what are the worst reactions you'ved noted from taking statins?

ive been on lipitor for a year now and have had no side effects...shortly after starting i was getting some muscle pains but wasnt sure if it was the med or the aerobics class i started...called my doc and she had some blood work drawn and everything was fine.....you need to see the doc and they need to order some blood work to check certain things or maybe you need a different med to help the cholesterol

Does Pravastatin have the side affect and similar intensity of muscle pain as other statins?

I have high cholesterol - my doctor recommends statins but I've heard so many negatives - any alternatives?

Lipitor is Atorvastatin, which guess what, is a statin. The best alternative is diet and exercise, which I really hope your doctor recommended first, but most people just won't do. red wine and Garlic have been shown to be beneficial, but not that much that you should forgo any meds if you need them. Ezetimibe (zetia, also found in Vytorin) has been shown to lower cholesterol levels but a recent study showed it can actually increase the risk of coronary artery disease, which negates any usefulness. Orlistat is not an agent for high cholesterol. It is a weight loss drug that block fat digestion. Fibrates like Gemfibrozil have some of the same adverse affects as statins, and include myopathy, gallstones, and dyspepsia. There are way more positives than negatives to statins, I am betting the ones you have heard are overblown by uninformed people. Talk to your doctor about risks, benefits, and alternatives, and most importantly eat right and exercise regularly.

Statins typically lower cholesterol by what percentage in 6 weeks?

up to 30% in six weeks.

Do you think this Vytorin scandal is the tip of the iceberg for statins in general?

Simply put, the issue was with ezitimibe, not simvastatin. Ezitimibe is not a statin, and the study showed statins to be effective, and Ezitimibe not to be.

Can cholesterol drugs/statins cause psychological side effects?

Taking statin drugs to reduce cholesterol is quite dangerous. Since you have talked of suicide I am reluctant to give you details as I hope others will be also. If you do take your own prescription statin cholesterol reducing drugs then it is IMPERATIVE that you also supplement with Co Enzyme Q 10 to keep your heart strong. Cholesterol is produced in your liver. These drugs reduce the liver's output of cholesterol. Unfortunately it also reduces the liver's output of CoQ 10. CoQ 10 is found more concentrated in the heart tissue than anywhere else. After an extended time of taking the anti-cholesterol drug, the heart bypasses the other natural phases of a deteriorating heart and goes straight to congestive heart failure. I do not know how long before it kills people. Any congestive heart failure patient should be taking a minimum of 90 mg of CoQ 10 per day. Repeat, Anyone taking anti-cholesterol medication should also take Co Enzyme Q 10 (Co Q 10). Ask your doctor, if he does not know this, get another doctor. Most doctors operate without adequate knowledge of nutrition.

why dont statins reduce overall mortality?

Because Statins have side effects like all other drugs including possibly depriving your heart of Coenzyme Q10 (although this is still controversial).

Are there any differences between statins when added to clopidogrel?

It is my understanding @ this point in time that Potenial Statin-clopidogrel requires more Randomise Prospective Study. I don't think at this point I personally would not be able to answer your question...due to the fact that more studies are being made. In the future I might be able to answer it for you. Best of luck.

Do all statins cause joint pain, and can glucosamine help?

if you are on a statin and having joint pain or muscle pain you should stop it and contact your doctor. all statins have that potential side effect. Zetia isn't a statin and is supposed to be used with a statin but for someone who can't take statins it's better than taking nothing although it gives little help in lowering lipids. niaspan is an alternative, but the side effects are so bad not many people can take it, mainly burning and flushing which can be minimized by taking an aspirin with it. other than that you can use a low cholesterol diet, fish oil and maybe some niacin but this may not offer enough help

what proof is their that suggests that statins are effective in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood?

The ALLHAT and PROVE-IT are 2 large studies that deal with cholesterol levels

Can't take statins, and looking for alternatives to Zetia?

