Who is the better writer? Stephanie Meyer or Anne Rice?

Anne Rice is undoubtedly better. Not only is her writing style far more mature and sophisticated, her stories are far more meaningful. Anne Rice's characters are more developed and life-like. They have very complex personalities and motivations that take several books worth of information to fully understand and appreciate. Also, Louis is far more interesting as a conflicted supernatural than Edward or any of the Cullens. He struggled for years with the moral implications of drinking human blood... but ultimately came to terms with what he was, while not losing sight of who he was. There was no real detailed explanation of how the Cullen's struggled, it just sort of said that it was "really hard"... with none of the in depth exploration of the situation that Rice gave to Louis... Plus, Meyer's vampire's are over endowed to a degree that is comical. Rice's vampires were beautiful, had enhanced physical capabilities, and were very difficult to kill... but sunlight was fatal. She did do away with the more silly notions like danger from crucifixes or garlic, but kept the one that is the most enduring and powerful, and has the most meaningful symbolism... she also gave more credit to her less inhibited vampires. In Twilight, any vampire that hunts humans is considered a complete monster... while Rice shows that it is more complicated than that. Even Lestat's cruelty is qualified in some way, and explored on a deeper level. Meyer's vampires had no real weakness... and I believe that she foolishly missed a golden opportunity to make her story more complex. Even if her vampires weren't harmed by sunlight, what if they looked old or ugly... or had some kind of monstrous transformation? That would have been a lot more interesting than sparkling... which is entirely benign other than being very conspicuous.... while the transformation would have served both those purposes... Frankly, I have to say that The Twilight books are among the worst books I have ever read... they're definitely the worst vampire books I have ever read... Anne Rice, on the other hand, is a brilliant author.

Who is more hotter?Anna Ivanovic or Stephanie Rice!?

Of course Ms. Ana Ivanovic no doubt.

anne rice vs stephanie meyer?

Anne Rice has been putting books out for years...Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned have both been made into movies... Everyone in your school knows about Meyer and her Twilight Series because it just came out and into popularity. Its a new beer compared to a fine wine... Give Rice a try and I'll bet you'll see the differences and complexity in her writing as compared to Meyer and you'll really understand what makes the vampire genre so popular.As you can by their publishing dates you and your fellow high school students wouldn't have been introduced to them when they first came out. By Anne Rice: # Interview With The Vampire (1976) # The Vampire Lestat (1985) # The Queen of the Damned (1988) # The Mummy (novel) (1989) # The Tale of the Body Thief (1992) # Memnoch The Devil (1995) # Pandora (novel) (1998) # The Vampire Armand (1998) # Vittorio the Vampire (1999) # Merrick (2000) # Blood and Gold (2001) # Blackwood Farm (2002) # Blood Canticle (2003) (Ms. Rice also as another series and several stand alone books that were published along with these listed) as compared to Stephenie Meyer Twilight series 1. Twilight (2005) 2. New Moon (2006) 3. Eclipse (2007) 4. Breaking Dawn (2008) I can only suggest you give both series a try.. The Vampire Chronicles were really good books.. but I sort of prefer the stand alones like Pandora and Vittorio..

what is stephanie rice's fastest speed?

In the 2009 Olympics, her times were; 200m-2:07.3 400m-4:32.29 200m freestyle=1:58.33. Ariana Kukors broke Rice's record time in the 200 meters.

stephanie rice and micheal phelps?!?!?

No, not at all!

Stephanie Rice - flag worn upside down!?

She was probably WAY too excited to notice the insignificance of it. I mean she won a gold medal after all. Only an overly patriotic psycho would notice this fart of a subconcious gesture, thank God she wasn't chinese, that government would have probably executed her.


yes, but it's damaged...obviously from her career lol. it's pretty but it could use some deep conditioning or something. i like it though.

The difference between Stephanie Meyer Twilight Saga vampires and Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles vampires?

