Is Manny Pacquiao the most overrated fighter of all time?

Excellent Link!!!! Wow!!! I never thought of it like that. Nobody ever seen Pacquiao beat anybody special (everybody great Pac beat had already been beaten badly before). So I guess he is overrated. He's surely over hyped. I don't think too many people will be buying the Clottey fight on PPV. I'm saving my already too expensive cable bill money for Mosley. Sugar Shane vs Money May is sure to break PPV records. Yes!!! THANK YOU GOLDEN BOY PROMOTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Was there any reason to murder Osama bin Laden?

The CIA is the world's largest exporter of terrorism. Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset. The CIA and Mossad are the real terrorists.

Should these two men go to prison #2?

WoW!! How fascinating! Can I interest you in purchasing a Tin Foil HAt?

Obama said the border is secured so why are Law Enforcement Making Plea for More Manpower Along Border?

I know as a Texan I can say that our borders are in no way secure.If they where why do we have so many illegals here in America.When Obama came to Texas a few months ago and Perry tried to talk with him about the problem and Obama wouldn't even take a memo from the Governor.Then Obama had the nerve to make a joke about moots and alligators to keep illegals out.I think it is an issue that is going to have to be address by all of the candidates that want to become the leader of our country.

American Dad! Stannie Get Your Gun Episode? Where Can I Get It? Please Help! ;)

Did you know?

Wow, I agree with you but this is the longest post I've ever seen here.

What the media or politicians wont tell you about illegal aliens. Why?

i totally agree with you. it's a shame your being called racist. they don't want to hear the truth, even with a link you have provided. I'm American Mexican, 6th generation born in the united states and i can't stand illegals coming here and destroying what our ancestors have built. I'm tired of paying for them to have their baby's here. sick of educating them and they walk out of class when they want to go to a march. if a white kid or a American Mexican does this they are in trouble. i have copied your question and will pass it around. thanks for the info.

Did You Know????

Whew, that was a long question to read, but yes, I was aware of all these things. It's about as bad in San Diego, as I guess, not all of the mexican illegals like to travel VERY far for free wages without helping others in our country, or else it was already too crowded in San Diego, they had to move up further North. The next place to be ransacked is San Francisco! I will send copies of your letter to all my email buddies, and wherever, to whomever I can. I also have a petition given to me which I am collecting signatures for, to be sent to our Congress people, governor's, mayor's and the president. It may have better results since it is written in legal terms. I will place it under sourse, below, with the access site to your congress person. Just copy and print it, and get as many folks to sign as you can. 100 will do, also. Thanks!

Has anyone ever been to L.A.?

Your not telling me anything I don't already know, I have lived in the Los Angeles area since 1968. It is become a real mess. You do know that the first thing that is going to happen is the pro-illegals will call you a racist. It's the only thing they can say because they are without reason and the Mexican illegals themselves are racist.

Coast guard and Law enforcement questions.?

You have a 3.9 GPA yet you don't know what degree you want? That means you probably have not done many classes, so your GPA means nothing. Anyone can start school, get straight A's their first semister, and claim their GPA is 4.0... Anyway, FBI and CIA pretty much only hire through internships, and rarely through anything else. Being a veteran or in the reserves doesn't have that much pull for those agencies. What does have pull, is experience. Police departments and government agencies like to see experience. Being a veteran doesn't neccarrily give experience, which is why many departments hire people with degrees on top of military experience. You need to find out what it is you want to do first, before you make any rash choices like joining the military. I have a friend who's in the CG reserves and she's deployed to the middle east right now... How do you expect to get a job if you're deployed?

Coast Guard Questions.?

Yes, veterans get preference for government jobs. Also, having military service looks good if you want to get into law enforcement.

Do you think, within the next few years, Steve Carell will prove to be one of cinema's most versatile actors?

Well based on that list and your descriptions, yes. It's nice to know he's trying different roles because an actor can get too comfortable playing the same or similar role in multiple comedy movies and end up releasing a few bad movies Steve Carrel's recent movie Crazy,Stupid Love wasn't that good in my opinion but he previously starred in Anchorman,Little Miss Sunshine and 40 Year Old Virgin all very good comedies released in 2004-2006. Adam Sandler is an example of a non versatile comedy actor who used to star in good comedy movies, a few people in this section have seen a couple of his recent movies and have mentioned that Adam has lost his touch and is not as funny as he used to be and after hearing what some members think of his recent movie Jack & Jill i won't be watching that movie. So basically what i'm trying to say is,its good for an actor to try out different roles as playing different roles and being able to be versatile will help the actor to remain enthusiastic which may lead to an actor like Steve Carell to continue releasing top movies. BQ Based on your descriptions of these movies In Freak or Francis:would be my choice for an oscar,if Steve can pull of playing each of those characters and deliver a realistic performance of a women and in particular an African American then this movie could be a critically acclaimed movie. In Dogs of Babel seems interesting,whether or not this movie will be far fetched remains to be seen. Thanks Logan

ID Thieves Also Target Kids Children's stolen Social Security numbers used for credit, loans and jobs?

Why hasn't the FBI taken down

You're probably thinking of the /b/tards, who aren't minions or employees of 4chan -- they're just members on it, and they encourage each other to troll the world. As such, the hacking and harassment of the rest of the public aren't really the role or responsibility of the main site. Shutting it down would be pointless, punitive, and just drive the /b/tards somewhere else.