On steel magnolias, what did drum say to weezer?

Actually, the conversation is this... Drum: "Ouiser, you look like hammered shlt." Ouiser Boudreaux: "Don't you talk to me like that!" Drum: "Oh, I'm sorry, you look like regular shlt." http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098384/quotes

What is steel magnolias new song?

It's called "Again tonight" it's a great song :)

Is Ouiser a bigger part than Annelle in Steel Magnolias?

I think Ouiser is a bigger part. I would love to be Ouiser. While typing this, I was reading it to myself in a southern accent.

Who played Julia Roberts mother in the movie Steel Magnolias?

STEEL MAGNOLIAS what happens in the end?

Uh yes, Shelby dies. And then her mom M'lynn ends up taking care of her baby.

Middle aged White women, what is so great about the movie Steel Magnolias?

What's your favorite line from the movie or play Steel Magnolias?

Ouiser: You are evil, and you must be destroyed. I've used that one so many times! There were so many good ones, though: - Ouiser, you sound almost chipper. What happened today - you run over a small child or something? - Well, you know what they say: if you don't have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me! - "Well, these thighs haven't gone out of the house without lycra on them since I was 14." "You were brought up right." - Miss Truvy, I promise that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good hair.

Who has the most lines in Steel Magnolias?

I would think Sally Field has the most lines in the movie and Daryl Hanna has the least, out of the five main (women characters) I could be wrong though.

Where Can I find a free script online for Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling?

you can't . You can order the script here: http://www.dramatists.com/cgi-bin/db/single.asp?key=1063 Having done the play it is really close to the film, the only difference is everything happens in Truvy's shop and there are no other characters other than the six women. Really as long as you see the film you will be fine, the lines are practically word for word.

What song is better for a slideshow with pictures from my school's rendition of Steel Magnolias?

School Songs http://www.flash-slideshow-software.com/school-slideshow-songs.html

How do you make an armadillo cake like in Steel Magnolias?

Red velvet cakes carved into the shape, colored, rolled fondant to cover.

How many pantie points did I earn for watching Pretty Woman and Steel Magnolias with her?

at least 100

Would you rather have sex with one of the cast of the Golden Girls or one of the cast of Steel Magnolias?

Would Dolly Parton really be that bad?

I am playing Ousier in the play Steel Magnolias and I would like to know what to wear in Scene 1.?

Ask your director (or teacher) what would be appropriate.

What exactly does this quote from Steel Magnolias mean?

It's the special times that we remember most, like the first time we rode a bike without training wheels, the first day of kindergarten, our first crush, the day of our wedding, the birth of our children, etc. If we went through life and had no such "special moments", our lives would be dull, to say the least. Shelby wanted, more than anything, to experience the birth of a child, to hold that child in her arms, and caress it -- if only for thirty minutes or so. Her life would have been complete, in her opinion.

Remake of the classic steel magnolias?

That's why Lifetime is making it--because it won't be good enough for theaters/any other channel. Hollywood has gotten lazy. Instead of coming up with original ideas, they want to make a quick buck by remaking movies, making tv shows in to movies, or taking crap and making it 3D.

Was Steel Magnolias a published play?

Steel Magnolias By: Robert Harling Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc Below is a link to the Play (acting edtion) on Amazon.com It's a great play....Have fun!

I'm looking for a straightforward dramatic monologue for a steel magnolias audition? ?

Hi , can you just do a scene from Steel Magnolias? They have monologues from that movie at www.whysanity.net - good luck!

Steel Magnolias movie, did Jackson remarry in a longer version?

no your dreaming, sorry

What is M'Lynn wearing in "Steel Magnolias" when Shelby tells her shes pregnant?

Shelby comes back to visit for the holidays Clairee bought the radio station and becomes the color announcer. Ouiser goes with Clairee to.... help her? Shelby tells her mom she's pregnant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Da2Ar7_VXk&feature=PlayList&p=A64DF6711D470FC2&index=23

Im going to audition for Steel Magnolias next month and Im nervous as hell?

Don't have to remember anything to audition. Just go read from the script. Actors do not need to create character backgrounds, that's what playwrights do. Actors react to the emotional stimuli of each scene as they represent the characters. The technical stuff about getting around the stage will come right back to you. Have fun. That is the most important thing you can do at the audition. be positive, energetic and have fun.

