Who are the most underrated and overrated players of all time?

Most Underrated players in my book are- Tris Speaker, Eddie Collins, Stan Musial, Kid Nichols, Charlie Radbourne, Jim Kaat, Eddie Mathews, Roger Connor, Fergie Jenkins(outside Chicago), Fred McGriff, WIllie Stargell, Chirsty Mathewson and Martin Dhigo. Most Overrated- Whitey Ford, Lou Brock, Mike Schmidt, Will Clark, Dizzy Dean, and most of the Big Red Machine. Overrated Teams- 1976 Reds, 1996 Yankees, 1997 Marlins, 1991 Twins, 1957 Yankees, 2011 Phillies, 1986 Mets. Underrated Teams- 1994 Expos, 1996 Braves, 2000 Diamondbacks, 1906 Giants.

Today Raul Ibanez became the 4th player in MLB to hit 30 doubles 10 years in a row, who are the others?

Actually, he is the 11th. He is, however, the 4th Philadelphia player to accomplish this, following Delahanty, Speaker, and Abreu. Ed Delahanty (1892-02) Honus Wagner (1899-10) Tris Speaker (16-27) Rogers Hornsby (20-29) Joe Medwick (33-43) Stan Musial (42-44*, 46-58) Manny Ramirez (1996-05) Todd Helton (1998-07) Bobby Abreu (1999-08) Albert Pujols (2001-10) *Did not play 45-46 due to WWII

What major league baseball player had the exact same number of hits home and away?

There's probably many who meet that condition, but the best-known is sure to be HOFer Stan Musial. H @home == 1815. H away == 1815. Total hits == 3630.

Why does Stan Musial not have a Yankeeography?

Stan played back in the days where players rarely complained or demanded more money, they (the players) were honored to represent a team while management felt blessed to have a superstar in their coterie and a player might actually play his whole career on one team. Musial is as classy an act as it gets. His "marriage" to St. Louis spelled enormous positives for the game.

Where did Stan Musial hit in the '48 Cardinals lineup?

I recommend you take a look at http://www.baseball-reference.com It's a great site and has almost everything! Or, simply google "1948 Cardinals lineup" That typically works.

Is Stan Musial the most underrated great player of all time?

Hank Aaron. This is a guy that is only remembered for being "the homerun king" 2300 RBI's (most all time) 3771 hit (if you take away all 755 Home runs, he STILL had 3000 hits) .305 career average 2100+ Runs scored (4th all time) top 10 in the MVP voting 13 times Arguably one of the top 3 players to play and I never hear people bring him up as one the greatest ever. With the said, Stan the Man doesn't get nearly enough respect either. He has numbers that rank up there with anyone. Great player.

How much is a autographed 1960 stan musial 250 topps psa 7 worth?

PSA/DNA doesn't give a number grade to signed cards. They just authenticate the signature. When you do see a signed card with a number grade, that grade is not for the card, ie, very good, excellent, near mint....it is an assessment of the strength of the signature on a 1-10 scale. A 1960 Topps Musial on a clean, uncreased card with a 7 grade on the signature goes in the $100 ballpark, + or -.

Stan Musial Sports Illustrated article?

I have not read the article yet but would like to. Stan Musial is easily not only one of baseball's all time greats and a legend, but one of the all time greatest people and a class act. He played hard everyday, never made excuses and put the team first always. He was a great example of how a player should conduct himself both on and off the field. To me he's easily one of the top 10 players in history and a great all round player. Lifetime batting average of .331, 3,630 hits 475 homers, 725 doubles. He is well known for his generosity to fans and of course his friendliness. It seems as though Stan was always smiling and happy. Known for playing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on his harmonica during Hall of Fame Ceremonies each year in Cooperstown, New York. Though I'm a Braves fan, I certainly have a ton of respect for one of the greatest baseball players in history, the greatest Cardinal, and one of the greatest gentleman the game has ever known, Stan the Man Musial!

How much is and autographed Stan Musial baseball card worth?

I would say this card has to be worth a lot. I estimate this would be $500,000.

How much is ONE baseball autographed by Bob Feller, Dizzy Dean and Stan Musial worth?

that baseball is worth about $537.

Who in your opinion are the classiest players to play in the Major Leagues?

There weren't old school players that didn't have class. Gwynn, Ripken, Molitor, Sandberg, Jeter of recent, but I say as far as today goes Ichiro going to George Sisler's grave to pay respect to an all-time great is a class act!!