I did some research on this- I was taking lipitor for 45 days and couldn't take it. I took Zetia a few years ago- it seemed to work. I didn't want to take it again. I went to the health food store and bought some Apple Cider vinegar tablets, and artichoke capsules. Artichoke is great for this. I will find out in a few weeks if this has worked. Also, lots of food high in fiber, low fat, It's true about the apple a day! Tell her not to get discouraged. Find a good Health food store and ask the employees there- they are great to help. Good luck

Whats the difference statins?

The available statins on the market in the U.S. - lovastatin, fluvastatin, pravastatin, simvastatin, atorvastatin, and rosuvastatin, differ somewhat in cost, side effect profile, potency, and pharmacokinetics, but for most people it doesn't much matter which you take as long as your LDL cholesterol gets down to an appropriate target. Regarding 'natural' products - red yeast rice has been sold as containing a certain amount of naturally derived lovastatin, and to the extent that's true should not differ in safety or efficacy - except that the drug company is under a whole lot more regulatory scrutiny than whatever fly-by-night company is making the 'natural' product. Despite what Kevin Trudeau and hundreds of other snake oil salesmen would have you believe, 'natural' does not mean 'safe.' Statins certainly have side effects, but are among the safest and most effective medicines ever created. Even the one that was yanked from the market because of a higher incidence of muscle side effects (cerivastatin or Baycol) caused an incidence of significant muscle injury of 5 per 10,000 patients per year, amounting to a death rate of 0.15 per *million* patients prescribed - and most of those were elderly patients on another drug that interacts with statins. And *that* caused a national outcry. Absolutely, some patients have muscle aches or other side effects with statins - but you're a whole lot more likely to win the lottery than you are to have any significant or lasting injury. (Of course, certain medical conditions make injury more likely, so always talk to your doctor before starting anything.) It's also worth mentioning that statins probably *are* toxic to the fetus in pregnant women, whether it's 'natural' lovastatin frlom red yeast rice or synthetic statins.

cholesterol level lowered, why does one to still have to take statins?

Yes. The meds are WHY it's low. Stop them, and the cholesterol rises. The same is true for blood pressure medicine.

How to reduce cholesterol level - 8.2 without taking statins for life?

Basically most studies show that you can reduce your cholesterol significantly with a combination of rigid diet and vigorous exercise,BUT if you recheck patients at 12 months is seems the best reduction that can be maintained is about 10%. If this were the case for you you might expect to maintain 7.4mmoles/l. Though this is still a poor total cholesterol, each 1% fall in cholesterol is said to decrease you risk of heart attack by 2%. You have not unfortunately given your full profile,which might have been helpful especially HDL/cholesterol ratio. I would discard the tomato supplement scam. As long ago as 1994 the 4S study showed that statins not only reduce cholesterol,they save lives.This is NOT only due to their lipid lowering effect but the fact that they change the nature of pre-existing plaque,changing it from 'crispy' to 'rubbery'. This reduces the risk of it breaking off and effectively producing cholesterol emboli. This feature cannot be mimicked by diet,however intensive. A number of more recent studies have also demonstrated that a policy of universal,prescription/consumption of statins would both be effective,and now due to the minimal costs,cost effective in reducing both heart attacks and strokes in the general population. These studies also indicate that such risks as there are do not outweigh the benefits statistically. In answer to your actual question,its pretty certain that you are NEVER going to push your cholesterol down to 5mmoles/l and keep it there without lifelong statins.

How often do you have your blood checked for liver damage if you are on statins?

If you have a family history of a relative having liver problems...it is usually done every 6 months. Otherwise, some doctors only do it once a year.

How did you lower your cholesterol without statins?

