What online stock trading sites allow you to purchase penny stocks?

I have bought them on Scottrade.

How to make millions on the stock market?

Those who made millions had good luck. There are just as many who lost their shirts.

How many shares of stock should the club buy for its investment?

You would have to invest $5770 in the stock, or 289 shares.

How do I calc. stock basis for stock I sold that was transferred to me from a deceased parent's account?

Generally, the cost basis of an inherited stock is the market value of the stock on the date of the individuals death. However, since you did not receive it until 3 years later, there may be other factors involved. If is is a significant amount, you may need professional advice.

What is the best online trading stock site to buy penny stocks?

scottrade.com is best for both beginners and professionals.

What was the PE of the stock market before and after the stock market crash of 1929?

No, the P/E ratio didn't really collapse - but profits collapsed as well. See http://www.econ.yale.edu/~shiller/data/stock%20data%20annual%201871-2003.htm for historical data.

How do I buy stock and pay the lowest broker fee possible?

Creat an account with sogoinvest.com I think the first 90 days are free and after that they are as low as 1.50 per trade.

How does one go about selling stock in a new, private corporation ?

You hand out Private Placement Offering documents to potential investors. At my company, it was a fairly long legal document and it explained that the investment was for a PPO and not a public company, yada yada yada. I think lawyers and accountants probably know how to draft these. But once it's made, you just make copies and hand them out. Then, if someone decides to invest, you have a book of stock certificates. You make out their certificate for the amount they are investing (how much stock they will own) and you have to do some other paperwork and keep track of all this. When it's tax time, you have to inform the investors if you had a loss or a gain and there are tax forms you have to send out to everyone. Good luck! :)

What do they call the guys that stock the shelves in the grocery stores at night?

Diser or stock man. You don't have that kind of job,see the link http://www.onlinejobsfree.com/?id=990300

How do you know when a stock is doing good?

When it's going up. If you're a rookie in investing or stocks, go to www.finance.yahoo.com. Open up a portfolio without using real money. You can give yourself as much or as little money to try out the market. The stocks you want to focus on is consumer staples, consumer discretionary, and healthcare. These are DEFENSIVE stocks that will survive through good and bad times. Most of my positions are in these stocks. Some names include 3M, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Exxon Mobil, Walmart, Costco. Everybody's got to eat and wipe their butts regardless of the state of economy. Many of these companies survived through the Great Depression. That's the benefits. You can sleep at night knowing your money is doing well. There are NO guarantees that you won't lose money. It's just that these stocks are the best. They pay good dividends too. Then once you're comfortable and test the waters of the market, you can finally put some real money in. Go to Scottrade.com. They're excellent for beginners.

How do I buy stock in a trucking company called Forward Air?

The stock is public traded on the NASDAQ exchange. You can use a broker or Internet like e-trade or schwab. Stocks are usually sold in multiples of 100 shares. Go to www.forwardair.com and click on "investor relations". Happy Hunting.

Why should a change in their stock price affect a company ?

You asked a thinker's question based on one capital structure model. A typical public C corporation "company," however, is the entire CCC GOMES circle of 8 stakeholders: Customers, Community, Creditors, Goverment, Owners, Managers, Employees, and Suppliers. Shares of stock also can be structured in more than one ownership model and typically include more than what sold to the public shareholders. For example, SEC-approved shares may be held as company treasury (to be sold to generate cash from, or purchased to distribute cash to, shareholders), used as incentives and collaterals to obtain debt financing (preferred stocks and convertible debentures), used as part of incentive and loyalty handcuff for key management and employees (employee stock, or stock options, compensations), sold at discount price as part of employee compensation package (employee stock purchase plans), used to acquire control of other companies, etc... When stock price goes up, therefore, not only the shareholders but also all of the other 7 stakeholders gain. For example, beside the obvious owners, management, and employees, the govement will receive more tax revenue from shareholder capital gain taxes and employee stock option gain taxes. Community would receive more local jobs, more nexus VAT, sales tax, and taxes from supporting local busineses. Suppliers would receive more businesses and their receivables would have higher present value to a factor bank.... Creditors could convert debt to stock at a gain, or could resell the notes at higher prices due to a lower recourse risk level.

