Gay Pikachu's Song of the Day: June 13?

One of their best songs, in my opinion! Thanks for some good Southern Rock on a Saturday! I know a little 'bout love and baby I can guess the rest...

My band are trying to decide between three new band names, help!?

I like High Street Glory It has a good, positive ring to it, the words 'high' and 'glory' complement each other. May I make a suggestion? Make 'glory' a compound word, something like High Street Gloryboys

What is the average settlement for a child being hit by a car?

Warren Buffet investing $5 billion in Goldman Sachs. Does that look like wall street imploding to you?

I am in favor of a bailout. Remember the 2.8 trillion USA lost through its Pentagon war machine before 9/11? That would be $8000usd for every man woman and child in the USA. Remember the 8.9 billion lost on a truck in Iraq after "Mission Accomplished"? I propose a bailout of $70 trillion dollars bailout to be paid to the 95% percent of the citizens who do not own 95% of the weath. thiamounts to almost $245,614usd per citizen. Now that would really stimulate the economy. The citizens would have it within their power balance the economy. Payments of loans, puchases, & investments would stimulate the economy.Investments in Helath, Education, Housing, Infrastruture,Environment, Business, etc. would be an excellent way for the common citizen to be involved. The contributions the common citizen could make would not only stimulate the economy but also be superb for the morales of the citizen. Their chairity would be limitless. If a group of citizens chose pool their monies to bailout Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, or even start their own firms, that would be the stimulus package of the People By the People, and for the People. Once they cleaned their mess at home in the USA, they could take the residuals made from their investments to make ammends to the citizens of other nations, resulting from the lack of USA citizen vigilence of governmental operations, whose exesses both past and present have run amok ruining raping, robbing, the resoucers & mudering the citizens of other nations, especially the indegenous Humans of the Americas who have lost their and resources while recieving much degradation and no rent. The citizens should pay these prices for supporting an oppresive regime & by not policing the government administrators. If the Pentagon (Dept. of WAR) can pay $1000usd a hammer, lose money in Iraq; if the President can pay other countries for their vote in the UN; The amount of 70 Trillion usd would be but a pittance or equvalent to a very small micro-loan.

Anti-Semitism Should Have No Place in Occupy Wall Street, America?

I support and am involved in OWS and am not anti semitic. Hmmm I wonder if your attempt to make all the people who support or are part of OWS as anti semites is out of ignorance or desperation?

Can I redeem my useless yahoo points for useful investments?

To encourage participation and reward great answers, Yahoo Answers has a system of points and levels. The number of points you get depends on the specific action you take. The points table below summarizes the point values for different actions. While you can't use points to buy or redeem anything, they do allow everyone to recognize how active and helpful you've been. (And they give you another excuse to brag to your friends.) Points Totals: Begin participating on Yahoo Answers One time: 100 Ask a question -5 Choose a best answer for your question 3 No Best Answer was selected by voters on your question Points Returned: 5 Answer a question 2 Deleting an answer -2 Log in to Yahoo! Answers Once daily: 1 Vote for a best answer 1 Vote for No best answer 0 Have your answer selected as the best answer 10 Receive a "thumbs-up" rating on a best answer that you wrote (up to 50 thumbs-up are counted) 1 per "thumbs-up" Levels are another way to keep track of how active you (and others) have been. The more points you accumulate, the higher your level. Yahoo Answers recognizes your level achievements with our special brand of thank you's! And finally, as you attain higher levels, you'll also be able to contribute more to Yahoo Answers - you can ask, answer, vote and rate more frequently. You must obtain 250 points before you can rate answers. Hope this helps! * So get some points by choosing this as the best answer* :-)

Lynyrd Skynyrd fans question ?

One More From The Road - "T for Texas" Second Helping - "Call Me The Breeze" Street Survivors - "That Smell" Favorite Picker - Gary Rossington

Question about Lynyrd Skynyrd?

It's available on cd through, they have the regular edition and deluxe edition (both have the original album cover)

I could benefit from a few suggestions on adopting a feral dog?