I would never consider statins unless my cholesterol was over 400, and even then, probably not. The saturated fats are the good fats. The bad fats are the trans fats and the poly unsaturated fats. These are fake fats that your body creates defective structures and compounds, from. SUGAR AND HEART DISEASE Most fat in our bodies and in the food we eat is in the form of triglycerides (three fatty acid chains attached to a glycerol molecule). Elevated triglycerides in the blood have been positively linked to proneness to heart disease but these triglycerides do not come directly from dietary fats: they are made in the liver from any excess sugars that have not been completely burned. The source of these excess sugars is any food containing carbohydrates, but particularly refined sugar and processed carbohydrates. Refined sugar and other refined products were virtually unknown in the human diet before 1600 and never used in great quantities before the present century. In 1821 the average sugar intake in America was 10 pounds per person per year; today it is 170 pounds per person per year. As the consumption of sugar has increased so have all civilized diseases. We need foods that are whole, not skeletonized and denatured. Sugar, especially sucrose and fructose has been shown to shorten life in numerous animal experiments. Excessive use of sugar is associated with a rise in blood cholesterol, rise in triglycerides, increase in adhesiveness of the blood platelets, increase in blood insulin levels, etc. Numerous studies have positively correlated sugar consumption with heart disease. These results are far more positive than any of the studies linking heart disease and saturated fats. Moderate use of natural sweeteners is found in many traditional societies. We therefore recommended you satisfy your sweet tooth by eating fully ripened fruit in season and a limited use of natural sweeteners high in vitamins and minerals such as raw honey, dehydrated cane sugar juice (Sucanat) and maple syrup. Avoid all refined sugars including table sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, fructose and large amounts of fruit juice. Did you know that those on a restrictive carbohydrate diet, almost always lower their cholesterol levels to the "old" standards. The new standards are promoted by the drug companies to increase their profits. They have to keep lowering the levels because cholesterol levels are inconsequential in heart disease. 50% of all heart attack deaths, occur in patients with low cholesterol. Pharmacist who's life was almost ruined by Lipitor

Why did the FDA say that statins can now be used as a preventative drug?

We are bombarded with advertisements and shows to "lower cholesterol". In fact, my cholesterol is a pathetic 130, and I have been applauded for it! I have never ever seen a program nor a commercial that warns you to NOT have it too low, or even educate us why we need cholesterol. Eggs are demonized for the cholesterol, and statins are applauded. Eggs-marginal amount of money statins-buy beautiful girls (with the money earned), and Hawaiian trips. At least you learned your lesson, right my friend? Formerly "Samurai".

Does continuous treatment of Hypercholesterolemia with statins create any adverse effect on liver?

# Changes in liver function occur in a small fraction of people; your doctor will probably monitor blood tests to check that your liver continues to function well. If the liver function becomes too abnormal, your doctor will stop the drug. The liver is expected to return to normal function.

Do you have side effects from taking statins?

Statins have lots of side effects, including nausea and male impotence. Statins' effectiveness in reducing blood pressure is doubtful - marginal at best. Like all products of Big Pharma, they are also relatively expensive. There are many other methods out there in the fields of alternative medicine and Chinese medicine that are cheaper, more effective and have little or no side effects.

Can life insurance companies test/check for Statins in blood/urine work?

I think they ask you to list your meds. If you lie, and they discover the meds (which I think they can) you may not get life insurance....and then you get a denial...which goes on your record and gets passed to other insurance co. Tell them everything

How can one significanly raise HDLwithout statins?

exercise more. walk briskly for a minimum of an hour every day. stay away from meat. eat fish instead, broil salmon, and steam vegetables, fill up on fruits, nuts, cheese,oatmeal. and VERY important to focus your thoughts on raising your HDL and Lowering LDL Your brain is capable of repairing your body. my hdl was 39 now is 48 from doing the above program. good luck to you you can do it.

What are the effects of mixing lipitor (statins) with alcoholic beverages?

Worst case? Liver failure. Do not recommend mixing those two...

Is there any link between statins and retinal detachment?

Wow! These are good questions for your cardiologist and your eye doctor. I have never heard of this being so, but you never know!

what sideffects will have when someone use statins for lowering cholesterol ?

It's a vicious cycle of the medicine world. One pill causes 8 side effects, so they prescribe a pill for them, causing more side effects, so they prescribe a pill for them, causing more side effects, so they prescribe a pill for them, causing more side effects, so they prescribe a pill for them, causing more side effects, on and on and on until your takign pills that cause high cholesterol. MY advice: don't take pills, instead, eat healthy, excercise, and stay away from mexico.

what are scientists doing to try and stop side effects of statins?

nothing? i mean every drug has its side effects, that happens to be what goes along with statins

What are the advantages and disadvantages of statins being made available without prescription?