Where can u find information about Steel Magnolias(the play)?

First of all, Shelby should alway wear primarily pink. In the first scene when she's getting ready for the wedding she'll probably be going casual. She'll have something that can be taken off without messing up her hair and jeans. In the second scene, at Christmas, it's really up to you. I would go black tights and an oversized pink sweater. In the Christmas scene she'd probably seem a little more mature. She needs something with sleeves that go up easily. And of course she's not in the final scene. Truvy would be more feminine and bold. Go with bright colors. She would probably where a lot of leggings too. But she would most certainly wear comfortable shoes--that goes with the job. Specifically everyone in the pre-funeral scene should be wearing really warm clothes or at least enter in really warm clothes. M'lynn should be more simple, almost prude. She's the most professional of the women as well and not as gossipy. At some point try dress slacks. Clairee is a complete tomboy dressed as a lady. She's no frills. However she's wealthy. In the first scene she's dressed nicely--probably a suit with her sexy shoes. In the second scene she has just come from the championship ballgame. She is decked out in the gear. Go with sweatpants, cap, and oversized team shirt. Ouiser is not out to impress anyone. She may be wealthy, but she doesn't much care about what she wears until she meets Owen. She's more masculine in her dress compared to Clairee. She would probably wear pants often. In the third scene go for overalls and a floppy hat. She may finally wear a dress in the final scene. Annelle is femine, and meek. She should really contrast with Truvy. However later on in the play she may look like she's wearing Truvy's hand-me-downs. You would probably see her in lots of dresses. I can also see her in a baby doll dress and tights. In the first scene she probably wears a calf length dress, silky and floral--but not bold. In the Christmas scene though, she is as bold as she ever gets. She looks like Christmas exploded on her. In the third scene she's a lot more prude...then in the last scene she has lightened up a bit. I'm a costume person. I never get to do it because I'm a really good actress and my director won't waste me--which is pretty cool, but this is a good play to costume. Just keep in mind late seventies to early eighties because they may not be wearing top fashion.

In the movie Steel Magnolias, what is Dolly Parton serving up at the fair?

I've always wondered that myself! To me it looks like maybe some breaded shrimp and hushpuppies? I will keep checking back for more answers. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this! ;-) EDIT: Thanks RoyS !!!

What does Steel Magnolias mean?

Well, the movie is about a close-knit group of women, the "magnolias." "Steel" refers to the women's strength.

I am looking to find out what the food was on "Steel Magnolias". During the part of the Xmas Stroll where

It was crawfish, halved corn cobbs and small red potatoes. You boil all these together with any crawfish boil mix - I use the Louisiana Crawfish Co. seasoning for mine. Very Spicy! and delicious.

im going to have a birthday party with a theme of the movie "steel magnolias" and i need ideas?

Well, you will need alot of pink (a.k.a. blush and bashful) to tie in the wedding. A "salon" area where guests can give each other makeovers...maybe dye some easter eggs to include that part of the movie... Depending on the age range of the guests, blow up some condoms like balloons! It's hilarious! I would have a few different areas that represent different parts of the movie. Maybe even put them in order, and unveil a different one every 30 minutes or so. Name different appetizers after the main characters, corresponding with their personalities (make sure Ouiser has something sour...LOL). Even a signature cocktail (n/a is just fine) called a Southern Belle would be really nice. If you are inviting people who love the movie, they will totally appreciate the effort. I hope this helped you. Did I score an invite? lol...

2 in one! Steel Magnolias and High School Musical?

When you're acting, you can't just imitate another character or person and expect to be convincing. Especially for such a role as Shelby in Steel Magnolias... It isn't an easy role. Just watching the movie and modeling after another actress won't do the trick. You need to find out the character on your own. Read the script. Think about who she is and decide. You ARE Shelby, not just pretending to be her. You have to become her inside and out, not just imitate someone. What are her likes, dislikes? Why is she making the decisions that she is? What makes her tick? These are all questions you will have to answer to fully become your character. As for High School Musical? Who cares. It's not like it's a worthwhile show on stage or anything. (Not that I don't like it, just that it isn't really much of a stage production besides being just fun). There aren't many parts besides the main two girls for singing I'm afraid, so you'll have to go for that. It also has to do with what you look like and stuff like that as well. Hope this helped!

Do you think Steel Magnolias still could've been a good movie without Daryl Hannah's whiny character?