Can i replace vegetable stock for chicken stock in the cream of mushroom soup?

Yes, you can switch the stocks. To make veggie stock simply pile in a bunch of vegetables in a pot (coarsely chopped), cover with water and simmer until the vegetables are limp and the broth looks like stock. You can make a rich stock by roasting the veggies first under the broiler of you oven. Get them nice and brown, then make your stock. Strain all the veggies out and use like any other stock. Good Luck.

What is the difference between a stock and a share?

Ok, basically stocks are grouped together and called stocks because each "stock" is a portion you own of a certain company. The shares are what make up each stock. So say you own five stocks, and each stock you have twenty shares. - Company one = 20 shares - Company two = 20 shares ...etc.

Will my stock tires fit an aftermarket wheel if its the same size?

While all 15 inch rims have the same diameter their widths will vary. Just make sure your new rims have the same width as the stock ones and you'll have no problem. You'll want a 15 inch rim that's 7 inches wide. 15X7 inch rims are quite popular so you won't have any trouble finding aftermarket rims that suits your liking.

What is the advantage of preferred stock if the company does not pay dividends?

I don't see any advantages either. However, I was not aware that some companies MUST pay dividends (do you have an example?) - I believe that ALL companies have the discretion to either pay or not pay dividends. I've never heard of companies being REQUIRED to pay dividends. However, many companies do pay dividends regularly (whether they can really afford to or not) to attract investors who like stocks that always pay dividends (no matter how small). --------------------- I personally don't put that much emphasis on dividends in my stock purchasing activities.

What happens to my stock if a company goes bankrupt?

It's called risk. If the company does well, the creditors get only their interest and your stock can double. If it does poorly, your stock get wiped out. This is why we diversify, a bunch of good ones make up for one that goes bust. Actually, you should never lose everything because you should be watching your investments and getting rid of it when it starts to go down. The brokers on Wall Street preach "buy and hope" oops. I mean "buy and hold" because it makes less work for them.

What is the best stock screener for penny stocks?

Its difficult to get good stock screeners for penny stocks because most penny stocks lack meaningful statistical data from which to screen. The stock screener that Yahoo offers on Yahoo Finance is pretty good if you begin your screen with *.ob or *.pk and then maybe filter by industry or current share price or something like that. I'll be honest with you, though, I've done this and sorted by industry and find a very difficult time finding anything worth plunking my money down on.

What is the best stock market simulator to learn about stock trading ?

WSS is the webs leading stock market simulator and Virtual trading games poratal. 'real time trading' and a very user friendly site where you can get news, analysis and free tutorials and you can learn all the basics there.

How does the stock of a company help that company after it is initially sold?

The stockholders own the company, unless it can earn enough to buy its stock back from them.

What happens to stock shareholders own when one company takes over another company?

The holders of the company being taken over usually get a ratio of shares under the acquisition agreement and perhaps a small cash payment for odd lots of shares. No, if you have, say, a $20 per share stock and IBM at $80 buys your company in a bid of .25 shares of IBM for YOUR Company shares, then you will get 100 IBM shares for each 400 shares of YOUR company. It happens all the time when there is a strong general market. It should, generally, be viewed as good news in the IBM example. Many buyouts today are likely not going to be priced for the acquired company because it is a market in which mergers are being entered just to avoid liquidation bankruptcy.

What happens to stock prices when one company is bought out by another?

You will get what price is offered for the company per share. Typically the purchasing company offers more than the market value, so your shares will increase in value to what is being offered. The Bear Stearns case was a rare exception since companies in financial trouble usually aren't good acquisition cadidates.

