How can I tell if this is stainless steel?

there is a hand held device that is called a PMI. This uses a radioactive source and measures the energy returned. This will tell you the proportions of each element. Better ones will tell you exactly what alloy it is.

How can you clean a stainless steel fridge?

Oh, I empathize with your situation. Only recently did I discover that all the oil-based products I tried were actually the problem. I talked to the manufacturer (Sub Zero), searched web sites, sought household experts and talked to friends. No suggestion got the fridge where I wanted it. It took about a week of using a cloth dampened with water and a little dishwashing liquid, wiping with the grain, rinsing and drying -- once a day. It was definitely clean and the oily products finally came off completely. Now, I just wipe it with the cloth I use to clean the counters (stainless safe cleaner), then spray it with a window cleaner and wipe dry for the shine. (I use Mrs Meyers but I'm sure Windex works too.) This just worked for me. Once I got all the awful junk off it looks great.

What is the difference between stainless steel and silver for silverware?

Yes stainless is available. Stainless will be easier to maintain since silver tarnishes. Stainless steel is great stuff.

How do I get paint off my stainless steel sink?

Paint thinner. I used to clean brand new homes after construction and I used paint thinner on all kinds of surfaces and on all kinds of things from putty to paint. It wont hurt it.

Is cheap stainless steel flatware more likely to be contaminated with lead or other?

lead is not a component in any steel and steel would not leach any of its alloys Imagine something china can't f... up.

I need to invest in new cookware, stainless or nonstick? Which is the better choice and why?

A nice heavy-duty stainless is a good way to go. You'll have better temperature control, and you won't have to worry about all those little bits of teflon that come flaking off non-stick. And there's been some debate over whether the bits of teflon that end up in our food are dangerous or not. I know stainless can be harder to clean up, but its worth it in the long run. I've bought used stainless steel pans at garage sales that were 30 years old, and in good enough shape to continue cooking with. Never seen a used non-stick pan that was still useable. You may want to have one non-stick pan, just in case you're making something that's a huge pain to clean up. Happy Cooking!

Whats the difference between stainless steel and sterling silver earrings?

Sterling silver is a precious metal, as opposed to stainless steel which is not. Through my own experience, the biggest difference that I can tell between the two is simply a price point. Some people do have reactions to silver, although as a precious metal this isn't that common. Stainless steel is also a bit darker then sterling silver. I would let your wallet guide you in this one!

What metals is surgical stainless steel made of?

surgical stainless steel is an austenitic steel containing 18-20% chromium and 8-10% nickel. and some proportion of molybdenum. The word 'surgical' refers to the fact that these types of steel are well-suited for making surgical instruments: they are easy to clean and sterilize, strong, and corrosion-resistant. The nickel/chrome/molybdenum alloys are also used for orthopaedic implants as aids in bone repair, and as a structural part of artificial heart valves and other implants. However, immune system reaction to nickel is a potential complication. In some cases today titanium is used instead in procedures that require a metal implant which will be permanent. Titanium is a reactive metal, the surface of which quickly oxidizes on exposure to air, creating a microstructured stable oxide surface. This provides a surface into which bone can grow and adhere in orthopaedic implants but which is incorrodible after implant. Thus steel may be used for temporary implants and the more expensive titanium for permanent ones

What is the best stainless steal cookware to buy?

Stainless is better fir fry and saute pans in my opinion, and that should be where you are spending your money. Not sure what you are looking to get in a set, but I am a fan of All Clad and own a few pieces (fry and saute pan), All my other stuff is calphalon, which I am not as thrilled about, although it does a decent job. So you could always mix and match, buying more expensive for the really important pans, and spending less on things like a stock pot, etc. Kind of like saving to buy a really good chefs knife or two, rather than a whole set of mediocre knives. BTW, do not spend a lot on a non-stick, it will not last that long anyway, so buy cheap one and replace in a year. Do spend money on 12" or 10" fry pan, 12" or 10" saute pan and dutch oven. Also lodge cast iron is essential to me, and fairly cheap.

Can you turn a white stand alone icemaker into the stainless steel or even black color?

There is spray paint that is specially formulated for appliances. Take a look at the paint section of one of the major home improvement stores. It's amazing what can be painted.

Is stainless steel a good idea for a kitchen worktop?