I think that her character was there as a sort of time line. To convey that time was passing to the viewers. You watch her grow and change, while the other characters mostly stay the same. I think that she was there to keep all of the scenes from bleeding together, and to remind us that what we were seeing was "years later", instead of "weeks or days" later. Her story of transformation from a timid mouse into a strong woman with her own personality was a nice sub plot which tied all of the years together in a simplistic way, while reminding us of the time line. Admittedly, this was more helpful and important in the play than was necessary in the movie, but I for one am glad that they didn't get rid of her character.

Where can I watch steel magnolias online for free?

Steel Magnolias (1989) Free Download: http://www-graboid.com There it is... I guarantee it.

Who is Clairee Belcher from Steel Magnolias?

Does anyone know the name of the 'part 2' to Steel Magnolias?

I dont think there was a movie but I know There was a T.V. show It was called the same thing

Who would be good modern day stars to cast in Steel Magnolias?

Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman

What are 3 conflicts and resolutions in the movie Steel Magnolias?

Steel Magnolias summary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steel_Magnolias http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098384/plotsummary http://www.starpulse.com/Movies/Steel_Magnolias/Summary/

What would be example of an archetype in Steel Magnolias and Our Town by Thornton Wilder?

Steel Magnolias: the overbearing, nosy mother http://fa10503.blogspot.com/2007/04/female-archetypes-week-15.html Our Town: the moon the womb http://www.thefreelibrary.com/%22Quite+a+moon!%22%3A+the+archetypal+feminine+in+Our+Town.-a0165310375

What are the legal and ethical issues in the movie Steel Magnolias?

Ethically, I think it was questionable for her to get pregnant. She says "I'd rather have 6 months (or whatever) of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special." But, she's ignoring that the act she's talking about doesn't just involve her. Is it ethical to get pregnant intentionally if you know you probably won't live more than a few years? Not sure. I wouldn't want to make the decision for anyone else, but I don't think I could do that. I have kids, and the idea of dying and leaving behind my children scares me silly. Even though I know my husband would do the best he could, I still feel like they need me to take care of them. And to deliberately have a child when I knew I wouldn't be there to watch out for him...nope I couldn't do that.

Where can I find a copy of Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling online?

Robert Harling is not giving his book away. He writes books for a living. Respect that. Anyone that copies his book and puts it online for free is STEALING. The thief responsible can earn jail time and fines of $150,000.

how does dependence play a role in the movie steel magnolias?

Shelby (Julia Roberts) was, more or less, dependent on her overly-protective mother M'Lynn Eatenton (Sally Field) to help her control her incurable, Type 1 juvenile diabetes. Shelby's mother helped her to take the necessary precautions needed to keep relatively well, including giving her daughter one of her healthy kidneys in a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, when the independent-minded Shelby married and soon found her marriage on the rocks, she defied her mother and allowed herself to become pregnant -- a point of contention with her mother. Her mother tried to warn Shelby that being pregnant would only make her diabetes worse and it ultimately did. She succumbed to complications (complete kidney failure) from diabetes at the tender age of 21. Note: Juvenile diabetes can be difficult to manage -- Despite paying rigorous attention to maintaining a meal plan and exercise regimen and always injecting the proper amount of insulin, people with type 1 diabetes face many other factors that can adversely affect efforts to tightly control blood sugar levels. These factors include stress, hormonal changes, periods of growth, physical activity, medications, illness/infection, and fatigue.

Where can I find info about a touring production of Steel Magnolias?

unfortunately, the touring production never came into being. At least, not yet. Hopefully the plans will come through soon, but it is unknown whether or not it will happen. The broadway play showed its last showing at the Lyceum in 2005 (I'm so glad I got to see it before then). I would reccomend keeping an eye out for local off-broadway types of shows that would be doing it. A theatre in my town did a special engagement of Steel Magnolias starring Sally Struthers, and Ruta Lee, for a week last February, and it was just as good as the Broadway version in my opinion, and Ruta Lee was an awesome Clairee (plus I got to sit alot closer, for the same price!!).

I am trying out for Steel Magnolias at school and i need some sugestions for a good 1 minute monologue?

