Xabi alonso or Steven Gerrard?

When Xabi Alonso left, we dropped 5 places. You could see what a tremendous impact he had on the club, but if Steven Gerrard leaves, life will never be the same.

Who is the best midfield (Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard) ?

out of the two (and they are both over-rated anyway) Steven Gerrard is better. Not only is he more skillful, he produces in the big games. In the Champion's League final against AC Milan, who started the fightback? Steven Gerrard! In the FA Cup final against West Ham (this pains me as I am a West Ham fan), he almost singlehandedly won the game for Liverpool... Lampard has it easier because he is surrounded by some of the best defensive players in the world, and doesn't need to even come back to defend.

What would persuade Steven Gerrard to quit Liverpool FC?

Steven Gerrard Gerrard He kisses the badge on his chest Then he hands in his transfer request Steven Gerrard Gerrard

Where can I find a lot of good pictures of Steven Gerrard?

http://images.google.com.bh/images?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4ADBR_enBH228BH229&q=Steven%20Gerrard&oe=UTF-8&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi http://img.search.yahoo.com/search/images?ei=utf-8&fr=slv8-msgr&p=Steven%20Gerrard http://www.ask.com/pictures?q=Steven+Gerrard&search=&qsrc=0&o=333&l=dir http://search.msn.com/images/results.aspx?q=Steven+Gerrard&FORM=MSNH&mkt=en-US

What is typical Steven Gerrard?

this is typical of gerrard too http://www.footballexpo.com/gerrard-the-biggest-hypocrite-in-english-football/

How excited are you to see Steven Gerrard and Daniel Agger play...?

I like Gerrard better when he plays for England... Shows more passion imo EDIT What was all that business with Chelsea then? =/ EDIT Nah I mean when he wanted to leave for Chelsea after 05 CL And P.S. I know, Koscielny the ba5tard EDIT Yeah, but he has a strong bench if we need it... which we don't!!! 2-1!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and do us all a favour and come back to top 4 would ya, Chelsea don't seem to want it anymore =P Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs <<< Not necessarily what the league finish might be though =P EDIT Yeah, its difficult... but possible Some teams slip up around this time So if Liverpool get into a good, solid streak they can just nick it

Who is better, Gareth Barry, Steven Gerrard, or Frank Lampard?

Well I think they are all great, but with that being said I will go ahead with Gerrard for these reasons: he demands much from defenders when he is on the pitch, just his presence alone commands it. Also, there is a priceless value to "clutch" players in any sport that can come through for key plays or scoring when it's most needed. A world famous coach of a team once said "I'll take 75% luck over 25% skill. Sometimes players get lucky but the ones who can keep doing it many times over, garner extra respect. So I choose Steven Gerrard.

Fernando Torres vs Steven Gerrard?

Stevie G. He is a very good captain and can hit many thunderbolts and is also a very, very accurate passer. Liverpool could survive and still win without Fernando Torres but without Steven Gerrard they normally draw and lose points. Gerrard is a key player.

isnt it funny how steven gerrard always?

You are right. Gerrard is unpatriotic. Scousers suck. By the way, I gave you a star as you requested, please reciprocate and give me the best answer reward. Again, you are right about Gerrard. Geraldo. R9. ** I love Al Bundy, nice man

Frank Lampard vs Steven Gerrard?

Liverpool can't do without Gerrard? Somebody hasn't been watching football for the last 2 months. Edit - Makes sense you comment on how Liverpool play without Gerrard without watching Liverpool play without Gerrard, very smart. You come across very intelligent keep up the good work.

Who is better? Steven Gerrard or Juan Roman Riquelme?

you have to be kiddin me riquelme is on a whole different level. in liverpool vs manchester gerrard was outplayed by anderson on both the occasions. he is overrated. the only reason people like him is because he scores a lot of fluke goals cant beleive he scored 11 this season in prem!! gerrard doesnt give any through balls at all all he does is pass it to torres when he is covered by 4 players. riquelme on the other hand gives through balls long balls and he is good long range accuracy. so the undisputed winner is riquelme. tthis is comin from n arsenal fan. woo hoo peace out hombre`

Ian Rush or Steven Gerrard?

