original water color dated 1958 european street scene sign. unreadable last part of name may end "man"

go to askart.com and write the name down as u think is the name and may find your answer

What song is playing in The City when Olivia Palermo enters into the scene walking down the street into DVF?

See if you can find it here: http://www.tunesonthetube.com/

WHERE CAN I LISTEN TO Scene 1 Street in a Frontier Town from Copland's Billy the Kid ballet ?

Try a public library.

What was the name of the song during the scene of the Notebook when their dancing in the street.....?

I'll Be Seeing You by Billie Holiday

What would you do if a scene kid was crying in the street?

I would take him on a helicopter and drop him in Central Africa, so he has some REAL reasons to cry!

I need Help finding a song on one of the Nightmare On elm street Movies, its a scene were freddy fights?

I think you are referring to Elm street 4 the song is playing while Rick is punching on the punching bag "Anything, Anything" by Dramarama

I was wondering if the street racing scene in California is like the one off the fast and the furious?

It depends on where you are in California. If you are on a movie set, then yes. If not, then no. ;)

pablo picasso street scene?

I would not be surprised, he painted over a lot of his canvasses.

Did Home Alone copy a scene from the original Nightmare on Elm Street?

I have totally thought that before! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed! I don't think it was intentional, but it is very very similar.

San Diego Street scene age limit?

There is an age limit. Go to the website, the location changed to the Del Mar fairgrounds this year, so there could of been age limit changes as well. I think the age limit has changed 3 times over the last 12 years.

Help, describe a street scene?

The street was dark as fear, death crawled in every alley way... crunched up newspapers blew wildly in the wind. The night was cold as ice, and the lights flickered on and off. Then out of a shivering mist came a shadowy figure, hands grasped tight around another figure in the dim light. As they came closer, you could see a mean, tall figure having some bum fun with a little man. Then from the silent winds lept Chuck Norris. No-one survived.

Where is the "strip" or street scene in the Seattle, WA area?

Pioneer Square! Or, I like Fremont!

Who else is going to street scene saturday???

I can't make it, but if you go have fun and think of me.........LOL......:)

What film noir movie has a scene where a guy walks down the street and neon signs appear on screen?

Actually this is a reference to two films. The first one is "The Lost Weekend (1945)", starring Ray Milan, directed by Billy Wilder, which made famous the "character walking toward the camera as signs pass by" camera effect. The second one is "Double Indemnity (1944)", also starring Ray Milan, also directed by Billy Wilder, which is the first one to use "bright neon signs at night" and is considered the quintessential noir film. The effect "character walking at night toward the camera as neon signs pass by" as you see in more recent films and TV shows is a fusion of the two techniques, a spoof of both films to make a tribute to the noir genre. Like for instance in the animation "Futurama", episode "I, Roommate", where Bender is walking past all the neon signs tempting him.

Who is the author of the music that's in the movie Wall Street (1987) during the sex scene?

Look up stewart copeland

artist with famous english or french street scene that first name begins with R.?

could be renoir. could be a lot of other things.

The Notebook - "Lying in the middle of the street" scene?

http://search.live.com/images/results.aspx?q=noah+and+allie+on+the+street&FORM=BIRE Hopefully this helpssss

You opinion of San Diego's Street Scene?

Who wants a body massage? mmmmmhmmmm ooohhhhhh Mr. Body Massage Machine...GO! ...BODY MASSAGE!

What is the bar/club scene like on 6th street?

Go to a bar called the Ranch on west 6th st. Its nearly all outside on balconies. there are multiple levels and bars. Its all wood and has lots of fireplaces, really feels southern. Go in and ask for Jennie-Ann Woodie. She's the VIP hostess aswell as the owners daughter. She'll take care of you.

what the music played during the flash back scene in the movie green street hooligans?

here u go :P http://snipurl.com/3kno0

What song was playing in the Club scene of Wall Street 2 Money Never Sleeps?

"Reality Check" by Stigmato, Inc. Not posting a link.

HELP! Realtors! What is "street scene"?

You simply need to take a picture of the street view from the front of the home. I would take the pictures from the driveway or from the center of the tree lawn. I would take a few pictures of each side of the subject's house. These pictures are located in appraisals as well. They just simply show what kind of neighborhood there is, rural, suburban, urban, etc...

What's the scene for Manhattan NYC Street Musicians?

Well, first of all, playing or performing on the street is called "busking," (see link, below) and there's even a Buskers Advocates website that's chock full of info about how and where to do it and what the laws are, etc. In NYC, the MTA actually has a program for musicians in the subway, called Music Under New York, too (see 2nd link, below) Good luck, and the 3rd link below is to the Buskers Advocacy website...

Which day should i go to Street Scene, San Diego based on just the bands?

This year is the first year in a long time that street scene will be good again. It is back in the east village and both days are packed full of good bands. I don't think you can go wrong no matter what day you go!

has anyone been involved in the underground street racing scene in japan?

The racing scene is pretty much closed to anyone who isn't involved in it. And I doubt if there's any racers on yahoo answers. I can tell you it's nothing like the Tokyo Drift movies.

Does anyone have a link to the clip of Coronation street Joe death scene?