How does the stock exchange affect investment banks?

It is a business culture. Nothing is complicated. The same like why many airports have airlines offices near by? Good for business in time consuming. It is not wise to locate a business out of its business area because nature of business.

What stock is good to invest in at this moment?

POT-Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. is one of the world's largest integrated fertilizer companies, producing potash (56% of 2006 gross profits), nitrogen (31%) and phosphate (13%) products. Annual capacities: potash, 12.9 million tons; phosphate, 2.4 million tons of phosphoric acid; nitrogen, 4.1 million tons of ammonia. Acquired Arcadian, 3/97; White Springs Agr. Chem., 10/95. 2006 depreciation rate: 4.3%. Has approximately 4,871 employees. Capital Research & Management owns 12.0% of stock; Primecap, 9.9%; officers and directors, 1.8% (3/07 proxy). President & CEO: William Doyle. Incorporated: Saskatchewan. Address: Suite 500, 122 First Avenue South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 7G3, Canada. Telephone: 306-933-8500. Internet: http://www.potashcorp.com MOS-The Mosaic Company, through its subsidiaries, engages in the production, blending, and distribution of crop nutrient and animal feed products. Operates in four segments: Phosphates (52% of net sales in fiscal 2007), Potash (24%), Offshore (22%), and Nitrogen (2%). Has production facilities in the United States, Canada, and strategic investments in Brazil. Serves customers in approximately 45 countries. Has about 7,100 employees. Officers and directors own less than 1% of common stock; Cargill, 64.7% (8/07 Proxy). President and Chief Executive Officer: James T. Prokopanko. Incorporated: Delaware. Address: Atria Corporate Center, Suite E490, 3033 Campus Drive, Plymouth, MN 55441. Telephone: (763) 577-2700. Internet: http://www.mosaicco.com

How exactly are stock obligations wraught in consequence to corporate buyouts/mergers etc.?

Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options for you to double your stock!

What stock will double to quadruple within the next 2 months or sooner?

Some stocks may double in 2 months, but if there were solid grounds to believe that any would, they would have done so already. Rumors that a stock is about to double could make it happen only rarely. But if any company is severely beaten down right now, it might recover quickly. It is just such stock that could conceivably see double digit increases. But one would have a better prospect if one waited a couple years before betting on it.

What are some stock tips that you guys have?

Don't follow your gut...ever...you will get raped. That is what professional traders do, they figure out what a typical investor would do, and try to produce the opposite. If you are going to swing trade, or hold longer-term positions, just do your homework (it is essential to making the right decision). Your homework includes knowing every piece of news on your stock, analyzing pricing levels, monthly charts, weekly charts, daily charts any other economic news and balance sheets are fake but analyze them as well. The most important thing is to find stock's that follow the trend of the market (Beta = 1). It is easier to estimate which way the market as a whole is going, compared to where an individual stock is headed (in my opinion). If you day-trade, follow the strategy you learned and never deviate. My first day day-trading a few years ago, my first trade, I lost $400. Want to know why? b/c I followed my gut. I said Visa just bounced up and down a dollar real quick & like 3 times, it's going back up, and what happens, it proceeds to sink.

What is the stock’s expected price seven years from today?

Ks=risk free rate+ beta * market premium= 0.05+1.2*0.05=0.11 dividend constrant growth Price or present value P= 40 D1=2 $ per share. P0=D1/(1+g) , g = constant growth g=-0.05(means declining) Price at year 7=Price at year 0*(1+g)power 7 =40*(0.95)pwer 7 = 27.93349 I hope it is correct

How does the stock market of today resemble the stock market of the past?

well there are many changes and you can get answers for this from ezine articles.....

What stock will be the next casuality of this credit crisis?

I work for PP. Believe me, the problem with the poultry industry is the ever rising cost of corn and soybean. I am all for finding a different source of fuel, but burning our food supply is not the answer. To end the problem we are facing here, we ned to end ethanol production. Sorry environmentalists, it's the facts.