Statins do have some adverse effects, though rare and hence need medical supervision.

Atherosclerosis. Do statins, heart healthy diet, and exercise reduce the plaque that is already there?

Statins? No. Lifestyle changes? Yes.

what is CoQ10, a substance the body loses in the presence of statins?

Well, that's pretty close, but not exactly. Statins interfere with how the body creates and utilizes CoQ10... same effect in the long run that you should take extra CoQ10 if you are on Statins. CoQ10 in and of itself is a coenzyme occurring in the body that helps with cardiovascular health, cellular energy production (since it helps your body produce ATP), immune system support, healthy oral tissues, and many other things. You can read more about it at http://altmedicine.about.com/od/consumerreviewsalerts/a/statins_coq10.htm but there are many other resources online (that's the first hit that came up on Yahoo). Good luck and I hope I helped!

Does it make sense to take statins (ie Lipitor) before taking a life insurance screening test?

Better to have proof that you are doing something about your cholesterol problem rather than take the tests and demonstrate that you are not taking care of yourself at all. Think about it; would you rather have an employee come in, manage things, have a problem and solve it, or have someone who comes in and ineffectually pushes papers around his desk, obviously demonstrating an inability to do his job? They will ask for a list of your medications anyway, so don't worry about it.

Does someone knows what kind of drug is statins and what it works for?

Statins are for reducing cholesterol. The pharma companies make big bucks off of it without telling the public that statins kill you slowly. This is the truth. Seen it happen with my own patients. Statins deplete a vital enzyme called CoQ10. This co-enzyme is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of muscles. Without CoQ10, or with depleted levels, you will experience fatigue and muscle weakness. This can also lead to a condition called cardio myopathy (ie the muscles supporting your heart, fail) which is fatal. Supplements of CoQ10 are useless because it needs to be absorbed into the tissues for it to work. Oral suplements do not do that. Stay away from statins. They are deadly drugs. Not all doctors are even taught about this. I encourage you to do research on the web. You will find lotsa info about statins and their deadliness. They do not cause cancer. They cause cardiomyopathy which can be extremely deadly and fatal. Drop me a line if you want more info

When taking statins (cholesterol reducer), how often should you get your blood tested?

Mine is tested generally every three months. I also have a liver function test every six months.

What are the side effects of statins and bp drugs ?

Muscle pain and muscle weakness are two of the main side effects of statin drugs.

What effect do Statins have on cardiovascular disease?

In the heart, stabilizing the blood vessel linings would make plaques less likely to rupture, thereby reducing the chance of a heart attack. Statins also help relax blood vessels, lowering blood pressure. In addition, statins have blood-thinning effects, reducing the risk of blood clots. For these reasons, doctors are now beginning to prescribe statins before and after coronary artery bypass surgery or angioplasty, and following certain types of strokes

Do you take statins to lower cholesterol and keep a strict low?

Vytorin to keep it down, and yes a very strict low fat diet. Gave up: whole eggs and egg yolks pizza cheese peanut butter pretty much all meats except chicken butter and margarine ice cream everything fried all burgers all crackers, and other commercial baked products. almost all nuts almost all chips (fritos has only corn oil, I can eat them) Only very small amounts of oil in salads. I read ingredients list for any hydrogenated oils. I try to avoid them totally. I have gotten scary angina in the past year from a hamburger, and another time from some fries. Once from each. My total cholesterol is now 120: LDL 64, HDL 44, Triglycerides 58.

How do i evaluate the effects of Statins on cardiovascular disease?

statins are a drugs that blocks the "de novo" synthesis of cholesterol, specifically HMG-CoA reductase. With this being blocked (or reduced) the body then just gets its Cholesterol from your diet. This is good, because too much LDL (low density lipoprotein) has been shown to cause foam cell formation and lead to arteriosclerosis and other peripheral vascular diseases! In other words, if your cholesterol is high, statins are cardio-protective :)

What are the natural ways to reduce cholestrol rather than taking statins?

