What will happen if you replace white sugar with brown sugar for sugar cookies?

I just did that a couple months ago, used brown sugar in place of white when I was making some chocolate chip cookies. They were fine, in fact, I liked them better.

How do you get powdered sugar to not melt on chocolate truffles?

The moisture in the chocolate is weeping into the dry sugar. The solution is to dip your truffles in Couverture Chocolate, that puts a nice shield on them and adds a great coating, or you could try and temper some bitter-sweet and see if that would hold up

What is the healthiest sugar that is commercially available?

"When searching for a “healthier” brown sugar, it is important to look for ones that are unrefined, such as demerara or muscovado.. Other, more natural sweeteners that provide more minerals and vitamins than white sugar are: Pure maple syrup Barley malt Rice syrup Dates Sucanat (granulated cane juice)"

Whats the difference between sugar in fruit and table sugar?

Yes, sometimes fruit can be a worse choice than something else. It depends on the fruit. Some is good for you, like plums, nectarines, peaches, or bananas and apples. But others are not a good choice to eat a lot of, like pears, when you digest them they turn into sugar when they break down so they are not as healthy as other fruit, but they are better than eating a piece of cake or a cookie. Just eat them in moderation. I just recently found this out and It shocked me too! I hope this info was helpful.

What mass ratio of sugar to water is required to raise the boiling point of a sugar/water solution at 145 C?

the elevation of temperature by mole of a non electrolyte substance as saccharose is dt= K *osmolarity (here osmolarity = molarity) k=0.512 C/Osmole dt = 45 = 0.512 * osmolarity molarity= 45/0.512=87.9 mole/L the mass of saccharose is 12*12+22*1+11*176=342g 87.9 moles correspond to a mass of 342*87.9=300058g= 30.058kg so ,streactly speaking as 1L of water =1 kg, you should mix sugar/water=30.0058

What's the difference between sugar and vanilla sugar?

Vanilla sugar has the seeds of a vanilla pod mixed through. Sometimes it it's made with vanilla essence. Basically, it's just vanilla flavoured sugar :)

What is the diffenence between regular sugar and sugar alcohol?

Check out this link: "What Are Sugar Alcohols?" http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/whattoeat/a/sugaralcohols.htm Sugar alcohols are all very very different from each other, and will each have very different effects on your blood glucose levels. Once, purely in the interest of scientific research, I decided to see how my body reacts to different types of sugar alcohols. So I got some regular candy, and then some different types of "sugar-free" candy that was sweetened with different types of sugar alcohols. Over a period of several days, I tried a measured amount of each product, and then recorded my BG levels every 15 minutes for several hours, and compared each sugar alcohol to the baseline regular candy. What I found was that maltitol was almost as bad as regular sugar -- it raised my BG almost as high, and actually look a little longer than regular sugar to go back down to normal. Lactitol, on the other hand, had no visible effect on my BG -- but it gave me the most painful intestinal cramps and diarrhea I have ever had. No more lactitol for me! Xylitol and sorbitol were both pretty good -- they cause slight rises in BG, but significantly less than either maltitol or sugar. The best one I tried was erythritol: I could detect NO increase in BG at all, and had no unpleasant intestinal effects either. Anyway, based on that, if I see maltitol or lactitol in a product, I don't eat it at all. (Unfortunately, maltitol seems to be everywhere!) If I see that it has erythritol, I feel safe in discounting those carbs completely. But different sugar alcohols may (and probably will) affect your grandfather differently, so he shouldn't assume that they will affect him the same way that they affect me. The only way that he would be sure would be test himself after eating.


Eat all sweets sparingly


48 tsps of sugar **4th paragraph in my link tells u :)


yes/no I think that it could make most children kinda hyperactive, but think about this when u give ur body sugar only, it will give you energy for a few hours but then throughout the day u will feel more tire. so is good to keep a good balance with sugar and the nutrients we need. it also, depends ex; if u are a lazy person that stays in the coach and eat lots of sugar u will get more tire, than a person that goes running after eating chocolate.