Where would these players rank to you?

1. Babe Ruth 2. Willie Mays 3. Barry Bonds 4. Ty Cobb 5. Alex Rodriguez 6. Ted Williams 7. Stan Musial 8. Ken Griffey jr 9. Albert Pujols 10. Lou Gehrig

Who would you rank as the greatest Cardinal in Baseball history ?

Greatest Cardinal of all was Branch Rickey, the inventor of the farm system. Your question didn't specify player. He oversaw the development of all the early Cardinal's great players. Greatest Cardinal player of all? Slam dunk: Stan Musial. Plus he was a fine person to boot. A real American hero. # 2. Ozzie Smith. The absolute greatest short stop of all the Cardinals and they have had several. # 3. The greatest Cardinal hitter: Rogers Hornsby # 4. The greatest Cardinal pitcher since Dizzy Dean: Bob Gibson. Especially in the post season when it counts most.

Who are some players today that could have played in the 50s?

Interesting question, one to which I will take probably a very different view then most people who answer will. While it is difficult to compare players from different because of the differences in the way the game is played, I think that a good number, at least 75%, of the current MLB players could have also played in the 50's. The changes in the game that have come about to protect the game were done to protect the large investment that teams make in a player today. Slaughter, Musial, etc. played in an era when: 1) Players did not make obscene amounts of money, 2) There were very few, if any, multi-year contracts, 3) There was no free agency- a team that owned you owned you until they decided to let you go elsewhere, either by releasing you or trading you. To protect the investment in, lets say A-Rod, the type of baseball that existed then will never exist again. Nobody wants to see a player with a guaranteed $100 million plus contract get hit by a pitch and miss half the season or have his career ended. While I do think that baseball has gone overboard in allowing players to wear protective gear at the plate, while at the same time not allowing a pitcher to back a guy off of it (I think the pitcher should be allowed to hit a batter on the protective gear and have it count as a strike instead of a HBP), they are again, merely protecting their most important assets - the players. I don't necessarily think that wearing protective gear makes you any less tough - if it does, perhaps we should really make it tough and go back to not wearing batting helmets, catcher's masks or gloves. I think that the players of the past would have used these things if they were around - I'm sure that Mickey Cochrane, a Tigers catcher in the 30's whose career was ended after taking a pitch to the head, would have gladly worn a helmet. I think that Ron Hunt, known for getting hit by pitches, would have maybe worn a shinguard at the plate if they had been around then. I don't think that the players were necassiraly tougher in those days - they simply didn't have the equipment available to them. If they had, I'm sure that many would have used it. And I think most of today's players still could play without it if they had played then, simply because they would not know any other way..

How much is and autographed Stan Musial baseball card worth?

Go to a reputable sports card dealer to find out it's true worth

Stan Musial had 3630 hits in his major league career. Did he have more hits at home or on the road?

Musial's total 3,630 hits were split exactly down the middle - 1,815 at home and 1,815 on the road. But that's probably why you asked the question.

Besides Stan Musial, who is the greatest player to wear the St. Louis Cardinals uniform of all-time?

Bob Gibson wasn't one of the first black pitchers to make it big in the Big Leagues. I love Bob Gibson, but he became big in the early 60s. There had been many other black pitchers to make it big in the Majors by that point. There have been a lot of great players for the Cards and Gibson is definitely their greatest pitcher, but Pujols at this point is the second greatest Cardinal behind Musial. He's got a ways to go to catch Stan the Man though. PS - the guy claiming Edmonds is the greatest behind Musial should be banned from this group. That was embarrassing.

The name "Babe Ruth" makes you think of baseball instantly. How many other names make you think of baseball?


How much would this card be worth??

Probably not a ton, around $10-$15 would be me limited knowledge guess. He is still alive, and has signed many items so his signature isn't as valuable as some others. Plus a card is not as valuable as a bat or ball. But hold on to it, you never know in a decade or two what could happen.

Who is the greatest player in history of your favorite sports team?

the most dominate athlete in any sport ever. jack bionda new west minister lacrosse club . british columbia canada . Parliament was closed for one day to watch his skills. funeral services across canada major traffic jams . press did report very accurately that he was the most dominate athlete to ever play any sport. seen this brilliance on the floor as a teammate from age of 16 till his retirement. press release better than orr gretzky bonds griffey a rod ali . the babe. very very accurate. this small city has won 62 major championships. one sport. the city of new york 7 pro sports. 53 combined. what city is the major title holder. city peterbourgh ontario 32 titles. how many for the yankees. of course just a dumb canadian

Who is greater player - Stan Musial or Albert Pujols?