There are several supplements and herbs that are very beneficial for Cholesterol health. You've made a good decision to avoid the Cholesterol drugs... there are too many potential side effects to worry about (I can tell you more about that if you'd like). Some of the most beneficial natural products for Cholesterol health are Red Yeast Rice, Policosanol, Beta Sitosterol, Omega 3 and 9 Fatty Acids (typically in Fish Oil, Flax Oil, and Olive Oil), Guggul, Niacin, Lecithin, Garlic, PhosphatidylCholine, and any good soluble fiber. Each of those help with different aspects of Cholesterol health, so you may need a variety of them... try one or two of them out. Aside from that, there's always the standard plan of diet and exercise, but that's normally just increasing soluble fiber (veggies, fruits, grains, etc) and decreasing bad foods (some sugars, certain fatty foods, etc). Good luck!

Could pain in the arms be associated with taking statins?

That is one of the side effects. My husband was on Zocor for years. He said everything ached when he was taking it. Our Dr didn't seem too concerned. She basically told hubby that she'd rather him have muscle aches than have a heart attack. However at his last blood test, his liver enzymes came back elevated and he is off the Zocor for now. The Dr's are unsure if it's the Zocor damaging the liver or not. He is a non drinker, but they are running different tests before he goes back on the Zocor.

How long have statins been used to control cholesterol and in particular, lipitor?

Since the late 80's. Conventional high cholesterol treatment for lowering cholesterol levels is prescription statin drugs. Unfortunately, statins don't distinguish between "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and "good" cholesterol (HDL). They also reduce Co-enzyme Q10 and L-carnitine levels, important in energy production and fat metabolism. Side-effects like myalgia and stomach, lung and liver tumors have been associated with use of these drugs. A combination of natural cholesterol remedies, regular exercise and dietary changes can make a significant impact in lowering cholesterol levels and reduce or even eliminate the need for prescription drugs.

How can I treat high cholesterol using natural drugs rather than prescription statins?

Have you tried niacin, guggulipid or red rice yeast?

Are my cholesterol numbers warranting that i take Statins?

It all depends on your health and risk factors. The first thing you should do is eat a low fat diet and exercise. That alone may well bring things down. There are people show have bad reactions to statins, just like there are with aspirin, etc. The vast majority of patients have NO problems from statins, including myself. I've never had muscle aches or elevation in my liver enzymes. If these drugs were as bad as some say, where are the millions of people sick from statins? Ignore "Lisa L". This is a person that uses multiple accounts to spread his opinions. He lacks formal education in medicine and gets his "knowledge" from a person who's trained in fitness, not medicine.

Can someone rate the statins(like lipitor, Crestor, etc.) and name ones that have become generic?

Crestor seems to work the best of the bunch. The ones that are generic are Zocor, Pravachol, and Mevacor. Of course Mevacor isn't that good. The 'setbacks' with Vytorin are probably the recent findings with Zetia. It does lower your cholesterol but doesn't reduce plaque formation in the arteries. That is the whole reason we are trying to lower cholesterol. So until further notice.....don't bother taking Zetia. Statins have been proven to lower cholesterol AND reduce plaque formation. Even when your levels are normal, there is ample cholesterol available to make any and all hormones etc. that utilize cholesterol in their synthesis.

if statins are taken regularly what effect do that have on crononary heart disease?

What are the serious side effects of taking statins ?

I f*****g well hope not! I've been taking the stuff for seven years now. The only side effect has been not so much a 'side' effect, as a 'rear' effect! Wind!

Why the statins (simvastatin and other lypodecreasing drugs) are prescribed to be taken before bed time?

The reason that the earlier available statins were recommended for use at night was because they had relatively short half lives, and bedtime administration worked best because in most people cholesterol biosynthesis takes place in the early morning hours. However that is not the case with Lipitor, Crestor or Pravachol, since they have half lives of 19-22 hours and therefore morning admiistration would be more suitable.

Would you consent to your 10 year old being put on statins?

