snow storm worries for sat. and sun.?

You see, when people ask questions, they hope in receiving the answers that they want to hear, but deep inside they want that one person who'll tell the truth no matter how much it hurts. As far as your situation goes, the snow might delay some people from coming. Of course you can see who your "real" friends are by the ones who make an extra effort to come whether it's 8 inches of snow or 8 feet of snow. But then again you can't tell from that because maybe those same "real" friends can't come because of driving conditions etc and might receive notice from their parents not to go because it might be an safety hazard. Anyway, I hope the best with you and your party and that the snow don't carry over too much into the weekend.

cleaning in between window and storm window when you can't take off the storm window.?

yeah that stinks...besides to repair and/or remove the storm window which by the way becomes a fire hazard should anything happen. careful if they have used the sun-blocking film you have to use a solution of warm water and plain soap... no vinegar or ammonia.

My sun roof was open during a rain my car gonna stink?

take dry towels put a few layers on the seat you are sitting in, blot up as much water in the carpet and side panels if necessary but try to get as much water out of the carpet with towels, if you push down with some force, the water will wick into the dry towel, then fill up the tank with super unleaded chevron, to help clean out any engine deposits, and take off on the freeway for a good long 4 or 8 hour (preferable) drive with the heater blasting on the floor level, and one window open a few inches, this will dry the car very well, and stop any mold, do not wait for the sun, drive a nice long hot drive as soon as possible, and it will minimize any moisture damage to the interior. So when the sun does come out, its mostly done, geed luck, (some car details park the car and let it run next to the shop with the heater on for an hour ar two sometimes) best of luck

how far is the nasa satellite from the sun?

The satellite is orbiting the Earth, therefore it is about 150 million kilometres from the Sun..

is the sun going to affect earth in anyway soon?

The Sun affects the Earth every single moment of every single day. Been doing it for about 4.6 billion years (give or take a few million). The magnitude of those effects change, as the Sun goes through the solar cycle. We get light and heat, UV radiation, etc. from the sun all the time on at least half the planet. The other half is shielded from the sun by the Earth itself -- we call it "night".

[Urgent]- If there's a snow storm is the sun won't shine or come up?

Amazing what you do not understand about the solar system. The sun always shines and a snowstorm on earth only affects the earth and never the sun.

does anyone know 5 coordinates of tropical storm fay after sun 8/17?

You can go here to see the history of Fay: Probably the easiest place to find the coordinates are under the discussion header. Each one has the initial position.

What does the irish proverb "Face the Sun, but turn your back to the storm" mean?

It means keep a positive outlook. Look to the good things and ignore the bad things.

Land of Sun, Land of Moon, and Land of Storm in Japanese?

I'm assuming you mean "land" as in a realm or kingdom, like, "The Land of Oz." Some background information would have helped a bit. Land of Sun = "Taiyou no Kuni" 太陽の国 Land of Moon = "Tsuki no Kuni" 月の国 Land of Storm = "Arashi no Kuni" 嵐の国 I'm sure the other person who answered is Japanese, but I'm a little doubtful of the English comprehension. Those are semantically off because that's not the correct 'land,' and the word order is backwards. Those mean something like "Sun of the ground," etc.

How to remove sun-baked plastic film from 3-yr. old storm door?

i had to remove film from s sky light i used a blow drier and a razor blade make sure its not a heat gun as it gets too hot

Does any one know where to download Sun Storm by Mac Lethal for free NOT Lime Wire or Myspace can u guys ...?

Is there any relationship between lack of sun storms and last satellite aimed at it?

No. This is a documented and normal low cycle of the sun. It goes about every 11 years. It will change. There are even 2 sunspots on the sun today. There haven't been any for a long time.

What's the best wall and ceiling covering for a 3-seasons sun room with no heat?

Sun Storm (Is My Poem Any Good?)?

so touching and beautiful

Does the mankind have to be afraid of the recent sun storms ?

No, they have occurred for billions of years.

does sudden hot sun mean there is a storm coming?


y'all it's like 70 degrees, are we having another Sun Spot Storm?

