Who is the cutest law breaker: Stephanie, Kristina, or Courtney?


Who else finds 'Flo' (Stephanie Courtney) from the Progressive commercials attractive?

I found her character to be irritating, but maybe the actress in her own element can be cute.

What is Stephanie Courtney's Middle Name?


Who is the Red Headed actress named Sue S. in the Progressive ad with Stephanie Courtney and Pickles the dog?

imdb.com says Stephanie Courtney has a sister named Jennifer Coutney, however it does not show any photos http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0183960/ the imdb.com website for Jennifer Courtney has a trailer airing right now with a movie that she is cast in, if you watch the trailer that may answer your question? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1216181/

who thinks Stephanie Courtney("Flo" on the Progressive commercials)is hot?

In The Commercials She Is LOL

What do you think of Stephanie Courtney (Flo, the Progressive Girl)?

~~I've seen their commercials many time. I guess she does her job well, but the commercials are silly and pointless.~~

Who else finds the Progressive commercial lady (Stephanie Courtney) hot?

No ...

I think stephanie Courtney from geico is a real hot chick is she married?

She's actually from the Progressive commercials, and yes she is married.

Does Stephanie Courtney or Flo in those Progressive insurance ads wear a plastic bump to make her hair full?

She does, at one point you can see it. :P

Who is the actress opposite Stephanie Courtney on the "Tricked Out Name Tag" Progressive commercial?

Leanna Creel She was Tori on Saved by the Bell.