Does Steve Kerr attend Suns games? Did they show him today?

I don't know about Steve Kerr (I think he lives in San Diego), but Muhammad Ali and John McCain were at the game today.

Did Steve Kerr prove to be the most horrid GM?

I agree with you! Steve Kerr is very bad.

how did steve kerrs general managing career end?

He was subject to renewal but Suns owner Sarver wanted him to have a paycut something Steve felt was detrimental to him, so he walked away. With that Amare Stoudamire felt there nothing for him in Phoenix anymore and decided to sign the contract offered to him by the Knicks. Hope this helps.

Do you think Steve Kerr leaving the Suns is good or bad?

It's all bad for the Suns. Kerr was a GREAT have to remember, that it was his job to cut the Suns payroll dramatically! HE COULDN'T MAKE A BIG MOVE!!! He had the (almost) impossible task of making his team better, whilst cutting down their payroll and getting the Suns under the luxury tax, and he did it! Amazing! The JRich/Dudley trade was masterful, as was drafting Dragic and Lopez...honeslt, no one could have done better for the Suns. He'll be a BIG loss!!!

Does Steve Kerr still think Indiana got the best of the Warrior deal?

Steve Kerr is a perfect example of soemone who knows nothing about the sport he once palyed and having played it does not means u know the game or the inner workings of the game. He wrong on most of his so called expert opinions. Here is another one.

Steve Kerr?

Hahaha.. no.

Who has more rings Kobe or Steve Kerr?

Steve Kerr with one over.

If you were steve kerr would you have taken the shaq trade?

i am steve kerr, and i did

Will Steve Kerr make a good GM?

Yes because he was a basketball player and was one championship team with Jordon and knows what it takes to have a winning team. He is NBA analyst and the one who makes more sense, other analyst based what they want to see or like to see in the team but Kerr base off the team's chemistry. He probably knows how to put a value on players. Half of the players big contract doesnt deserve it and some underpaid players deserve more.

Steve Kerr not looking so bad???

Kerr never looked bad in his move from a basketball standpoint. You have to understand that Marion was the most popular and longest tenure Sun. He sold more jerseys than Nash and STAT believe it or not. That's why several people (more so here in PHX) were so critical about the trade. Its like when the Diamonbacks traded Gonzo here, probably worse. They made up some dumb excuses that if you look at Shaq's short stint with the Suns at the end of the year were proven wrong. This team just needed more time to play together. -Suns averaged more PPG with SHaq (106 to 110 and they had some horrible games in the adjustment period) -Suns were a better defensive team (opponents FG% went down from 48 to 43) -Obviously more RPG, Blocks and they had more fast break oppourtunities. From building a team the trade was more than fair for the Suns. For casual fans which probably comprimises of 60% of the NBA fanbase it was a PR disaster.

Steve Kerr's 1st move as GM for the Suns.?

They need to add depth to the front court. If Amare isn't healthy, Kurt Thomas is their next best thing, and he is also injury prone. A guy like Joakim Noah would work, because they need someone who can run up and down the court. Kind of like Biedrins in Golden State. They've got pretty good depth at guard and forward, but maybe getting another shooter wouldn't hurt. I'm not sold on James Jones. If you add Kobe to what the Suns already have, you may as well hand the championship over to the Suns before the season starts. But, in reality, logistically, I don't see Kobe joining the Suns unless the Suns want to really shake up their squad, which seems completely unnecessary at this point. All the Suns need to do is stay healthy and add depth to contend next year. Personally, if I were Kerr, I had have a dietitian or athletic trainer follow Diaw around in the off-season to make sure he doesn't gain 30 lbs and take half of the regular season to regain his form.

Is Steve Kerr smarter than you?

People are quick to judge... We'll see how smart Steve Kerr is when playoff time comes around. I'm reserving my full judgment until them. I have my doubts about Shaq but would love to see him bring a ring to the Suns. Jordan was the greatest ever... in my opinion but he can't trade/draft worth a damn. Come on Mike.

