Where did the storm waves that hit the California coast in December originate from?

most southern facing beaches receive their high surf from storm off of Baja. I doubt there would have been enough bounce from the Alaska storms.

Did anyone see the bright red, blue and green light show in the storm tonight in toledo?

The Aurora can be seen sometimes even all the way down to Mexico depending on atmospheric conditions. "Perhaps it is just a coincidence but I have noticed that if there is a good geomagnetic storm brewing, the lenticular clouds over mountains take on some really unusual shapes and the sunsets and sunrises are supercharged with brilliant pinks and purples." - http://www.spacew.com/gallery/image000650.html Photo: http://www.spacew.com/gallery/image000104.html something like that?

how long do they keep the roads closed in alaska?

It really depends on what part of AK you are coming into at. Most of the Highway you are speaking of does close down at times. But Alaska has one of the most Aggressive Road crews out there. Day and night those huge plows are running. Usually after any snow drop of 3 inches and more they are out there plowing within an hour and dusting the roads. I was in upstate NY for 4 years and saw more snow there than I have at any point here in AK the previous 26 years of my life. If you are worried bout driving in, save yourself some road time and get on the Alaska Marine Hwy. They have a pick up in Bellingham Washington, and stops along the way at places like Ketchican,Sitka, Juneau, Cordova. If you are goin farther inland, jump off at Cordova and get on the Seward highway. lol drive strait if you are heading north, take a left at the "Y" if you are heading to anywhere on the Kenai peninsula. http://www.dot.state.ak.us/amhs/

What would be considered high seas on a typical cruise to Alaska originating from Vancouver?

Went to Alaska on a cruise in August. The trip was pretty calm, although on two evenings, the ship rocked quite a bit. It was funny trying to get to dinner with high heels on holding onto the sides of the walls. Do not know what the height of the seas were on these occasions, but I was not anxious. Obviously, the weather will determine the height of the waves. The cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers (sort of like shock absorbers) and they help smooth the ride. If for any reason there was a intense storm, your ship would head for the closest port able to handle their ship. Most alaskan storms happen during the winter months. Oops.. forgot to tell you... I recalled the cruise ship had a huge brandy sniffer full of Dramamine available free for anyone who needed a pill. I get easily sea sick but did not need anything on my trip.

When does the winter season start up in Alaska?

The most Northerly place in the United States (Barrow) gets snow during every single month. Barrow Alaska only averages 45 for a high in July. However, with the exception of the high mountains, which are always capped with snow, cities like Anchorage and Fairbanks have months of snow free weather. Generally speaking for Anchorage, the first snowfall is sometime in mid October, but in Fairbanks, the first snowfall is usually around late September. Keep in mind that Alaska has a totally different idea of winter than you would have, and as such, would probally say that is starts to get real cold in November. The first day of winter is the same everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere regardless of location.

My husband and I are going to Alaska in a week and a half, it will be our first time in an airplane,, help????

you won't crash. relax.

Movie title of movie about family that gets stranded in storm?

Anything to Survive (1990) -- a made-for-TV movie starring Robert Conrad as the father.

Is the perfect storm approaching? The Alaska pipeline is down and turmoil in the Mid East threatens to affect?

I fixed the Alaskan pipeline yesterday. Everything's cool.

minutes ago you had an article re a large iceburg in Antarctica affeceted by a storm in Alaska, lpese advise.d

holy snickes is it commin this way?!