Actually don't use anything from the movie (like the poster above suggested). The play came before the movie (as most do) and it shows inexperience to just pick up the movie and copy it. You want to make a part your own. I have played Shelby in this this play and I must say I never ONCE considered copying Julia Roberts. The role of Shelby was not written for her nor was she the first to play it. Steel Magnolias was written about a real life event in the author's life (the death of his sister, Susan). However the characters are all so different, it would be best to choose something that captures which character you're going for. Clairee, Truvy, and Ouiser probably should be comic. M'Lynn probably should be serious (though she does have moments of levity in the show). Shelby could go either way. I would recommend something from another "southern" show. Some Ideas: The Star Spangled Girl Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Dearly Departed

remember STEEL MAGNOLIAS?what was that cup a cup a cup a recipe?

I tried it a few years ago.... Yuck! I was really disapointed. Here are two different recipes.... I hope you have more success then I did. Steel Magnolias Cuppa Cake 50 min 10 min prep Change to: servings US Metric 1 cup fruit cocktail in heavy syrup 1 cup self rising flour 1 cup white sugar (or 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup white sugar) Mix ingredients and bake in 8" square pan at 350 degrees until golden brown and bubbly. Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream Cuppa 1/2 cup butter or margarine 1 cup self-rising flour 1 cup sugar 1 cup milk 1 (20 ounce) can fruit (I use peaches) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt butter and place in 2 quart baking dish. Mix flour, sugar and milk until smooth. Pour over melted butter in dish. Do NOT stir! Pour fruit, with juice over all. Again, do NOT stir. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-55 minutes.

What could make the movie Steel Magnolias considered a feminist movie?

Feminist activists have campaigned for women's rights to bodily integrity and autonomy, and reproductive rights. So in the movie, Julia Robert's character (Shelby) goes ahead with becoming pregnant -- even though she knows that it will be detrimental to her health since she's a severe diabetic. But... she has that right over her own body. Too, since diabetes is a disease in which one's blood glucose, or sugar, levels are too high, elevated glucose levels are not good for the baby, either. Babies born to diabetic mothers are usually extra large, etc. But...she goes ahead with becoming pregnant since she has that right. Note: An abortion is "harmful" to the unborn child, too, but a woman has that right since it's her body, so a feminist would say. However, the REAL reason that Shelby wants a baby (and not try to adopt) is because (and this is implied to her mother Sally Field) her husband must be cheating on her and/or their marriage is in jeopardy and having a baby will help hold onto her man. In other words, you have two opposing forces here at work, i.e., feminism vs. anti-feminism in the form of using female, selfish trickery to her advantage. Unfortunately, the pregnancy did take it's toll. After kidney failure and a transplant from her mother, M'lynn, Shelby dies (at age 21) shortly after the baby boy is born.

Does anyone have an idea for a director's gift for the show ''Steel Magnolias''?

well my director keeps a charm bracelet for all the plays she's done and we got her a blowdryer charm. In my town we have a bakery that does cookie bouquets, which is assortment of cookies decorated as objects of a specific theme. Ummm...also, you could get her a flower bouquet of Magnolias. And you could get, if it's a her, a gift certificate to a beauty salon. Good luck. And I hope that I helped.

Which monologue would be best for the play Steel Magnolias?

a good monologue that you could use from that play would be the one at the end that malynn* does when she talks about how she could jog to texas and back but her daughter can't may not be a ouiser monologue but it is very dramatic and if you do it well they will see how good an actress you are

What is the reference to "tracks" in Steel Magnolias play?

It could be referring to hair extensions...

Does anyone know when the new Steel Magnolias cd comes out?

It's set to be released on February 9th. I love the first release too!

I have to write an essay about how the movie Steel Magnolias is a feminist movie but I dont think it is?

If you have to write about it being feminist, pick the only element/character you found feminist. That's kind of a loaded assignment. Your teacher can't fault you for following her direction. She probably thinks that's the best movie she's ever seen. You're absolutely correct in thinking it's an anti-feminist movie. I find the whole story and characters irritating except for Truvy - Dolly's so cool.

How does Steel Magnolias relate to Psychology?

wow-we, good q

What time period is the play Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling set in?

The 80s.

steel magnolias?

I don't know why but each time this features on TV, i seem unable to watch it from beginning to end.... go figure

Steel Magnolias?

Check with Blockbuster. I have heard that they have the movie in 6 different languages.. you may be able to locate a french copy there. I would think that would be a great movie done in french.. Good luck!