Impossible to compare fairly, the majority of users on here will not have seen Rush play but may know he was a prolific striker playing for an exceptionally successful team in a time when football really was a different game played in a more physical way. Gerrard is an amazing captain who leads the team by example, he has scored 89 goals in 400 PL games as a midfielder, not a bad return and he does play in a much less successful team. Both players are Anfield legends.

What is Steven Gerrard's playing style ?

Bayerischer is correct, except for his analysis of how Gerrard is utilised for England, given that Gareth Barry usually performs the midfield holding role for England, whilst Gerrard is used much more offensively, often coming in from the left hand side to support Wayne Rooney. In years past, Gerrard's international role was indeed that of a box-to-box midfielder owing to the lack of a defensive midfielder and the presence of the predominantly attack-minded Lampard, but Capello favours the Barry-Lampard partnership in central midfield, with Gerrard further forward.

Is Steven Gerrard the best midfielder in the world?

I think Gerrard is the best midfielder in the world. He's an absolute all-rounder. His best position is central midfield, but he is one of the few players you could play in any position. Yes i said it, he could even play at centre back if he had to, infact he's played there before and was impressive. He will always score goals, great passing abilty and vison. There isn't a midfield in the world he wouldn't make it into. He doesn't get the credit other players get because he doesn't mess about doing all the step overs and party tricks. Maybe if he was spanish people would rate that bit more.

Why is Steven Gerrard not England captain?

I know ! The guy is a born leader (Milan 05,Olympiakos 04,West Ham 06).And Capello is a retard.Gerrard has been waiting patiently for his time now for a good couple of years and now he's soon past it,and won't be able to captain England.But the main stand-out reason why he isn't captain is because of Frank Lampard! Since Gerrard is the only one of them that can actually defend he is played in a Defensive position.Which ensures that Gerrard can't score the same amount of goals or give the same amount of assists that he does at liverpool.And he's also a better attacker then Lampard.

Was Steven Gerrard Better than Xavi at one point of his career?

Yeah Gerrard at his point of the career was a legend and way better then xavi was right now or at his best. I've seen Gerrard and he use to win games for us and score 90th minute crackers with his brilliant long range ability. Gerrard has scored way important goals for us and is creative for us as well as a terrific goal scorer. Gerrard has helped us to win the champions leauge and i bet that Gerrard at his best could be way more beneficial then xavi. Xavi is a wonderful creative player but cant always score wonder goals like gerrard and when barca is losing then he cant do his magic like gerarrd does to help us. Gerrard is a wonderful leader and can play in mostly every position. He can do the dirty work(defending) play kinda in a striking midfield role and as a winger. Gerrard has more ability to score cracker goals and probably give great long balls to help. Overall Gerrard has helped us more and can be influential for us in the dying moments once were losing. Gerrad is the heart of our team while not only xavi is the heart of barca, their is also messi and others. I've seen xavi and if you take messi and some good players out of barca then he wont be that good and wont help barca that much. So i mean that he is good with some players of barca while gerrard can be a great independent player. Overall i summarise that gerrard is a leader, helper and a person who can independently win games for us while xavi might be great but gerrard can overall do much more as a player Dont forget that gerrard has single handedly won games for us and that is not what xavi can do for barcelona. And against ac milan in the finals, he was involved in our first goal and was the reason we came back. When barca is under pressure and is losing then xavi is not that great. What xavi has gerrard can do, but what gerrard has xavi cant do------- this is a basic summary

Paul Scholes or Steven Gerrard?

Paul Scholes hands down. The number of LEAGUE TITLES he has won compared to that of gerrard is a good enough reason to say he is better.