How does the stock market effect the pharmaceuticals industry?

They impact it and get impacted by it.

How to tell whether the stock is for small or large ring Mauser?

Nice find! I have been collecting old Mausers since my dad got one from Sears back in the 70s and I still get confused by the different action sizes, not just small or large ring. The Chileno is a Small Ring. But get out the calipers and measure the action and screw distance. Large Ring - Mauser's with a Large ring have a thread shank diameter of 1.10" With 12 threads per inch. Across the face of the receiver will measure 1 3/8 . You can also measure the trigger guard screw holes, From center hole to center of other hole should measure about 7 7/8 or 7.830. Small Ring - Mausers with a Small ring have a thread shank diameter of .980" With 12 threads per inch. Across the face of the receiver will measure 1 1/4. You can also measure the trigger guard screw holes, From the center of the holes measure , it should measure about 7 5/8 or 7.625.

What stock website allows you to go back to view a previous day?

www.finance.yahoo has all the info on any stock.

How is stock treated when determining Medicaid assets?

It would be your profit minus the taxes.

What makes shorting a stock different than selling it?

If you own the stock, you can still sell it short (this is called “shorting against the box”) and deposit the stock with the brokerage firm, this is a very common practice.. Doing so, there is absolutely no need for margin since your short position is fully covered. When the stock drops in price you have a choice, either deliver the stock that you had owned or buy stock back to cover your short position. By buying it back you establish a new cost basis for your holdings you would average out your cost with the original holdings and the buy back cost. At the same time you would take a profit on the short sale. If you deliver your stock to cover the short, then you may establish a loss (depending on the original cost). It would be best to talk to some on e who knows more about taxes than security processing. JOHN W- You are providing information that is not correct which once again demonstrates that you know nothing about the operations of the securities industry. To short you DO NOT need a margin account, firms have policy on this and many of them want you to have margin but there are no rules that require it. You DO NOT pay interest on the loan from borrowing securities since monies are not taken out of your account. You would only have a margin call if you did not have equity to cover your short position.

What happens to the stock when a big company buys a little company?

The shareholders of the smaller company may be offered by the larger company: 1) A certain amount of cash per share (normally higher than the price at which the stock was previously trading at BEFORE the purchase of the company was announced. OR 2) A certain number of shares in the larger company in exchange for a certain number of shares of the smaller company. The stock price of the larger company may actually go down some when the deal is announced.

What is the best stock stock broking website?

Penny stocks are far riskier than other stocks. They are completely inappropriate for the novice investor. Read the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) link below. If you do not fully understand all of these risks, avoid penny stocks. Consider mutual funds until you gain some investing knowledge. Great fund companies include Vanguard and Fidelity. Both offer discount brokerage services. Both have good sites and excellent customer service. Good investment reading that should be in any decent library: One Up On Wall Street - Peter Lynch A Random Walk Down Wall Street - Burton Malkiel The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham

When buying stock in a company is it the current value per share the price you pay when buying it?

Current value is usually the value of the last trade. Asking price is usually what you have to pay if you ask for a "market order". That's what people are currently asking to sell their shares. You might want to research "limit orders". That's a type of order where you say "I'll buy 200 shares, but at no more than 20.00 per share". It locks in your cost, but you might not always find a seller.

How to purchase a stock early on its first day of trading?

To get new issues, especially "hot" ones It's very simple. Open an account with a major brokerage firm, make sure you have a large amount of investing capital or a margin account with equity in excess of 100,000, be willing to buy all the new issues that are presented to you whether they are good or are known to be bad, have a good track record of not selling new issues as soon as they are open for trading, and you will never sell any new issue back to the selling syndicate. There is no way you can place a buy order in the market place below the selling quoted market and expect to get it executed. .

What is the difference between preferred stock, common stock, and cumulative preferred stock?

