Was the world created for the glory of God?

Some People will believe anything. You wanted a comment.

Barack Obama a Patron Saint.....?

He's the patron Saint of Diarrhea of the Mouth.

I need english help please!?

Here we go!!!:) 1...a 2...b 3...c 4...c 5...c 6...b 7...c 8...a 9...a

which ones are correct?

1. A Only one question per post.

Which schedule is harder?

Both are pretty comparable, but if you want to compare teams then Cuse has the edge over Nova.

Which college should I go to?

Penn State, VA Tech, and UConn are the best schools on the list, but as an out of state applicant it's going to be hard for you to get in.

good new york schools?

Go to Cornell.

Should I move to Chicago or NewYork for College?

Both are great schools. Choose whichever location you would feel most comfortable living for the next X number of years. Weather is a huge factor. Try this site. It has excellent climate maps. Compare Chicago and New York. Which weather do you like better? Hope this helps! ---> http://climatemaps.co.cc

Does anyone have advice on any of these colleges?

I went to UNCG for my graduate degree. I would say that it is not hte most exciting school. However, if you can get in-state rates it is a great deal. Also, they have a wide variety of programs. If you are looking for a party school, UNCW has that reputation. Greensboro itself is a nice, but little (260k citizens) city.

Physical Education Major College?

Apply to them all. Then visit them and decide which is best for you.

Who will say theirs is the best college ever?

hey patchy ;) my best college is Idaho State because all the girls there won't wear a t shirt from the school cause it says they are a ho :) I-da-ho? no. U-da-ho lol

I am applying to 10 colleges, which one is the best?

None of those colleges is world-class, so it would be wise to choose the one that has the program which will fulfill your goals. For instance, if you are looking to work in Pittsburgh after college, I would have to imagine that being a PITT grad would be helpful in that city. If you are looking to work in Chicago, DePaul or Loyola are respectable degrees, but not as well-regarded as a degree from Notre Dame, Illinois, or Northwestern.

Will I get into this college?

Which college is best for me?

Clarkson University

Transfer requirments for Suny geneseo?

SUNY Geneseo is NY State's "honors colleges" and is the hardest of all SUNYs to get into. Sadly, I think without at least a 3.0 GPA, you are not likely to get in. In fact, most people who get into SUNY Geneseo are up near or over 3.5 GPA. You can try it, but honestly, I don't think you have a shot. You might want to consider one of the other colleges you got into. Good luck.

Delete half of my list of colleges to apply to?

Baylor Pace SUNY Stony Brook Davis Irvine Washington

Help deciding which college to attend?

Look at tuition rates vs scholarships.

What college should I go to?

"It's not the depth of the well that determines how much water you'll carry away; it's the size of the bucket you bring." I graduated from THE Manhattan College in 1968. I keep in touch by serving on one of the many unpaid Alumni / College "steering committees". The MC leadership is steering a difficult course and pulls its alumni for advice, counsel, and contributions. I was told that advisors play a key role in formulating strategy and tactics. The one I'm on is for technology. I think they've done a great job. Which one is for you? Only you can decide that. Why not SKYPE or EMAIL: For further information on the Communication program at Manhattan, please contact Dr. Thom Gencarelli, Chairperson Communication Department Manhattan College Office: Leo 207A Telephone: (718) 862-7490 Fax: (718) 862-3846 e-mail: thom.gencarelli@manhattan.edu And, ask HIM, "why should I pick MC?" Or, look up any of the recent alums and ask them? I can probably find a few. There's a slew on Facebook. It's all about YOUR decision. Yell if I can help further. Reinke, F. John (MC1968) http://www.jasperjottings.com/

what are the correct answers for comma splices?

1 A) Coffee raised at high elevations tastes better, so advertisers often stress the fact that their coffee is mountain grown. [Correct] B) Coffee raised at high elevations tastes better, advertisers often stress the fact that their coffee is mountain grown. C) Coffee raised at high elevations tastes better advertisers often stress the fact that their coffee is mountain grown. 2 A) Coffee contains caffeine, this drug is one of several that stimulate the nervous system. B) Coffee contains caffeine, one of several drugs that stimulate the nervous system. [Correct] C) Coffee contains caffeine this drug is one of several that stimulate the nervous system. 3 A) The Amish movement stems from the Mennonite church it was founded by Jacob Ammon in 1698. B) The Amish movement stems from the Mennonite church, it was founded by Jacob Ammon in 1698. C) The Amish movement stems from the Mennonite church; it was founded by Jacob Ammon in 1698. [Correct] 4 A) Mark told them to cut the pizza into four slices he didn't think he could eat eight. B) Mark told them to cut the pizza into four slices, he didn't think he could eat eight. C) Mark told them to cut the pizza into four slices; he didn't think he could eat eight. [Correct] 5 A) During World War I, the Hutterites, a religious sect that practiced pacifism, refused to take up arms. As a result, they were prosecuted by the U.S. government, left their homes in South Dakota, and moved to Canada. [Correct] B) During World War I, the Hutterites, a religious sect that practiced pacifism refused to take up arms and were prosecuted by the U.S. government, they left their homes in South Dakota and moved to Canada. C) During World War I, the Hutterites, a religious sect that practiced pacifism, refused to take up arms and were prosecuted by the U.S. government, so they left their homes in South Dakota and moved to Canada. Let's see if you can answer the rest of the questions by yourself. Make note of punctuation uses!