Footie poll: Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard?

I support Chelsea, but I would still pick Lampard over Gerrard. He's just better than Gerrard. People can prove all the points they want about Gerrard about how many goals he scored in one game, or how many assists he had, but I would still pick Lampard. It's probably the way he plays, i love watching him :D

Who would you rather have on your team? Ronaldinho or Steven Gerrard?

probably steven G but only if he cut out his diving

Steven Gerrard. . . .?

Yeah.. They are rely too much on Gerrard's diving and drawing a free kick..

Fifa 08 Question Steven Gerrard?

Ok now as the others have said the not enough players is a cover up for we don't want to sell to our rival club..naturally enough as would happen in real life! To get Steven Gerrard try one of 3 things: 1)Offer more money...worth a go! 2)Go Liverpool and then you will have him 3) Go a different club e.g. Chelsea or Barcelona and then try and sign him! You'll have a better chance anyway TJM

Steven Gerrard or Xavi in their prime. Who is better and why?

Even through Gerrard is a great natural footballer and technically great Xavi can play a better pass. Gerrard is a better captain and leader though. I'd rather have had Gerrard playing for Liverpool in the 2005 CL final than Xavi. Gerrard in his prime was also faster and a better tackler. BQ - They are playing right now @ Roberto H - yes because Gerrard doesn't score goals...he scores screamers !

In their prime. Xavi Hernandez or Steven Gerrard?

You're telling me that Baros, Kewell, Luis Garcia and Riise aren't world-class? I'd take them over Iniesta, Messi, Pedro, Busquets and Villa any day. lol. Gerrard is better in terms of physical attributes like running fast and kicking the ball hard. Xavi for mental and passing ability.

Liverpool fc - are they better without Steven gerrard?

I can see where your coming form mate but you have got to remember how much of an impact Steven Gerrard has had on Liverpool F.C. - HE IS LIVERPOOL F.C. Liverpool lose more games without Gerrard than they do with him - it's a fact. The lost against West Brom last week is a good example. I think the number of leader's in the Liverpool squad played a part in the win over City. Kuyt took charge of the attack and Carra took charge of the defense - it was like watching pivots, wheels and chains work together in a machine. Great cohesion, although Lucas and Spearing lacked the great effect in partnership of Gerrard and Meireles. I'd say Gerrard has still got at least 2 more great seasons in him. He certainly won't be leaving until he get's Liverpool back into the Champions League.

Is reality beginning to sink in for Steven Gerrard ..........?

Gerrard is a selfish person. He should have went to Chelsea when he had a chance. If he had, England wouldn't have the whole "Can Lampard and Gerrard play together" crap. England would have a complete midfield and they would have won the World Cup 06 and Euro 08.

what did the brawl between steven gerrard and the dj start over?

Gerrard asked the DJ to play his favourite Erasure record and the DJ refused. Gerrard accused the DJ of being homophobic. A fight then ensued between Gerrard, his 4 friends and the DJ. The DJ still won.

Frank Lampard vs Steven Gerrard?

Stats- Lampard Team Performance- Lampard League Positions- Lampard Trophies- Lampard. Here's a quote about Gerrard made by Jose Mourinho "I can say to him, in 10 years, we will compare the trophies between Chelsea and Liverpool. And he will lose" Individual Honours- Lampard came 2nd in the FIFA World Player of the Year a few seasons back, Gerrard is just an overrated ginger. Now, on the pitch Shooting- Lampard Consistency-Lampard Free Kicks- Tie Tackling, Marking, defensive heading- Lampard Work rate- Lampard Dirtiness (e.g. fouls, bookings)- Gerrard Pace- Gerrard, only coz he's younger Long Shots- Lampard Key goals- Gerrard, only just Passing- Tie Crossing- Lampard Therefore, Lampard IS better. So shut up, envious Liverpool fans..... I hope you can buy someone good with ur 5 million, LOL

Who is better, Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard?

