How to calculate the price square feet to square yards?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard. Therefore your answer is 9x2.25 or $20.25

How to complete the square when the lead coefficient is not 1?

-3x^2-5x+5 = 33. -x^2-5x/3+5/3 = 11 x^2+5x/3-5/3 = -11 x^2+5x/3+25/36-5/3 = -11+25/36 (x+5/6)^2 = 5/3-11+25/36 = -311/36 x+5/6 = ±i*sqrt(311)/6 x = -5/6 ±i*sqrt(311)/6

How many square feet is considered a good sized home in the USA?

Personally, for the average person anything over 3,000 square feet is considered fairly large. For the top tier people, a 5,000 or 6,000 square foot house could be considered small.

How to square and cube a number in pseudocode?

This sounds like an exercise regarding functions rather than actually squaring and cubing.. you'd want something like: square(int x): return x*x cube(int x) return x*x*x .. Pseudocode, as you can see, is pretty easy to read. You could also use x^2 and x^3, but in many programming languages it's easier to just multiply, so I used that notation.

How many square centimeters are in the one sheet of paper?

26.6 cm *20.3 cm, treat cm is like any other term, when you multiply it by another cm, it becomes cm*cm = cm^2. I don't have a calculator with me to do the number math. -_-

How many square inches of material were removed in the second trim job?

x = Unknown area T2 = (x-8) * (x-8) or T2 = (x-8)^2 8 +/-sqrt(T2) = x - 8 <-Take the square roots of both sides 8 +/-sqrt(T2) = x <-Add 8 to both sides

How are the side lengths of a square connected/ related to the area of a square?

the area of a square is equal to the square of any side.

How do I knit a square of one color inside a square of another color?

This is called Intarsia or Picture Knitting. When you change colors, make sure you have brought the yarn around the first color so that it doesn't leave a gap. There is a simple diagram at the bottom of this page under Intarsia that shows you how to do it: good luck

How can any number be squared with a racial if its not a square number?

42² = 42 x 42 = 1764 The square root of 42 is irrational, so you can only give an approximate decimal representation. It has an infinite number of digits so you can get it as closse as you want √(42) ≈ 6.48074 6.08074 x 6.08074 = 41.9999999476. Close enough for any engineering work!


Area of a square is one side squared, if that is your question. .