Amazing, just amazing.... *facepalm* IMHO

will there be a sun storm tonight? and what would be the effect of it?

Sun in Libra, Moon in Capricorn guys have good temper or are they just hiding a storm underneath?

I'm not sure about the moon sign, but most Libra Suns I know are very very calm, I'm sure they do get mad once in a while, after all, we're all humans. I'm not sure weather they are hiding something or not, but I do know they can be manipulative, but overall they have more good traits than bad and I do think that most of the time, they are just naturally calm, they are natural peace keeper and they are very easy going, that's true.

Will all of the sun's current weak activity lead to pent up rage which will result in a solar storm?

That isn't how it works, and "solar storm" is an ill-defined term. If you mean, specifically like 1859, then that's possible at any time. The coming solar maximum looks like it's running a bit late, and apparently it looks like being a bit of a fizzer.

What's the best job/professional if solar storm strikes earth for 2 years?

Umm. No. No we don't. A repeat of the 1859 Carrington event might leave some regions without power for days. Even events like the one which took down Quebec's power grid back in 1989 are QUITE rare, and the power was back on in 9 hours. The only reason it went down in the first place was because a safety system mistook the geomagnetic current which a line to the James Bay Hydroelectric project had acquired for a short-circuit (eg as if a line fell in lake, for instance). We just had a major coronal mass ejection (aka 'solar storm') this week. DID YOU EVEN NOTICE?

Could a strong magnetic storm CME from the sun cause mass starvation in 1st world nations?

not necessarily mass starvation but a CME from the sun that is predicted to occur during 2013 that could damage satellites and technology here on earth

Has effect of Sun Storms on Earth climate been explored?

We do know that there are other causes of global warming besides greenhouse gases. As late as 9 July 2007 I have seen web articles on the work of Canadian climatologist Tim Patterson who says the sun drives the earth's climate changes and that the current warming is part of a 1500 year cycle in the sun's irradiance. Can there be other causes? Could climate change like the weather itself in an unpredictable chaotic manner? Are there things we don't know about the climate change on earth? Indeed there are.

So there's going to be a sun/solar storm and now I'm worried about 2012 again..?

It's all BS. people predict that the world will end like every year. and besides Mayans aren't like gods or something they are just would they know? only god knows and trust me 2012 is just a hoax and a way to make money (e.g movie).

i left the sun roof of my car open during a storm that lasted a few days. What kind of damage can I expect...

Depending on how much water got in and how long you let it sit you will have a mold problem. The sure way to fix the problem is to replace the carpet and seats if they got wet but this will be very expensive. You can try a detail shop that steam cleans the entire interior but they might not garantee no mold with water damage

What is the movie in which the world ends by some sun storms?

Well, ..., I think you might be looking for the film entitled: "Knowing"

How bad will todays radiation storm effect us?

You'll be fine. It will not affect any human at all whatsoever. It will probably just knock out some satellites temporarily. The only reason that would concern the general public is if you use a GPS a lot. Other than that, the people in Europe and Asia may get a nice light show from the Aurora Borealis.

What is this massive vast sun storm gonna do to us?

"the sun storm is actually true" No it's not. Anybody claiming to have a prediction of a particular solar storm is lying, since individual solar storms aren't predictable. It's like hurricane season. We know when the season is, and we might even be able to say something about how severe a season will be. But what would you say if somebody told you about a massive predicted hurricane on a particular day in 2012? A massive solar storm hit earth Sep. 28. Whatever happened to you on Sep. 28, that's what to expect from a "massive solar storm". "i researched on it" Apparently not using any site actually written by solar scientists, such as this one. The peak of solar activity is expected to be in mid-2013, and it's expected to be the quietest peak in a century.

scared!! sun storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

read and learn... have a great trip!!... stop being scared... nothing is happening that doesn't happen all the time, anyways.....

Does the sun still shine during a packet storm?

The sun may or may not shine during a packet storm. Pulling over is likely to agitate the PCs even more. How did a Vampire connector get on the bus?

