If you were the Warriors, would you sign Stephen Curry long-term and for how much?

That's tough he tends to get injured, but Honestly I'd give him a shot he's a talented ball player. Yes I'd sign him long-term not to sure bout price.

When would be a good occasion to wear jerseys?

I would say, if you were at that game, were watching that game, were trying to be a thug, or just if you were stephen curry - then its ok to wear it.

In a fantasy baskeball league getting ready to start playoffs next week?

Well, if you're in first place you obviously know what you're doing. I wouldn't shake things up too much. If I was going to drop one of the three you mentioned for Ginobili, it would be Batum.

Who is your favorite college athlete(can be either NCAA Football or Basketall) currently still in the NCAA?

just like you I love stephon curry. He is a great player that will do great in the nba

What size NBA swinngman jersey should I get?

get a xrta large

What rookie would you like your team to draft in this years draft?

I just hope raptors keep losing because right now there's no point of trying because i don't want to end up 8th seed and playing Celtics,Cavs or Magic. So i'd like to see raptors get a top 5 pick.

Does anyone think that Golden State can make a run in the playoffs anytime soon?

Their team is loaded with talent and potential. Their only problem is defense. If they can start playing some defense, then yeah. .

What type of Nikes does Stephen Curry wear?

he seriously wear different shoes each night... he usually wear hyperdunks but idk what those shoes are....

Who has been your favorite rookie to watch?

i hate the nuggets but i think ty lawson is a pretty exciting player to watch.

Would trading OJ Mayo and DeMar DeRozan for Stephen Curry be smart?

more upside for StephCurry but it is probably safer to stick with OJ and DeMar

How can I make my shot all in one motion?

If you are a terrific shooter, then I wouldn't change too much;). Of course you can start with knees well bended, ball low, then go up and concentrate on shooting fluidly. In my experience, everyone's got his own shooting motion, and although there are a few shooters out there that just look good and hit very good as well (i think ray allen tops the list), it's not like you can't hit without a nice looking shooting motion. just look at shawn marion! If your shot does vary a lot, that's something else though, that's definitely not advisable. Try pracitising more shooting drills and also try to stop thinking about how your motion looks...

Why are the Warriors interested in Jeremy Lin again?

Because Monta Ellis said Fk Golden State. Stephen Curry always getting hurt. Haha.

What position do you think has most talent in this years draft?

I would say PF there are a lot of good PF and Cs I think many will slide down to the 4

How would you react if Dj Mbenga formed a big three in Golden State?

They would win the championship so many times that David stern would force them to separate so the lakers could win some championships

Who has the best shooting stroke at each position?

Stephen Curry Kevin Martin Kevin Durant Dirk Nowitzski Andrea Bargnani. Dudes good, but gets no attention just because he plays in Canada. BQ: Russell Westbrook Andre Iguodala. He plays SG occasionally. LeBron James Blake Griffin Deandre Jordan. Can't do a damn thing else though.

How can I get a quicker release on my jumpshot?

First things first, get your release point up pretty high, like to your forehead or above. Once you're comfortable with that or if you already are doing that, just work on it. It takes repetition and muscle memory so work on it a lot. Get a friend or family member to put a hand in your face and just shoot with them like that.

How do you feel about the new Point Guard hybrids?

From a raw basketball standpoint, they are technically now more talented overall, but traditional pass first guards compliment already great rosters much better than hybrid guards do. Example: I'd take Chris Paul over any of those guards on an already powerful team any day, while he might not raise a poorer team's record more than a hybrid guard would.

Who is your favorite college athlete(can be either NCAA Football or Basketball) currently still in the NCAA?

UNC's Tyler Hansbrough. He just plays with such intensity and entirely for love of the game. And he's one of the best players to go through college in a while, instead of going one and done to the NBA.

What if these NBA teams drafted other players instead? How would these NBA teams be different today?

1. BAD for Bulls, D-Rose has a HUGE impact on this team. 2. GOOD for Knicks, Brandon Jennings is a speed freak and he has a desire to put the ball in the hoop. Big Impact on any team. 3. GOOD for Grizzlies, pickind Steph-Curry could make them a playoff contender today, he's that good(even though he's a youngin) 4. BAD for Heat, Russell fits in with the young/inexperienced Thunder, he would be too much for the Heat and their style of play. 5. GOOD for Bucks, B-Jennings would have ''big man help'' besides Andrew Bogut.