What in the world is Steve Kerr doing to the SUNS!!!!?

I hate to say this but I predicted this was going to happen. I knew the moment I read on that steve kerr is becoming the new GM for the suns I knew that the suns were going to fall apart. I have always hated this guy and all he ever was, and still is, a big mouth, he keeps talking and talking but he ain't doing no walking (i'm not going for the big words). He screwed up our suns.

Has Steve Kerr killed Phoenix?

Ya im a Steve Kerr fan but I agree. There didn't look like there was much defense going on yesterday vs Boston. I think at one point in the game Suns were down by 30. Nash is not the same PG away from D'Antoni's system. Nobody is really talking about how Shaq is playing really good. 18 ppg 9 reb.

Where can I buy a Steve Kerr Jersey?

If it's not on eBay, go to and click on the customized jersey section. Select the Bulls, and type in "Kerr" and his number.

Why are Steve Kerr and Scottie Pippen often underrated?

MJ was great but there are others that did more for their team...individually Jordan has some impressive offensive/defensive stats, but in a team concept and with multiple team offensive schemes Scottie, Lebron, Oscar, Bird, Magic those players contribute with more versatility. Pippen and Rodman, Kerr and even Longley are underrated...Longley is a top 25 center..not top 10- but definitely top 25. Just as you think Lebron is better than MJ(which is VERY possible) now you understand why all of us old guys say that Bird and Magic were better than MJ too. In a tougher league of the 80's...while leading their teams in most statistical categories. They make teams collectively more dangerous. Think about it.

Is Steve Kerr the basketball version of Matt Millen?

haha steve kerr what a joke. the epitome of patheticness.

NBA: Is Jimmer the next Steve Kerr?

He could do a lot worse than to aspire to Kerr's accomplishments. 15 year NBA career, deadly three point shooter, great free throw shooter, member of five NBA championship teams. I think he'd be happy with that.

Does steve kerr suck or what?!?

Seems to me that Steve Kerr wants to prove himself to be the best. His 3s are better than his commentaries.

Should steve kerr admits that he is biased to the lakers?

Justin is right. Steve is actually not a fan of the Lakers and usually is the first to point out if the Lakers are struggling. In fact, I think he really doesn't like Kobe Bryant very much probably because of the Michael Jordan comparisons. Steve was Jordan's teammate for years.

Steve Kerr Sucks???

I see Steve Nash for Sam Cassell in your future. I don't blame him for Shaq too much since the West was suddenly getting much bigger with Pau and the rumors of Jason Kidd swirling around at the time (which ended up happening.) Yeah, it was kinda knee-jerk, but he thought something drastic had to be changed since the run and gun hadn't worked for the last few years to get them to the finals.

Does Steve Kerr need to get his job back at Yahoo Sports?

Funny comparison to Isaiah, but I don't think there's anybody worse than him. I thought his stuff at yahoo sports were pretty good also, I don't really like Kenny's stuff. But the Shaq trade isn't looking too good as of right now, they just lost to Denver tonight. If it turns out the Suns don't go far in the playoffs again I think Steve may have to give up as GM. I like the guy, but bringing Shaq to the Suns, not the brightest idea!

Is Steve Kerr hated in Phoenix?

He's not that hated much and as a matter of fact Kerr is not that popular when he became a gm in Phoenix.He ruined Phoenix line up though in my point of view because his first move was trading Marion for Shaq and that team didn't even work out well.Then he traded Diaw which is a good bench player in the post for Jared Dudley who can only make 3 pointers.Then their record keeps going down until at the point he was fired.But still not much hate for him for phoenix fans

Is Steve Kerr suited for his job?