I think Gerrard has a better all round game, Jamie Carragher who is obviously got red tinted specs once said the difference between the 2 players is Lampard became a world class player Gerrard was born one. When you look at all round games everything from consistency, tackling, shooting game intelligence, pace power free kicks, penalty's etc I think more often than not Gerrard would just edge it out from under Lampard. You can look at this season and it's obviously been a terrible one for liverpool but you can't paint every player with the same brush. Dunno where this fat thing came out of both players are in great shape.

FIFA Fill this out Steven Gerrard is a ______and I want to ____?

Steven Gerrard is an amazing Liverpool player and I want to magically make him win the EPL this year and be as legendary as Kenny Dalglish. Fabregas is so Barcelonian that I want to force him back into Barca to be with his true love Pique, which will make Bojan jealous. And yeah, I kinda changed my mind. EDIT: Tried to keep the Gerrard part PG.

how was steven gerrard get a not guilty verdict?

you hold a jury trial in a city where Gerrard is pretty much universally adored (excluding Evertonians here) - what do you expect. it's ridiculous. How can six people do it and be convicted, and one not? he's admitted he was drunk, and yet claims he acted in self defence...defence from what? the guy you and you're mates are beating seven shades of sh** out of? did Mr. McGee even attempt to land a blow? Gerrard also claims he didn't see the initial elbowing from one of his accomplices...he, who was standing literally next to the man in question, did not see it, and yet a CCTV camera the other side of the bar with a partially obscured view clearly shows the incident, and (what looks to be) Gerrard looking directly at the action. it seemed blatently obvious from the first time i saw the footage that all concerned were guilty, and yet sadly, there was always huge doubt that Gerrard would be convicted, despite the fact that he was equally as complicit as his friends. i hope that this incident does not reflect Gerrard's true character, and i'm sure he regrets hat he did - but so do a lot of people sitting in a prison cell as i type this. Justice has not been done, largely because he was tried in front of the very people who he plies his trade to please. to all those people claiming the only reason we're making such a fuss is because it's Gerrard - the fact that it's Gerrard means we can just ignore the fact that justice has not been done? your argument works against you. the reason people have heard about it is because it is Gerrard involved, the same fuss should be made in all similar situations however due to the lack of public attention it will obviously not happen. It is also convenient that the ONLY person acquitted was the professional footballer, a LFC footballer, at a trial held in Liverpool, undoubtedly in front of LIVERPOOL fans. justice should always be seen to be done, and done correctly - this has not been the case this time.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo twice the MAN Steven Gerrard will ever be ?

Yes, he probably is. Gerrard is a very good player but it seems he will never be the player he wants to be if he stays at Liverpool. I'm saying that because of who i support i think its true. Ronaldo has already impressed those in world football and he name has been mentioned amongst the greats, Gerrard hasn't really had that. I still think he is a great player but won't be any greater until he wins a league, i know he has won a CL but that Liverpool team wasn't a great team at all and didn't really win acclaim only enforcing the fact they are a Cup team.

Who is the better player out of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard ?

gerrard always drags his teams back into games fat frank is terrible l The problem your no liverpool fan remember the cl final and the fa cup final gerrard is worldclass when did you last see fat frank set up a goal with a pass??? never gerrard is a more complete player

Will Steven Gerrard play against Chelsea?