It's hard to argue that anyone can be better than Stan Musial, but Pujols is putting up some pretty awesome numbers. It's also difficult to compare players from different eras. When Musial played, there were only 16 teams in the major leagues, so there were a lot less mediocre players in the majors. Also, Musial played with a 154 game schedule, so he had 8 less games a year than Pujols has every year. Travel was a lot more difficult in Musial's day. On the other hand, Pujols sees more pitching every game than Musial did. Back then, a starter usually pitched the whole game and they did not bring in setup and closing pitchers like they do today. Bottom line, they're BOTH great players, playing in different times. Who can say who's better? BTW- One of my all time favorite baseball stats: In his career, Stan Musial had 3, 630 hits. He had 1,815 hits playing at home and 1,815 hits playing on the road!

What is the best Baseball book you have read?

My favorite fiction: "The Last Days of Summer" by Steve Kluger, an epistolary novel about a fictional NY Giants 3rd baseman and a 12 year old precocious kid in the 1940s. A favorite of mine and the kids as well: http://www.stevekluger.com/LASTDAYS.html This one that I read when I was 12: "The Kid From Tompkinsville" John R Tunis http://www.amazon.com/Kid-Tomkinsville-Odyssey-John-Tunis/dp/0152056416 Non Fiction David Halberstam's "The Summer of '49" A recount of the season from the point of view of the Yankees and Red Sox, a DiMaggio brother on each team, Joe the slugger for the Yankees and Ted Williams for the Red Sox. I gave this to a guy to read and his wife was really hacked off at me because it got him back into the Red Sox: http://www.amazon.com/Summer-49-David-Halberstam/dp/0060884266 "My Luke and I' by Eleanor Gehrig, the story of the Iron Man told from his wife's point of view. Read this book a few times at different times in my life, I never get tired of it: http://www.amazon.com/My-Luke-I-Eleanor-Gehrig/dp/0451078187 Warning: "The Last Days of Summer" and "My Luke and I" made me CRY BA: No I haven't read that book, I did read Ted William's book "My Turn at Bat" which I really enjoyed. He swore a lot.

One of baseballs greatest hitters died today?

Who is the greatest living ballplayer ?

Hank Aaron is most likely the best baseball player ever. He had the record in most home runs hit until recently Barry Bonds broke it but, the is some questions about Barry using steroids. So i think Hank is the best all-time. With Barry and A-rod I don't think they deserve to be mentioned with them because they illegibly took steroids. Pujols on the other hand does deserve to be mentioned. He is a very good player and has not been convicted of using steroids. We just have to wait and see what happens throughout the rest of his career.

who are the active major league baseball walk-off home run leaders?

Albert Pujols, monster shot against Astros last year in game 4 NLCS.

Is Albert Pujols in the same category as Stan Musial was?

The potential is there. If he continues at the pace hes at for another 10 years, Id say he is at least as good as Musial, maybe even better.

Too many stars in the Home Run Derby? What do you think?

They adjust, Tejada won it 2 years ago and he is still ok.... oh yeah Ortiz hits for power, too so does Ryan Howard.

Has this ever occurred to you about the 3 all time hit leaders?

Interesting. I think hitters nowadays, go with what makes them comfortable not necessarily what is going to help them with their hitting. Kevin Youkilis has one of the most interesting stances in baseball, and he's obviously a very successful hitter. I don't have an answer of why other players don't do the same stances, but I go back to comfort-ability with that one.

How much would this autographed hat go for?

best thing to do is check if there is something similar on ebay amazon ect then you can see what price it sells for.

