How do you find the pressure of a 180kg sumo wrestler standing on snow shoes with a surface of 600cm^2?

By P = F/A =>P = mg/A =>P = [180 x 9.8]/[600 x 10^-4] =>P = 29400 N/m^2 or Pa

How far would a 2 and 3 nike sumo SQ2 hybrid golf club go with a full swing?

depends on body size, experience, and what your purpose of using them is. I'm about a 7 handicap, 190 pounds, 5'11'' and could probably hit the 2 hybrid 230 and the 3 hybrid 210 - 215. I have demoed one and again, the difficulty of hitting them is based on experience. I found it pretty reliable with a fairly big sweet spot and forgiving so if that's what you are looking for, I recommend it.

In a sumo match, what are the causes for a disqualification?

The following fouls result in the loss of a match due to disqualification: striking the opponent with a closed fist grabbing the opponent's hair jabbing at the opponent's eyes or solar plexus palm striking both of the opponent's ears at the same time grabbing or pulling at the opponent's groin area grabbing the opponent's throat kicking at the opponent's chest or waist bending back one or more of the opponent's fingers Spitting is not one of them, but I think that's definitely a foul and a big no, no, and would subject the wrestler not only of a disqualification but considering the traditional of the sports, maybe an expulsion from membership in a heya.

What do Japanese sumo wrestlers eat for their diet?

They skip breakfast to slow down their metabolism. Eat lots of rice with mixed meat and vegetables for lunch. They eat more meat and drink alcohol post workout. Then for dinner they eat a more reasonable, power lifter type meal like chicken and potatoes. In the last 12-15 years, sumo has changed a lot and you'll now see a lot of wrestlers who lift weights, eat nutritious, but in enormous volumes, and probably have a lower percentage of body fat. When Mongolian and Samoan wrestlers started beating the Japanese, they really had to take a hard look at revamping some of their traditions. Wikipedia has 6-8 links to interesting articles about sumo, but will have everything you're interested in.

What is the relation of Sumo wrestling and Shinto rituals?

Shinto is just a Religion. At one point Religion and politics where one and had to be included in every single aspect of life in Japan. Not just in Japan but in most of the world but different religion in different regions of course. From what I read Shinto has no real founders or scriptures to guide so pretty much most of it is made up as time goes along. Some say that it derived from Buddism. In one article that I read it said that it was so simple in its belief that you can practice Shinto, Buddism and Confusionizm all at the same time. They do have a scattered body of priest with no head figure. It seems that the ritual is simply a asking of thier Gods to grant success without injury for both parties. Both wrestlers do it to show well wishing and respect for each other. If one was to refuse it would mean that he doesn't wish well for the other. But this may not be true because Shintoism is more about purity of mind and body so it could be simply to clear the Sumos head before a fight and over time became part of the event. I like the former idea better. There are no objects use to represent Shinoism just simply belief and inner peace. There only real body of literature consist of text of the ancients. Most of it Mythology. Sort of like Greek Mythology but from a Japanese perspective. Like in one part I read about one of their Gods I believe washed His eye and the Sun Goddess appeared. Really it said that. Adding it to Sumo Wrestling can simply just be the belief of the Sumoes at one time they had a Shinto king and Shintoism dominated the area so. Thats the best I can do

How to make Halloween sumo wrestler costume for 8 year old?


This is a sumo winning move like a frontal force out. How do you describe it? What is it called?

This is called a Yorikiri or frontal force out. Yorikiri (frontal force out) - One of sumo's most common winning techniques, the two combatants will have come to grips and the attacker will drive his opponent backwards and out of the ring, maintaining a grip on that opponent's mawashi at all times.

What's the average salary for a sumo wrestler, and how does one become a sumo wrestler?

I don't know that the pillow thing would work, here is how you eat like a Sumo wrestler. Sumo wrestlers are geniuses at gaining weight. Here, according to Mary Roach, contributing editor of Health Magazine is how they do it: Skip Breakfast - it slows your metabolism Exercise on an empty stomach - it slows your metabolism even more Take a nap after you eat - your body has to store the food instead of use it Eat bigger meals late in the day - your body has to store more food Good luck in your endeavor :)

The sports of sumo is gaining popularity in the West. How do win a sumo bout?

Winning a sumo bout The winner of a sumo bout is either: The first wrestler to force his opponent to step out of the ring. The first wrestler to force his opponent to touch the ground with any part of his body other than the bottom of his feet. On rare occasions the referee or judges may award the win to the wrestler who touched the ground first; this happens if both wrestlers touch the ground at nearly the same time and it is decided that the wrestler who touched the ground second had no chance of winning as, due to the superior sumo of his opponent, he was already in an irrecoverable position. The losing wrestler is referred to as being shini-tai (“dead body”) in this case. There are also a number of other rarely used rules that can be used to determine the winner. For example a wrestler using an illegal technique (or kinjite) automatically loses, as does one whose mawashi (or belt) becomes completely undone. A wrestler failing to turn up for his bout (including through a prior injury) also automatically loses (fusenpai). After the winner is declared, an off-stage gyōji (or referee) determines the kimarite (or winning technique) used in the bout, which is then announced to the audience. Matches often last only a few seconds, as usually one wrestler is quickly ousted from the circle or thrown to the ground. However, they can occasionally last for several minutes. Each match is preceded by an elaborate ceremonial ritual. The wrestlers themselves are renowned for their great girth, as body mass is often a winning factor in sumo, though with skill, smaller wrestlers can topple far larger opponents.

How many sumo wrestlers are now in the Makuuchi and Juryo Divisions that are from Mongolia?

You have a good point in there, and I would not begrudge the issue. Listed below are the present Mongolian sumo wrestlers Rikishi from Mongolia Makuuchi East YokozunaHakuho East OzekiHarumafuji East Maegashira #3Kakuryu West Maegashira #4Asasekiryu West Maegashira #5Hakuba East Maegashira #6Tokitenku East Maegashira #7Tamawashi West Maegashira #7Kyokutenho East Maegashira #11Mokonami West Maegashira #11Tokusegawa East Maegashira #16Koryu Juryo East #2Shotenro West #10Hoshikaze As you can see, there are 2 sumo wrestlers from the Juryo Division and 11 sumo wrestlers from the Makuuchi Division, or there are 13 active sumo wrestlers from the country of Mongolia. They are the largest group of foreigners participating in the Grand Sumo Championship tournaments. Wish you luck.