Need 4 names for story easy 10 points!?

They all sound very interesting. Here are the names that come to mind with me: 1. Sophie. Despite her dark hair and eyes there is something quite soft and sensitive about her. Perhaps its because of the bullying and the fact she has to move because of it on a regular basis. I think this name fits quite well with her description. 2. Johnny. Since he's lazy, manipulative and doesn't care I think this name suits. I know a person in real life who fits your exact description to a T and his name is Johnny, so this suggestion is a little personal. 3. Sarah. This character sounds pretty. Again, I think given her past abuse, she can be quite sensitive under that tough facade and I get the impression she wears a mask to hide her real feelings. 4. Carlo. I think this is a bad boy name, yet conflicts with his personality, which could also add to people's misjudgment of him.

Why doesn't anyone care about lyrics anymore? (Justin Bieber related question)?

You spoke the truth! Finally someone other than me sees that he has absolutely no variety in his music or style!