I am looking for a print that is of baseball hall of famers in a locker room. It is titled Reunion?

it's at cooperstown new york in the hall of fame

How much is a bat signed by MANY HOF players worth, authenticated by JSA?

ted williams autograph is around $350 Warren Spahn is probably $50 Duke Snider i'd say $50 Nolan Ryan atleast $200+ Catfish Hunter $ 85-100 Yogi Berra $ 100 Sandy Koufax $65-75 Ernie Banks$50 Willie Stargell $50 Whitey ford$85 Cool papa Bell$45 Pete rose$90 Hand Aaron$200+ Yaz$120 Stan Musial $75 Pee wee reese$ 50 i actually have some of their autographs including yaz rose berra nolan ryan those are the prices i bought them for i also researched the rest and once authenticated add about 100-200 more and plus the price of the bat if you add up all prices of an autograph it adds up to $1680 add about 150 for authentication and the price of the bat get a nice case and add a little bit more for the others on there and alot of collectors are going to want that bat bad so i would say you could probably sell it anywhere between $2500-$3000 even more if the collector wants it enough hope that helped

How much would a baseball signed by 5 St. Louis Cardinals HOFs sell for?

It's really hard to say without seeing it. There are many variables to consider; condition, provenance, era of the ball, etc. Then, ironically, much of the time multi-signed balls actually DECREASE the value because they are harder to display and often have smudges from being handled too much. Musial is a pretty prolific signer, so there are tons of his autographs out there. Lots of Brock, too. Buck is one you don't see a lot. Anyway, if everything is in order and the ball is pristine, a good starting point would be the $250-$350 range,

Why do questions about English Soccer get answers more appropriate to US Baseball?

I think most football fans would of heard of SIR...Stanley Matthews but I'd say it's definitely before our time for a lot of us. I remember being told of his existence while a school boy but I only learnt of the mans career when he died I think in 2000. I'll have to check on that date, but I remember watching a special on him on foxtel(australia) and one thing i'll never forget is he was, and still is to this date the only footballer ever to be knighted whilst still playing football. My father always used to ridicule me as a youngster when I thought Ryan Giggs was one of the greatest dribblers of all time,before that my opinion was John Barnes and I would always be corrected by him saying "Ever heard of 'The Magician' or 'The Wizard of Dribble'?" (Don't know if it was wizard or King, am I right?) and even now when I mention Teddy Sheringham being 41, once again the comeback was that he played into his 50's. Not many young people would know a lot about him but needless to say he should be used as a benchmark for all the budding footballers of tomorrow. To answer your Q. and I'm ashamed I didn't know this....Stan the Man? I did not know that was another nickname. Sir Stan i remember though.

What baseball player tore his sleeves?

It was Ted Kluszwski. Here's a photo: http://www.crosley-field.com/images/big18.jpg

How much money could I get if I sold my autographed Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Reggi Jackson, Stan Musial?

i think mickey by its self is worth like 300 then u add on every other guy so idd say maybe around 1000 to 1500 if ball is in good shape and u have a picture or something to prove they signed it

Who do you think is the Greatest player of all time from your favorite team?

It's hard to choose between Joe Morgan, Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, George Foster, and Tony Perez, but I think I have to go with the great Pete Rose. The guy may be a jerk but it's hard to argue with his numbers. I'd follow him up putting Johnny Bench, the guy most people consider the greatest catcher of all time, in as a very close second. @ Kieran Lance - KEN GRIFFEY JR! The greatest home run hitter of his era. The only other person I'd consider would be Randy Johnson. Ichiro is great but he's no Griffey.

Looking for value and year of this Cardinal team signed Baseball?

I did some research just now and I can tell you that the ball is definitly from 1951 because Marty Marion last season was in 1951 and then was traded to the browns and Cliff Chambers joined the team in 1951. Also if the ball is not real dirty and names are clear it could be worth thousands but if its the opposite then its probably worth a hundred or two hundred if your lucky.

Can players on a minor league team wear retired numbers of its MLB affiliate?

Yes. They are separate entities. Many minor league teams retire numbers of their own. For example the Trenton Thunder have Tony Clark's and Nomar Garciaparra's numbers retired from the days when they were affiliated with the Tigers and Red Sox even though they are affiliated with the Yankees now...

How much is my baseball signed by the 1948 St. Louis Cardinals worth?

if it has a certificate of authenticity then it is worth quite a bit because it has stan musial and Red Schoendienst on it. If you find the right collector they may be willing to pay several hundred for it, but without the certificate it could just be one of the thousands of balls that are printed and sold for $5

How many players can you name that played for one franchise for more than 15 years?