Can I remove audio from one of my already uploaded YouTube videos?

All you can do is re-upload that video without any music or use AudioSwap. However that 2nd option won't make you eligible for any potential advertising revenue sharing. Sorry, but I think you're stuck on this one.

Who is the best STEALER in the NBA today?

chis Paul stephen curry is gonna be raw this year

What will it take for Golden State Warriors to make playoffs?

looking at the playoffs the locked teams are lakers spurs mavs nuggets blazers jazz hornets? this leaves one to two spots. the last spots are out of the clips (good on paper) warriors (pretty darn good; pretty deep) thunder (decent but still young) suns (top contender???) Griz (starting to look better but will likely be under 500 still) Kings (decent...need a SF) and Rockets (might be in the picture if tmac balls well and stays healthy...knock on all the wood you can!) in my mind the last three spots are out of the warriors hornets suns and maybe clippers if their potential materializes. what the warriors need to do is stay healthy, and win some road games. a lot of people are worried about the warriors due to last year but what they fail to realize is that we had a team average of around 30 games missed per player (dong quote me). this is absolutely ridiculous! no team can win like that. lakers may not have even made the playoffs if kobe played only 25 games and gasol missed 30 or so and odom was also out for 30 or so. that would be somewhat of an equivalent of what the warriors went through. the warriors are ok at home but need some road wins. this means good play in the fourth quarter. we lost plenty of games in the 4th last year. also, nelson needs to give randolph and morrow minutes! these guys are good players and could help our team become consistent by the end of the year. they play DEFENSE (ellis/maggs dont) and work hard to hustle and get easy plays. with some chemistry they can help our team be more efficient and get easier baskets. hopefully monta can grow up and be more mature than curry and show leadership. this will help our team a lot and lift the burdens off jack that make him perform so inefficiently. in the end our team will be ok. we just need some more good drafting to make them better. we are definitely capable of getting the last playoff spot this year.

What'd you think of the Warriors coming back down 18 to defeat the Hawks 108-104 yesterday?

Great comeback win for the Dubs. The Hawks used their sized to their advantage in the 3rd. Joe Johnson & Josh Smith took over. But, the 4th quarter was a different story. The Hawks got lazy with the lead, and the Warriors took advantage. Curry continues to play well, making big shots in the 4th. Chris Hunter came in and played extremely well defensively. He did not allow any easy buckets near the rim. Smith forced up tough shots. Monta sat for the majority of the 4th, and instead of disrupting the rhythm the Warriors had, he added to it and came up with some timely steals. Crawford lost his cool, picking up a technical with about 36 seconds left. It was a fun game to watch. BQ: He's proving that he's much more then just a volume shooter. Curry has become a good, young PG. Although, he still makes foolish turnovers, as any rookie does, his passing ability has impressed me. Tyreke Evans is in the lead to win ROTY, but Curry is making a late push.

Should, or will Ricky Rubio drop all the way to the second round of the NBA draft?

Rubio won't fall past pick 5....Rubio is a risk, but he isn't that risky

Would you trade Stephen Curry for Rajon Rondo?

Yes, I would.

What are the Golden State warriors missing to become a great team?

they need a Center who can score and is a defensive machine just like Dwight Howard, but I can't see him going there.

Let me ask this one more time, after today isn't Stephen Curry the best player in the NCAA?

no he's not the best at all. he is a great scorer and freethrow shooter, but not the best by any means.

Who do you think will break Ray Allen all time most three pointers made record?

Stephen Curry has the best chance if he can play into his late 30's. He hits a high enough percentage and makes high amount of them. Kevin Durant has chance too, but I don't think he shoots well enough. I can see Kevin passing Jason Kidd someday but not Ray Allen.

Do you think Davidson has a good chance of returning to the Elite Eight?

As long as Curry is there, they have a chance to make the 8. but unless someone else steps up, don't look for them to get past that

Warriors Fans or experts:Do you like the Stephen Curry selection?

