Help me decide which motorcycle to get.?

Ok What exactly do you want from a bike? The first half of your questions just talks about looks "I love the power and speed but most of all the look. It's absolutely bad ass." And it's just another Sportster made to look like an XR750. "The take off and handling are what interest me the most. It seems to be the perfect bike for tight turns and high speeds." If you truly wanted to go around corners and fast, then a Sportster is the last bike you want. It seems you are blinded by the brand of HD. Have a look around and there are a million other bikes that will shi t on them when it comes to performance and handling. Please don't give that crap about American bikes being the best. Save that for the rubes in their mid life crisis'. Do you want to look good and pose(and Harleys look VERY nice, no argument there) or do you want to ride fast? You can't have it both ways. If you are set on a HD, I would suggest a Dynaglide Fatbob. Very cool looking bikes

Edge is coming to Summerslam,LINK INSIDE?

He will make some appearance in a non wrestling capacity like Shawn Michaels.

A democrat who doesn't like kool-aid?

Wow! Right on! None of this really surprises me, in that I know that most people in this country are intelligent enough to come to the same conclusion after looking at facts. This writer has just put into words what many have been thinking for very long now! Well done to the writer for being able to acknowledge the simple truth. This government couldn't even run a car stimulus plan, let alone a healthcare reform! "Apriring to be French" - Wow, seriously? You would like Obama to have more power and influence? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Come on, this is the guy who tried to ram through a 2000 page healthcare without even knowing what was in it, and simply encouraged Americans to "trust us". Wake up.

What are my chances of getting into Northeastern University?

The school admits on about 38% of its applicants.The SAT average composite score is about 1950. You can and perhaps should apply but the school is a bit of a reach for you. Apply to other schools as well. More information is below.

I wrote these lyrics for a song called Youth, thoughts?

Honestly the song it's ok but not good enof just ok if u ask me and i wont lie about this stuff like other ppl say yea its great its just ok :) u need a bit more work the ly are kinda to simple if u ask me

Reviews and rates on Atlantis and Beaches turks and caicos!?

WHY do you stupid females always write these long winded, stupid quesitons? Does your Father have the $5000 to $8000 it will take for your family and your friends to go to any resor? I'll bet your father doesn't even know he is going to shell out half a years wages to take you to some crappy old Casino on Turks and Caicos or to a fake theme park on a fake island where the only thing not fake are the highway robbery prices they charge for everythign. I don't waste my time feeding into fantasys and delusions.. and THIS is a both fantasy and a delusion

2012 Summer Playlist?

What groups are going to 98pxy summer jam in rochester ny this year 2012?

Their website below only says this: Artist announcements coming soon - keep listening to Spezzano & Sandy.

why is young jeezy's part so long in summer jam 2012?

Is Kirko Bangz going to be at the summer jam 2012?

Yes he is. Go for it.