I honestly think Kerr should be fired he is not suited for the job. Trading Shaq for Marion pissed me off so bad, that was the dumbest trade I've ever seen, then his stunt with D'Antoni!!! And ya not even considering an amazing coach like Flip, who can emphasize defense like he did in Detroit and who would play and develope the bench. I mean come on he is screwing the SUNS team over. He either has a deep grudge on the suns or is so so so wrong for the job (I was joking on the first one of course)

When Steve Kerr played for the Chicago Bulls, did the home crowd chant his name after he made a basket?

no. i went to bulls games when kerr was playing. even though he hit some big shots... you might hear "STEVE... STEVE... STEVE..." for a second, but more more cheers than chants.

Old school (Steve Kerr) vs. New School (LeBron James): Who would win?

I thought it was 21. I agree Steve Kerr was way better of a shooter. Don't get me wrong LeBron drastically improved his shooting and owns my life but Steve Kerr is a better shooter.

Better player: Jeff Hornacek or Steve Kerr?

Hornacek, and it isn't really close. He was a better overall player who could help you in a multiple of ways. Kerr was simply a knockdown shooter who was a liability in the rest of the areas of his game. Interesting fact - My mom was best friends with Jeff Hornacek's wife in high school. I met him once when I was little.

who thinks that Steve Kerr is on crack and should be fired?

They are decent offensively Offense is never the problems its the defense The suns are one of the worst rebounding teams in the you take out Marion and put in Shaq who is fat and lazy, the Suns have even lesser rebounders on the team On top of that Marion was their second best defender. With Bell aging, who are they gonna put on opposing scorers? And if bell picks up 2 quick fouls, what are they gonna do? lol Diaw and Barbosa are like butter...they'll get creamed by opoosing scorers This was an all around bad trade Shaq won't give the suns more than 20 minutes of effective basketball and it will suck up the shot clock just to get the ball to Shaq....which will result in less touches for others and mess up the floor spacing and rhythmg of the Suns' run and gun style totally bad trade Nash, Amare and Shaq won't have a lot of sucess Mike D'Antoni is a run and gun system wizard there is no way in hell he'll know how to utilize Shaq in the post and use up like 20 seconds in the clock to get the ball to him lol And Also the Suns are already one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA...with Marion gone, they'll be even worse! Also Marion is their second best defender...if Raja Bell, who is aging, is in foul trouble or is injured, who do they put on opposing defenders? lol Shaq doesn't rebound...he's fat and lazy And also Amare complains about how are the Suns gonna accomodate two post players' needs? that is not their styel...the suns style is to run and gun and shoot the 3, not pounding the ball inside The Suns are small, they have no length, they will get easily beat by Western opponents this is poor move by Suns GM Steve Kerr...its a knee jerk reaction to the massive frontlinet the Lakers have put up with the acquisition of Pau Gasol its not a great deal for the Heat either well they get a good young poing guard in Marcu Banks to team up with Wade but Marion's contract is expring...he's gonna leave the heat who are rebuilding for a championship contender the Suns window of opportunity to win a title just got slammed shut

Why on earth did Steve Kerr trade for Shaq?

this trade was a mistake shaq, nash and the suns experiment won't work Mike D'Antoni is a run and gun system wizard there is no way in hell he'll know how to utilize Shaq in the post and use up like 20 seconds in the clock to get the ball to him lol And Also the Suns are already one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA...with Marion gone, they'll be even worse! Shaq doesn't rebound...he's fat and lazy And also Amare complains about how are the Suns gonna accomodate two post players' needs? that is not their styel...the suns style is to run and gun and shoot the 3, not pounding the ball inside The Suns are small, they have no length, they will get easily beat by Western opponents this is poor move by Suns GM Steve Kerr...its a knee jerk reaction to the massive frontlinet the Lakers have put up with the acquisition of Pau Gasol its not a great deal for the Heat either well they get a good young poing guard in Marcu Banks to team up with Wade but Marion's contract is expring...he's gonna leave the heat who are rebuilding for a championship contender

Who's better, Derek Fisher or Steve Kerr (Prime vs Prime)?

Derek Fisher. Not only can he knock down the big shot, as Kerr can, he can create his own shot, which Kerr never could. Defensively, Kerr is not anywhere near the defender that Fish is. Hands down, D Fish....