How do you say "After the storm comes the sun" in gaelic?

It depends on which Gaelic language you want. In Irish- After the storm, comes the sun = Tar éis an stoirm, tagann an ghrian It'll be different if you want Scots or Manx.

sun storm in 2012??? is it true?

Let me look into my crystal ball (which is just as good as anyone else's)... ... looking... ... still looking... ... Nope, ain't gonna happen. Oh there will be flares from time to time, but nothing out of the ordenary or outside the normal 12 year or so cycles.

Mac Lethal - Sun Storm Instrumental?

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Questions on sun storm? Confused.?

NASA doesn't say this. Do you want to know what NASA says about sun storms? January 2010, a small sun storm photographed by a NASA spacecraft. Don't buy the 2012 nonsense, it is just for scaring idiots. Sun storms or CMEs happen every year, but are happening more often and at higher intensity during the solar maximum, a phase of increased solar activity, that repeats every 11.5 years. A sun storm is a short and sudden event: It builds up as magnetic fields in the corona of the sun form beautiful plasma arcs, and happen when the magnetic fields "reconnect": The magnetic field lines of two separate magnetic fields join and release a lot of energy, which catapults the hot plasma into space. We can't predict accurately when this will happen, because the suns magnetic field is VERY chaotic. But once a spacecraft sees the reconnection event and the ejected CME, it can predict in which direction the CME travels. If it goes in the direction of Earth, the first and most powerful particles need just 16 minutes before they reach Earth. a solar storm lasts itself only for a few minutes, about one hour later there is only the normal solar wind here. But the solar storm triggers a geomagnetic storm in the magnetic field of Earth, that affects power lines and pipelines, and can last for a few hours. Neither the sun storm, now the geomagnetic storm affect water or sewage directly, but remember that both systems require electricity for driving pumps, which means that if you get a black out, the water will also fail. You don't need a solar storm for this to happen. Just some bad luck with a transformer fire is enough. The damage of geomagnetic storms is not that huge actually, what makes the damage huge is that many expensive and important things depend on electricity, and in many countries of the world, the network that transports electricity is in a pretty bad shape and can easily be damaged by the additional electricity that a geomagnetic storm induces in the lines. That is not so much a problem with the sun storms, that happened all the time in Earths history, but a problem with saving money on maintenance for an infrastructure, that your life literally depends on. When a sun storm in 2001 caused a huge black out in Canada and the USA, the same sun storm caused only tiny damage in northern Sweden, that had been completely repaired after 2 hours. This is partially because of the shorter length of the overland lines in Sweden, but also because Sweden has a more modern infrastructure, that is reacting faster to switch from overloaded lines to intact lines, before the damage can propagate. Many critical parts of the power switching systems in the USA are almost a century old. Switching satellites to sleep mode does not automatically reduce the damage itself, but makes it simpler to recover from the damage. The sleep mode also means that all rotations of the satellite are stopped and the solar arrays moved into an orientation that keeps them into the sun light as long as possible, making it simpler to restart them, even if they loose battery power in the storm or need a complex repair of the computers before they can resume normal operations.

Do we have to worry about the Solar Storm that happened on the sun?

50 years ago it really didn't affect us much because we had no where near the satellite that we have in orbit around the earth now. There is a chance that our satellite communications could be disrupted with all the solar storms that are going to be happening for i think the next decade.

Is there a magnetic-storm from the Sun in Southern California now?

When the result of a solar magnetic storm hits the Earth (solar flare or coronal mass ejection) we see the aurora borealis (northern lights). This map updates every 5 min showing the current location of northern lights on the Earth. As you can see, no, there's nothing in California.

What taxes should be enacted due to the large solar storm in the sun that is about to commence?

Taxes on actors and on global warming activists, solar panels, wind farms and hybrid cars. That's all I can think of.

If I have 800 pounds of ammonium nitrate that got wet in a storm,is it advisable to leave it in the sun to dry?

why/how did you get 800 lbs of ammonium nitrate? and for gardening sure you're not a terrorist? i work in a lab and we have trouble getting a few hundred grams. i know some old farmers that still have some in storage, but you can't just buy that stuff anymore for home use...especially since the whole Oklahoma City bombing thing.

