What is your take on Starlin Castro being on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

I love it. Starlin is the next great hitter in MLB. I love watching him play and i'm happy he's on the cover of SI this week. He is by far my favorite player in baseball. EDIT: Iveyenvy is already on my favorites bar!!

Josh Johnson for Starlin Castro?

My opinion is that you accept that trade but once Johnson is back on the active roster, you trade away Ubaldo who isn't having a good year at all.

Is Starlin Castro the next great shortstop superstar?

He has all the tools to be great and is holding his own in the Majors at 20 year of age so my answer is yes he is the next big thing at SS, but nowadays there are a lot of good shortstops. So being the NL All Star Game starter at SS every year is no guarantee

Why does everyone pick on Starlin Castro?

As I posted in the original question (and met with many thumbs down) - The kid is only 21 years old and in his 2nd MLB season. WIth more coaching and maturity, he will be fine - he has the raw talent. After seeing the Valentine analysis, Castro should accept it for what it is and learn something from it. Bandwagons come in different shapes and sizes. The Castro subject appeals to those who think whoever is on ESPN (Bobby Valentine) is an expert. Where's Joe Morgan when you need him?

Is there any chance the Red Sox get Starlin Castro?

Nope only a couple big time prospects will go No Current Major :League players will go

Is Starlin Castro the one the Cubs have been seasoning in the minors for 102 years?

No, here's another one - Wrigley Field, Opening Day 1994, Karl "Tuffy" Rhodes Cubs outfielder, Rhodes became the first National League player to hit three home runs on opening day when he connected off Dwight Gooden at Wrigley Field. In the 1994 strike shortened season, Cubs finished with a 49-64 record. Castro was given a roundtrip ticket from Double AA Tenn to Cincinnati - more seasoning is in his future.

If the Yankees got an offer today and only today to trade Derek Jeter for Starlin Castro, should they take it?

The Yankees would not trade Derek Jeter. It makes no difference how much baseball sense it might make. They would never trade him.

Is Starlin Castro better/going to be better then Jose Reyes?

I don't know what better/going to be means, but Castro certainly looks like a future star, perhaps superstar, of the game. He's charismatic, hits when it counts, and does the most with his skills. I look for him to be an All Star Game fixture. As to comparisons with Reyes, each has strong points. Overall, I think Castro just might prove to be better. It's still a little early to call.

in fantasy baseball, who should i add, Starlin Castro or Felipe Lopez. i need a backup shortstop?

Definitely go with Lopez. He beats Castro in every offensive category.

why is starlin castro not in the players list on yahoo fantasy basball?

Well, today is his first start. Yahoo this year for the first time added a lot of the top prospects that had never played in MLB. Castro was not one of them. Heyward, for example, was. Players like Dye that have played in the past but have not retired are always going to be on the list. Castro will be on the list on waivers tomorrow I suspect. I would like to have him also. Good luck.