what us the difference between counter strike 1.6 and counter strike condition zero?

basically the graphics in CZ are a lil more polished and newer looking, the guns look different, the maps look different, there are more maps, nothing major really...

How can the strike price of a call option begin lower than the current market price?

This is possible if the premium you are paying for the option, covers more than the discount. In your example, you would have to pay at least $2, plus some additional amount for the time value of the option.

What good baseball strike out songs are there?

"Hit the road jack" by Ray Charles or Renee Olstead

How can I strike a deal with my teachers?

Talk to them and let them know how you are feeling and that you don't feel like you will be able to keep up to date on the new assignments if you are still doing the old ones to and maybe see if they can make some of your new assignments worth more for your final mark. instead of doing 2 projects that are worth maybe 5% each maybe see if they will consider marking one assignment at a value of 10% of your mark. I have run in to this problem in the past and this is the compromise i struck with my teachers. They may mark a little harder but if it saves you from doing a bunch of work its worth it. hope this helps good luck.

What is the probability to strike Singapore Sweep?

yes, it is 1/ 3 million or 1 chance in 3 million

How effective is it to KO with a strike at the carotid artery?

I don't know the minimum pressure required, but it's a hard hit. The probability of a KO is lower on the carotid than it is on the jugular, but a KO isn't guaranteed on either. However, you will get a major disruption/unbalancing reaction with every signifcant hit. The strike has to compress the artery/vein in a quick fashion in order to cause the brain to perceive a sudden escalation in blood pressure and force the body to drop blood pressure to compensate for the perceived rise. As for accuracy, a strike just underneath the jawline and along the side of the neck with the edge or back of the hand is sufficient. Any smaller area of a striking surface (finger, knuckle) requires greater accuracy but also increases the potential damage and risk of death.

How can strike and dip show the relative age of a rock formation?

It can't! Not without other supporting information (like using that information to figure out what rocks are on top and underneath it and knowing the age of those rocks)

How many photons strike the CD surface during the playing of a CD 69 minutes in length? The watt is the derive?


What the difference between counter strike source and counter strike source beta?

here's a youtube video bout the difference.the guy has a funy accent


yea i thought it was pointless because we didn't learn any thing really and even when we were told to come in school some students didn't come and because of that we ended up watching video and playing games on the internet...it wasn't worth it beacuse the Yr 11, 12, and 13 students have their GCSE exams starting soon and it was just pointlee.. fair enough that they want more money but i think that the whole timing of it was wrong...should have done it some other time.