom they have now always has some girl in every episode saying "Omg they are sooo hot", and also, no matter how old they are, they almost always have a cell phone, computer, and a myspace/facebook. Another thing...It seems that the media claims having a boyfriend at age 10 is "cool". Seriously...what the hell? They really want children to grow up as sluts. Also, what the hell happened to humour? Nothing I see now on TV even makes me crack a smile (Including that god-forbidden "Two and a half men" show. ALL of my friends like that utter crap.) Lots of people would disagree with these thing being said...especially my friends. When I say these things, they say that I need a reality check, or "playfully" call me an old person. ( I am only 17...) Things are slowly, slowly getting worse as we speak ... - Enigma

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almost makes me want to buy a KIA. but uh, no I Cr 13:8a

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