Why is keith oldermann on sunday night football?

Thank you! That's what I'm saying. I just sent a group text to my Liberal sports fan friends about that very subject. Olbermann really makes my skin crawl. Very creepy slime ball D-Bag! I mean when I was a Marine and Clinton was President (a guy who admittedly dodged the Draft, went abroad to smoke dope and bad mouth his country) I was less outraged over him then I am w/Olbermann. BTW - Go Big BLUE!

Will NFL Sunday Night Football be available on Caribbean Princess?

Yes it will be shown. I have been on this hsip several times. There is a bar called Churchill Bar on deck 6 which is a sports bar.

Does anyone know why Sunday Night Football isn't showing Andrea Kremer as much?

That's a good thing because sideline reporting doesn't really add anything to the game.

Should Lady Gaga Do the Opening for NBC Sunday Night Football?

Yes she should sing "Love Game" and instead of shouting "Huh" she should shout "Hike"! In fact she should change the lyrics just for that program and sing: Instead of singing Let's play a love game play a love game... etc. she should sing: Let's play football play football Do you want pain or you want fame are you in the game? Start the football game. "Hike"! I can see you staring there from across the field with a smile on your mouth and your hand on your "hike"! THe story of us it always starts the same with a hit and a smash and a down and a "hike"! (or a hit and a smash and a "hike" and game!) She should hike the football from Peyton Manning or vice versa. What do you think? Could you tell this to NBC or Roger Goodell please? I would love to see Lady Gaga do the opening for NBC or any network's opening for a football game!

When will they announce who will be playing in the sunday night game for week 17 of the nfl football season?

They did today, it's Bears-Packers.

Who is the Sunday Night Football opening montage vocalist?

Pat Benatar..she is still hottt!!!

When will the NFL Ever let the Houston Texans Play on Sunday Night Football on NBC?

Colts @ Texans next year with Peyton back would be a good Sunday night game in my opinion. It would probably be an exciting, close game and the fact that they are division rivals makes it even better.

Who will win Sunday night football tonight against the spread?


NFL Sunday Night Football Song Whoa This Is Our Time?

What is the Ravens vs Steelers Sunday Night Football commercial song?

It is a a reworking of the Joan Jett song "I Hate Myself For Loving You" retitled "Waiting All Day For Sunday Night.