What channel can i watch the 2008 Summer Olympics Softball Games?

idk, i heard that this will be the last time softball will a sport for the olympics, cause the americans are winning every game since it started. totally sucks for softball fans!!!

Summer Parties Games and Activity Ideas?

Have a bunch of different kinds of bubbles for the kids - it will keep them entertained. I don't think I would have too many planned activities - have food and a couple of games set up and then just let everyone decide what they want to do - a lot will be swimming anyway. The best parties are the ones that are not planned down to the minute. Maybe get some water toys - like water guns - and those things you dive for in the water - a frisby, just stuff you can lay out and people can get if they want.

Why is it called the 2016 SUMMER Olympic games if held in Brazil, southern hemisphere?

*facepalm* Rio in August is like the Caribbean in February.

What summer games event will be affected the most by the air quality in Beijing?

i live in Beijing now, the air condition is fine. trust me, never believe the photoes on CNN, that always be very ... exaggerated.

Where do you think the 2018 Winter Games of the Olympics and the 2020 Summer Games will be held?

It would be great for the IOC to allow people from all parts of the world to experience something as wonderful as the winter and summer Olympics. According to Las Vegas, here are the most likely to least likely city to host. 2018 Winter Games 1. PyeongChang, Korea - Asia has not hosted a winter Olympics since 1998, since then, four winter games have been held in Europe and America - great enthusiasm 2. Annecy, France - after Paris bid and lost the summer games three times, the IOC will look favorably on making it up to France 3. Munich, Germany - successfully hosted the 2006 World Cup - economically strong, excellent ski/snowboard facilities in the mountains 4. Bursa, Turkey 5. Carniola, Slovenia 6. Mdantsane, South Africa 2020 Summer Games 1. Detroit, USA - has bid multiple times for the summer games and lost, IOC will strongly consider them this time - very multicultural city, 81% black, 16% white with the remainder being Asian, native Indians, Hispanic. Instead of having the Olympics in a primarily white city, Detroit will be a mix of everyone including black and white people - strong economy with the resurgence of American car sales 2. Guadalajara, Mexico - the summer games haven't been to North America since 1996 Atlanta, that is a long time to go without the Olympics - this city successfully held the Pan Am games - Mexico is now one of the world's 10 largest economies 3. Cape Town, South Africa - successfully held the 2010 World Cup - one of the 10 biggest economies in the world - has stadium infrastructure already built - Olympics have never been in Africa before 4. Rabat, Morocco 5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 6. Doha, Qatar 7. Istanbul, Turkey 8. Al-Iskandariah, Egypt 9. Mongo, Chad 10. Krakow, Poland 11. Saint Petersburg, Russia 12. Khartoum, Sudan 13. Tehran, Iran 14. Tel Aviv, Isreal 15. Kananga, Congo 16. Quito, Ecuador With the votes for the 2020 and 2018 games still far away, there are many candidates and there is no extremely clear front runner. Many of the potential hosts have never hosted the games before and if the IOC will share the games with countries and locations of every ethnicity, the winner for the games could be a surprise.

Do the summer Olympic Games have to be held during certain months of the year?

They are usually held in the early or late summer of whatever country is hosting them,they always try to avoid months of bad weather and high temps and usually they are pretty accurate with that,but I think they have always been in the northern hemisphere every time except Sydney 2000,mostly they are held in about August but Sydney 2000 was in September in early spring as it gets a bit too hot later in the year.

What are some good Summer Camp Games?

capture the flag is awesome! if you don't know how to play I think it's on wikipedia.

when doe track & field start in the summer games?

Probably later when swimming and gymnastics are over.

Did you like it better when both the winter and summer games were held in the same year?

I like it better the way it is now. We have Olympic games every two years. I think that works better, at least for me, a spectator. I love watching Olympic games. It affects our lives--we don't go out for dinner as much, we don't work overtime as much, etc. I just think it works better when it's every two years rather than twice in one year. But that's for the spectators, I don't know if it's better for the athletes. It seems unfair to have made them wait six years, but that was only once, and if we put it back the way it was they'll have to wait six years again.

Can your NBA team's summer leagues games be seen on your local cable?

some teams website show them online on there site. the Bulls/Heat summer game was shown on the Bulls website the other day. i seen advertisements to buy tix to see it live but none for what channel to watch them on. not even NBA TV so far. if so some one be kind enough to share what channel. i got direct tv and mad channels with tvio and still can find none when i do a search!

Is there something wrong with spending most of your summer playing video games?

As long as you stay active and social, no there is nothing wrong with it. It beats going out and doing drugs.

What are some good games to play over the summer at night?

wow, that guy was a perve --_--;;; -ghost in the graveyard. -road crossing// "wat time" -pillow fights, works w/the gifted group. -idk... jst ask me at school... lol i've got nothing.