The main difference is that Anne Rice's vampires are incredibly well written and very colourfully painted in every aspect of their character. Meyer's are at times a little undeveloped in comparison. Rice's vampires don't sparkle, but still have the strength and - only to an extent, however - the beauty. They are a little more sinister and are more 'traditional' vampires rather than Meyer's 'Nu- vampires.' They are not affected by garlic, crosses, stakes etc. Like classic vampires, most of them choose to sleep in a coffin of some sorts during the day because the sun causes them physical pain. They don't 'sleep' in the normal sense, however, as they literally become dead bodies by the day, and daybreak can cause involuntarily and automatic 'sleep.' They DON'T possess typical vampiric powers, but some of the elder and stronger ones can fly. Most have the ability to read the thoughts of weaker vampires or humans. They have the strength and speed, and superhuman senses. Some of the older and stronger ones can do cool stuff like move matter and set fire to people with their minds. A lot of them have artistic talent like painting, singing, and a supernatural 'understanding' of any kind of problem or puzzle. The main characteristic is that they are incredibly sensitive and emotional, as well as very sensual. They are easy prey to intense suffering and aesthetic passions. They can perfectly mimic almost anything. Physically, their eyes become luminous, their skin pale and their nails like glass. If the hair or nails are cut it will grow back in their sleep.

pictures of michael phelps kissing stephanie rice?

NO PICTURES JUST A STORY @ THE WEBSITE BELOW http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/beijing_olympics/story/0,27313,24228337-5016752,00.html

How does Stephanie Meyer's writing compare to Anne Rice's ?

Rice is more sophisticated in style and tone. I would say Rice is more literary and Stephenie would agree. She has said herself in interviews that she is not a writer, she's a storyteller.... Amy

Stephanie Rice Facts.. As Much As You Know. =]?

she's from brisbane and studies at my cousin's uni (griffith university, nathan campus)

Do you think Stephanie Meyers copied her vampires in Twilight from those of Anne Rice?

Well, her vampires have powers (as do Anne Rice's). Some of her vampires have tried to wane themselves off of human blood (just like Louis did in the Interview of the Vampire movie). There was a group of Vampires living in the catacombs of Rome (just like Santino was implied to, or like Armand did in Paris.) Her Vampires' skin changes when exposed to sunlight (Anne Rice's Vampires' skin changes when exposed to fluorescent light.) But then, these might all just be coincidence. After all, Meyers is a Mormon and Anne Rice's books can get a bit racy (and blasphemic; anyone remember Memnoch the Devil? Hardly appropriate reading material for a saint) and judging from her self-masturbatory writing style she seems to not have been an avid reader before becoming published.

(vampire fans)what vampire author do you think is better, Stephanie Meyers, or Anne Rice?

I like Anne Rice better because the characters are more believable. Vampires are known for their sexuality and being predator's of others. If you read all the books dating way backkkk!!!!! it has always been that way...which is why most people are drawn into them. That power of control weather its used for good or bad. Also of being desirable and the ability of people never saying no to you, the youth and beauty that never grows old. But it also has that part where they have to pay a price for all of that. That has you think twice of fantasying of wanting to live forever. The suffering that they have to go through of watching the ones they love die or grow old...having to hide what they are for their own safety, which makes them less likely to be friends with just anyone unless they turn them.. being alone is what mostly anyone would be afraid of. So if you look at the movie (Interview With The Vampire) you sort of relate to what their saying....who would want to be alone? and are they willing to go through all of that? As you saw in the movie that the other vampire wouldn't let him or the little girl go no matter how much he knew they hated him. no one wants to be alone, no wants to see a love one die, and no one wants to feel like their life is being controlled. Which is why I like the Anne Rice books better.

Stephanie Rice - AUS swimmer - hanged the flag UPSIDE DOWN?!?

Give her a break you fool. I don't believe you would be worried about things like this if you bagged the gold.

Who's Hotter Amanda Beard or Stephanie Rice?

Beard is hot,she 's cover girl for Playboy,but her face so ugly, Rice is younger than Beard ,she's so hot,n surely more beautiful,teenage

Is stephanie Rice really that good?

hey naomi get a life, shes the one with the gold around her neck

where can i have stephanie rice's personal facebook page?

There are many good links here: http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q=stephanie+rice+facebook [Jonathan]

P/S: is the Stephanie Rice / Michael Phelps / Hoff thing a media stunt?