Who was Steve Kerr as a basketball player?

He went to college at Arizona University. Selected by the Phoenix Suns in the second round (50th pick overall) of the 1988 NBA Draft....Traded by the Suns to the Cleveland Cavaliers for a 1993 second-round draft choice on 9/5/89....Traded by the Cavaliers to the Orlando Magic for a 1996 second-round draft choice on 12/2/92....Signed as a free agent by the Chicago Bulls on 9/29/93....Traded by the Bulls to the San Antonio Spurs for Chuck Person, a conditional first-round draft pick and future considerations on 1/22/99....Traded by the San Antonio Spurs with Derek Anderson and a 2003 second-round draft pick to the Portland Trail Blazers for Steve Smith on 7/25/01 ... Traded by the Blazers with Erick Barkley and a 2003 second-round daft pick to the San Antonio Spurs for Antonio Daniels, Amal McCaskill and Charles Smith on 8/5/02. Won four straight NBA championships, adding his 1998-99 title with the Spurs to three straight while with the Bulls – 1995-96, 1996-97 and 1997-98.Second player in NBA history to win two championships with two different teams in consecutive seasons (joining Frank Saul of the 1950-51 Rochester Royals and the 1951-52 Minneapolis Lakers) Entering 2002-03, owned the highest career 3PT-FG percentage in NBA history at .459 mark (677-1,475) Also holds the NBA mark for the highest single-season 3-PT FG percentage, hitting .524 (89-170) during the 1994-95 season. Led the NBA in 3PT-FG percentage in 1989-90 (.507) and 1994-95 (.524) Won the 1997 Long Distance Shootout, also competed in the Long Distance Shootout in 1994, 1995 and 1996. Ranks third on the Spurs all-time list in 3PT-FG percentage with a .409 mark (74-188) Named to the NBA All-Interview Second Team in both 1997-98 and 1999.

Who was/is the deadlier shooter? John Paxson or Steve Kerr?

I don't know about who is the better shooter today, but Kerr was the better shooter in the NBA. Career stats: Kerr: 45% on 3's, 85% on FT's Paxson: 36% on 3's, 80% on FT's Paxson did have an edge on overall shooting percentage (50% to 48%), but Kerr was the deadlier shooter when he got an open look.

Nick Van Exel Vs. Steve Kerr?

Nick the Quick without a doubt... He had that crazy first step and tear drop- and when Quick got hot, whoa. Kerr was better catching the ball off a screen and isn't as good creating his own shot and facing up-- which was Nick the Quick's thing- i mean all of Quick's game winners were off the dribble- where Kerr always caught it off a kick from MJ or when the ball was swung over to the weak-side. Nickster

So, what drug is the Phoenix Suns GM Steve Kerr on?

Everyone's argument with the Shaq trade has to do with the conflict of the up tempo style of Phoenix. First of all, you really think that when the Suns used to run up the court during a fast break, that all 5 of their players were there?? Steve Nash even said that it was usually 2 of 3 players who ran up the court fast and the other 2 usually trailed behind. Everyone seems to look at the trade from a bad perspective but what about the advantages?? When you have a guy Shaq's size in the post that can harm you, I don't think you'd want to drive in for a layup or attack the basket. You'd just be intimated by Shaq's physical body and his personality. Another thing is Amare stoudamire isn't a true big center. He is more of a power forward. How do you think the Spurs beat them in the playoffs? Tim Duncan dominated Amare. Amare isn't a good center period. When you move him to forward position, you're talking about great size advantage and quickness over other forwards. Another thing, one of the Sun's biggest flaws was double teaming. They would double team a big guy which would leave other players open. This was true in the Suns-Spurs series last year. 2 players would double team Duncan leaving Finley or Ginobli open. Now that you have Shaq, you don't need double teaming because Shaq by himself can double team the player with his size. This minimizes allowed 3 point field goals. Most people say he isn't a good defensive player. Why else would you think he wasn't a good defensive player? Because he was responsible for putting up the points. It was mostly him and Wade doing all the scoring. Now that you have other players on the Suns who can score, you relieve Shaq and let him focus on his defensive game. One more thing, how about the show time Lakers of the 80's?? Didn't they have a 40 year old center running up and down with them??