hes out injured - ankle infection. So short answer - NO. long answer. Chelsea aim to bounce back from their first home defeat of the season as they face a Liverpool side unbeaten in six. Chelsea team news Captain Steven Gerrard is still making his way back to full fitness after an ankle infection. Andre Villas-Boas is expecting everyone but Michael Essien to be fit. Daniel Sturridge was set to shake off a knock picked up yesterday that caused him to miss training on Friday, while fellow striker Didier Drogba has recovered from the arm surgery he underwent while suspended prior to the international break. Goalkeeper Hilario is back from a bout of flu, while Essien is on course to return from knee surgery at the turn of the year. Liverpool team news Defender Jamie Carragher is in contention to return to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday having missed the last two matches with a calf injury. Striker Luis Suarez is expected to keep his place in the starting line-up after being rested for Uruguay's friendly win over Italy in midweek as a precautionary measure after a minor back problem. Captain Steven Gerrard is still making his way back to full fitness after an ankle infection. squads Chelsea: Cech, Bosingwa, Ferreira, Ivanovic, Terry, Cole, Luiz, Mikel, Romeu, Ramires, Lampard, Mata, Malouda, Meireles, McEachran, Torres, Drogba, Kalou, Sturridge, Anelka, Lukaku, Turnbull, Hilario. Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Agger, Enrique, Kuyt, Adam, Lucas, Downing, Suarez, Carroll, Doni, Kelly, Skrtel, Coates, Henderson, Spearing, Rodriguez, Bellamy.

Breaking news: Why was Steven Gerrard being questioned by the police?

Steven Gerrard has been involved in match fixing since he joined Liverpool FC who've been masters in bribing and money laundering. They can't obviously fix matches in the BPL cuz of its robust op system but loopholes in the UCL allow them to do so quite easily.That's why they've managed to reach semis in UCL 3 times in last 4 years after being mighty close to so many group stage ousters.

what is your idea about "Steven Gerrard"?

steven gerrard is a very good player,,..he is highly creative...but he has only one problem...he suffers alot in the interntional matches..i mean you can see steven gerrard giving alot to liverpool...but a few to england....may be because of fear..i dunno why and thats why he will only be remembered as a good player not a legend..but for me he is a good player

Do u think that steven gerrard is over rated?

Well over rated. Sure he's Liverpool's best player, but he doesn't deserve all the attention he gets. He's good at Free Kicks and Passing. That's it. He really doesn't do anything else. I think Lampard is way better than Gerrard. He's better at passing and he can take a good free kick just as good as Gerrard's. He also is the cornerstone of Chelsea, and he's always winning games for them like yesterday against Wigan. Without him, Chelsea would stink. Chelsea has Essien and Ballack, but they wouldn't do so good at leading the team. Liverpool without Gerrard...Xabi Alonso (who is well underrated because Gerrard is so overrated) would take his place and he would be the great center midfielder.

Did Steven Gerrard get a kick of the ball against Chelsea?

Putting Essien on Gerrard was a stroke of genius. Gerrard didn't chase Essien to win the ball back, but Essien was all over Gerrard when Liverpool had possession (more so when Gerrard did). And the one time Gerrard was free, Torres chose to pick out Benayoun. And Benayoun shot instead of sidefooting to Gerrard to set up a trademark blockbuster. The ball fell to Torres, and Torres hit a weak shot at Cech instead of picking out his captain. Bet Essien was relieved after that.

who is better paul scholes or steven gerrard?

So being able to pass 60 yards is better than being able to keep the ball and see any pass he wants to? Really? Scholes is in a different league, the reason England dont do well in tournements is because they settle for players like Gerrard, they need proper midfielders who can pass the ball, it is a shame someone like Scholes retired from international football so early. Scholes has been a legend for United, he has been there all his life and is one of their best ever players.

Steven Gerrard arrested?

Gerrard has already been released on bail.But he'll have to appear on court sometime later.If he's proven guilty,of course he'll have to serve 5 years' imprisonment.And guilty or innocent,he'll have to get a one year suspension and community service from Liverpool,just like Cantona when he assaulted a Crystal Palace fan at Selhurst Park 13 years ago.And Gerrard will be excluded from the England squad,whether he is Liverpool's icon or not.

Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard?