Personally, I would go for a granite or engineered stone bench top. You can always have stainless steel appliances such as the fridge, microwave oven, oven, cooktop, etc with a granite or engineered stone bench top. These two types of bench tops would looks so modern and stylish, plus they both with hold scratches etc Here are the pros and cons of having a stainless steel bench top, as well as a granite and engineered stone bench top Stainless steel Stainless steel benches were once only found in restaurants and industrial kitchens. Bu the minimalist, contemporary look they create means they're in many private kitchens now, too. Pros Most hygienic type of benchtop Able to withstand hot pans Won't warp or corrode Can incorporate the sink and drainage area Cons Scratches show easily Streak marks are common after cleaning One of the most expensive options Is a noisy material on which to work -------------------------------------------------------- Granite Hard stone option. Pros Hardest benchtop material Able to withstand hot pans Difficult to scratch Available in many colours Cons The colour and pattern you choose in the showroom may be different to what you get Medium to high price range The porous nature of stone requires regular resealing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Engineered stone Engineered stone is new to the market. It's a combination of stone granules, marble dust or glass particles and resin or polyester. Pros Stain and scratch resistant Able to withstand hot pans No need to seal Cons Expensive option Source:

How can I turn my white stove into a stainless steel stove?

While it's entirely possible that you may be able to order a new oven and broiler door in stainless steel and possilbly get a new burner top in the same stuff, I have to think the cost of the parts plus the cost of having them replaced would probably equal or exceed the cost of just replacing the appliance.

What is the best thing to use to clean stainless steel appliances?

Stainless steel wipes, they sll them in the grocery store

If I leave water in a stainless steel container for 6 months during the summer, is it safe to drink?

Get serious! You probably have more to fear from whatever leaches out of the plastic stopper (BPA, plasticizers, whatever) than from what leaches from a relatively inert stainless steel surface. . Rinse it out and get fresh! On the other hand, if this is the only thing which stands between life and death while you are adrift at sea, go ahead and drink it. It takes a while for a chronic dose of nickel (or plasticizers) to build up to an acute one...and from the conditions given, this is a one-time exposure. What you would worry about in a life-threatening situation and what you would worry about normally are two different things.

How do I paint steel or stainless steel metal a shiny gold?

get the gold plating. Gold is almost inert and will be able sustain any fumes

What is the best brand of stainless steel toaster?

Hey there Jude. I have just bought a new toaster myself so your in luck! I would personally recommend the Breville tt49. Just visit the site below for the full spec. Bye for now...

How do you clean a scorched stainless steel pan?

I am so glad you ask. This is my favorite cleaning tip. Just put eclectic dish washing liquid in the pan. Add just a little hot water. Soak over night. Next day just a little brush and all gone.

What is best thing to clean stainless steel covered in thick, sticky dust layer?

Any sort of "Soft Scrub" would work. It gets it clean without scratching it up. If you don't have soft scrub, you can make a homemade one using Comet and water. Just mix them together until it forms a paste. Whichever you use, the paste or the scrub, use a rag to polish and clean, and then just rinse it off.

How can I get rid of rust on my stainless steel refridgerator?

Stainless steel does not rust, if your fridge is stainless all you need to do is wash it with a soapy liquid and water, then dont let the water dry, dry it just after washing But give it a good rub with a towel initially then a softer cloth. what you are seeing is not rust but oxidisation through leaving water to dry on a metal surface it does surface stain and slightly tarnish but washing and drying will polish it up ok....Good luck

Where do I find sources of stainless steel kitchen building accessories?

What you are looking for can be found by going to the manufacturers website. Expensive; Sub-zero,Viking,Wolf Inexpensive; GE, Kitchenaid, Jenn-Air The cheapos typically don't carry this stuff. I would go to your local appliance center. Call them in the phone book and ask them if they offer patio appliances or highend outdoor grills. Mention the expensive names. They probably carry the others as well. A restaruant supply house would be a good place to find stainless kitchen counters and drawers. You can also look in the yellow pages for metal wholesalers. They can probably refer you to manufacturers that purchas from them for any custom work God Bless

does anyone know how to remove stainless steel leg supports which are chemically glued to a glass table top?


What is the difference between surgical stainless steel and stainless steel?

as long as it's clean and sterile, it shouldn't really matter

What is the difference between surgical stainless steel and titanium when it comes to belly button piercings?