John Paxon Or Steve Kerr??

KERR WAS THE 3 POINT GURU i have to give it to him..inside the arc no doubt im giving it to paxon!

Who has more NBA Titles Steve Kerr or Kobe Bryant?

lol, Steve Kerr. Kobe's got 3, Kerr's got 5.

who the fuck is steve kerr?

Steve Kerr is a former basketball player with the Phoenix Suns and is now the GM,general manager

Can fans petition to fire Steve Kerr?

I am not a Suns fan, but am a basketball fan. I think Kerr has done a terrible job since taking over. The suns went from a 60 win team to where they are now in about 2 years. To answer your question, the fans can start a petition if you get enough signatures. There are a lot of other ways you can protest, such as carrying signs outside/inside of games voicing your sentiment. You could boycott games, and merchandise. If you make your anger known in the right way, ownership will certainly listen because the fans are the ones who make the team's money. You guys pay, you definitely have a right to complain. If you get enough support (financially) from other fans, you can rent an electronic billboard in the city and voice your opinions there. The Buffalo Bills have done the same, as have other teams. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. Exercise your rights!

Does Steve Kerr have a plan or is he just winging it?

As for Nash being the only one untouchable, I think that is absurd. Nash is only the stud PG when he is in the up-tempo system that Steve Kerr stripped him of. Same with Amare, Barbosa, even guys like Barnes and Richardson are perfect for that system. But not Shaq! Kerr (and Coach Terry Porter) want the offense to be slow and run through Shaq now and they want a defensive-minded team. I'm sorry, that isn't going to work with that group. Now Amare is on the block and D'Antoni left last season and Nash hints that he wants out? What a mess they made of a darn good group. I think he HAD a plan it failed, and now he might be winging it.

Do Steve Novak and Steve Kerr have similar playing style?

Yes they play remarkably similar. They are both knock down three point shooters of the bench. But Kerr was amazingly consistent. He owns the record for career 3pt percentage at.545. Novak can drain them too but Kerr hit every time you left him open. That's why Jordan liked Kerr so much.

Do you think Steve Kerr isnt doing a great job at gm for the suns??

Steve Kerr is a idiot. i cant understand why someone would hire him as GM. he has no experience at managing, or coaching. he shouldve had a plan, for replacing D'antoni, he obviously doesnt, or he wouldnt have retained him while he shopped himself to Chicago, and New York. no matter why they gambled on the Marion/Shaq trade, it was not what Phoenix needed. they shouldve gambled on losing Marion to free agency rather than picking up a contract they couldnt move no matter what. you cant suddenly make a team play defensively by picking up one lackluster player. instead you sabotaged the one thing they did have in their favor, a solid offense, and good free throw shooting. im still a Suns fan, but they sure arent making it very easy. hopefully Kerr surprises me, and builds a winner, but im not holding my breath.

Steve Kerr is the Suns President/GM. Any thoughts?

I think he'll do a good job. Based on his work as an announcer and Yahoo! Sports analyst, he seems like a pretty smart guy. His analysis of players and insights into the game are generally accurate. In fact, I'm going to miss Kerr's Yahoo! writings as I felt he was one of the most trusted sources for good NBA info. As Chuck Klosterman (another smart guy) wrote in Feb 07 issue of Esquire, "He's (Kerr) now the cleverest, most lucid pro-hoops commentator in America." Phoenix has been a solid organization for quite some time especially with Colangelo at the helm, so I see no reason why this won't continue with Kerr in the front office.

steve kerr and robert horry - hall of fame talk?