The summer gaming drought has begun. Any recommendations for xbox 360 games?

How many Canadian Olympic Athletes are in the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing?

There are 347. There are 14 pages of athletes listed. The first 13 pages have 25 athletes each and the 14th page has 22.

What are some good summer games to play with three year olds.?

duck duck goose? or sardine tag, where one person hides and then everyone else tries to find him and then they hide with him and then whoever finds him last loses and has to hide.

where will the 2016 summer games be held at?

they will be in chcago,il. i cant wait b/c i might go

How many athletes compete in each summer Olympic discipline at the games?

www.OLYMPIC.ORG Official website of the Olympic Movement has all info you'll need from 1896 , about athletes/sports/ceremonies/highlights etc

What are some fun outdoor summer games?

Check out http://www.TossingGames.com There are free plans there too!

What country do you think will host the 2012 Summer games?

It is London, the Games will be in Stratford. The choice was made in 2003 or 04 by the IOC (International Olympic Committee). London won the vote 52 votes, I think. The finals was between London and Paris.

How does the IOC determine the winning bid to host the Summer/Winter Olympic games?

Yes. Capability. Can they build it? Can they build it in time? Will the accommodation be good? What about public transport? Safety and Security? General Local acceptance? There is a lot of qualifying factors. There is a bid form on the IOC website, and you can see all the criteria a city must satisfy there. http://www.olympic.org

Does anyone know the dates for the 2012 London Olympic summer games?


What do you like best Olympic Games, winter or summer?

The Summer Olympics are where it's at. The Winter Olympics are an afterthought.

When and What channel is the X winter/summer games & start?

The 2010 winter X Games was held January 28 - January 31. Dates for the 2011 winter X Games have yet to be determined. The 2010 summer X Games are to be held July 29 - Aug. 1. The X Games are always shown on ESPN.

Who would pick Chicago instead of Rio for the summer games in 2016?

I wouldn't pick Chicago. The athletes might get jumped and hit with huge pieces of lumber just like that young man did last week, who was tragically killed by a mob of thugs

what ever happened to the iranian basketball player in the summer games?

he wont play for the nba b/c he's from iran and iran and the u.s. dont like each other

When is the Olympic Trials for Boxing for the Next Summer Games in London?

Not for some time. I think the latest would be December 2011

I just bought a Gamecube for some Summer gaming. What are the best games to get?

---smash bros. melee is a must if you ever plan to play with friends. Game stop has a lot of good GC games for really good prices. the other games are your taste. but heres kind lof a guide. ---M games- resident evil ---fantasy- final fantasy: crystal chronicles/ zelda wind waker ---sci fi- metroid (prime and prime 2:echoes)/ any one of a dozen starwars games/starfox games ---pokemon- pkmn colloseum/pkmn XD: gale of darkness ---multiplayer- kirby:airride/godzilla ---sports-sports games ---puzzle- pikmin (and pikmin 2)

How do I get tickets to the summer 2010 X-Games?

Try ticketfront.com for X Games tickets.

Summer camp games for children to familiar with each other??

I know two different games that the game Cat is describing is sort of a 'combo' of... 1. Everyone takes off one shoe... then you pass out the shoes and everyone has to find the owner of the shoe they are holding and learn something about them. Then everyone takes turns introducing the person they have met. 2. Everyone sits in a circle on folding chairs... you have a list of questions/statements (similar to those in the other answer: I've been out of the country... I have no siblings... etc). If the statement applies to you then you move one seat to the right... even if someone is already in the seat! You wind up with stacks of people in some chairs and no one in others. 3. I also love 'The Human Knot'... get in groups of 8-10 and have everyone grab two other hands at random. The group that 'untangles' themselves into a circle without letting go first wins. Takes a lot of teamwork and breaks the ice a bit. :)

Will it be safe to go to the Olympics Summer games in China?

The new riots you have read are in Guizhou province far away from Beijing. I can't honestly tell you if your going to be safe or not. You may have a freak accident but in general the streets of beijing are safe. The games are a perfect time for something to be happening.

Can u go to the summer and winter Olympics games?

You can! But it will be Extremely difficult to do. You would be better off to just pick one of them. Probably the one you feel most comfortable with and most positive about. Hope that Helps you!!

What are good tropical/summer party games for adult co-workers?

You could try a Luau themed mystery party game: http://www.squidoo.com/group-mystery-parties

What are some summer games to play on the trampoline?

wet the trampoline with a hose. then get up and start bouncing. then one the count of three all of you land on ur bottoms at the same time. u go so high!! i do this all the time with my budz! =}

I want to find if in the 1980 Olympics Summer Games did Peru send to Moscow a swimming team?