1 Gerrard is better over all because of the two overall in their career's i think Gerrard has shown he is slightly better at passing , tackling , captaincy , Heading but not shooting .However Lamps did much better than Gerrard Last season . 2 Gerrard for Liverpool as him and only 3 other players actually put in 100 % effort every game whereas Lamps plays for a better team and if he has an off game over players will step in and perform . 3 This one goes without saying Gerrard is known for last minute winners in important games . 4 Tough one but i would back Gerrard after i saw him in that club fight . 5 Gerrard as he is already vice captain .

abaut steven gerrard?

may be this will fullfilth: Name: Steven George Gerrard MBE Nationality: English Date and Place of Birth: Born May 30, 1980 in Whiston, England Height: 6' 0 Gerrard is married to Alex Curran, and the couple have two daughters: Lilly-Ella Gerrard (born February 23, 2004) and Lexie Gerrard (born May 09, 2006). They married at Cliveden on June 16, 2007, the same day as the weddings of England team-mates Gary Neville, Michael Carrick and rock star Rod Stewart, a day after England captain John Terry's. so you still like him as a fan....

Steven Gerrard?

Mr. Gerrard remains the best - and most consistent - English player. And getting better and more influential as he gets on. Just 24, he's inarguably one of the best central midfielders on the planet, capable of controlling the play, moving on or off the ball, passing long and short or scoring at virtually any range. Last year Stevie G scored 11 goals in all competitions for Liverpool. This season he has 17 already, with lots of football still to go. In the Premiership alone, he has 8 goals, one more than he did in 2006-07, and he's sitting 12th in the League. I think he's benefitted tremendously from working with Fernando Torres, who has to be paid a lot of attention by opposing defenders - Torres is currently third in the Prem with 15 goals, even if the nearly ruined my fantasy team.

Who will replace Steven Gerrard?

Gerrard was the heart beat of Liverpool FC. He was not only one fo their greatest players, he was not only just a supporter, but a local as well. For a long time he has been one of the only reasons Liverpool have kept their head above water. There will likely never be another player to replace Gerrard as he got LFC through one of their roughest patches. The replacement will likely be a different midfielder, rather than a one man team. However, the need for another Gerrard seems to be going away as I would say Liverpool are starting to look stronger again.

Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes or Cesc Fabregas?

1) S.Gerrard 2) P. Scholes 3) C. Fabregas 4) F. Lampard / M. Ballack Allow me to explain my decision. Lampard/Ballack- One is over-hyped. The other under-performed. I've never felt that Lampard deserved his status as the 2nd best player in the Europe behind Ronalhino as revealed in recent polls. What exactly do people see in him? Sure he scores plenty of goals but that's not his ultimate job is it? He used to be a pretty good player with fine passes, keeps everything simple and going, and chips in a few goals here and there. But ever since people rave about his goal-scoring abilities he has gone complacent and has only one thing on his mind- scoring goals HIMSELF. everytime he has the ball around the enemy's area, his team-mates can virtually stand and do nothing because there is NO WAY frank is gonna pass the ball to them. he goes for goal and more often than not, misses. even when he scores it's mostly because his shots are deflected by unknowing defenders. luck, i say. plenty of luck. ballack is an established player with international pedigree but he has done s**t since coming to chelsea on a free. hope he can prove why he used to be one of the best midfielders around. but time is not on his side. Fabregas- On his way to becoming one of the finest playmaker in Europe, but he still needs time to fine-tune his game. Not that time isn't on his side... Scholes- England's best attacking midfielder for the past decade. Enough said. Gerrard- Best midfielder in England. People may argue this but they cant deny Gerrard is simply the best. Who can score long range goals like Gerrard does? Lampard, some may say. Yet Gerrard can do things Lampard cant, like the ability to up the tempo in the game. Who can pass the ball as well as Gerrard? Scholes, some may say. Yet Scholes cant make a decent tackle even if his life depended on it, but Gerrard can. And what a well-timed tackle too! Who can inspire his team, doing things out of the ordinary and produce a moment of magic like Gerrard does? Fabregas, some may say. Yet he lack the experience that Gerrard possesses in abundance. I hope i made my point.

