Should i start stevie johnson or LT flex?

Johnson no doubt about it. He should do well against Philly plus you don't know how much game time will be devoted to LT

should i trade stevie johnson for julius thomas?

I would make the trade. Only because Thomas has the better QB(Peyton Manning). EJ Manuel is vary good young QB but he is not likely to though a bunch of TD like Manning. Lowering Johnson Value when compared to Thomas. If you have the need at TE, then he would be an upgrade over a bunch of other TE. As long as he keep scoring TDs, which he has done for the last three weeks.

Martin and Stevie Johnson for Welker and Ridley?

Keep Martin and Ridley not because i think Welker will have a big year (because he wont) just because it will far eclipse that of johnsons But more because i see ridley as a top 10 back this year with a struggling pats receiving core he could come close to Martins numbers

ppr ? should drop stevie johnson to pick up james jones?

No Stevie Johnson is the only WR playmaker in Buffalo unlike Jones in GB.

Should I start Stevie Johnson or Brandon Stokely at flex tomorrow?

Even with the better match up for Stokley, I'd play Johnson this week. If it were Decker or Thomas you were considering, then the match up could be the difference. Johnson gets more targets and more fantasy points than Stokley.

Antonio Brown (big Ben out) or Stevie Johnson?

Stevie Johnson. And even though he has an injury take Chris Johnson.

Stevie Johnson or Brandon Lloyd Week One?

Steve Johnson: Injured + Average QB + Darrelle Revis = High risk, medium reward Brandon Lloyd: Healthy + Tom Brady + Being a deep threat + No Cortland Finnegan + Josh McDaniels loves him = Low-medium risk, very high reward Go with Lloyd. Last time Brady had a great deep threat we all know what happened. Not that I'd compare Lloyd to Randy Moss, but I think his production could be great.

Are you all about the Bills like Stevie Johnson?

in case you don't wanna look up the song, here is the gist of it: yada yada yada stevie johnson. blah blah blah my cousin is stevie johnson. bills, money, bills, stevie, we are good friends, and he's my cousin. stevie johnson. johnson. stevie. on my stevie johnson.

Should I Start Hakeem Nicks or Stevie Johnson?

id go with johnson, against the worst passing D in the league good luck

Should I start Trent Richardson or Stevie Johnson?

I would start Stevie Johnson for this week. He has a TD in each of the first two games and is about all Buffalo has to throw to. Long term, Richardson is going to be your guy. He joined Indy on Thursday and probably doesn't have a good grasp of the offense or blocking schemes. yet. Start Johnson and wait and see what Richardson does.

Should I start DeSean Jackson or Stevie Johnson: Week 9?

Stevie Johnson indefinetly. Fitzpatrick only has very few reliable options with Stevie Johnson way on top of the list. With Vick struggling and possibly Foles starting, Jackson isn't a good choice. Plus, Eagles have a lot of options such as McCoy, Maclin, and Celek (maybe even Avant)

Chris Johnson and Stevie Johnson for Ray Rice and Frank Gore?

Harbaugh plans to make Gore the center of his offense,if he can stay healthy he'll be a top 10 RB.With McGehee gone Rice will get more goal line & short yardage handoffs,making him an easy top 5 overall producer potentially. CJ2K is holding out for a better contract,and Steve Johnson will get alot more defensive attention after his breakout year.......JUST DO IT! Stay thirsty my friend.

Should I trade Eric Decker for Stevie Johnson?

not true at all. stevie hasnt been putting up ridiculous tds at all this season and hes had about 5 catches on average per game, nothing special. i have him on my squad and i have a hard time starting him since hes not getting touchdowns nor has had even one big game this year. Id stick with decker.

flex position, should i start stevie johnson or kyle rudolph?

Normally, I'd go with Johnson, but Rudolph faces the Titans this week. The Titans have allowed 83% completions, 396 receiving yards and 7 TDs to TEs so far. I would be playing Rudolph. Johnson has a much tougher match up against the 49ers. They've only allowed 579 yds and 1 TD to WRs this year.