Katie Hoff is Michael Phelps's "little sister" and Stephanie Rice is dating one of the star Aussie swimmers. Sullivan I think.

Can somebody please help me find how many medals Stephanie Rice has won, example : 6 gold and 4 silver.? >?

hi! well im 11 but im reasearching stephanie rice to! i thought it might help if i add a bit more informaition that might help! hope this helps! Stephanie Rice was born 17 June 1988 in Brisbane, Queensland and is an Australian swimmer. She currently holds the world record in the 200 m and 400 m individual medley, and won three gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. here is a bit of information about her career! stephanie rice was the gold medalist in the 200 metres Individual Medley at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia where she defeated Olympians Brooke Hanson and Lara Carroll to win the gold medal in the event in a time of 2:12.90, a personal best by 1.19 sec. She also won the 400m individual medley. At the 2007 Melbourne World Championships she won a bronze medal in the 200m individual medley in a time of 2 minutes 11.42 seconds, breaking the previous Australian record by a second. American Katie Hoff won the gold in 2:10.13, with Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe in second place. Rice once again placed third, earning her second bronze medal in the 400m individual medley final. In a new personal best time Rice finished in 4:41.19, taking .54 sec off her previous best. she continued her strong performance, setting a new personal best time in the 400m individual medley at an Italian meet in June 2007. Rice went a 4:40.79, edging closer to the elusive 4:40 barrier in the event. At the 2007 Japanese Open Championships, Rice smashed her personal best time in the 400m individual medley and finally cracked the 4:40 barrier. In placing second to Zimbabwean champion Kirsty Coventry, Rice set a new Australian and Commonwealth record of 4:37.18—a personal best by 3.61 sec.here is some information about her at the 2008 beijing games! At the 2008 Australian Olympic trials, Rice broke the world record in the 400 m individual medley. Rice stopped the clock at 4 minutes 31.46 seconds, 1.43 seconds off American Katie Hoff's mark of 4:32.89. On June 29, 2008, at the U.S. Olympic Trials, Hoff retook the world record from Rice with a time of 4:31.12. Rice claimed her second world record of the meet, when she broke the 200 m individual medley world record, clocking 2 minutes 8.92 seconds, taking almost a full second off the previous record held by China's Wu Yanyan. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Rice won her first-ever Olympic medal, Australia's first gold medal of the games and its 400th summer Olympic medal, winning the 400m individual medley in a time of 4 minutes 29.45 seconds. In the process she reclaimed the world record from Hoff bettering the mark by 1.67 seconds, thus becoming the first woman to break the 4:30 mark in the event, (Kirsty Coventry also went under 4:30 in taking the silver). Her second gold medal of the games came on August 13 in the 200m individual medley with a new world record time of 2 minutes 8.34 seconds. Rice prevailed after being neck and neck with Coventry, who also went under the old world record. On August 14 she won her third gold medal as part of the 4 x 200 metre freestyle relay team. finaly ive added some information about her personal life! Rice attended Clayfield College in her high school years in Brisbane, Queensland. The athlete was romantically linked with fellow Australian swimmer and 50m freestyle world record holder Eamon Sullivan; they ended their 2 year relationship in July 2008, just prior to the Beijing Olympics. The couple lived in separate states of Australia, (Sullivan in WA and Rice in Queensland) and said the stress of living so far apart and of course the impending Olympics caused the split of Australia's "Glamour Couple" who once posed together in highly publicised underwear advertisements. well this took me ages to type even though im a fast typer! so i hope this helps! little miss sunshine

Do we care about Stephanie Rice and Eamon Sullivan??

who da hell on the earth is that?

Is Stephanie Rice's career a big part of her success?

I don't know who that is... but for most people, their career is generally part of their success... o.O

What is the aussie swimmer, Stephanie Rice's e-mail?

She must keep her email as private as possible or else she would get thousands of emails a day! But if you want to contact her then you can try this: Stephanie Rice c/o St Peters Western Swimming Club PO Box 598 Indooroopilly QLD 4068 Australia

Do you think Stephanie Rice's suit is "racy"?

