Does anybody know were there is a site were you can watch storm trackers?

What do magnetic fields have to do with tornadoes?

The magnetic field sort of pushes the tornado to all directions, north, west, east, and south. The magnetic field will also keep the tornado from falling apart at all.

Ideas for homecoming decorations..our theme is Tiger Storm Trackers: PAWSE THE HURRICANES?

Tracker on the Blackberry Storm?

Why is "Global Storm Tracker" broken? Hurricane Alex shows up in Asia.?

I just checked the link and yes the "Global Storm Tracker" is totally wrong. It has Hurricane Alex over near India & Myanmar and nothing in the Gulf of Mexico. That is obviously wrong so ignore it. Just try another website. I found WeatherWunderground to be very good as well as the National Weather Service

Is there anyway i can access "shot tracker" using my blackberry storm?

no, not compatible

Where can I find a video of "John-John Mackey Storm Tracker Accu-Cast" from Saturday Night Live?

NBC is very careful what they do and don't put online, unfortunately. But the episode with that sketch was on December 16, 1995 with host Madeline Khan. Here's a transcript:

where can i download movie ''Storm Tracker'' for free? ?

markob rob, That is the coolest website you will ever see and you will never be bored again. I live on there. No downloading, no spam, no membership. All the movies you want...completely free. Also: I hope this answers your question!

Do you think this storm tracker would be able to tell me where a tornado is?

I guess it will work, but it would be cheaper and work almost as well to get a laptop (which you'll need anyway), a broadband access card (maybe $40/month) and the software SwiftWX or Weathertap. We used that while chasing last year. Even with that information, it's still quite difficult to safely approach where a tornado is going to be. There are often no roads in the direction you'd like to be going and you may need to drive through heavy rain and large hail (I won't do that) to get to the right spot. You need to learn the basics of storm structure first.

Any website that offers a long term weather/storm tracker?

i like the weather network