How long do roses stay alive after they have been cut?

It all depends on the veriety of rose. The microwave has nothing to do with it. BTW: if the microwave was leaking the roses would of died the first day.

Will my weed plants stay alive if I leave them in my woods during winter in New York state?

Doubt it. Weed plants thrive in hot conditions, and I hear it snows in New York in winter. You put them in the woods, they will probably die of cold, or get eaten by animals. Put them in pots and if your willing, buy some hydroponic lights ^_^

how long does sperm stay alive after sex?

Up to 7 days with 5 days being average

Would you cannibalise yourself in order to stay alive?

Depends on the situation. If you are trapped in a place with no food or water for several days and no hope of rescue it may be better to wait to die than to lop off something you may need to get you out of the problem you are in. But if you are in the wilderness and are starving look for bugs, animal tracks etc... However if you are in space and you are waiting for a supply ship and you know that you just need a little help to help you survive than yes I would eat my left leg. My calf would feed me for several days.

Does anybody know any horror film based on computer/video games besides Stay Alive?

Doom Silent Hill

Why do I have to stay alive to keep others happy?

There is no point in killing yourself. You just get bought back again as someone else. I tried it in my last life and the one I have now is even worse. At least you have people that care about you. No one apart from my boyfriend would know if I died and sometimes he is really mean to me. I just let it all go over my head. Not much bothers me anymore. You just have to try and make the most of what you do have. When I gave my son up for adoption I was at my lowest point. I had no one to emotionally support me and I was on my own. My boyfriend who I got with shortly after didn't like my son's Father so he only got angry if I tried to talk about it. I have learnt that there is no place for misery. You just pick up the pieces and move on, pretend that things never happened. I do admit that certain things would push me over the edge, like if anything ever happened to my partner, but you have things and people to live for. You are only 19. The world is yours to explore.

Girls - What would you do to stay alive in this scenario?

Say goodbye to family and friends. I have no right to take the life of another to save my own. ~Dr. B.~

how long does a cold/virus stay alive OUTSIDE of the body?

there are numerous "cold" viruses, called rhino viruses, and they are tough little organisms. researchers have found these viruses living on surfaces up to ten days.

How long will an iPad stay alive if it's 100% charged?

If you continuously browse the web over 3G, it will last 10 hours. If you don't have 3G option then it will lasts over 15 hours. I use iPad almost continuously for document creation,upload,download,gaming,video,Internet over wifi and it lasts 16-17 hours.I have Wi-Fi only model but heard if you browse Internet over 3G, battery life gets shorter but in my test it still lasts well over 9 hours on extensive use.

How long can sprem stay alive for?

sperm can stay alive outside the body for two to five Min'sets outside the body, and up to 72 hours within the body. I'm an Abstinece instructor.

Why do so many people want to stay alive?

We're all here to learn how to find our way back to the Light. Overcoming the ego, (fear, lack, guilt, etc.) is the way to salvation. Jesus transcended the "flesh" (ego) at the resurrection, showing us that the body is not the Spirit, because the Spirit is eternal.

How much would a person have to eat to just stay alive?

you can go for thirty days without eating, but for the first part of that you would not loose much weight because your body would go into starvation mode. to keep your body from going into starvation mode, eat five almonds every day. (or any other kind of nut) .good luck

Is there a quality of life you have to have to want to stay alive?

Some people can overcome that pain........a strong will, mind and heart is all that is required. Many people endure a lot of pain, and still stick through and live their life.

Why do you think storytelling helped keep african culture stay alive?

Storytelling is oral tradition. This is important in all cultures...especially those that do not have a form of writing. In parts of Africa, there are no books or databases with stories about the land, the people, the they are passed from person to person through story.

Why do humans have to stay alive?

You don't have to stay alive. You have a choice to not be alive. However, if you want to hang out with us, you have to be alive. ^_^"

Will we all be fighting each other to stay alive when there are no jobs and no money?