Surgical stainless steel is just the normal type bar that comes with a piercing. Titanium is more expensive than stainless steel but it has less chance of infecting. It depends on your body too whether it would infect or not. I have had my lip pierced for about 3-4weeks now. It was $50AUD for the stainless steel and $75AUD for titanium. I got the stainless steel and i havent had any problems or swelling. Hope this helps.

How do your permanently color stainless steel?

below is a site that offers some help on anodizing stainless steel i believe this is what you are looking for..

Why are water storage tanks made out of stainless steel yet the plumbing in the home is copper?

Copper is not often used in new construction anymore, but it is used for water systems because of it doesn't rust and is very easy to bend. It is soft and therefore creates good seals at joints and it also heats up quickly and bonds well with silver solder. It is not used for tanks in the home because of its softness and its cost. Copper is far more expensive than stainless steel, and to make a tank that wont eventually collapse under its own weight you have to use a lot more metal, making the tank excessively heavy and expensive.

How can a piece of stainless steel remove fish odors from hands by rubbing under cold water?

Courtesy of " It makes sense to me that the sulfur from the onion/garlic would be attracted to and bind with one or more of the metals in stainless steel. Formation of such compounds is what makes stainless steel stainless, after all. Onions and garlic contain amino acid sulfoxides, which form propanethiol-S-Oxide (R-S(O)H), which reacts to produce sulfuric acid upon exposure to water. These compounds are responsible for burning your eyes while cutting onions and also for their characteristic scent. If the sulfur compounds bind to the steel, then the odor is removed from your fingers. It's possible that normal carbon steel would be even better at odor removal than stainless steel. However, steel doesn't work to remove high concentrations of sulfur compounds. " Fish might contain some sort of compounds similar to the compounds in onions/garlic.

How do you keep a stainless steel toaster oven from tarnishing?

You can try a steel wool pad if its already discolored or try buying some stainless steel cleaner from an appliance store.

What type of 20 gauge stainless steel would be good to make ulu knives?

Stainless steel doesn't make very good knife blades. Try using tempered steel or carbon steel.

How to clean the stainless steel band on my iPhone 4?

This works I use it all the time use stainless steel cleaner

How do I bring Stainless Steel back to it's original shine?

there is a cleaner called Bar (at grocery store)- use will restore the shine good luck

How do I get my black and stainless steel stove to shine?

home depot in cleaning dept. it is called STAINLESS STEEL MAGIC $4.89 a can work's great comes in spray can they also make other great cleaning &polishing prouduct's you will love it

How do I remove rust spots from stainless steel?

Contrary to what many people believe, under certain conditions rust spots will appear on stainless steel due to the passivation layer breaking down. See following website with respect to this. To repassivate at home: To passivate stainless steel at home without using a nitric acid bath, you need to clean the surface of all dirt, oils and oxides. The best way to do this is to use an oxalic acid based cleanser, and a non-metallic green scrubby pad. Don't use steel wool, or any metal pad, even stainless steel, because this will actually promote rust. Scour the surface thoroughly and then rinse and dry it with a towel. Leave it alone for a week or two and it will re-passivate itself. You should not have to do this procedure more than once, but it can be repeated as often as necessary. See following website

How to clean stained stainless steel and plastic parts to juicer?

Buy some stainless steel cleaner found at walmart. I use it on my sink, which is old and it helps ALOT! Or Bar Keepers Friend...............

What is a good stainless steel brace watch for a 19 year old to start off with?

Can't go wrong with Fossil! Stylish, durable, reliable, great warranty, and great prices.

Why should I use stainless steel cookware?

Stainless steel has some benefits: 1) Dishwasher safe: my anodized aluminum pots are NOT dishwasher safe (my wife put one in and it lost its gun-metal gray finish - sad) 2) Conductivity: most stainless steel cookware has an aluminum (or copper) middle - this transfers the heat nicely - steel by itself does not conduct heat evenly. "All Clad" cookware refers to the fact that the aluminum within the cookware is clad in steel. 3) Aesthetics: stainless is pretty. Stainless is not anti-stick, so you'll have to use all your skills to avoid sticking. 1) Use oil or butter: heat your pan before oiling. Once to temp, add the oil/butter and wait for it to heat-through. THEN add your food - sticking should be minimized. 2) Move your food around a lot: once you add a piece of food that is likely to stick, move it shortly afterward. This will prevent the food from gluing itself to one spot in the pan - a crust will start to appear, and that will protect the food from sticking. 3) Love the fond: anti-stick pans don't have a good chance at fond development (fond is the stuff that sticks to the bottom of the pan, and is crucial to pan sauce creation). You should experiment with your cookware, or send it to me: I am wishing for some new cookware.