Reggie Bush and Edelman or Stevie Johnson for Calvin Johnson?

In a PPR league, keep Edelman and trade him Johnson first. Edelman gets more catches and yards but Johnson gets more TDs.

FF Trade: is Matt Forte OR Lesean McCoy for Stevie Johnson a good trade?

First off, how the hell do you have so many awesome RBS. Anyway, no way. Mccoy and Forte are both ELITE fantasy RBS, either one would make a great 1st round draft pick. And if you were to trade one of them, you would have to be getting an elite WR. Steve Johnson is the 19th ranked receiver, that's not good. True Stevie Johnson is good. But you can't expect him to be as good as he is this year. One of the biggest reasons he was so good last year is because teams were double teaming Lee Evans and leaving room for him to get open and find holes in the defense. The problem is, Lee Evans was traded to the Ravens. Also, the Bills will look to do more running this year as they try and develop second year back C.J. Spiller who didn't get too many carries last year. Although, it wouldn't be that bad for your team to gain another good WR, and it's good that you're looking for one.

Trade Help: Nate Washington for Stevie Johnson?

I would do it because Washington is quickly becoming the Titans #2 WR and Stevie Johnson is still the Bills #1 guy.

Chris Johnson for Stevie Johnson Fantasy Football?

No. Stevie Johnson is ok, but he is not worth losing a quality RB like C Johnson. Wilson will not do anything for you as he has shown nothing the last few games.

Would you drop Stevie Johnson Or Joique Bell right now? Fantasy Football Week 5?

Even if Johnson were healthy, Manuel is out for a few weeks and the replacement isn't a significant passing threat. However, Blackmon would have more value with Henne at QB than with Gabbert. I'd hold on to johnson and play match-ups with your backups. If Washington is available, I would drop Johnson for him though.

Alice Cullen (twilight) vs. Stevie Rae Johnson (house of night)?

Stevie Rae is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her character so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alice is OK but Stevie Rae is so cool and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she has so much personality where alice falls flat and she is just all around amazing and totally deserves caps where alice doesn't haha!!!

Stevie Johnson or Eric Decker?

I've got the same dilemma...Johnson is the #1 but he's going up against Revis who is playing better than fantastic right now. Also Johnson's points have not been very good, especially in the red zone. I'm thinking another big week for Scott Chandler & Fred Jackson. going against arguably the #1 pass defense in the league. I think Decker is another Gamble...He saw the red zone last week, but I think he was only targeted twice...with Tim Tebow in there you don't know what you're going to get. It's a tough call but I'm going to start Decker over Johnson.

Vincent Jackson for Stevie Johnson?

I'd take Stevie Johnson all day. V. Jax is washed up.

Brandon Lloyd vs Jags or Stevie Johnson vs Dolphins?

Johnson against dolohins. Lloyd gets passes from brady but brady looks toward other wr and esp the te's most often. Dolohins D is horrible as well as jags but johnson will get more yards

is revis island now stevie johnson island?

Steve Johnson has 2 chances to win the game for the Bills on his two drops. If he caught those, we'd be all here ripping on Revis. But....he dropped them....

should i drop Edelman for Robert Woods or Stevie Johnson?

Johnson would be better than Woods - he's the #1 Bill WR and outscoring Woods, but I'd keep Edelman even if Amendola comes back.

Chris Ivory or Stevie Johnson at Flex?

I would roll with Stevie to start. Chris Ivory doesn't have a roll yet, so could be a risky play early, but make sure to keep him on your team as he will soon be the Jets #1. Also, New England can obviously score some points, so Buffalo may be coming from behind so they are going to need to throw the rock to Stevie. Good luck!

Tolbert vs. Chiefs or Stevie Johnson vs. NE?