In the 30's depression 50% of the people grew their own food. They could get along for a long time without money. Now only 2% of the people grow our food. AND we need money to buy it. If the money supply dries up, YES there will be slaughter that can not be imagined. The Crow Indian tribe was saved from starvation in the 1880's by eating their dogs. Horse meat is excellent lean meat. Gardens can be grown in empty lots by many. But the lost art of canning for the winter needs could make for trouble also.

How to make roses stay alive in a school locker?! Please help?

is there a way to get the rumbling controller sound from Stay Alive as a ring tone? Ventones is a free ringtone sharing site where people can create their own ringtones right on their site and then they send it to you by text messaging. They format it for your phone

Is it true what the movie Stay Alive show about the video game?

does that game even exist, i saw the movie, it was great and not really scary but im not sure that game even exists really but no u wouldn't die, at least i hope not

Can a hanging tomato plant stay alive all year round and produce tomatoes?

At the end of the fruiting season, cut it back to about 6-8 inches. It should grow new shoots. Take the tips off the cuttings from the original about 4 inches or so long and stick those in pots with dirt those will make new plants you will have for next year if the original doesn't keep. They are really an annual, but you can keep perpetuating the original, the nurseries do it this way...yours probably started out a cutting as well.

Is it true that meals worms heads can stay alive in the stomachs of reptiles?

I would have called her an idiot to. Most people say not to feed small bearded dragons mealworms. It’s safe thought just doesn’t feed babies the big ones small ones are ok. The reason she may have said to cut the heads of is because the heads are hard to digest and may cause impacting. I wouldn’t feed it mealworms until around 3-4 months old. Only for the simple fact of digestion, babies need to have easily digested food like crickets and veggies. Although some cricket parts are hard to digest also, don’t worry thought it should be ok. Bearded dragons chew their food so you should be ok. It’s probably some store policy just in case someone tries to feed mealworms to a frog or some sort reptile that doesn’t chew its food. Good question have no fears and call people idiots that try to give you retarded instructions.

Girls - What would you do if you had a disease and this was the only way to stay alive?

I'd choose the doctor cause he sounds like a total quack anyway and nobody should miss him.

How do the people that live in Varansi and drink water from the Ganges and bathe in it stay alive?

Dear miss Sweet, the Scientists took a sample near the sewer opening and found the water "unfit for drinking" then he tested the water about 100 meters further and stated it " absolutely fit for drinking" That's my mother GANGA" and please don't call it a sewer, it hurts.

How does acidophilus stay alive in pill form?

The type I use has a triple-layer encapsulation process which helps ensure potency and guarantees delivery of live microflora to the intestine and does not require refrigeration although it can be. Once in the digestive system, the probiotics then needs food and energy to function properly. Outer layer protects microflora against stomach acid. Middle layer protects microflora against oxygen and moisture. Inner layer protects and holds microflora until release in the intestine. Hope this is helpful and feel free to contact me with questions.

In Modern Warfare 2, what are some good ways to stay alive for as long as possible?

For your gun, you should use a heartbeat sensor and a silencer, you should also have ninja so other people cant heartbeat you back. Pretty much just move slowly and keep an eye on your heartbeat. Always take flanking routes (wherever your enemies arent going). Your silencer and the heartbeat should give you an edge. Never take routes without watching popular camping spots and high grounds that the enemy can take. If you dont want to rush, camp. But move camping spots. If your not playing hardcore than enemies can see you in the killcam. What I like to do is kill an enemy from one camping spot, then move just a little bit to another camping spot. When the enemy I killed comes, he looks to the one I was just at, and I get a free kill. Also, move according to the enemies. If your enemies rush you, so you camp in the spawn, dont stay there when your teammates are pushing them back. If you stay in the spawn, you wont get any kills, and the crappy spawning will make them spawn in your base after a while and you will get mobbed.

