Steve Jobs?

Why don't you send him an e-mail and ask him? :D

MacBook keyboard help?

Where did Steve Jobs die?

He could have died at a hospital, or, he could have known that he was dying and passed away at home like my sister did. He probably died in Palo Alto at his home or at UCSF in San Francisco or Stanford Medical in Palo Alto. Just depends.

Christians, why did God take him back?

How is Steve Jobs death going to affect Apple?

this will shake Apple to its core

What kind of glasses does Steve Jobs wear?

I have no idea about this glasses but it really looks good, maybe you can search on the internet about its brand. Look for out for this link.

How long will it take cnn to cover other news than SteveJobs death?

Do you mean to start... or to finish? They are still on Michael Jackson.