Where is a small/big Yugioh Card tournament that you don't have to pay for in State College, PA?

These are all I could find in your state: Alternate Universes Blue Bell 19422 (610)-277-7251 Weekly (Sat) 2:00 PM New Dimension Comics Butler (724)-282-5283 Weekly (Sat) 11:00 AM The Vault Comics and Games Greensburg 15601 (724)-834-4045 Alternate Universes Holmes 19043 (610)-583-9960 Weekly (Sat) 2:00pm Warlords Den Lebanon 17046 (717)-277-0494 Weekly (Sat) 4:00 PM Six Feet Under Games New Holland 17557 (717)-351-0359 Weekly (Sat) Greentree Sports Cards Pittsburgh 15220 (412) 937-0540 Weekly (Sat) 1:30 PM Phantom of the Attic Pittsburgh 15220 (412)-21-6229 Weekly (Tue) 5:30 PM Neverland Games Waynesboro 17268 717-655-5347 Weekly (Sat) 1:00 PM

Fun with kids in State College PA?

Well this summer my family and I went on summer vacation to State College and we found this really cool underwater cavern it is a short drive away but it is worth it there are a lot of things to do there. Here is a link to their website: http://www.pennscave.com/ Another cavern to go to is Lincoln caverns and this is a walk through cavern it is also a fun activity to do with children. http://www.lincolncaverns.com/directions.html Whenever we are in the are we also try to stop at Lakemont Park it has children and adult rides, an ice skating rink and a minor league baseball stadium and a mall and restaurants right down the road.

What is located close to state college, pa that feels far from penn state's campus?

Not much!!! What I did when there was rent a hotel room in town, feels celebrity like compared to the dorm!

Looking for an affordable apartment in downtown State College, Pa. Any Ideas?

http://pennstate.craigslist.org/ http://pennstate.craigslist.org/apa/415293306.html 3 in a 1 bdrm is really crowded. 4 in a 2 bdrm is more doable - either bunk beds in both bdrms or two twin beds in each if there's room, or futons! If any of you are handy, create some semi-loft bed frames. Have the bed about waist or chest height - easier to jump onto than a bunk, but lots of storage space underneath. 4 x $250 = $1000 4 x $330 = $1320 Not real easy to find as they go fast, but keep looking! Don't forget to ask for the utilities history - depending on how well-built the place is (or isn't!) the utilities can really range.

Are there any good mom and pop jewelrs in State College Pa?

State college is like 120 miles from Philly

Where can I find a free or low cost kitten in or around State College, PA?

look in the newspaper in the pets section, where i live they have lots of cats that need homes. but i live like 10 states away from u.

If you live or have lived in state college, pa would you recommend it to a family moving there?

If you're looking for a safe town with a terrific school district, then State College will fit the bill. It is still somewhat reasonable to live there as well. "No culture" - depends on your definition of culture. There are always festivals and such going on, especially during the summer. If you're a college football fan, then you're at a good place for tailgating and Big 10 excitement. The university has plenty going on at all times. Plus, you're an hour away from Harrisburg, and two hours away from Pittsburgh. The downtown area has plenty of little shops to keep you busy, plus it's very quaint. Parking is cheap, too. Naturally, the students dominate the town, so Christmas and summer are always more desirable if you're not into crowds. Happy Valley is a beautiful place, and summer and fall make up for the winters.

Some good lakes to fish in around State College Pa?

Centre & Huntingdon County area: http://fishandboat.com/hotspots.htm

Anyone have any suggestions for things to do for fun with kids in State College, PA?

mostly outdoor stuff there star lite drive in theater. Indian caverns is cool, bellafonte railroad if fun season only though. Alan seeger :http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/Forestry/oldgrowth/alanseeger.aspx is very cool I highly recommend it, it absolutely wreath the drive. also the Brice Jordan center has shows http://www.bjc.psu.edu/ DelGrosso’s Amusement Park is 30 miles down the road. enjoy your stay:)

Where are good rock climbing sites in State College PA?

Try this: http://www.rockclimbing.com/cgi-bin/routes/page.cgi?g=North+America/United+States/Pennsylvania I can't say that the info is the best. I live in NEPA and I can't find some of the places listed. Have you tried asking the guys in the gear store by Chili's downtown...I can't remember the name of the store.