When do I start on the next stage of baby food?

try step two if his body cant handle it he will let you know.

What is the difference between stage left and left?

Picture yourself standing on a stage facing the audience. Your left side is "stage left" and your right side is "stage right" This because the terms are referring to the point of view of the stage. Now you're sitting in the audience. Your left is called "house left" and your right is called "house right" Again this because the terms are referring to the point of view of the house (the part of the auditorium were the audience is) So "stage left" is left from the point of view of the stage and "house left" is left from the point of view of the audience. There is no difference between "stage left" "house left" and left other than where you are standing. "house left" = "stage right" "house right" = "stage left" Understand?

Where can i rent a portable stage in California?

Go to a Party rental store. You can rent one there. Sometimes they are listed under weddings in the phone book. A dance floor (yes they rent them) might work out for you as well. It would be cheaper.

How to decorate a stage for the concert in my high school?

If it's for a classical orchestra I would use a sophisticated colour scheme (like black, red and/or gold) you need to start by choosing a colour scheme, realistically looking @ your budget & drawing diagrams. You might want to use some oriental inspired items if it is a Chinese orchestra. Find some red lanterns or something, just don't get ones that need candles (I had a bad experience with tea candles and a kitchen fire!) LOL If you want to make it look bigger hang long streamers/materials from the ceiling in centre-stage. Our school once put tassells on the music stands to make it look more expensive (tassells are cheap from any fabric shop). TIP: Get other peoples ideas on multiple diagrams. Get all plans approved by the stage manager to make sure it can be done before-hand. GOOD LUCK!

What things should a stage manager have prepared before and for an audition?

In the company I work at, we organize all the actor resumes and coordinate with any community actors or non-company actors we're auditioning, work with the director to prepare an audition order for the auditions (ie who reads with whom if you're reading scenes or who reads in what order if you're doing monologues-- or both if you're doing a combination of the two.) I also xerox all the audition sides, post signs for actors with the audition order, etc, xerox information sheets for the actors to fill out, and make up a general info sheet with all of the rehearsal, production, and callback information to hand out to the auditioners. Then in auditions, you are going back and forth to pull auditioners from your holding area, handling paperwork so that your director always knows exactly who is auditioning in front of them at any given moment, and just generally making sure that actors move in and out smoothly and have everything that they need. After auditions, you compile the audition sheets, handle any callback arrangements, and make sure that the director is aware of any conflicts or special circumstances before casting decisions are made. Of course, in a highschool you aren't going to be able to do all this (and heaven help you if you have open auditions) but that should give you a general idea of how things are run.

What was the current stage of the Asellus Australis star? What stage will it go next?

Delta Cancri is an orange giant star, spectral type K0. It is not on the main sequence, since giant stars are ones that have used up their hydrogen fuel and have started helium fusion. Its next stage will depend on its mass (I couldn't find any data on that).

What is the difference between stage 1 and stage 2 baby food?

i think its just a bigger jar

What stage of rabies is attributed to aggression?

Since rabies effects the brain, stage two is were the virus causes the personality changes in the dog. social, and affectionate dogs become irritable and aggressive, shy dogs can become more anxious and possibly overly affectionate. With the two stages of encephalitis, the furious form, and the paralytic form can be seen in the dog. With the furious form, the dog can have spasms in the face, drawing the lips back , exposing the teeth. the dog will become frenzied and attacking anything that moves. They show no fear and will attack anything around them. The paralytic form, causes the muscles of the jaw and throat to become paralyzed, causing the mouth to drop open, and the tongue to hang out. The dog is unable to swallow, causing them to drool, cough and gag. The final stage is where the dog loses body movement, staggers around, then collapses. Hope this helps!

What is a medusa stage free living solitary polyp stage cessile attaches to surfaces colonial reproductive?

Sounds like Fire Coral A medusa like jelly fish with stinging cells that floats as a single cell creature. Finds a solid surface and attaches itself. It then reproduces and forms a colony of cells like itself that looks a little like real coral. All of the cells in the colony are stinging cells. The colony releases single cells that repeat the cycle

How do dialogue and stage directions help readers draw conclusions about characters in a play?

Got the perfect answer for you right here, provided you are interested in Drama not simply wanting to get your homework done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFUaAX8mnug&feature=related DraMuse, because you need it :)