What stores are open Christmas day?

you won't find anything open on christmas day. the only time you need to get anything is on boxing day when everything will be open except the banks. the banks should be open on thursday

Debate: Do you think stores should be open Christmas day?

Some stores are. My son manages a Walgreens and works every Christmas Day.
There was such a dust up about stores opening at midnight on Thanksgiving Day - all the employees who complained it took away from their holiday. And this so stores could be open for Christmas shoppers.
I don't think you'll find any staff happy to be working when the majority of the rest of the country is not.
No, I don't think they should be open. And I don't think people should complain about stores not being open. What's the problem? If you can't plan ahead for something you want or need - then wait the one day. It's not a week or a month. It's 24 hours or less. Plan ahead or do without.
I come from the generation that all stores, malls closed at 5 or 6 on Saturday night and did not open again until Monday. Closed on Sundays. If you wanted groceries or gas, milk or batteries - you had to get it done on Saturday. Sunday was thought of as family day. Go to church, big Sunday dinner, spend time at Grandma's.
They are closed because it was deemed a national holiday. Bad enough the stores shout all kinds of sales on other national holidays - like Memorial Day or Labor Day.
And you are right - anyone who has immigrated here needs to respect this country and it's traditions and the way this country is. I respect their religions and beliefs and do not wish to take anything away. They can worship, celebrate anything they want to. I expect the same in return. I would not go to another country and try to change them. People from other countries are coming to American for a lot of reasons. So they should not be wanting to make big changes to make it more like the country they came from. If so, what's the point of being here.

What stores are open Christmas eve?

Here are some stores open Monday, but closed on Tuesday.
Best Buy
6:00 p.m. seems to be the latest nationally unless you find a 24 hour store in your area.
Merry Christmas and good lluck!

What stores are open christmas day?

In my area, there's a Dunkin Donuts open, a chain of local convenience stores, a Mom & Pop convenience store, a 24 hour CVS pharmacy. The movie theatres in the mall are open, but the main malls are closed. Most of the Chinese Buffet restaurants are open, plus a few other restaurants, and a 24 hour diner
There may be some others, but that's all I saw.

Are grocery stores open on christmas?

In most places grocery stores aren't open until six p.m. or so on Christmas day, at least in the places I've lived (Texas, Colorado, Virginia, Washington, and Montana). The easiest thing to do is call before you go.
Practically all other retail stores are closed the entire day every place I've ever lived.

Grocery stores open on Christmas in irvine?

i don't think any of the stores or malls are open in irvine today, maybe just maybe, the 99 ranch [since i think most asian stores are open] on culver dr. might be open.

Any stores open on Christmas?

Stores open:
Macy's, Big Lots, Ross, Barns & Noble, Dillards, JCPenney, Wal-Mart, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy, CVS, Walgreens, Blockbuster, Game Stop, PetsMart, Gap, CompUSA, Toyr R Us, Dollar Tree, Bed Bath & Beyond, Burlington Coat Factory, Michaels, K Mart, Mervyn's, Albertsons, Hollywood Video, Ambercrombie & Fitch, Borders, Starbucks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, Foot Locker, Home Depot, Whole Foods.
Store with Home Depot cards:
Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS.

Are cingular stores open tomorrow? (christmas eve)?

well i honestly cant help you, because the store hours and closures vary from location.
the best you can do is to call them up or search online at their homepage, and then go to "store locations and hours". that is the most i and probably anyone can do for you.
My personal guess:
Yes they will probably be open, i mean, Christmas eve is "last minute shopping" and if someone wants a cell phone for Christmas and cingular is closed, they may have just lost a customer, so again, i think they will be open but thats just 1 mans opinion.

What grocery stores are open Christmas Day?

The Key Food and Shoprite in my area are opened, but that does not mean they are opened in all neighborhoods. I think Rite Aid is opened also. All of those stores should carry cannded pineapple. If your looking for fresh pineapple, some of your local produce stores may be opened.

What grocery stores are open on christmas?

24 hour walgreens which carry some cold items like milk and ice cream and also some gifts too are open and also some liquor convenient stores are that even sell snacks and milk, ets. Some gas/convenient stores are but usually next to highways like our 7/11. Also some restaurants like chinese ones and Denney's since they are always open. So is Perkins if you have one of those.