Why is the sun out during a storm?

Because there are not any clouds between you and the sun. Any other tough questions?

Will the sun storm effect the earth a lot?

not so much ... see below

how close will earth be near sun storm 2012?

There has been a couple of "solar storms" (properly called coronal mass ejections) this year. Did you even notice? That's what they're like.

did you hear about the sun storm?

umm...idk..its sounds fake....but it could be real!!!

What makes it so humid after a rain storm and the sun comes out?

There are two measures of humidity: absolute humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air, relative humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air expressed as a percentage of what the air could hold at given temperature. When the relative humidity reaches 100% it rains. After the rain relative humidity might be quite high but without cooling effect of the rain.

What time will the sun solar storm hit us?

UT is Universal Time - it is the number of hours, minutes, and seconds which have elapsed since midnight in the Greenwich time zone (Greenwich, England). There are lots of conversion charts around (probably find several on google). UT is 4 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time. So 1:13 UT would be 9:13 pm the previous evening in North Carolina. You may want to do some reading about solar flares - a solar flare is NOT a solar storm. Flares don't actually leave the sun, they simply increase the amount of ionized particles in the solar wind that interact with our magnetosphere.

Can this sun storm harm medical devices?

You have been through numerous other solar flares, much worse than this one. Do you remember the last big one?

Why is it when the sun shines on the underside of a storm cloud, the base of the cloud appears darker?

Ok this is a good question. Let me give it shot. For the sun to see the underside of a storm cloud it must be at a very low elevation in which case most of the blue light will be scattered out by Rayleigh scattering before the longer wavelengths reach the bottom of the cloud. These longer wavelengths will be affected by Mie scattering of the water droplets of the cloud base which means these wavelenghts will experience forward scattering will scatters most of the radiance in the direction of the cloud base. This results in very little reflection from the base of the cloud and so it appears darker.

Sun spot storm: How does that affect earth?

There is no such thing like a "sun spot storm". Please pay more attention to the quality of the media you use for education, because you risk ending up being as stupid as the media. And like always, don't use such weasel words, like "they say"... we don't know who they are, so please either gives us a name or we have to assume you mean the international union of professional idiots. Around sunspots, you can have solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME), which in turn can cause geomagnetic storms when they interact with the magnetic field of Earth. Such geomagnetic storms can happen ANYTIME at ANY intensity, but you have a higher chance for strong CMEs during solar maximum. The earliest warning before such a storm is just 16 minutes before it reaches Earth - so any warning of such storms years ahead is nonsense and should not be taken serious. The next solar maximum is in 2013, and it will be weaker in intensity than the solar maximum of 2001. Such solar maximums repeat about every 11 years. The strongest recorded geomagnetic storm in history happened 1859, the last really strong geomagnetic storm happened in 1989. It mostly affects human technology, like telephone or power lines and pipelines, and cause stronger radiation levels for long distance flights in polar regions. It is not directly harmful for lifeforms and has almost no effect on the climate - even the generally higher power output of the sun during a solar maximum has almost no effect on the climate. You won't get a warmer summer during a solar maximum, and you are not safe from sunburns during a solar minimum.

Is the sun magnetic storm gonnahit earth?

It's hitting Earth right now. That's the reason why the Aurora Borealis is visible much further south than is normal. It may cause some interference with satellite communications and radio/TV reception but no big deal. If you notice your phone melting let us know

Is the sun magnetic storm gonna hit earth?

The Suns magnetic storm ended on wednesday. No need to worry unless you on the ISS. It may just interfere with your signal but on the other hand, we get the amazing Aurora Borriallis

Could a sun storm be devastating to us?

This has been hugely exaggerated by TV channels out to get ratings. The telecommunications and power generation industries are well aware of the problems and have long ago taken action to protect the integrity of their systems in the event of increased solar activity which, incidentally, is not currently expected.