Why doesn't the UFC ever put on Grand Prix Tournaments?

i think an eight man tournament within 6 months would be awesome but the thing is alot of the top HW's fight at different time of the year so we fans would have to wait for all of them to be healthy and then do it but to be honest the ufc will never do this

MMA Strikeforce 31 live...?

Should be on KO vids

Strikeforce/UFC Grand Prix?

that would be nice in a perfect world... i would sure feel bad for griggs though...

strikeforce hw grand prix...!?

Semifinals: The winner of Fedor - Silva VSthe winner of Overeem - Wedum The winner of Kharitonov - Arlovski VS the winner of Barnett - Rogers As for the final,my predicton is Fedor vs Kharitonov.

Who goin to win. Strikeforce HW tourney ?

I'm rooting for Fedor.

What are your thoughts on The Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament?

Reminds me of the old days when UFC was ran tournament style. Unfortunately, I'm not as educated on strikeforce's fighters as I am the UFC's. I know a few of your picks, and I'd be inclined to agree with who I know. I think Verdum got very lucky with that triangle. The man was cut from the UFC for losing too many fights. So I don't know honestly.

Who's going to win the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament?

I would put money on Overeem,but don't count Fedor out. Actually my hope is Werdum upsets Overeem (again) so Fedor can get his rematch there, and by winning the grand prix Fedor would fight Overeem for the belt.

What are your thoughts on the Strikeforce: Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament?

Fucking sweet!!!! its about time we see some great HW matchups! haven't seen a good one in a couple years...

Will Strikeforce heavyweight tournament have both 3 and 5 round bouts?

The fights from Overeem's onwards will be five rounds.

who will win the strikeforce heavyweight tournament?

Overeem will in my opinion. But sergei kharitonov is a dark horse in this tournament. But he is capable of knocking out any man with his boxing. And he has beating overeem before. So I wouldn't count him out either. But overeem is very improved since then. But wouldn't be surprised if any of the remaining fighters would win it.