I wouldn't agree to that, because a 10 year old faces extremely little risk in developing cardiovascular disease anytime in the next few years, if a total cholesterol count of 210 is the sole negative health indicator. Statins do have adverse side effects, no matter what Pfizer says. Because cholesterol is essential for the central nervous system, statins can disrupt or even damage it in developing children. I'd recommend that the 10 year old simply get more active, lose weight if overweight, and eat better, as the first things to try to reduce the total cholesterol count of 210. Furthermore, a total cholesterol count of 210 isn't hardly excessive and life-threatening, it is only "borderline high", or just into the "high" category for a 10 year old. Worse, statins do not cure the disease, it only treats the symptoms. Putting a child on statins without any change in life habits will not necessarily decrease mortality later in life. Just because statistics show that kids that have low cholesterol counts live longer than those with high levels doesn't mean that therefore any drug means of dropping the cholesterol counts will allow them to live longer. It's those that are active and eat right, which is the reason why they live longer, are also likely to have low cholesterol counts I would say that the doctor is overreacting or just too sold on the idea of health through drugs.

Apparently my body produces bad cholesterol and I cannot do without statins help me please?

Statins have the strongest effect on cholesterol, but there are food-based alternatives that won't have the same side effects. Ask your doctor to refer you to a nutritionist to help you figure out a diet that will help your cholesterol. Be careful about online sources. Many people make claims based on advertisements they saw. Nutritionists work based on medical research. Buy yourself a container of steel cut oatmeal. This is your new breakfast. It requires a lot of cooking in the morning, but here's a shortcut. At night, boil 4 cups of water. Turn off the heat and pour in a cup of steel cut oatmeal. Cover the pot. In the morning, the oatmeal will have absorbed the water, and you only need to simmer it for about 5 minutes to heat it up. Nature's statin. When you first start, don't eat the whole potful. Eat half a pot for a few days so that you give your intestines time to adjust, otherwise you may end up constipated.

What doses of statins were given in the recent Crestor study?

It was Crestor 20mg vs placebo. I'd bet that other statins will have the same effect.

What tips do you have for stopping leg pain after taking statins?

Hi Barbara C You might reconsider whether you should be on a statin in the first place. More and more people are caught in the net of "too high cholesterol" every time the reference range gets adjusted. Perhaps you could concentrate on raising your HDL and lowering your triglycerides by increasing your Vitamin D3 and getting on a low carb diet. Consider yourself lucky that your side effects were obvious. Plenty of people won't know the damage statins have done to their bodies until it's much too late. Here are some links that might help. Good luck!

What are the benefits and risks of the use of statins?

The benefit of statins is massive, it lowers blood cholesterol, in particular the low density lipids associated with athersclerosis. This helps to prevent in turn coronary artery disease, and will very much decrease the chances of the person suffering a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack by 60%!. Another benefit is its effects can be seen within a week of commencing the drug, and so is both of short term and a long term use for control of cholesterol levels. Statins can also increase endothelial function, modulate inflammatory responses. It also helps to stabilise atheromatous plaques so that even those with arteriosclerosis can use this with benefit, as it prevents the chances of this plaque causing further damage by rupturing and the creating a clot in the affected area. All of this results in less thrombus formation, which is effectively what causes many of the problems. Even those without high cholesterol should be encouraged to take statins, as it also decreases the rate of cardiovascular problems in the healthy. Statins are also suggested to decrease prostate cancer rates, with up to a 20% reduction in the population in those using the drug. However, statins do not decrease triglyceride levels, and this will need to be done via other routes. Most side-effects are not dangerous and only involve thing s such as muscle cramps, and pain in the muscles. Renal failure has occasionally been recorded, but on a tiny scale, as is muscle wasting. Statins should not be combined with fibrates, as this massively increases the risk of side-effects, and people should avoid grapefruit as this inhibits the action of statins. Overall, the pro's far out-weight the cons, in particular for those with high cholesterol who would most likely suffer if they did not take this drug. There is more detail i can give if you want it, but i feel that is a fairly good summary :)

Statins- adverse effects and how to reduce the adverse effects caused?

Statins don't work. Stop taking it. Please read The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr. Kendrick.