Thank You for taking on a special needs dog. Being in her crate gives her a "safe nest" where she can watch the room and yet feel that she is hidden from noise, feet and touch. I would impose myself in her space in the beginning. What we humans want to do is hug away all that she's been through in the past, but this is not an animal behavior. Trust will come through the basic needs...i.e. food, exercise, dog pack behavior. I would suggest watching the dog whisper series on Netflix. He's had several very shy dogs that have overcome this behavior. I've found just seeing how someone else reacts helps me see my own behaviors more clearly. Good Luck with your new Tiny gift !

female drivers, no survivors?

My Dog Won't Walk On The Street?

This may be way off but is the street really hot? Here in Texas in was 104 degrees today. A dogs paws can get burned from walking on the hot street.

What do you think of these users? Plus a wrestling question?

they are all great users WQ :- i guess so ... he used to benchpress a lot... so it might be possible.... i mean cena managed to lift the big show.... so i dont see why its not possible for someone like khali

Why are there no pictures of the rescue of 1982 Air Florida crash into the Potamic on the internet?

For starters, go to this link: Then check out all of the links at the bottom of that page. Also:

Do women think guys that know a lot of chuck norris facts are attractive?

I think they're hilarious. - Chuck Norris can win a game of connect four in three moves - Chuck Norris invented black. In fact, he invented the entire spectrum of light. Except pink. Tom Cruise invented pink.

Does anyone know the name of a movie I saw about monsters that start coming out of the earths core after?

Infestation ?

Why doesn't Rockstar make a zombie dlc for GTA 4?

Rockstar has no interest in making games fun, if you follow their progression, at one point they were about making gta fun, then slowly ripped everything out of their games that made them fun. As others have said, their goal is to make over rated simulators that in reality just arent that good. I would love to see a "zombie mode" in gta4, but the only way your gonna see it is if a couple modders rip the game apart to do so.

Now that Phil is back on the street, how long before they start shooting "Survivor: Phil Spector's Foyer"?

nice......thats a good one.

How to watch this video with proxy?

Well you'd need a partner in crime on the inside for this. The one who sent you that link, ask that person to rip off that video & send it to you. Lots of rippers available including Realplayer & Downloadhelper (for Firefox). Hope you get that video mate.. Cheers.

Filipino Street-Smart Rock?

This has to be an under hand dig at Filipinos. I mean they are just as good as anyone else at everything else

What movie is this? a radiation spread where many population is dead?

Title: 'Night of the Comet' [1984] -

Where/How to start learning stocks?

Standard investment advice is that you should invest in a diversified mix of stocks, bonds, and money market funds. If you are like most people you will invest part of your money aggressively in stocks, and part conservatively in money market funds and bond funds. However, some young people will go all stocks, and some very conservative people will go all money markets. The links below have on-line questionnaires which will give you an idea of how to do "Asset Allocation," determining how much to put in each type of investment. You want to buy a diversified portfolio of stocks as individual stocks are too risky. Highly knowledgeable people can buy a properly balanced portfolio, but most folks have a difficult time balancing things on their own. They will misbalance their portfolio by buying all small stocks or all growth stocks, or some other misbalanced assortment of stocks. Back in 2000, Some people bought all Internet stocks; they got burnt when they all crashed together. You have to diversify across industries. Unless you know what you are doing, it is best to buy mutual funds that will diversify for you. Buy no-load, low cost funds. Mutual funds should have expense ratios of less than 0.5%. I like index funds. Because of their broad diversification, you are less likely to have a dramatic drop in value. They also have the lowest management fees. For stock funds, I like putting ~70% of one's money in the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund. and ~30% in the Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund. The Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund is good for a bond fund. The Vanguard Target Retirement funds can be a good all-in-one stock and bond funds for an IRA. (If you have less than 3,000 dollars, you can't invest in most Vanguard funds. For such people I would suggest Schwab funds.) There are many different opinions out there on what the best mutual funds are. Read the links below and form your own opinion. Once you have stared investing, you need to keep adding money on a regular basis. Many funds allow you to set up automatic investment programs that take a set amount of money out of your bank account each month. If your company offers a 401K plan at work, try to invest the most you can. The money grows tax free, and some companies will match your contribution. Investing in a mutual fund IRA is also a good idea. If you have children, you may want to consider a 529 plan or other college savings plan that grows tax free. If you have high-interest debt, like credit cards, it is best to pay this off first before trying most of the investment ideas above. You should also have 3-6 months of salary saved up as an emergency fund in a bank or money market fund before trying more risky investments. I will warn you that there is a tremendous amount of stock investing books and websites that teach stock investing strategies that don't work. Particularly bad are people that teach "technical analysis" systems that sound impressive, but don't work. Believing advice you get on Yahoo answers can be risky, so read these websites for further information. If you find it too confusing, contact a professional financial advisor. They will charge you significant commissions, however.