As a Warriors fan, when the 7th pick came, Curry was the only guy I really wanted. He was the "sexiest" pick, because although many ppl say things about him, he did avg. 28 ppg wid 5 assists, 4 boards,2-3 steals in college. Im tired of those recent picks like Ike Diogu and Patrick O'Bryant. For the Warriors, it'll be very nice to see how things work out and they just got quicker. Hopefully he and Monta can share the backcourt and play nice. But the Warriors team just looked even better. But I do feat the Warriors mite trade for Amare and it could involve Curry, but I really hope that aint true.

Which current NCAA player is most likely to win the NBA 3 point shootout during his career?

Steph Curry is a given choice, so I'll go elsewhere. When AJ Abrams gets hot, he gets hot. See Round One of the Tourney vs. Minnesota. He caught fireeee, babyy! Abrams will likely be a 2nd round pick and will obviously have to get playing time to get into the contest, but the Cavs found a nice 2nd round pick shooter out of UT didn't they?

Do you guys know where I can find an authentic Stephen Curry jersey? And a Fathead if they have one of him?

Authentic Jerseys: http://store.nba.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3728497&cp=2834601.2836124.2710386.2482948.2806553.2804456 http://store.nba.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3728505&cp=2834601.2836124.2710386.2482948.2806553.2804456 http://store.nba.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3728512&cp=2834601.2836124.2710386.2482948.2806553.2804456 Different colors^^^^^ Sorry, I searched, but I couldn't find any fatheads of him.

Stephen Curry and Marcus Thornton for Kevin Durant Good or Bad Trade?

I think this is a bad trade depending on the type of league you are in, marcus thornton is playing ok right now but has been inconsistent around 30fpts per game curry is a good player but also is less consistent than durant. If you are in desperate need of an SG and/or a PG and have a strong backup at SF then that might be an ok trade but, if you are already good in those other areas I would decline the trade.

What do you think of Stephen Curry's 36pt,10reb,13ast performance last year for the Warriors?

It was a amazing performance by Steph Curry. Since both Monta & Maggette were out with injuries, I did think Curry was going to step up, but triple double?....that's whats up. 5 three pointers in the 1st quarter, he was feelin' it. He played Baron Davis very well, holding him to 5 points on 1-12 from the field. It wasn't just his shooting too, he was driving at will against Kaman and making some beautiful layups. I thought it was funny how he got the rebound that secured a triple double, on the final shot by Al Thornton and there's Curry to grab it...priceless. BQ: Very good. He has a quick release, which will benefit him for making sure he gets off all the balls in time. He's been practicing off the rack, and the rack is different then just stop, catching, and shooting the ball. I wish Morrow was in the 3pt shootout, but still glad to see Curry in there. I got him winning. Thanks for acknowledging Curry's performance, KONJ. Much respect, bro.

Why was Jonny Flynn picked before Stephen Curry?

I understand your leanings but i think what minnesota was looking for was just a really smooth passing attack. Also, rubio has some deficiansy's that flynn would be very good at hiding, making them better as a duo than as individuals. Flynn is a stronger, more athletic, more solid penetrator, who can play off the ball or with it, and hides rubio's lack of athleticism, and strength, whereas rubio's plain vision and potential work well with that and his offensive deficiansy's are well masked by flynn. Although curry's offense would have been useful, flynn is an excellent player and really is a great fit for rubio, as he plays to pass first as well, and does everythign rubio does not or does not do yet. I totally understand your feelings, but at this point minnesota is playing for compatability not pure scorng, and their slow halfcourt would have been a waste of curry's talents, although golden state is also a waste of his talents in terms of crowded offense and how dysfunctional the team is. I hope this clarifies, i totally understand the question, there is also the possibility of one of them being traded for offense that is a little more sure hting than the undersized curry, although that is being vehemently deneid.

Tips for getting Stephen Curry autograph?

Walk up 2 him and ask!

Is Stephen Curry of Davidson not the best player in the NCAA?

he definently is no one else can put up the incredible numbers he puts up on a consistent basis

Monta Ellis and Stephen curry playing for the warriors next year?

I don't think either player will be traded.

How is Jimmer Fredette not a lottery pick when Stephen Curry was?