Preferred stock is ranked higher on the creditor's list, so holders will get paid first before common stock holders in the event of a liquidation. They pay regular fixed interest, usually quarterly, but sometimes bi-annually. I believe they have limited voting rights, but am not certain. Preferred stock do not have options, as far as I know. Common stock is the lowest on the totem pole. In a case of bankruptcy and/or liquidation, common stockholders will get little or nothing. the common stock may pay dividends, which may be increased if the company does well. Usually more volatile. Common stock may have options.

How many stocks do you currently own and what are some hot short term and long term stock picks?

I have positions in over a dozen stock, most (but not all) or which are long. I also have positions in over a dozen stock options, most (but not all) of which are parts of spreads. My hot stock picks would be most likely to be financial companies that have been oversold.

What are a few stocks that are old and have beaten the stock market?

IBM, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson and Walmart all come to mind, but even those stocks have had periods where they underperformed the market. Past performance is not necessarily a predictor of future stock performance. You mentioned just one company ATT that is no longer the leader that it once was, but there are several former great companies whose stocks no longer perform as well as the market as a whole.

What stock trading company do you find to be the cheapest, most reliable and easiest to use for beginners?

Among the least expensive for beginners is Scottrade.com at $7.00 a stock trade. My personal favorite is Fidelity, but they are more expensive. However, they have top notch stock research, which if you are interested in making money in the stock market is of considerable value.

What's the difference between "restricted stock" and "stock options" from accounting perspective?

A stock option gives the employee the option to purchase shares ofthe stock from the company at a predetermined price. Restricted stock are shares of the company that have restrictions placed on them (usually when they can be sold). Companies have switched because starting this year they are required to treat options as an expense. up until this year companies did not have to report options and so they had no effect on earnings. Now, they are treated as an expense, the company has to purchase the shares in order to give sell them to the employee. As options are only excersized if the current pprice is higher than the buy price, this automatically results in a loss for the company. Restricted shares are new shares that are issued by the company and therefore do not cost them anything.

What happens to my stock holdings if the stock goes down or up?

Your shares of stock would remain the same. You would have a "paper" or "unrealized" loss of $500.00.

What happens to my stock when a company emerges from bankruptcy?

Kaiser Aluminum and United have just exited bankruptcy. There is a lag time for distributions to the former accounts and you can find it on MarketWatch.com. Kaiser will be distributed on July 28th and then we will find out how many shares of the new company KALU are worth of our old stock KLUCQ. There should be like a 700:1 ratio or so, according to my math. No one knows until the distribution date. What that date is for United, I don't know. But our shares do not just disappear. They are still worth something, don't worry. Your account will be updated on the 28th with the correct amount of shares and proper value. I just wish it were a 1:1 swap! Wouldn't that be nice? Best of luck to you!

Recipe using chicken stock, to take advantage of good homemade stock?

Butternut squash soup isn't really delicate, but would probably taste great made with homemade stock. I'd say, make whatever you want with it, homemade will taste better than store bought and its probably better for you. If you really want to taste the stock, make your own chicken noodle soup with big chunks of chicken, carrot, and celery and egg noodles. Also, risotto might be a good use for the home made stuff.

What stocks should i invest in for a stock simulation game that uses real stocks?



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Par Value is the selling price orignally asked when a stock is first issued. Assuming that the stock is "worth" the par valueat the time it is issued then the answer is B but par value for a stock doesn't always reflect the worth of a stock. Stocks are bought and sold most of the time at over par although they can be bought under par sometimes. Par Value doesn't change but the worth does. If a company issues 1,000,000 shares of stock at par of $5 they generate $5,000,000 of capital to use for their company. If in the next 5 years the company is growing and investors think the company will continue to grow and pay good dividends they may be willing to pay $10 per share for the stock. The company does not get this money and the Par Value doesn't change. Some of the investors who bought the original shares at $5 may be willing to sell them for $10. They are the ones who make the gain.