What kind of mpg do the different Subaru Foresters get?

i have a 2000 legacy 2.5 boxer and if you are concerned with fuel economy do not buy any form of legacy with a boxer engine i find myself tanking it up more often than any man likes to and i would definitely suggest premium gas i tried cheep fuel and when the motor was at higher temps it developed a slight misfire under heavy acceleration

How can you tell if your Subaru is equipped with a limited slip rear differential?

Jack up the rear end (both sides lifted) and hand turn one of the wheels (leave off handbrake). If the other side turns in the same direction it's LSD. Or turn one side while someone holds the other side, if it doesn't move, you have an open differential. Don't bother with the front because the Outback is not a real 4x4 and the front differential will be an open one.

How to install a 1994 subaru svx side mirror?

might try asking on a web forum like svxworldforums.com

How do I stop my subaru forrester security system from constantly flashing my hazard lights?

You should be able to push one of the buttons on your key fob to stop it.

What to look for when buying a used Subaru?

Listen for noisy wheel bearings. About $500 each. Look at all four tires for uneven wear. Tires should be roughly the same on this car, you shouldn't have 2 new and two worn tires, can damage AWD. Was head gasket replaced? Take off the radiator cap with the engine cold and see if it is full. Drive the car, and lift the hood. If the gasket is bad you will smell it, like maple syrup, and you might see some steam above the cylinder banks (mine leaked on the drivers side). Subaru now recommends using a cooling system conditioner/stop leak on all cars. It is available at dealer for about $2.00. Check electrics, sunroof, mirrors, etc.

How well does the Subaru Impreza Wrx stand up to the harsh Canadian winters and adverse driving conditions?

On the Subaru forums, there are quite a few people who use their cars daily in pretty hard winters in Alaska. It really depends on just how cold you are talking but if you use the proper fluids and viscosity, there shouldn't be any problems. They are such reliable cars that I don't see them giving you any problems that other cars won't. And an automatic WRX does have a more complex AWD system than the manuals and they are about the best on the market. I would go for it as long as the car has been maintained properly.

How to rehabilitate a Subaru with a lot of dings?

Well part of that is the paint job,and that will probably cost about $1000 of that to get pretty good paint job, (though there are cheaper ones).. you want the good one if you are going to drive it 5 years or more! But if you are only looking at a couple - the cheaper one will probably do ok, especially if you have it apinted teh same color! It depends on the dents, - how severe and how deep, -- there are people that advertise "paintless ding repair" you can probably find one soomewhere near you. They remove the dents with a sort of "clamp" looking piece of equipment, and do not need to do major body work to get them out this way . The "paintless" removal I don't buy though,-since most "dings" also have paint damage by nature of the body damage! You may be able to get all the "dings" for for a lot less (provided there is nothing severe involved)... Now as the TV commercial says "BUT WAIT" there's more! Since you say "New England", - that part of the country uses salt on the roads doesn't it? If you have "rust out'" from salt damage, the rust you see is only the "tip of the iceburg"! It is possible that it is so rusted out that you would be wasting your money to get it all fixed up so it looks nice! I lived with salt rust for 22 years, - it is almost hopelsss to get toal body rework if it has major rust, as you have to first replace all the rusted metal to make it "stay solid", and then a year or so later it "goes through" somewhere where else and makes it look like junk again! When the first rainy weather of the next fall comes on, the "body putty" starts falling out of the rust holes and rust holes pop up everywhre! So have car checked out very carefuly before you start and see if you can't get some kind of warranty against this happening for a couple years at least! They of course gurantee the paint itself, -- but getting body repairs guranteed is another thing alltogether! All I am saying is that it might be better to sell this one "as is", and buy another car that doesn't need (and has not had) body repairs! If you reall like the Subaru model you have check out "Craig's List and find one in southern states that hasn't gotten any salt damage! If you want to paint it up like new then, - it will at least stay together for a while so you can enjoy it for a few years! And you may not actually have much more money "tied up" in it after you get all done, -- than you have tied up in an "iffy" one that you already have! I have "been there and done that",- and seen even more-- in Wisconsin)!

How to make subaru forester stop beeping with remote unlock?

It tells you in the owner's manual. I believe that you hold both the lock and unlock buttons down for a few seconds.

Is the subaru forester a good quality Suv? And will they last with minimum problems after a decade?

Yes, and yes. It's better than the CR-V and Rav4. The Escape isn't that great. It's just the old escape with a new body. It's one of Ford's weaker vehicles right now. The Forester is the best of those, but it is not the best small SUV. I can suggest it, but not over the new Chevy Equinox. The platform the new Equinox rides on was engineered in Germany, and has been in use in Europe for several years. The Equinox takes what was great about that one, and has refined it even further. It's the most fuel efficient small suv, turning out bettter numbers than a lot of sedans, and even better than the Escape Hybrid. It's also very attractive, and the interior is easily the best in class. The starting price of 22K is on the high side, and 2K more than the Subaru, but it is much better equipped. The Equinox has a standard 6 speed automatic transmission, the Subaru a 5 speed manual. You get aluminum rims instead of steel with plastic covers. You get more convenience and safety features. It's also better rated. It's a Consumer's Digest Best Buy. The Equinox is simply the best crossover you can buy today. It's certainly worth a look. Good, quick, reviews of them both: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADX7RNjA-Xc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A28B3tEdyY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9arszePlxU http://autos.yahoo.com/2010_chevrolet_equinox/ http://www.chevrolet.com/vehicles/2010/equinox/overview.do?evar2=HP_Mast_Equinox http://autos.yahoo.com/2010_subaru_forester/ http://www.subaru.com/vehicles/forester/index.html


at first i didnt like it but now i kinda like it. can you imagine the look on peoples face when you pass them in a 4dr wagon lol. i own a 06 sti and i love it but i think the best looking subies would have to be the 04 05 sti. i have been hearing that the new subarus are a little quickier. like a half a second quicker, which sounds nice but i have to see for myself.the new evo is going to have a 6 speed tranny with a audi like feel with the twin clutch setup which sounds nice but i dont know. i am a subie owner and will always choose a subaru over evos. i love the H4 setup and love the sound, it sounds mean. i like everyone above and how they love their subies.