Johnson: The NE defense has been horrible this season so far. They will give up a lot of points. Tolbert isn't at 100%. Mathews will take most of the carries vs the Chiefs. Good luck!

Whats a better start for week 1.. Anquan Boldin or Stevie Johnson?

I have Stevie as well as he's riding my bench this week. He does well against Revis but you never know Please answer mine:;_ylt=AiY725cOzzpFgxgTZSATrQ_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120903203313AAHBsji

Jordy Nelson or Stevie Johnson for week 3 Fantasy?

Gotta go Johnson until he's legit hurt! Jordy has has a couple lucky weeks....last week if it wasn't for that fluke 84-yarder he wouldn't have had a catch! Johnson will get his looks no matter what. Start him!

Is Stevie Johnson and Marques Colston an even trade for Tony Gonzalez?

No way. S. Johnson and Colston are two top NFL WRs, both #1 for their team. Gonzalez is old as dirt. Sure, F. Davis is stinking it up, but he needs time to acclimate himself to his new QB. If anything, I'd drop Britt and sign Pitta or B. Myers.

Who should I start? WR Lance Moore, Eric Decker, Stevie Johnson, Amendola?

I would stick with S. Johnson and E. Decker. L. Moore is only projected at 7pts this week, and because of the terrible Raiders D, who are projected at -6pts, it is very possible that Denver will air it out a bit. Also, because BGE is doing great right now, I would start him over C. Johnson. As far as defense, steelers are terrible. I would decide between the Jets and Browns. Note, the Jets are away against the Jags and the Browns are home against KC. Lastly, in my opinion, Brady Quinn is not a very good QB and is returning to Cleveland where he is bound to screw up. Again, all this is my opinion and open to interpretation

Stevie Johnson or Steven Jackson ppr flex?

I don't like Steven Jackson at all. But I don't like Stevie Johnson either...haha I guess I would go with Stevie Johnson. Normally you should go with the RB, but Jackson is just terrible. And he's going up against a tough Carolina D. Go with Stevie! Good luck!

Who should I play owens collie or stevie johnson?

Collie should play this wek and has a good match up in what could be a very high scoring game. I'd play him as long as he's active and Johnson if Collie doesn't play.

Should I trade Trent Richardson, Stevie Johnson for Gronk, Green-Ellis?

I would. I feel that Richardson is going to start faling off the map here soon and that he needs to be traded by anyone that has him. Law Firm would be the bench player to replace Johnson and you would essentially get Gronk for Richardson. I would do the deal.

Fantasy Week 2 - Ben Jarvus or Stevie Johnson?

Go with Steve Johnson. He is a rising star in this league, and he is going against a very weak defense who is trying to replace one of the top cornerbacks in the league.

Week 3 Wide Receivers - start Stevie Johnson?

I think you start Johnson. I figure buff will be down and throwing and even though nelson had a great game, johnson is still the big hitter there

FF Trade: LeSean McCoy for Stevie Johnson?

Terrible trade. McCoy is ranked 7th overall and Johnson is somewhere in the 40s. I'd want Roddy White or Andre Johnson for McCoy

Brandon Marshall for Stevie Johnson?

that would be a fair trade. But while Marshall's season was considered one of his worst he still had nearly 90 receptions and over 1,000 yards. Being such a big WR his TDs can only go up from the 3 he got last year. Personally, I would take the upside of Marshall over Johnson. But that's me so if you just trust Fitzpatrick THAT much more Henne, then go for it.

Stevie Johnson Justin Blackmon and Sydney Rice for Andre Johnson?

If you're getting Andre Johnson, yes. He's not a top 10 fantasy WR anymore, but he's not far off that and has a very good match up this week. None of the other three are top 25. Rice and Stevie Johnson are banged up right now although both should play this week. As long as you can afford to move all three WRs this makes sense even if you're giving up a ,lot. You'll get to pick up two FAs for the empty roster spots.

