why cant the bears ever hold Steve Smith?

He's a good receiver.

Who should I start this week? Should Braylon Edwards start over Steve Smith, Randy Moss, or Reggie Wayne?

Keep him on the bench. Most of your receivers are playing bad defenses.

Should I start Steve Smith or Desean Jackson?

Steve Smith in a ppr and Jackson in all other formats.

how good would the Packers be with a reciever like Steve Smith?

Dude...Steve Smith just signed a 6 year deal with Carolina with over $10million bonus...he's not going anywhere...He'll be our bright spot in dismal games...

Should I start Roy Williams over Steve Smith tonight?

Your going to win with DeAngelo Williams alone but I would go with Roy Williams the Panthers pass D has been pretty poor thus far.

Should I start Nate Burleson or Steve Smith of the panthers?

Burleson is in the top 4 WR right now. He would have even been better if Hasselbeck did not miss 2 games. I don't think you ever put a top 5 WR on the bench. He ranks 4th in my league in points. I benched him last week and it cost me big time. ALSO ARIZONA RANKS 32 against the pass. This is an easy pick for me. Steve Smith of Carolina ranks 50th overall in WR my league with 6.0 points per week while Burleson is 10.6 With Hasselbeck he averaged 16.5 points per week. This is clearly a player that is valued on the past and not the present. Time to sell Smith.

should i start steve smith of the Giants instead of Donald Driver of the Packers?

gotta go with smith. Rodgers will be coming off a concussion anyways. And the Lions make smiths matchup even better

STEVE SMITH??????????

Easily the most underrated player in the league. I'm a Redskins fan, and I hate watching him embarass us, and it's insane the lack of press this guy gets. When he's done, he'll be like Art Monk. So quiet, nobody noticed, regardless of the greatness.

Steve Smith?