Neither player had a career that was of Hall of Fame quality. It is not unprecedented to keep a player with EIGHT rings out of the Hall of Fame.. Tom "Satch" Sanders of the Bill Russell Celtics has eight rings, and he's not in. Jim Loscutoff has seven rings, he's not in. Horry's only honor was being 2nd team all Rookie in 1993. Kerr has no individual honors. Every (NBA) player in the HOF achieved some type of individual honors during their careers, with the exception of a few guys from the 60s or eariler... K C Jones, for example, was the greatest defensive guard in history, but he has no individual honors because he retired before the idea of an all defensive team was established... So no, neither of these guys is going in. _________________________ mutechno - You are partially correct, Kerr does have the highest career 3 pt percentage other than Kapono, who hasn't played as long. Is Kapono going to be a hall of famer too? However, simply setting a record (even a career record) is no guarantee. Three of the four years in which Kerr shot .500 from 3 point range were the years in which the line was moved in. (hey, what do you know, Jordan actually DID make someone better!) . Also, Kerr averaged 6 points a game for his career. Has any other player in history gone out there every game, hit the equivalent of a 3 pointer in the first half, a 3 pointer in the second half, of every game in his career,with no other contributions on either end of the floor, and made the hall of fame? How many hall of famers who played during the all star era (and especially during the ESPN era) never made the all star team? There aren't any. Even though Kerr hit a big shot against Utah in the finals, I don't think you can say that the Bulls would definitely have lost the series without him. Anyone think Jordan couldn't have taken that last shot himself, double teamed or not? Kerr does have an advantage when he becomes eligible, which is that he's still very visible in the broadcast booth/studio. But basically, he was a shooting guard and he couldn't put the ball on the floor to save his life. If you look at the list of top 10 three-point shooters, Drazen Petrovic is the only player currently in the HOF, but he got there as a result of his international career, not his NBA career. Steve Nash will make the HOF, he's the only other top 10 three point shooter who will definitely go. There are lots of great shooters in NBA history who aren't in the hall of fame because shooting was their one and only skill. (the list of 3 point percentage leaders is full of them) . As the years go by and players are selected, at what point would Steve Kerr become "the best guard who's not already in the hall of fame"? That may take a long time, and a lot of other mediocre players would have to go in before Kerr becomes "the best player/guard who's not already in". Take a look at the listing of career 3 point percentage leaders, and tell me how many players in the top 40 are close to being hall of famers? The only guys in the top 50 who are more likely to make the HOF than not are (# is rank among 3 pt percentage shooters) 4. Petrovic (already in) 6. Steve Nash 34. Ray Allen 35. Reggie Miller That's it. John Stockton #58 and Joe Dumars (#62) are the next HOFers on the list. One of the things you have to consider about a Hall of Fame candidate is to ask yourself, "if this guy was the best player on a team, how would the team do?". Obviously, a team that had Steve Kerr as it's best player probably wouldn't win 10 games. Consider Mark Price, #19 on the 3 point list, and the NUMBER ONE greatest free throw shooter in NBA history (in fact, the only player over 90%).. Think he's ever gonna sniff the HOF? He was a great shooter! Again, Steve Kerr, right place right time...but that alone doesn't make someone a hall of famer. All the 3 point shot has done is allow guys who can't do anything else to have careers in the NBA. Nobody can hit a 12 footer from the baseline anymore (well, almost nobody). Of course, I could be wrong about Kerr's HOF chances, we'll just have to wait and see. But if you had to bet your life on it, which way would you go?

Can someone explain the steve kerr PLO incedint?

PLO is the Palestine Liberation Organization-- a terrorist group who was responsible for murdering Steve Kerr's father in Beiruit, Lebanon. They were very outspoken about Israel and wanting to destroy it. Everyone knew that this was the group responsible for murdering Kerr, so the chant was especially cruel. I believe this was before an Arizona-Arizona State game. Steve Kerr played for Arizona and was seen crying during shootaround.

do you think steve kerr ruined the phoenix suns?