Jimmer is a great shooter. But in the NBA, he is not going to get 35 shots a night. The difference between Curry and Jimmer is that Stephen is much more athletic and is good at other things besides shooting. Jimmer is not a good defender, his shot selection is not really good decisions for a "team" concept. Curry was not a one man show. That is all Fredette is. Most scouts believe he will not be a star in the NBA. He will be a 3rd or 4th guard option on an NBA roster and probably brought in to a game to take 1-2 shots and then back to the bench. Curry was a true point guard, he could run a team. Jimmer is not really a true point guard and that is the position he skills are most suited for in the NBA. My prediction is Jimmer will not even make a team he will be in the NBA development league called the NBA D-league. He will win the MVP award in that league.

Why Cant Jimmer Freddette be as good as Stephen Curry?

1. HES IN COLLEGE 2. HE IS IF HE WAS IN NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where can i get a stephen curry jersey?

do the customization thing on eastbay for the jersey and for the last name put curry

Who do you think is going to be better Stephen Curry or Brandon Jennings?

It's a toss up. Curry is a better shooter with a little more size, while Jennings is more athletic and a better defender. I think who has the better career will be determined by where they spend their prime playing time. Right now, both are in less than ideal situations. Curry has to share a lot of of shots Monta Ellis and other Warriors scorers, and Jennings is stuck leading one of the least talented and statistically worse offenses in the league. Whoever finds a system that will truly allow them to shine will have the better career.

Will Davidson sensation Stephen Curry be a goood fit for the NBA?

Once again, NO!

Does anyone own the Davidson vs. Oklahoma basketball game where stephen curry had 44 points?

Here some highlights of him having 44 against NC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdhniJLflBY

How Can I become a Stephen Curry-esce B-Baller?

2024 lol so you are like 7? try and get your dad to play in the nba that always helps

Will it be extremely dumb for the Knicks to pick Stephen Curry over Jonny Flynn?

Finally you ask a great question, STAR for you. Yes Most likely Brandon Jennings will be picked up by Goldenstate or Washington, so he's a gonner. Johnny Flynn makes so much sense for many reasons. For one thing he was born and raised in New York, even played college ball at Syracuse (NY), he's a hometown kid. Secondly I doubt that Duhon will be an effective PG in the future for that team, he's not that young anymore and not showing any promise. Flynn can dish the ball like crazy, he can score at will, and I think he'll shine in D'Antoni's offense. Lastly, Stephen Curry is not a top 10 calibur guy, he's a slightly better version of Boobie Gibson. I think he'll fit on a Championship Calibur team where he could just be a role player and knock down 3's from time to time.

Can Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis coexist and help the Warriors go deep in the future?

Monta was quoted as saying that they couldn't play together in the same backcourt, but has since changed his tune. Ideally, I would prefer a bigger backcourt, but it looks like they can make it work. Monta has done a good job guarding bigger SGs which really helps mitigate the problem. He's been the team's best defender this year, and has taken on the responsibility of guardin the opposing team's best player. I also think Curry has turned out to be a slightly better defender than advertised. He still has some work to do in that area, but that is the case with most rookies. He and Monta are both in the top 10 in steals, and can cause some havoc for opposing guards. I think Nellie needs to go bigger in the frontcourt to offset their lack of height in the backcourt, something he seems to be reluctant to do. Hopefully, they can keep them both in W's uniforms. You never know with the incompetent W's front office.

Why did Stephen Curry not win rookie of the year?

all the things that you say are Tyreke Evans', not Curry. if someone should have won it's Jennings, for making his teammates better, playing in a playoff team and not forcing to make his own individual stats like Tyreke does.

How good is Stephen Curry? What did Fran Frichilla mean he was having an off night?

Curry is a great college basketball player who is on a ok team. If he was on a Carolina or Louiville he wouldnt average as many points as he does now. He is just expected to do the bulk of the scoring. Also, frichill ment that he shot ok but he could of shot a higher percentage from the field.

Is stephen curry going to be effective enough at the point position?

By no means of the imagination is stephen curry a point guard. He has been a 2 guard all his life and at times has been forced to play the point which he has struggled at. Its like asking ben gordon to be the PG of your team, he can be but he wont be effective. The main disadvantage with curry is that he is too small to be a SG but i really believe he has no choice. that to mean is his natural position and if he works at it, he could have a career similar to Ben Gordon, as a 20ppg scorer.