Can you answer my first fun question?

Siamese Dream - Smashing Pumpkins Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers Surfer Rosa - The Pixies I can honestly say I love every track on all three of those albums. Except Suck My Kiss.. Ew.

Left 4 Dead- Survivor Mode- The Street- Glitch?

Don't know of any glitch in the street. Best way I've done the Street is to have 2 people with auto shotties for the tanks, and 2 people with assault rifles. Have everyone stand against the back fence and mow down the zombies while they're running towards you. When the tanks come, blast them as much as you can while they're far away, and when they get close, have the guys with the shotguns run up and blast them in the face. When people start running low on ammo, just have everyone rush for the table in the middle of the street to restock. I've gotten a little over 14 minutes on this survival map, and that was probably just my 3rd try at it.

Do all little dogs eat bugs or is it just my dog?

I have a small dog (jack russell) and she will eat any bug that crosses her path. Usually it needs to be rolled on first and then eaten. Worms seem to be a favourite, the older and smellier the better. Then there's the bird poop. That has to be rolled in and then the coat needs to be thoroughly groomed with lots of licking. It's just gross and I hate it but I know it won't change until she eventually passes away so I just need to suck it up and deal with the yuck factor.

Whats a really cheap stock that might go up a few cents or bucks soon?

Sirius Satellite Radio.

How much are the original six albums in absolute mint condition (still in original seal) worth?

who are these by?

Poll: are you playing wall street survivor?

we all are...........

Poll: Which is your favourite show among Family Guy, House M.D., The Oprah, Survivor, Sesame Street ?

well Family Guy and Sesame Street are the only ones worth watching from that list and I'm too old for Sesame Street so, Family Guy it is

Have any of you played Wall Street Survivor? Do you like it? Are you winning?

i'm just a big lonely fan in my kind ,nobody remember those thing ,let me know more about it

What kind of stocks would you recommend that will earn me a lot of $$$?


What virtual stock market game should I play?

I signed up for young money. I haven't tried others. It feels great to trade with lots of virtual money. You can really earn good money by doing day trading an also you don't have to wait for the money from your sell as you can keep some cash on hand always.

Was it Common in WWII Europe to have your picture taken while walking down the street?

To my research I find that they are most likely staged as a popular type of family photos.

wall street survivor and online trading games?

Hey, I have been using for the past 2 years, all trading is done in real-time, so I find it is very accurate. The only difference it has to a real brokerage account is that the open position are delayed. I have tried many sites with a stock market game and I find this is the least complicated and user-friendly. I recently saw that on it was stated as the #1 stock market game on the web. Plus they have monthly contests where you can win cash prizes or things like ipads and Sony PlayStation. This is a great site for stock market beginners. They have tools that can help you advance further in your learning how to trade. I read some where that they have about 30,000 users trading on a monthly basis. I hope this helps. Cheers,

Does anyone else find that the nightmare on elm street commercial during family shows as inappropriate?