Peru sent 30 athletes to the 1980 Summer Games in Russia. The only swimmer to represent Peru was Maria Pia Ayora . She swam a 5:27.19 in the women's 400 IM and did not advance beyond the heats. Hope this helps. (So the answer is yes. Peru sent a one woman swim team to the 1980 Summer Olympic Games.)

who thinks that the summer games should come to the united states every 8 years?

Haha, so does Istanbul, Turkey; Paris, France; Middle Eastern, African, and Southeastern Asian Countries. I don't think United States is the only won who wants it badly. Maybe every 20-28 years. 8 Years, Every other games? Haha, that's not the point of the Olympics, its basically peace and sports. It would be stupid to only go to the US, we want to see what other countries can do. China did amazing last year.

If the summer Olympic games are played in Rio, isn't it actually winter there?

The Rio games will be held during THEIR late winter and early spring, actually. If they were held during the actual summer season in Brazil, there would be a number of events which couldn't be held at all, because of the heat and tropical temperatures. The equestrian portion would have to be canceled for sure, because there's no way horses or riders could handle the oppressive heat and humidity which a Brazilian summer would have. And by the way, for the person who said the Sydney games were held in February- you are wrong about that. They were ACTUALLY held in September and the first part of October of 2000, which is the Australian spring. This was done to avoid the summer heat, just as the same thing will happen in Brazil.

What do you think it takes for a city to host a Summer Olympic Games?

Financial backing from public and private interests. Not only that, the city has to have a decent world reputation and not be in the negative public eye over over things that would make anyone not want to come to that place.

How do I get tickets to the summer X Games?

Try porkystickets.com I used them last year when I was in LA. Hope This Helps!

Should Olympic games (summer and winter) be played every two years instead of every four?

I do enjoy watching the Olympics a lot. But every year would be too much. The fact that the Olympics happen every 4 years (Summer and Winter respectively) make it more of a special event.

Name some famous canadian athletes that went to the olympic games summer or winter games?

I am surprised that your good athletes in olympic games are not famous in Canada! There are so many, actually Canada had many many talented athletes. take a look at the following site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Olympic_gold_medalists_for_Canada

Should I get Mario and Sonic at the Olympic WINTER or SUMMER games?

Having played both, I'd say summer. Winter events seem too similar to each other, and more work than fun.

Do you think they should move the Winter Olympics back to the same years as the Summer Games?

Absolutely not, Each has its own identity this way and spreads out the events of the greatest athletes in the world every couple years. As a fan of Athletics, I prefer to watch this caliber of competition as frequent as possible.

Which City do you want to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games?

ha i would go for chicago because i think the olympics should be held in the u.s and because i live in chicago :)

Do you expect Chicago to win its bid for the 2016 Summer Games?

the 2016 Olympic games will never be held in Madrid, Spain simply because since 1952 Games, Olympics Games has never been held in a single continent in two succesive staging. the 2016 Olympic Games will never be held in Tokyo, Japan because nearby Beijing has hosted the Games in 2008 but it could swing a surprise. it now goes down between Chicago, USA and Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Chicago because the Games was last held in a US soil almost two decades ago at that time (1996 Atlanta) so now will be the right time to host the Olympic games again. and besides a lot of prominient personalities are supporting its bid namely Michael Jordan and Barack Obama. Rio de Janerio because South America (along with Africa) hasn't hosted an Olympic Games yet. so it will be a sentimental pick. and besides, Rio just hosted the Pan-American Games last year and will host the World Cup of Soccer final in 2014. so I think Rio is ready to host the Games. to answer your question, Yes, it will be no surprise if Chicago will win the hosting right for the 2016 Olympics. because I think they are ready to host the Games, financially and physically.

why will track and field be played at the end of the summer games?

Track and field is always in the second week of the summer games. Just is that way. Separate the big events. Swimming and gymnastics week one. Finals of the team sports and track and field second week. I'm loving watching all these sports! USA!

Who was 15 years old and competed at the Olympic summer games in Sydney in 2000 and the story?

Liesel Jones. What a swimmer!

What is your favorite thing about the Summer Olympic Games?

I love the excitement when you see your home country walking around the circle. It gives you a sense of pride. The amazing athletes who play these glorious events should be recognized as great people (well almost everyone)

Should some of the summer games be moved to winter games to add sports?

basketball is actually held during the winter but for some reason it is in the summer olympics. but if they did move it to the winter olympics i guess they would have trouble getting the pro's to compete in it. i would love to see tug o' war in the olympics maybe they could do it in the snow

Summer games?

yes of course!

What are good summer games for two 11 year old girls?

Take them to like ruckers or something. The movies, they are getting older and prolly getting tired of "games" but there is lots to do around, Hide and Seek Tag or something, invite friends over and play truth or dare but if you played itd be weird. lmao.