How long does a cold virus stay alive on something inanimate?

i ran across this and felt compelled to answer. it depends on the type of virus, the strain....they're all a little different and will act accordingly. if it's the "common cold," that is caused by rhinovirus. that is worth googling.. i've had several medical classes in college, and i remember everything. viruses and bacterium do not need a living host to survive, like parasites do. they can turn to spores in unfavorable conditions, which make them pretty much invincible to any type of unfavorable condition, be it heat, disinfectents....etc. ...and they can turn into spores in a blink of an eye. it's the reason these orgnanisms, if you can call a virus that (they aren't classified as organisms because the don't meet all of the criterium of an organism..such as respiration), are so hearty and difficult to kill. they, the tiny things we cannot see, rule us!

How do I breath oxygen to stay alive?

It helps if you put your head in a tub full of water. The pressure will help push oxygen towards your lungs. If you feel this is not effective enough, plug in a hair dryer and put it in the bath tub with you. That'll give you some colorful light.

How long does an egg stay alive waiting to be fertilized?

12 to 24 hours and sperm can live up to 5 days in the most comfortable enviornment possible (e.g. Eggwhite Cm).

How long do cut flowers stay alive in Diet Coke?

What's the result? If you haven't done you homework, here won't help you. Get ready for detention

What are the secret passwords for the online stay alive game?

not sure, but when you find out have fun cheating?

Girls - How would you manage to stay alive in this situation?

haha this is funny. No i wouldn't punish anyone else for my own selfish agenda. My time will come when it will come.

How long will a banked fire stay alive?

All you need to keep a fire going is oxygen and fuel. As long as you don't put the coals out when you put the ashes over them, you should still have a few coals in the morning. Even if you don't put ashes over top of the fire at night you may still find some coals burning near the center of the fire, depending on how much wood was on the fire to begin with. This is, of course, assuming that it doesn't rain overnight. For the best results, you should probably have one good-sized hardwood log reduced to coals to start off with. Less dense wood, like pine, may not make it the whole night. By the way, you can do this same thing with charcoal briquettes in a grill...

Can small palm trees grow inside? Can they stay alive with artificial light?

I have a majesty palm & live in Wichita, ks. I've had it for 4 yrs. & it does great in the winter. I keep it in front of a west facing window in the winter & outside in shade in the summer. I've never used grow lights. Just keep it in front of a window with good light & no big drafts. I usually cut watering down to once every 2 wks & no plant food in the winter. It's about 5' 6" tall.

Will the resurrected Itachi stay alive or is it only temporary?

I like him too! But as much as I like him,I doubt he will stay alive.Since he was resurrected with the Impure world Resurrection he will disappear if : 1) He gets his soul freed.And I don't mean seal it.If he just feels spiritual fulfillment,like Sasori or Sai's brother he will disappear just like they did. 2) If he his soul is sealed by a sword that has sealing powers,the Totsuka Sword,some sword the Ginkaku/Kinkaku brothers held or the Cloth Binding Technique 3) If Kabuto gets killed.

How long can sperm stay alive outside the body?

I work in the lab at a hospital and the semen analysis tests have to be ran asap bc the sperm starts to die within minutes. The test is no good after 30 min. So from what i gather its 30min - an hr

Can you really eat your shoes to stay alive if your caught in the wilderness?

If the shoes are made of leather, there should be some nutritional value. Otherwise, don't bother. Also, you're probably more likely to get out of the wilderness if you are able to walk instead of slicing your feet up without shoes on.

How many people have seen the movie stay alive? Is there a book on Elizabeth Bathory?

There is a segment devoted to her in the movie Contes Immoreax (English title: Immoral Tales), which was made about 35 years ago. After seeing that segment, you'll certainly have an understanding about her you've never had before!

How to stay alive when captured in war?

How can someone stay alive in a coma?

there is feeding tubes in them and they do go to the bathroom, maybe not on a toilet

Would a live christmas tree stay alive all winter?