D avery or stevie johnson?

Two poor options, but I'd go with Johnson. The Titans have only allowed 555 receiving yds and 2 TDs to WRs. The Browns have allowed 604 receiving yds and 2 TDs to WRs. Johnson is the #1 receiver for the Bills still though. Johnson is currently outscoring Avery by 2.5 pts/game (standard Yahoo scoring).

Should I drop Stevie Johnson for Austin Collie?

idk, johnson might be droppable since he just got injured. i'd wait though. especially on collie. collie has to compete with gronk, amendola, edelman, thompkins and even dobson for passes from brady. maybe you should drop johnson but try to find a better option.

Should Bills receiver Stevie Johnson change his name to Stevie Wonder?

well, stevie was a winner in my opinion, so no. Also do you know that Stevie Wonder's real name is Stevland?

Brandon Lloyd or Stevie Johnson? Who do you like for the rest of the year?

Stevie Johnson is going to score more. He has established a great connection with Fitzpatric and they keep getting new sets of downs with the great play of their running backs. The Rams are not going to get Lloyd the ball as much with their bad O-line and their bad defense that keeps their offense off the field. Lloyd may be the bigger talent but he simply won't get as many opportunities on a losing team. Johnson is a red zone threat also which adds even more value to him.

Fantasy Football Week 3: Start Stevie Johnson or David Nelson?

Nelson was targeted only one less time than Johnson week 2. Rotoworld claims the Pats have a tough time with tall receivers and clearly, Nelson is the tall receiver on the team. Also, like you said, Johnson might be slowed a little. It's really a toss up. Conservative choice is go with Stevie Johnson... but I'd probably go with Nelson, especially in a PPR league. He caught 10 of 13 last week!! 6'5" is a big RZ target too

With Calvin Johson out should i start Stevie Johnson?

Johnson isn't a great play this week, but he's a better option than V. Brown or M. Floyd. If C. Johnson is out, go ahead and play S. Johnson

bench andre johnson for stevie johnson?

if you have the best player at a position you should never bench him. you CAN'T bench andre johnson but i don't think you should bench stevie either. put stevie johnson as your flex over hillis for sure and maybe put hillis in at running back if you don't have great depth (i don't know your RB situation) but definitely play all three wrs. great drafting!

Week 2 Flex: Stevie Johnson OR LeGarrette Blount?

Blount only had 5 carries last week. Blount has more upside than Johnson but Johnson is a much safer pick. Johnson is the only receiver fantasy-relevant on his team. If Blount gets 20+ carries he will be a stud, but the question is, will he? I would say Johnson, but if you have guts, go with Blount!


Look, Johnson is the best comedy show since Chad "call me Ochocinco" Johnson. Of course, the penalty did cost them the lead. He will get fined, but not suspended. Sorry to say, but the Bills loss to the Dolphins keeps them from the playoffs.

Stevie Johnson Justin Blackmon and Sidney Rice for Andre Johnson?

The side getting Andre Johnson should be the winner but you are right, the guy gets hurt every single year. I personally would Normally not want to give up three starting (NFL) receivers for one man but the only one of those guys that is really special is Stevie Johnson who is 3-4th tier at best. The other two guys are waiver wire fodder with potential (unless this is a 16 team league) if you are offering the 3 wrs for Johnson do what you can to get the deal done and grab some guys with upside off the wire. If you are on the side giving up Johnson do not make the deal. Hope this helps, good luck this season!

Darren McFadden and Stevie Johnson?

I don't think its a good trade for you. People seem to forget that Ryan Grant rushed for more than 1,000 yds for a couple of season. He is really underrated this year. Run-DMC has been injury prone in the past, so it's a risk trading for him. I love Calvin Johnson this year. If Stafford can stay healthy he will finish with at least top 5 numbers. Even if Stafford isn't healthy, Johnson will finish much better than Steve Johnson. I would cancel it immediately.