Are Steven Gerrard days of a footballer numbered?

Maybe Gerrard should retire internationally that way he can play longer for us, Like what scholes did. Except you know, Him actually being in the first team. He wont be the same player, true, but 'that' player played off torres, a secondary striker, making runs and finishing off breaks. He wont ever be put in that position regardless of if he's good or not. He is a Center midfielder, and last season, in the games he did play, I didn't think all our midfield combined come close to the passing quality gerrard put in. While lucas held, all he had to do was get the ball, and pass the ball to gerrard. Gerrard is our paul scholes, our fabregas, and our modric. For those reasons, Everyone will call him a different player, as they did last season too, but the main reason for that was his position being changed back to CM/CAM, and nature taking place, as his legs gave up a little speed and agility. Still, I dont think any CM in the premier league has the shooting ability of Gerrard. Some would debate Paul scholes, but now that he's retired, Gerrard is Undoubtedly, The best midfielder in the premiership.

Steven Gerrard or Lionel Messi for best all around soccer player?

Look, Gerrard's passed his prime.. Messi's in his prime.. Gerrard was as good as Messi in his prime.. He's more prone 2 injuries now and his defence tactics are not clear cut like they were before.. Messi is the better one now.. This season has not been that great for Gerrard.. His tension with Rafa, poor team performances, and stuff have got him worked up and he is lacking concentration in his game, relies 2 much on torres and so on.. On the other hand, Messi's having a dream season.. Scoring those big ones for his team, he's an established star now.. This question, now becomes one-sided.. Gerrard was a great player then, now Messi's making a name for himself..

Anybody else believe Steven Gerrard is actually underrated?

Steven Gerrard is not really a technical nor brainy footballer like say Messi. English football is more about passion and endeavour and Gerrard is very much an "English Player". He inspires and leads by example . It would be great to see what kind of player he would have been had come through a french football system where technique and brains seem a fundamental given. It is interesting that without him on the pitch for almost a year Liverpool have performed with the same level of inconsistency that they displayed with him. Benitez seemed to struggle to provide balance around his unique style. Istanbul 2005? they say he was single handed in helping Liverpool won the trophy. Didi Hammann who must have influenced a young Gerrard greatly, would have something to say about that. Smicer too. Personally I would rate Gerrard ahead of all English players he played against or with, bar Rooney. but probably not in the Top10 in the world during that same time. Spain, French, Argentina and parts of Africa all consistently provide us with the very best

some thing about steven gerrard?

Steven George Gerrard MBE (pronounced /sti'vən ˈdʒɛrɑrd/; born 30 May 1980), is an English professional association football player who plays for and captains English Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team. He has played much of his career in a centre midfielder role; however, since the arrival of Fernando Torres at Liverpool in 2007, he has been used mainly as a second striker for his club team and as a winger for England since 2006. Gerrard is best known for his long shots and also has scored in numerous cup finals including the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final and the 2006 FA Cup Final. Gerrard, who has spent his entire career at Anfield, made his début in 1998 and cemented his place in the first team in the 2000–01 season, succeeding Sami Hyypiä as Liverpool team captain in 2003. His honours include two FA Cup wins, two League Cup wins, a UEFA Cup win, and a UEFA Champions League win in 2005. In 2005, Gerrard came third in the voting for Ballon d'Or, given to the top player in Europe. Gerrard made his international début in 2000, and represented England in the UEFA European Championships in 2000 and 2004 as well as the 2006 FIFA World Cup, where he was the team's top goalscorer with two goals. Gerrard is the current vice-captain of the England national football team. However, he captained his country at the 2010 World Cup in the absence of regular captain Rio Ferdinand who missed the tournament through injury. Gerrard came second in the 100 Players Who Shook The Kop, a Liverpool F.C. fan poll. For more information, here I give you a URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Gerrard Or you can search Google News to find news of steven gerrard good luck.

Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard without any hesitation whatsoever... and why do people constantly think that Lampard is better?... Yea, Lampard is a fantastic player, but to think he's better than Gerrard is a joke... Gerrard saved Liverpool's arse in the 2005 FA cup final, the UEFA Champions League final... and on many other accounts. He's also one of the top consistent players for England. Lampard doesn't shine in big games and doesn't stand out for England. The only thing that really makes me think of why people choose Lamps over Stevie G is Lampard's health. Also, not to mention that Gerrard grew up a Red. Lampard grew up with West Ham and went to Chelsea

Why is Steven Gerrad so special?

Steven Gerrard reached the remarkable milestone of 100 goals in his Liverpool career last week, and few would argue what an achievement that was. But is a prolific goalscoring record enough to establish him as one of the world's greatest? First things first - there is no denying that Gerrard is an incredibly talented player. Technically there are few better, he can run all day and has deceptive body strength belying his wiry frame. His range of passing can at times be stunning, and nothing further needs to be said about his ability to score goals - his individual quality has won many a game for Liverpool. What Gerrard lacks is discipline. That might sound odd, given his honest professionalism and the manner in which he grew out of the rash tackles that blighted his early career, but it impacts his game at a fundamental level. With nearly a decade of Premiership experience to his name, Gerrard has still yet to curb his natural attacking instinct. Indeed, in that respect he has arguably regressed since his younger days as a more defensive-minded midfielder, where he showed signs of being able to harness his boundless energy to good effect by aligning it with an awareness of what was going on around him, to become one of the best box-to-box midfielders around. Of course, under Benitez the midfielder has been given license to push forward more often - but when asked to fulfil a deeper role as part of a two-man central midfield, he has never gained his manager's full trust. Too intent on eye-catching 60-yard passes or glory goals and lacking in positional sense, Benitez has shunted Gerrard into a variety of more attacking roles, showing a clear lack of belief in Gerrard's ability to fulfil the extra responsibilities that come with the role of midfield general. Indeed, at times Benitez has changed his formation entirely to accommodate his talisman, giving Gerrard a free role off a main striker, the irrepressible Fernando Torres. This, more than anything, damns those who claim Gerrard is one of the best around - how good can a player truly be, if the entire thrust of his team needs to be adapted according to his needs? Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira, even Paul Scholes in his pomp, all performed selflessly for their team every week, carrying out whatever duties were asked of them for the greater good. Can the same truly be said of Gerrard? At international level, too, Gerrard has often strived even for mediocrity, let alone greatness. Too much has been said previously to dwell on the bemusing Gerrard/Lampard situation - suffice to say that Lampard appears (in the short term, at least) to have convinced Capello that, if he must choose between two to play alongside a more defensive midfielder, it must be him. While Lampard, a player of limited natural ability, has worked on every aspect of his game to hit perhaps the greatest form of his career at 31, Gerrard plateaued in his early-20s and has never pushed on to better things. Only a handful of good performances in an England career spanning almost a decade are evidence enough of Gerrard's inability to bring out the best in himself. With Deco re-emerging at Chelsea after a horrible couple of years at Barcelona, Wesley Sneijder beginning to establish himself as one of the world's best prior to injury and Andrea Pirlo still capable of rediscovering the imperious form that led Italy to World Cup glory in 2006 when he returns from injury in November. Throw in the wonderful Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta who pull the strings at Barca, and the bar for creative midfielders in the modern game is set incredibly high. Gerrard falls just short. Don't take this as an attack on Gerrard, who has lit up the Premier League for years and remains one of the most watchable players in England. He is an exceptionally talented footballer, capable of performances and moments of brilliance the likes of which have hardly been seen from an Englishman since the Premiership's inception. The player himself shouldn't be criticised so much as the general public's view of him. World class? Sometimes - but that's not enough.