I need to get to Disneyland without renting a car?

Check with the Concierge at the Hotel. Keep in mind that Downtown LA is pretty far from Disneyland. I would suggest taking the Metrolink commuter train from Union Station in Downtown LA to Anaheim. The Anaheim train station is very close to the Angels Stadium. From there, you will need to take a taxi to Disneyland (there could be buses between the train station and Disneyland). Also, Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner goes between Union Station and Anaheim.

Which school is the best out of these?

In the bigger picture, they are all about the same. Your employability will be determined by your performance, not the reputation of the uni. These schools all have their pros and cons, but if the choice is among them, I would look at cost, housing, and the community as more important than the name of the uni.

Pizza place in Downtown LA near 500 block Flower St?

California Pizza Kitchen 330 S Hope St, Los Angeles 90071 between W 3rd & W 4th St Phone: 213-626-2616 Fax: 213-229-8901 You usually can't go wrong with a pizza from CPK.

bus routes from Olean NY,St Bonnies Univ to Buf Airport,?

Check with Greyhound. I am sure they have service, can you rent a car? It is only about an hour or so to Buffalo and the airport is easy to get to.

How hard is it to get into St.Bonaventure's BS/MD program and BS/DO program?

yeah it's pretty competitive, haha act could be higher, 33 would be solid you might want more science sat II, like chem and physics the volunteering, research, and doctor shadowing is strong, make sure to emphasize that in your essays/interviews not many EC's though, i recommend not to mention anime club, lol strong recommendations are also important even though your chances are slim, i still think you should apply, just because it's such a great program but remember, after they've looked at your stats, the interview is also really important if you want to know more, you should go to studentdoctor.net

What are my chances of getting into Fordham, Colgate, Villanova, or St. Bonaventure as a transfer student?

I'm assuming you are speaking of transferring as a Junior if you have not already applied. I'd say you have a good chance at all these schools. I am not sure which Law Schools you think your chances are going to be significantly improved by transferring to these universities. I'd look for a university/college with a proven track record in terms of law school admissions at the law schools I was interested in if law school admissions was a concern. An Ivy League or Williams, Amherst, Wesleyan, Notre Dame, Duke, Georgetown, Northwestern, Swarthmore, U of Chicago. You are in a situation where you are currently excelling. Unless you can gain admission to a school with a significantly better track record, it might not be worth it to transfer as there is always the risk a student might not excel as planned at the new school. Then a somewhat better school is not going to overcome a lower GPA. I assume you are a Colorado resident. U of Colorado at Boulder is a world class university and could be a transfer possibility. If looking at US News rankings, know that they do not consider quality of faculty at the undergraduate level and this biases them to smaller private schools. Outside the US all the worlds great universities are public. A student might also do a one year masters at a more prestigious university and then apply to law school. Even possible abroad with the one year MSc's offered primarily for international students at LSE(London School of Economics and Political Science) and also at Oxford and Cambridge and other schools. Scroll down at the following link link to see all the institutions relative representation in the Yale Law classes of 2009, 2010 and 2011. Of the schools planned on transferring to, Fordham is represented by 3 students. Colgate is represented by one student. http://www.yale.edu/bulletin/html/law/students.html http://www.arwu.org/rank2008/EN2008.htm Good Luck!

Do you think I could get into St. Bonaventure University?

I think you really would..SBU good but its not hard to get in the acceptance rate was about 85%. I applied there too this year and I don't know if I got in and all but I sent them like extra stuff in your case what might help is the poem thing and award just copy everything and send it in. It really will make a difference! They know you would want to come more.

Is St. Bonaventure University hard to get accepted into? 10 points for whoever answers!...Please?

Here's a link to the school's freshman profile from this year which should give you an idea of the SAT scores, grades, and ranks of admitted students. And while they say that they do not admit everyone, as you read they did, they do accept 84% of those who apply, based on the numbers they give. So, assuming that your own academic profile falls within or near those who they normally admit, you should be fine. http://www.sbu.edu/undergraduate_admissions.aspx?id=2178 Best of luck!

can you explain the doctrine of exemplarism by st. bonaventure..?