Do you like Stephanie Rice at Swimming????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Good swimmer, but I don't like her. I don't like people who take raunchy pictures and/or pose for men magazines. Not only is she known as a good swimmer, she's now a sex symbol. Which to me, is not a good thing. No offense.

who is more beautiful in your opinion-kathleen hersey or stephanie rice?

kathleen hersey

Don't you just find Stephanie Rice's face extremely annoying?

I think that you are wrong.

Is Stephanie Rice Going out With Micheal Phelps?

No they aren't going out, but they definitely hooked up in Beijing. The kiss that they both denied has evidence proving otherwise. Check out these photos.http://www.new.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=11916&op=1&o=all&view=all&subj=24178102715&aid=-1&oid=24178102715&id=1460971658#/photo.php?pid=11898&op=1&o=all&view=all&subj=24178102715&aid=-1&oid=24178102715&id=1460971658 http://www.new.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=11916&op=1&o=all&view=all&subj=24178102715&aid=-1&oid=24178102715&id=1460971658#/photo.php?pid=11899&op=1&o=all&view=all&subj=24178102715&aid=-1&oid=24178102715&id=1460971658

what is stephanie rice's PB result and what's the current world record?

For the 200m Individual Medley the World Record and Stephanie Rice's Personal Best is 2:08.45 For the 400m Individual Medley the World Record and Stephanie Rice's Personal Best is 4:29.45 She was also part of the World Record breaking 4x200m Freestyle Relay team with a time of 7:44.31

was stephanie rice involved in any other competitions leading up to the olympic games?

The Olympics is never anyone's first competitive event. Some of the biggest events Stephanie Rice competed at before the Olympics are the 2007 World Championships and the 2006 Commonwealth Games, both in Melbourne, and the annual Australian National Championships In the 2007 World Championships she came 3rd in both the Individual Medleys. She is also the Commonwealth Games Champion in both of those events

can you tell all the medals that Stephanie Rice won in all Olympics?

Sure I can! She won 3 Gold medals in: Women's 400m Individual Medley Women's 200m Individual Medley Women's 4x200m Freestyle Relay She was the joint 2nd Most Successful Athlete at Beijing Olympics (behind Phelps) with Chris Hoy, Usain Bolt and Zou Kai, who also won 3 Golds.

Do you think stephanie rice (the olympic swimmer from Australia) is a virgin?

Is that going to affect how she swims?

What brand of goggles does Stephanie Rice wear?

i dont know what actual brand but it is most likely she wears any mirrored streamlined goggles. one brand that produces gogles like these are speedo. they are called speedosockets. there are other styles ( availible in mostly any other brand) such as swedish goggles

About Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice?

Try Google

What nationality background is Stephanie Rice?

She's an Australian from Queensland who just broke the world record for the 400M Women's IM today. She slashed Katie Hoff's prevous record by 1.67. Pretty amazing!! =) 4:29:45 : 400 IM WR

Who beat Stephanie Rice at the Rome swimming championships?

ROME, Italy, July 26. ARIANA Kukors of the U.S. smashed the women's 200 IM world record during semifinals at the FINA World Championships. The swim gave the meet its third straight world record in three events this evening. Kukors demolished Stephanie Rice's world record of 2:08.45 with an astounding time of 2:07.03. She did so with Rice in the next lane. The swim may not have happened if not for Elizabeth Pelton scratching the event to slot Kukors onto the U.S. squad. Rice finished second in qualifying with a 2:08.68, nearly on her world-record pace, while Great Britain's Hannah Miley placed third in 2:09.46. Denmark's Julie Hjorth-Hansen took fourth in 2:09.87 with Zimbabwe's Kirsty Coventry checking in with a 2:09.91 to tie Hungary's Evelyn Verraszto for fifth.

How did Stephanie rice become involved in swimming?

From the Official Stephanie Rice website: "Ask Stephanie" 1/ When did you start swimming? Learn to swim at 18 months but I commenced Club swimming at 10yrs age at Ascot State School swimming club. I think I still hold the 11yrs Girls 50m Backstroke record from 1999. 2/ Do you remember your first competitive race - and your first trophy? Grade 1 – 15 metre kickboard race at St Margaret’s Primary School. I won a blue ribbon and still have it. 34/ What was your fastest freestyle time at 8yrs of age? I was not a fast swimmer when I was young. I focussed on swimming technically well and listening to my coach. I started swimming really well around 14yrs of age.