Brooks Robinson played all 23 seasons of his career with the Baltimore Orioles. Carl Yastrzemski also played all 23 seasons of his career with the Boston Red Sox. Mel Ott played 22 seasons with the New York Giants. Cap Anson played 22 seasons with the Chicago White Stockings/Colts. Hank Aaron played 21 seasons with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves. Robin Yount played 20 seasons with the Milwaukee Brewers. Willie Mays played 21 seasons with the New York/San Francisco Giants. Cal Ripken played 21 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles. Craig Biggio played 20 seasons with the Houston Astros. Pete Rose played 19 seasons with the Cincinnati Reds. Honus Wagner played 21 seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Edit: Nope, there is also the great George Brett who played all 21 seasons in his career with the Kansas City Royals. Tony Perez played 16 seasons with the Reds. Lou Brock played 16 seasons with the Cardinals. Willie McCovery played 19 seasons with the Giants. Dwight Evans played 19 seasons with the Red Sox. Ernie Banks played 19 seasons with the Cubs. Tony Gwynn played 20 seasons with the Padres. There are some more I bet. Yes. Billy Williams played 16 years with the Cubs. Harmon Kilebrew played 21 seasons with the Washington Senators?Minnesota Twins. And how did I missed this one? Derek Jeter has currently played 17 seasons with the Yankees. CAN'T believe Derek has played that long. Time flies by fast. Mike Schmidt played all 18 seasons with the Phillies. Chipper Jones has currently played with the Braves for 18 seasons. Remember, he started in 1993 but missed the entire 1994 season with due to injuries.Willie Stargell played 21 seasons with the Pirates. Luke Appling played 20 seasons with the White Sox. Roberto Clemente played 18 seasons with the Pirates. Edit: Here are some more. Frank Thomas played 16 seasons with the White Sox. Alan Trammell played 20 seasons with the Tigers. Barry Larkins played 19 seasons with the Reds. Ted Williams played 19 seasons with the Red Sox. Lou Whitaker played 19 seasons with the Tigers. Frank White played 18 seasons with the Royals. Charlie Gehringer played 19 seasons with the Tigers. Mark Grace played 16 seasons with the Cubs. Edit: I'm tired already.

If you could have dinner with any baseball player past or present, who would it be and why?

i would pick roberto clemente. he was arguibly the best player of all time, died during the peak of his career, and was an amazing humanitarian. a great role model for everybody

Where did this autographed baseball come from?

Snider the channel will not authenticate the ball. take it to a dealer for that. it probably is legit. it had 4 signatures on it. does it still have 4 signatures on it?

How much is this baseball memorbelia worth?

The autographed ball could be worth quite a bit, however, you will have to get it authenticated by a grading house. Also depends on the condition of the ball and the signature. When it comes to memorabilia, it gets more difficult once you move away from the cards industry. Balls, bats, jerseys, photos, etc. need to have COA's (Certificate of Authenticity). It is the buyer's only protection against counterfeit memorabilia.

How much does a Cardinals signed baseball worth?

My guess is $350-$550.

How much is a signed baseball?

It depends on what someone is willing to pay for it. But probably the price range is $80-$190.

How much would a baseball signed by 5 hall of famers be worth?

First, less than five balls signed individually. Group signatures are worth less. Second it depends on the condition of the ball and the signatures. Not o mention if they're legit or not.

What player in baseball history best resembles Albert Pujols?

Lou Gehrig was the first player that came to mind - hit for average, power and produced a lot of runs, and both played first base. Musial is an ok comparison but he wasn't quite the power hitter that Pujols and Gehrig were/are. (Don't get me wrong - 475 HR is still great, but Gehrig hit 493 in five fewer seasons, Pujols already has 320something in just over eight seasons) Personality-wise, I think there are several Pujols-esque players - again Gehrig, Musial fits, Ernie Banks, Hank Aaron...basically any player who has had a great attitude, respected his opponents and played the game "the right way" Foxx faded quite rapidly from his peak, barring injury I expect Pujols to be excellent until he's 33-35, and then still be very good 35-40, and perhaps DHing for a couple of years at the end.

What do you think is the most ridiculous voting percentage for first ballot votes for the HOF?

I'd have to go with Mays, it should have been unanimous... Same with Musial.

Who should my favorite player be: Stan Musial or Manny Ramirez?

You should pass on Stan because you can't cheer for him now. I'm not sure Manny with his club house antics and recent steroid suspension is the best of roll models to cheer for. Are there any other young players that you could follow through his career and cheer for?

How good would the cardinals have been if they would have kept Mize, Musial, and Slaughter all together?

my guess would be atleast 4 if not more .