The roots can freeze without the tree dying! Spruces, in particular, thrive on cold mountain tops and that ground freezes solid. But they do need water, a dehydrated plant that freezes solid will not be as healthy to survive. But yes, your tree should survive just fine outside. The main thing about bring a living Christmas tree inside is to acclimate the tree before it goes inside and before it goes back outside. They can only last 10 days tops inside of your house! You don't want to warm the tree up so that it breaks winter dormancy because if your little tree starts to grow and then goes outside to freeze, then you could kill it. So acclimate and properly prep the tree. It's a little difficult, but I really think it's worth it. If you're still worried about the winter cold, you could: Store your tree right up against the house, where it will be protected from wind and it'll be slightly warmer (but, you still have to water it, especially if it's under eves) or pre-dig a holding hole in your garden now, before it freezes, and put the entire tree (pot and all) in the hole big enough for the pot/root ball. This will keep the roots a little bit more insulated until your ready to plant it permanently this spring. Good luck with your tree, I'm sure it will be a nice addition to your family plot.

How to some businesses stay alive? For example one particular Barnes & Noble in my area?

They stay alive for awhile because the company eats the costs, figuring that after awhile sales will improve. If they don't, eventually that unit will close.

Why do fish stay alive underwater when the top layer is frozen?

It's because water expands when it freezes. This is because of Hydrogen bonding. The expansion makes ice less dense than water, and less dense ice will float to the top of the water.

How do fish stay alive in the winter?

Water is a much more stable environment than living up in the wind and snow on land. In freshwater systems, the water beneath the ice on lakes and rivers doesn't drop below about 4 C (around 40 F). If it gets colder than that, the water freezes, and floats up to the surface to become part of the ice cover. So the cold-blooded fish living in the water get their metabolism lowered by the cold temperatures, but they can still survive - even eating and swimming about (just ask any ice-fisherman). If a lake or river freezes right to the bottom though, the fish don't survive. They get frozen, and new fish either have to repopulate the area the next summer, or the water body remains fish free. There are some fish (especially in Arctic waters) that produce anti-freeze like compounds in their blood to keep them from freezing solid. In salt water, the water temperatures can drop below the freezing point of the blood in a bony fish. Without these compounds, the fish would indeed freeze. In particularly cold waters, the fish hover almost motionless, their metabolisms so low that they are almost dormant. Any sudden sharp jostle or even brushing against an icy outcrop can provide a nucleation site for ice crystals to form, and the fish can freeze solid in an instant. I've seen videos of this happening, and its kind of freaky.

What do tree frogs do to stay alive during the winter?

I'm not sure where you live, but tree frogs in Australia live in the tropics where there is no winter, so they don't have to worry about it. Frogs and toads in cold climates bury themselves in winter, and go into a type of hibernation so they don't lose any heat.

Why do Christians pray to stay alive in a disaster if being with GOD in heaven is infinitely amazing?

This isn't a question of religion, but a question of human psychology. I dont care what religion you hold onto, your natural instincts during dangerous times is to save yourself, and when your in great desperation you call out to whatever it is you believe in. I dont know what you believe in for an afterlife, be it something great and wonderful or absolutely nothing at all, if you were put in a life or death situation you too would be crying out for help, to who is the question.

How do a human stay alive day after day, and How do a human die?

Humans stay alive by eating, drinking fluids, and breating in air. If a mortal... (or better know as human) does not have these products to live then that human will die. So this is the answer to your question we live by air food and water....

How long can sperm stay alive outside the body and still be functional?

Outside: Few hours. Inside: 3 Days.

What are some ways to stay alive if you find yourself in a Final Destination movie?

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stay alive?

i have no clue but i wanna see it really bad

Stay Alive?

sorry to keep ya waiting but i need 2 disappoint you what the people where talking about isn't a real game goto then right down in the corner you have a option to create a character click on it and then you need to insert passwords that was what they were talking about if ya wanna try the passwords are elizabeth, reflection and rose. the point is that you stip out a way how they die and what weapon they had. But keep your hopes up because sony is fairly intressted in the movie so ya never know