Is there a good cleaner for stainless steel appliances?

Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaning Stainless steel kitchen appliances look best when they're clean and shiny. To clean tough stains and cooking grease, and give them a dazzling shine, try the same detergent you would use when washing the dishes. One formulated to cut grease works especially well.This also works well for general kitchen cleaning.Waterless hand soap also works great as a polish, simply rub on, and polish - no rinsing.=)

My stainless steel pan cracked; what should I replace it with?

try the faberware accents from target

Where can I find a stainless steel travel mug that has a stainless steel interior?

Try a camping store (don't know which country you live in) but something like Millets or an ex-army store. Or Amazon... here is one:

Is stainless steel appliances worth all the finger prints?

That is all yuppy stuff, Black is all the rage in my house and it looks dang good to me.

How to remove fingernail polish from stainless steel sink?

Acetone works as nail polish remover; I don't know why it would hurt stainless steel.

How to clean stainless steel and granite?

I clean my granite with a Black Diamond Granite Cleaner. It absolutely is streak free. I tried the Simple Green line and it was awful. Do not clean your granite with anything that isn't specifically for granites and stones. You will dull the granite. I use a Stainless polish on my appliances including my stainless sink several times a week. It protects against fingerprints and keeps the stainless sparkling. All these products are available at your supermarket or hardware stores. Again only use the products that are recommended and nothing else.

How does a stainless steel thermos flask stay hot?

it's because it's a vacuum flask, you have two stainless steel flasks welded together with only a vacuum between, a vacuum is a very poor conductor of heat so it's a very good insulator

What foods are best cooked in good quality stainless steel cookware? I'm planning to...?

I cook just about everything in good stainless steel pans. I love mine. Stainless heats up pretty fast and holds the heat. You'll find yourself cooking at slightly lower temperatures. I want pans that I can bang around in the kitchen. I don't want to work to hard at taking care of them. I don't want glass lids that I can't replace if I drop one. There's nothing wrong with buying a starter set, but I prefer to buy pans as I need them. Most of my pans don't match. That is fine with me. They are my tools, I didn't by them to decorate the kitchen. I have: 4 stainless saucepans. 1 stainless skillet. 3 cast iron skillets. 1 heavy rolled steel wok, 1 stainless stock pot. I use the cast iron for most frying, Stainless steel for almost everything else. I prefer the stainless skillet for searing meats that I'm going to braise in the oven. I also own several pieces of Corning ware and Pyrex glassware that I use in the oven.

How to clean stainless steel cookware factory polish residue?

Dish soap and hot water, or run them through a dishwasher. They always recommend washing new kitchenware before using it.

How do I stainless steel marks off my cabinet?

Use a q-tip so you only work on the area marked. Try undiluted: white vinegar ammonia bleach If none of these work, then try TarnX or silver polish.

Who can install stainless steel countertops for me?

This falls under Sheet Metal companies. Look in the Yellow Pages for them.

Should you "reseason" stainless steel cookware after the initial one you do when you buy it wears off?

I have been cooking for 35 years, and I never heard of seasoning anything except cast iron. Stainless steel should be usable from day one after you clean off the dust from the purchase box. ;

Can you have a stainless steel dishwasher with a white stove and frig?

We replaced one major appliance a year, moving from white to stainless. This mismatched appliances did look odd for two years, but it was so easy to tell guests, "hey, we're switching over to stainless." This almost always led to a fun conversation where they got excited for how great our kitchen was going to look. And now it does look great! I love the stainless look, and they're a cinch to keep clean once you find the right cleaner. I'd do this over again exactly the same way.

What thickness is required for a stainless steel counter top?

20 guage should be fine as long as there is plywood underneath. 16 guage is what is used in commercial kitchens where there is no plywood or other sub structure.

Are there any types of stainless steel that would not attract to a magnet?

The 300- series stainless steels are not readily attracted by a magnet. The 400 series are strongly attracted to a magnet.