He made some decision that did not pan out but lets look at a couple of things, The Suns felt they had their chance of winning a championship when Diaw and amare left the bench in the Western conference finals two years ago and eventually lost to the Spurs, With that being said the Suns were looking to win a championship and not be a second round team so wit the Lakers getting Gasol and the Spurs pretty much owning the Suns they took a chance with Shaq and gave up Marion. Now that trade with Marion they were not going to renew his contract for 17 millions dollars a year so they were going to lose him and not get anything in return so they took the gamble with Shaq. Now if you saw the way Shaq played this year then in my opinion it was not a bad trade. Now the trade with the Bobcat could go either way, Diaw was not going to start with Amare and Shaq being in the lineup so they took that shot for Richardson and Bell was a good defender but they had to sweetened the pot. Anyway Kerr coach he chose with Porter alienated the team and I believe that was really hurt the Suns this year because since they fired him and Amare before he got hurt was playing at a MVP level and the Suns were starting to win again. I actually believe the suns with Shaq and their present roster is including an inspired and healthy amare is about the second or third best team in the west. So all in all I think the Suns started so badly this year that it was such a hole to get out of and the injury to amare did not help matter any and they had a winning record unlike Detroit that made the playoffs with a losing record. About Antoni, I think he is a great offensive coach but I do not blame Kerr asking him to pay a little more attention to defense. If you look at the knicks now they were better this year but what held them back was their defense and I think teams that wins championship are team that are able to play defense when it matters.

Poll: Jeff Hornacek or Steve Kerr?

Hornacek because he was crucial to all of the Jazz' playoff runs. The team would still be able to go on without him, but probably would never make it to the finals without him. Kerr was just a role player. He did his job well, but the bulls would still win all of of their championships without him.

Does anyone think Steve Kerr will ever get another GM job after this?

Steve's got a lot on his plate that's for sure. He has a disgruntled Amare Stoudemire to deal with, Steve Nash's free agency coming up, the possible retirement of Grant Hill. Plus team chemistry is at an all time low with this group of players. I think he's going to have to either make a successful transcation either before the dealine or in the offseason. Even though Robert Sarver and Kerr are friends he isn't going to watch this team struggle for several years. So with that said, if he can't put together some moves/drafts to give this team a boost he'll be gone and I doubt anyone will hire him as a GM for at least a while. He'll probably go back to announcing.

Break down Steve Kerr and Dennis Rodman's skill sets?

Steve Kerr was a sharp shooter, and that is about it. He couldn't create shots, he couldn't rebound, and his defense was nothing special, but with an open look he could make anything. Rodman was the greatest rebounder to ever play the game. He was one of the league's best defenders, even though he couldn't block shots because he was short for a PF. He couldn't score the ball, averaging 7 points per game for his career, but he wasn't a horrible passer, and he understood his role in the offense.

Who exactly is Steve Kerr?

Kerr was born in 1965 in Beirut, Lebanon. He's a 6'3" shooting guard who played 15 seasons in the NBA. He played for these teams: Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, and Portland Trailblazers. Steve retired in 2003. He was a part of three Bulls championships and two Spurs championships. Now Steve is the general manager of the Phoenix Suns. The thing I remember about Kerr is his uncanny ability to hit three point shots. Steve hit over 50% of his three point attempts during three separate years. He also is the overall career leader in the NBA hitting 45.4 percent of his shots. He will never be in the Hall of Fame, but when he came in the game, you knew there would to be three point shots going up. A real offensive sparkplug.

Suns fans, what do you guys think about Steve Kerr?

Steve Kerr is a great guy. I think it would be better if he's the Suns coach and Mike D'Antoni is the GM. Because look, he has played in the Chicago Bulls under Phil Jackson--a title giant. Also, he has played in San Antonio Spurs under Greg Popovich--another title giant. He's also been a TNT analyst for a while, which gave him the chance to know the principles of NBA. Therefore, it is logical that he should be the SUNS because of those qualifications of his. He knows Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich's coaching style, two of the greatest coach today. As there is a saying, "students are meant to surpass their teachers." So, once he becomes so, WATCH OUT! what do you think about that?