Corrie is on today. Joe and Gail will go to the Lake District and Joe will die today. Try itv.com/soaps or whatsontv.co.uk or tv.sky.com you might find it there.

In Romeo and Juliet, What warning does the prince give the street brawlers in Scene I?

he is saying that if they fight again that whoever is in it will be killed

What is this sesame street scene/skit called?

Alphaquest Doorways up and down the hall Wonder what's behind them all? Doors that lead to anywhere Got to A, B, C what's there Got to A, B, C, Decide Where's the door I haven't tried? A, B, C, D, East and West Going on an Alphaquest!

i want to move to tokyo to get into the street racing scene any help would be appreciated?

Sorry, but the chances of that are less than zero. That scene is more or less a closed society.There's no 18 year old kids zooming around in $250,000 sports cars. You can't even go over the speed limit in much of Tokyo because the roads are narrow. There's also all kinds of traffic cameras. Most of your " drifters" go up in the hills at night. They aren't going to trust a stranger who doesn't even have a car. If you want to move to Japan, you need a college degree & a job offer before you get there. EDIT: Mark, you can't buy your way into Japan, or the racing scene. Can you speak native level Japanese ? It's not possible.

What warning does prince escalus give the street brawlers in scene 1?

He'll have them killed.

does anybody know which Nightmare on Elm street movie this scene is from?

it's freddie vs. jason

What would a common/usual Victorian street scene have looked like?

Well, Rocky, since you ask this in the painting category, I'll show you a painting. This one called 'Work" depicts the very poor in the foreground, the working poor in the middle ground and the snooty rich in the background. It was a very important painting in its day; about 1856. http://www.artchive.com/viewer/z.html If that link doesn't work try this one... http://www.artchive.com/artchive/B/brown/brown_work.jpg.html

What ever happen to the Street Chicken scene in the movie The Program...?

what is the name of the song played in the middle of the club scene in the street fighter chun li movie?

i know that the second song, get him by ace hood it's the one that goes, "boy there he goes, get him, boy there he goes, get, blocka, blocka, blocka, blocka, boy there he goes" but the one played right before it is what i'm trying to find out..

Where is the scene in Nightmare on Elm Street?

it was just used in the trailer...it was originally intended to be in the film but they went back and had reshoots last december including all the stuff in the diner and they changed deans entire death scene around and made him get killed in the diner instead of the original scene where he falls off the roof..... hopefully it will be included in deleted scenes on the dvd or something but it was only seen in the teaser trailer.

What is the song during the Wall Street Crime Scene in the movie Capitalism: A Love Story?

The song is called "Music For A Found Harmonium." I think it is by Penguin Café Orchestra.

Where was the club scene shot at in Wall Street 2 Money Never Sleeps?

Is there really a significant street racing scene in Japan?

Don't confuse movie with reality.

What does "CICARR" in George Grosz's Street Scene mean?

My eyes aren't what they were, so I can't see what you reference. However, the most obvious explanation is that this is a street scene of Berlin, where Grosz spent much of his life, and the word is Cigarretten (not sure of the correct German spelling).

what is the song during the fight scene in street fighter when the guards are knocking on the door?

do you know any lyrics since i have the CD i can probly identify it though i've never watched the movie. the soundtrack is quite good though.

In the children's book "The Tiger who Came to Tea", is the street scene based on a real street?

I haven't read that book, but I did find that there is a street called Rudman Street in Salford, Lancashire in England. I don't know if that's where she lived, but I thought it was cool because it was nicknamed The Street of 1000 Children, and she's a children's author, isn't she? http://www.communityarchives.org.uk/page_id__499_path__0p3p37p.aspx Thanks for mentioning the book. I've never heard of it, I might check it out for my brother. And reading about her and her books was interesting. Sorry I couldn't be a better help. Good luck finding what you're looking for!

Do you think Daft Punk would come to San Diego street scene?

it's possible but not likely

How do you install street scene bumper covers? Looking into buying one, wanted to know how hard it is to do.?

What song was playing in the first club scene of Wall Street 2 Money Never Sleeps?

"Reality Check" by Stigmato, Inc. Its a good song.

can i bring a simple camera to street scene?

yes if the camera work

I can't decide between a Parisian street scene or a back alley scene for how to decorate my room?

Back alley.

What are the street scene rumors out there for 2009?

You'd probably get more info not to mention rumors about this event if you asked in San Diego travel rather than San Francisco travel.

What is the name of the place in Hong Kong with the Saturday night street scene?

That must be Lan Kwai Fong in Central district - its the most popular place in Hong Kong for bars.

How did they film the empty street scene at the start of Vanilla Sky?

In order to shoot the opening sequence of Vanilla Sky (which was not digitially created), the production was given permission to close Times Square in the late night/early morning hours one Sunday. The only digital modification of the scene was changing the NASDAQ news ticker to avoid dating the film through the coverage of the presidential election.

Who is the artist and wealthy are collector noted for his street scene of the 1870's using unusual perspective?

Well, you could be referring to Gustave Caillebotte, or even to Edgar Degas. Both came from wealthy families, and both painted with sometimes unusual perspective.