How many medals has Stephanie Rice won, altogether?

two gold 2006 commonwealth games 2006 3 gold 2008 summer olympics all w/r time.. missed commonwealth games 2010 surgery to both shoulder full list in link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephanie_Rice

what is stephanie rice's favourite food and what are some things that she dislikes?

Staker much?... only joking! All material on this page is copyright © Australian Olympic Committee. Do not reproduce without permission. ^^ I cannot copy the adress nor copy n paste the info but just google 'about stephanie rice' and go to the 6th site, 'the official site of 2008 olimpic team'. It gives randon facts and infomation.

How would you compare the works of Stephanie Meyer to Ann Rice?

Ann Rice can be considered as a legendary writer. Her literary works are recommended for adults ... Stephenie Meyer still needs to prove herself that she can show more than what she did in Twilight. Her literary works are for teens(especially the screaming girls)...

How has Stephanie Rice's family had a huge impact on her success?

Loving encouragement

Is Michael Phelps going out with Stephanie Rice?

I don't believe this. During the swimming events, she was said to be dating another swimmer. Inside Edition reported she and Michael were dating, but this is a Tabloid TV show. And they only said it because they were seen at an Olympic party together. The party was for athletes, they're both swimmers, of course they're going to talk. The pictures they showed only showed them laughing, they mean nothing in my opinion. Oh and yesterday, a Baltimore Sun article stated that Michael has a girlfriend who is not in the public eye. So what this tells me is everyone is just speculating!

how many races did Stephanie rice swim in the latest olympics?

She swim in 3 races and won in all 3 races with 3 world records perfect score. Glamour girl became golden girl.

what is stephanie rice's favourite genre of music?

... Do you mean Stephanie Meyer or Anne Rice? Color me confused...

What kind of celebrity is Stephanie Rice (swimmer) in Australia? Is she a big star? Is she a sex symbol?

The Australian Media talk about how glamorous and beautiful she is but if you ask people a lot of them say they think she is ugly. They say she is the hottest athlete at the olympics but 99% of the women (and some of the men) are way prettier than her. It seems that the media is looking to make her into a tabloid but I don't know how interested people really are. The media made a big controversy about some pictures of her on facebook but that didn't really take with the public either.

How can I learn how to swim better, like Stephanie Rice?

First of all, if your a really bad swimmer or can't swim at all I think you should rethink your aim to be like Stephanie Rice. But, if your an elite athlete already, try talking to your coach. It helps. When he/she knows what your goals are etc, you can work towards them. If your an average swimmer, not trained or anything you should start training. I do six days, 4:30 in the morning though.. grr. Anyway, I'm 13. Your age and ability would help answer this question. If your above twenty and not already at state or nationals you''ve basically got no chance. Sorry. ANyway, hope this helped :) p.s skins for running or dry land training. Swimming, speedos the best. Also, they've banned full costumes, ok?

Ten points to the person that knows of Stephanie Rice?


Has Stephanie Rice appeared in a TV commercial ?

yes, speedo swimwears

how many Olympic Games has Stephanie Rice been in and what were they?

Beijing only. And COME ON, this would be on her wikipedia page. You're just being lazy.

Is Stephanie Rice the next Amanda Beard?

I would have to say she defiantly turns heads just like Amanda Beard. Stephanie Rice also has talent as well as she won 2 gold individual medals in the medley. Just take a look at her photo shoot outside the pool. Swimming sure does wonders for sculpting the body.

how old was stephanie rice when she started swimming?

she started when she was a baby and started competively when she was 9, in 2008 she has participated in her first olympic games in Beijing and has won 3 gold medals Born: June 17, 1988 Brisbane, Australia Hometown: Brisbane, Australia Residence: Brisbane, Australia Ht: / Wt: 5'9" / 140 lbs Event(s): 200m IM, 400m IM, 4x200m free relay