I do. ****** Magic is fun! When you're dead!!!!!************

Is there a risk in playing the game Wall Street Survivor? is a great site to learn how to trade in the stock market with ZERO risk. What the user experiences, is once they sign up they have a virtual cash account of $100,000, but they can always reset it to $100,000 if they feel they are losing :) There is no real money involved as this is a stock market simulation game. Also the user has no membership fees. They can play for free as long as they want. Since this is a learning site its okay for 13 year old to play. It teaches the kids the ins and outs of stock market trading. Hope you enjoy the site! I do!

Shouldn't the survivors of 911 victims get to decide if their is a Mosque down the street from ground zero?

Yeah of course they should have a say. All these morons who talk about stuff written over 100+ years ago....sept 11 2001 was only 9 years ago. You think that took into account this situation? Religious freedom? How is it denying them that there's 100 mosque's in NYC. It is embarrassing some Americans views over this. So obsessed with labeling others bigots or citing things they've never read and clearly do not understand properly, they act like the biggest terrorist attack on american soil was a nothing issue. Don't abuse the constitution it wasn't made to insult victims of attacks or Americans. They can build a mosque almost anywhere else so don't tell me they're being denied anything. What is wrong with these people? They say Muslims died on 9/11 too..what does that change? huh It wasn't muslims who attacked us? Eh it was an attack in the name of islam by muslims Doesn't mean all muslims are terrorists? Duh..not wanting a mosque near ground zero doesn't mean a person is a bigot either ya fools.

Best stock to Buy on Wall street survivor?

In fantasy stock market games, you need to take risks to win. So, I would buy any of one the small, fast rising gold/silver mining stocks like New Gold, Hecla Mining or U.S. Gold. If you don't know which one to buy, you can always get the Mining ETF that contains a basket of mining stocks. It's ticker symbol is GDX. These stocks all have the capacity to zoom up, but they can crash just as fast. You have to check on their movements every day, so make sure you sell if they ever fall more than 15% from your original purchase price. Good luck!

Lynyrd Skynyrd Fans! I have in possession a pre-crash Street Survivors LP. What is different on this cover?

I have it too! The cover after the crash had some of the fire taken out around the members who died. Ive been told its worth anywhere from $30-50 depending on the condition, but Im not positive on that. :)

how much is the album Street Survivors by Lynyrd Skynyrd worth?

look in ebay that will help out bigtime then u can get an idea

who played the lead guitar on Lynard Skynard song "honky tonk night time man" from street survivors album?

The person playing lead and also doing vocals is Steve Gaines

What is the value of an unopened copy of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Record titled "Street survivors" worth?.

wow your're funny my goodness did you miss categorize this question? repost under MUSIC to avoid becoming the JOKE yourself

Question about the Wall Street Survivor stock game?

You pretty much have to use that you already have. The trick is to monitor the stocks that you have already bought, and sell them when they have made a profitable gain. If you sell them for more than you bought them for, then you will have more money to purchase other stocks.

What's Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Street Survivors" worth on vynil with the flames cover?

It depends on the condition of your album.Most collectors base it on a rating,poor,fair,good,mint

Street Survivors Lynyrd Skynyrd 77 Tour?

I know they played in Savannah, Georgia in the late spring or early summer of 1977. My family and I lived near there, and I remember that their hotel rooms were burglarized during the show.

should i keep the original Street Survivors vinal by Lynyrd Skynyrd?

Yes you should give it back. It does not matter what it may be worth its not yours. You said it yourself that you have settled your differences. So be cool, give it back and go buy your own copy.

The original album cover to Lynyrd Skynyrds "Street Survivors" does anyone have an idea of the value?

dude i dont even kno wat the hell that is

Bought Lynyrd Skynyrd Street survivors remastered cd version before and the first copy cd was yellow?

Different pressing. It's fine. Who the hell is Conroy Twitty? Do you mean Conway Twitty?

About How Many Copies Of Street Survivors (W/ Flames) Were Released?


Lynyrd Skynyrd Street Survivors original CD now a collectors item?

No, because it was not originally issued on CD. It came out on this strange thing called VINYL.

what is the largest collection of the recalled skynyrd street survivors album?

WhAt the effffff are you talking about