There are two different elements to the doctrine of Exemplarism. The first element states that all knowledge is based on the perception of the exemplars of reality that exist in the mind of God. In other words, everything is created from quite literally the mind of God. The second element is that the death of Christ is of service to humanity solely as an exemplar of perfect love and self-surrender. Another way of putting this would be to say that Christ died to give us a model of the type of love we should show our neighbor.

another how can i explain the doctrine of ideas by st.bonaventure?

False teaching?

could anyone give me a simple and brief summary of St. Bonaventure's main beliefs.?

http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/02648c.htm http://www.franciscan-archive.org/bonaventura/ remember, your teacher has seen these sites and others like them give credit where due

To which MBA program should I commit - Niagara, Canisius, or St. Bonaventure?

St. John's University or St. Bonaventure? Which one should i go to?

Go to DePaul. The school is ranked seven spots higher than St. Johns for academics and St. Bonaventure is only ranked on a regional scale not national.

Information on St. Bonaventure?

I know that the mission in Ventura, California is named after him. Saint Bonaventure Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church Born 1221, Bagnoregio, Province of Viterbo, Latium, Papal States (now modern-day Italy) Died July 15, 1274, Lyon, Lyonnais, Kingdom of Arles (now modern-day France) Venerated in Roman Catholic Church Canonized April 14, 1482, Rome by Pope Sixtus IV Feast 15 July second Sunday in July (General Roman Calendar, 1482-1568) 14 July (General Roman Calendar, 1568-1969) Attributes Cardinal's hat; ciborium; Holy Communion; cardinal in Franciscan robes, usually reading or writing

will st. bonaventure be as good with out head coach john mack?

You mean the high school team from Ventura California. If so yeah they an awesome program in Southern Cal.

Is collin omen of St. Bonaventure, NY still hospitalized?

You can call the head soccer coach, Mel Mahler at 375-2642.

What college is better Mount Saint Mary's University (MD) or St Bonaventure University (NY)?

They are ranked so closely by US News that it doesn't have any difference academically. Go to whichever is cheaper.

How can St.Johns manage to lose to Fordham and St.Bonaventure yet blow out #3 Duke and #10 UConn?

They are too overconfident with themselves. They are like a college level version of the Celtics. The Celtics have been very good this year beating all the great teams (Lakers, Spurs, Heat, Magic), but tend to lose to bad teams like (76ers, Wizards, Bobcats).

Colleges near Houghton or St. Bonaventure?

Do you mean Houghton, Michigan? If so, Michigan Technology University is located there (one of the greatest tech schools in the country).

Who is The St Bonaventure Reilly Center Named After?

The arena is named for Carroll "Mike" Reilly, who coached both varsity football and basketball at the university. The above is a quote from the wikipedia article about the Reilly Center. See also http://www.gobonnies.com/fan_zone/reilly-center

what do you think about darrell scott transfering to st. bonaventure for his senior year?


Suny Oswego or St bonaventure?

Place the name of each school individually into your favorite search engine and add the phrase rankings and reviews. Then do a compare and contrast. If there is time the best approach is to visit each school and to speak to faculty, students and admissions .

how can i write a philosophy paper on St. Bonaventure's aesthetic?

Yeah, it might be more fun to write a paper on what weird dreams he might have had.

Will Andrew Nicholson, from St. Bonaventure University, be a good professional basketball player?

second rounder

Is there a bus or train station that goes from St.Bonaventure University to Rochester New York?

Greyhound would be the first place to search for bus and bus stations near St Bonaventure.

What do you know about St. Bonaventure University?

I'm not a former student or professor from St. B, but I do live about 30 miles away from it. It is a very popular and well known school in this area. It has always had an excellent reputation. I have had former students go there, and they have been very successful. Hopefully, maybe you can visit the school?? (but not until spring, it's too cold here right now)!!

Is Bonaventure’s portrait of St. Francis believable—or is this biography more or less a series of legends? ?


Every year they have a carnival at St. Bonaventure church in Florida by Western High,33326, when does it open?

hi there,information for you..no mention of acarnival on there website,"you might find it"..give them a call or e_mail them good luck.. http://church.stbonaventurechurch.com/ http://church.stbonaventurechurch.com/contactus/ best regards pops..

Is St. Bonaventure University really religious?

St. Bonaventure was founded by Franciscan Friars so there is obviously a religious foundation. Everyone is required to take certain core courses, some of them touching on religion and faith. You can look at Clare College (http://www.sbu.edu/undergraduate_programs.aspx?id=6744) for more information on the core liberal arts curriculum. But there is no pressure to participate in religious activities, and in my experience no one is pushy with their beliefs. It is a very comfortable and welcoming place for people of all faiths, including atheists. As an aside, the Journalism & Mass Communications program is nationally recognized and you would receive a fantastic education in that regard.

is tonights football game st bonaventure vs moorpark being streamed?

You better believe they are, dude.

St. Bonaventure?

I can tell ya it's about in the middle of nowhere! Boonies all the way